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Q. I’ve been eating gin-soaked raisins for over a year, and it helps me tremendously with my joint pain.

I put the raisins in a casserole dish and, after pouring in the gin, I cover the dish with a dish towel. This allows more of the alcohol to evaporate. I let it sit for nine days, stirring every day or so. Then I place the raisins in a jar with a lid and eat nine daily.

They taste delicious, no alcohol taste whatsoever! If you taste the alcohol, you may not be allowing enough of the gin to evaporate.

A. We appreciate your detailed description for preparing gin-soaked raisins. Many people have reported success with this remedy. But it’s not for everyone. Here is a cautionary tale:

“I am an alcoholic. Up until a few weeks ago I had several years of sobriety. I also have arthritis in my hands and thought about using your raisin and gin recipe. I mistakenly thought the gin would be transformed by the raisins and would be safe for me to use.

“I’m now back in the nightmarish hell of drinking again. Please warn people that if they have a problem with alcohol they should avoid this medicine.”

We have other suggestions for remedies in our Guide to Alternative Treatments for Arthritis that do not require people with alcohol problems to put themselves in danger.

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  1. Shirley

    I am making some right now.I’ve been feeling so much pain from ole Arthur.word to the wise..if u were an alcoholic you should never try anything with alcohol anyway..that defeats the purpose of having been quit. Good luck all.

  2. To

    I have been having terrible arthritis pain in my knee for the last ten days, last night my dad gave me a bottle of gin and said try a little of this, I am usually a non drinker but I was in so much pain I decided to try it, I had two pub measure shots and I was amazed, I slept great and woke up this morning in much less pain, coincidence I don’t know but it certainly helped me, I am going to make the raisin recipe and try it.

  3. DJF

    I have used gi soaked raisons for 2 years. It only takes 24 hours to evaporate the alcohol. So leave it ucovered fro that time then cover tightly and enjoy!! It worked a miracle for me.

  4. Denny

    Some things I’m not clear about. Refrigerate or not? How long will the raisons last without spoiling if they are not refrigerated? How many raisins and how much Gin?

  5. Diane

    Gin soaked raisins. The man is correct the gin must be distilled from the berries. I have used both and only the distilled stops my pain. Thanks to the guy who told me about the difference, some day the drug companies will figure out how the combination works, make a pill and charge a bundle for them. Mean time I will stay with the raisins..

  6. David

    Warning: If you have a problem with alcohol, i.e., you are alcoholic DO NOT USE THIS You will relapse. It ain’t pretty. There are a myriad of other remedies to use, besides this. I tried it, thinking the raisins would neutralize the alcohol. Wrong. Cunning, baffling, powerful. I’m sober again but not without a struggle. I’ve found black cherry juice to help some with my arthritis, but am looking for the recipe that includes the pectin product and grape juice anyone remember it?

  7. Shucran

    Gilbey’s gin is synthetic??? I googled it and it says it is made from juniper berries!!!!!! I just poured the gin on the raisins last night, so I need to wait until it soaks up all the gin or the 9 days and eat 9 raisins for how long????

  8. Mignon

    jo b b: So why don’t YOU try just eating raisins and juniper berries? Nobody knows what makes this work. I have been soaking sultanas in gin (Gilbeys gin – which is not even made from juniper berries, it is synthetic, as most of the brands are these days) for 1 week, then eating 9++ a day for 9 months, and it works. When I start one jar, I make the next one, so I always have another ‘ready’.
    I have seen so many variations of this recipe, and so many questions. I say: why mess with what works???? You don’t taste the alcohol, the raisins taste delicious. This would only be a problem if someone is/was an alcoholic.

  9. jo b b

    Why couldn’t you just eat raisins and juniper berries?

  10. Anon

    Thanks for the reply about the raisins still having alcohol in them. This is not an alcohol free recipe. It was a little deceptive to say covering alcohol soaked raisins makes the alcohol dissipate? If you can taste alcohol you did not let it sit long enough? Letting it sit is just forcing the raisins to soak up the gin. Alcohol is alcohol unless you boil the raisins and alcohol till all the alcohol has cooked off. So If you are sober and want to stay that way boil the heck out of it and enjoy your raisins.

  11. Mignon

    Anonymous: sultana raisins, and I use Gilbeys gin, which works. Walmart has best price for the sultanas (in the Dallas area, anyway). I had seen various other recommendations (“it has to be juniper berry gin”, etc.), but regular gin works for me.

  12. Anonymous

    What kind of raisins and gin and in what quantity?

  13. beau10

    I read about the gin-raisins on this site beaucoup months ago and decided to try them and was seriously surprised when the raisin suggestion actually worked. I eat more than 9 (sorry, but they are delicious). I’m not sure what the specific #s of days the raisins are supposed to soak – I just wait until the gin evaporates.
    If using the raisins for joint pain, what you might try adding is one pack of Knox unflavored gelatin (another suggestion on this site). I mix the gelatin with juice, soda water or plain water. I add daily glucosamine-chrondroitin to the raisins and gelatin. My knees had reached the pain level where my doc had suggested a medical solution that was rendered unnecessary by the gelatin, raisins and glucosamine-chrondroitin. I am truly surprised but very satisfied.

  14. Adrienne

    Why nine days? The initial recipe calls for just covering the raisins with gin, then waiting until all the liquid evaporates, which only takes about three-four days. Does one need to add more gin over the course of nine days? This is unclear, and I really want to try this. Thank you!

  15. Mignon

    I have also been using this sultana/gin recipe since October because of arthritis in my right hand and wrist. It has been a miracle. The difference is incredible! An orthopaedic specialist looked me in the eye and said “comes with old age – not much you can do” (I am 66).
    The medical community does not want to acknowledge natural treatments such as this, because it hurts their pocketbooks!

    • Shirley

      You don’t need to add more gin to reach that 9day period.just wait til the gin evaporates.

  16. PAG

    Does Sloe Gin work as well?
    I was told that one of women’s magazines used Sloe Gin.

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