bowl of turmeric spice

Q. I excitedly used the turmeric remedy you wrote about for my daughter’s warts. She has about 13 of them on her hands. She woke up yellow! The sheets are stained yellow and so are her hands. Please tell readers this is a problem.
A. You are quite right that turmeric stains skin and clothing. The mother who wrote us earlier about using fresh turmeric on her daughter’s plantar wart cautioned:

“I had her wear a sock to bed. Turmeric is neon yellow and stains bedding.”

We suggest that anyone who tries turmeric on warts, whether shaving fresh turmeric root or mixing powdered turmeric with olive oil, cover the turmeric well with a secure bandage. Adding a sock or glove to the affected foot or hand is a good extra precaution. We’re sorry that you had to learn this the hard way.

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  1. Dorothy
    Winnfield, LA

    I took turmeric capsules for several months and my pillow cases, sheets around my neck, and the collars of my shirts turned yellow. Do you think the turmeric caused the yellowing?

  2. Herb
    Orlando, FL

    I don’t think tumeric or curcumin do anything,but I could be wrong.I hope it does miracles for you

  3. Andrew SD

    Please tell how you got it off. A friend of mine started biting a piece of raw turmeric and ended up with bright yellow on the bottom of his teeth, and is having a hard time getting it off.
    I would like to take it raw because it would most likely be a lot stronger, but I want to know that there IS an effective turmeric remover should I get some on the teeth for example.
    Please reply.

  4. Lea

    I think I am having the same issue but all over my body. Looked in the mirror today and the skin on my entire body has a yellow tinge. Slight, but there. I started taking two Turmeric capsules per day (Gaia brand) and I’ve been doing that for a couple of months. I was taking them for anti inflammatory reasons because I have sciatica. I also take Ginger twice daily, Wobenzym (an enzyme mixture) and a daily multi. I either have a major liver problem or it’s the turmeric!! :) Since I feel really great other than my yellow tinge, I’m not going to change anything.

    • Annette
      Bronx, N.Y.

      Lea, thanks for your posting. I have been searching for hours on the internet to find out if there was a connection between taking Turmeric internally and the recent yellowing of my skin. FINALLY I found someone else who has had the same experience. I too have only been taking 2 capsules a day and noticed a slight yellowish tinge on my skin but didn’t make a connection initially. Of course the first place we go is “liver problems” but, then the Turmeric came to mind and since I recently began to take the turmeric (it’s been about a month), I thought I give it a search. I am amazed at how little info there is out there on this possible side effect of taking Turmeric internally. Also, I found a poster on Yahoo having the same problem and at least 5 other posters concurred that they too went yellowish after taking Turmeric. Anyhow, all the best to you,

  5. MLS

    I took turmeric capsules as an anti inflammatory. The skin on my left palm is stained yellow. I don’t understand, I know it stains if put ON the skin but I didn’t know it’d stain if taken internally.

  6. PP

    JAS, that is way too much to use. It only needs to be a trace amount to do its thing! I put 1/8 tspn in soups, rice, etc. or as a sprinkle on fish before popping in the microwave.

  7. JAS

    I have a 3 oz box of natural Turmeric. It tastes awful, so I use a quarter heaping teaspoon and add stevia to make it palatable. I’ve not noticed anything from taking it. Should I take more, and if so, how much? Level or heaping tea/table spoonful? For arthritis and other possible inflammatory ailments.

  8. Ellen

    what is a good brand of turmeric? preferably veggy capsules and what about Omega 3 brands? You can abbreviate. Or maybe thru PP you can email me.
    I remember one person earlier talking about filling capsules themselves. Can’t find turmeric fresh here in this fairly large city….

  9. Emily

    My daughter had loads of those little warts on her hands. Someone told us about giving her chewable digestive enzymes and them cleared up within two weeks.
    Good luck

  10. PP

    Turmeric stains come out with salt, lemon juice & sun! Take the stained item, and make a paste of the salt and lemon or lime juice on the spot, and put it in direct sunlight. Sometimes I reactivate the mixture by spraying the now dried spot with water. When the stain comes out, just wash out the salt/juice mixture and the stain should be gone, or at least well reduced. Do this before washing, because laundering or drying in a dryer tends to set the stain.

  11. Rocket Scientist

    When the dentist put in my 4 temporary front teeth awaiting the veneers, he warned me not to eat dark staining food like blueberries, beets, etc. I liberally sprinkled turmeric on my lunchtime salad during an all-day art class. You cannot believe how bright yellow my teeth became!

  12. s.h.

    Turmeric is usually to be taken internally; swallow the capsules, put the powder in food, etc. I have used this for a number of years, as a concentrate with bromelain added; one capsule per day; I do it as a preventative for brain health as well as it is wonderful in reducing inflammation (for me); I learned it was kin to ginger; my hawai’ian aunt says all the old healers on the island used ginger for lung problems and bronchitis, etc.
    IF it (ginger) would help, and turmeric is a cousin to ginger, I decided to and took it for that bronchitis one winter, also; A good quality concentrate should be fairly easy to find; I don’t use the box stores kind; it is weak… and it takes much more; it seems to reduce joint swelling; my husband was suffering from “trigger finger” and the Doctor said there was not much to be done except surgery; it was inflammation, so I gave hubby 2 capsules and an omega 3 capsule every day; in a short time, maybe 4 or 5 days, the trigger finger began to get better, went away; if it ever starts to come back (he’s a guitarist) I give him 2 turmeric capsules along with his daily omega 3. (and I take 1 concentrate with bromelain daily; three or FOUR of cheaper quality if I run out of the good stuff); it is worth a try against fibromyalgia, too, because turmeric surely helps with muscle and joint pains; just get a good brand……..

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