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Americans have been told for years that they can lose weight by cutting the amount of fat they eat. The low-fat food craze of the past two decades has not produced a noticeably thinner population. Nevertheless, food manufacturers have developed artificial fat to reduce the calories in foods like potato chips. Now a new study from Purdue University has found that rats given Olestra-containing fat free potato chips as part of their otherwise high-fat diet gained more weight than rats eating regular potato chips and the same high-fat food. While we can’t generalize from rat studies to human beings, the researchers suggest that the chemical manipulation of food may not produce the expected weight loss outcome.

[Behavioral Neuroscience, June 21, 2011]

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  1. MC-OZ

    It’s the carbohydrate not the fat that makes people fat. Read Gary Taubes newest book, “Why We Get Fat”. The artificial fat/man-made fat has other deleterious effects. The body can’t cope with it. The number of calories and the amount of (normal) fat do not make you fat. Nutritionists are so embedded in Fat makes you Fat and Calories make you Fat concepts that they are unable to read scientific papers objectively.
    There are no scientific papers that show that fat makes you fat, causes heart disease, or diabetes. Fat can give you heart disease IF your diet ALSO regularly includes large (normal American) amounts of carbohydrate. SO the carbohydrate are the problem! If only the nutritionists would ask the right questions, read the published papers, look for the non-existent papers supporting their “fat hypothesis”.

  2. HJL

    This is totally predictable. If you want to fatten cattle for slaughter you feed them grains. Rephrasing a political term, “it’s the carbs, stupid.” If you want to get fat or stay fat just eat carbs. Atkins diets which include carbs in the form of salad greens primarily works because you burn fat for energy. Fat is not the enemy it is your friend for proper dieting.

  3. JP

    There is no indication that anything in our diets in the last 20 or 30 years has made us better off. The changes made to our food, if you can even call half of what is on the shelves in the grocery store food, has done nothing but increase health problems and contributed, I suspect highly, to disease.
    We need to go back to eating food in the form that our parents and grandparents grew up eating. Pasture raised meats and eggs, vegetables and fruit that may not look perfect but were grown without pesticides, and we need to cook with lard and use sugar! Our family has done this and we have noticed that we feel better, have less health problems and we eat less! Our bodies were not made to use processed foods and we didn’t evolve as a species by eating food like this. It seems so simple if people just thought about it.

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