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Q. I have suffered from underarm odor since I was a teen. Even after taking a shower I could notice an odor.

I have tried many different products over the years, including pricey high-powered antiperspirants, natural deodorants, salt crystals, tea tree oil and witch hazel. Nothing has worked as well as milk of magnesia (MoM).

I use a small spray bottle to apply it under each arm before bed and after showering and allow it to dry before dressing. I now have no trouble with odor at all! It’s a cheap and effective solution.

A. We are delighted to learn that milk of magnesia (MoM) worked so well for you. The idea of using a spray bottle is intriguing and easier than sloshing MoM from a big blue bottle.

Anyone who would like to try an even easier roll-on version of MoM might want to consider our People’s Pharmacy Milk of Magnesia Deodorant.

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  1. May

    I have body odour problem for about 10 years now. I’ve tried soo many antiperspirant but I can’t get rid of it
    Pls I need help

  2. Mariam

    Pls can I use mom traditional mint flavour for my body odor?

    • Terry Graedon

      If you apply mint flavored milk of magnesia to your underarm, you may smell like mint.

  3. MDH

    I will have to try the MOM. For years I had body odor that I couldn’t get rid of no matter how many external things I tried. Then I began to suspect milk products. Sure enough, when I drink milk or eat cheese, ice cream, whipped cream, etc…it’s back! I still do have some on occasion, (pie without ice cream?) so it will be nice to try MOM. Thanks for the info!

  4. Folly

    Pls can MoM work for my groin odor? If not, any suggestion about what I can use?

  5. Elizabeth

    I used the MoM today but within the first hour I noticed a very bad underarm odor.
    It may be due to my PE shirt that I was wearing within that first hour, though I only used this once this week.
    It may be because I did not use essential oils today (2 drops eucalyptus, 5 drops lemon) because it stung awhile after application.
    It may be that I did not ‘fast’ a week from my regular antiperspirants.
    It may be that it just does not work against my anxiety-related sweating at school.
    It may be that I did not cake it on as I did yesterday. They were quite dry by last night after wearing at home for a couple of hours.
    What can I do to get MoM to work for me?

  6. gma.

    Good luck, sla. It has worked for me. I enjoy this site and wished that the People’s Pharmacy worked for me. I am certain there are many people like JCP that it works well for.

  7. JCP

    I really like the People’s Pharmacy MOM product, but wish the bottle were bigger (to reduce waste).

  8. sla

    To gma, thank you for the detail! Ihad success with MoM for many months but then to my GREAT dismay it became less effective. Though I started with Phillips brand I currently have a store brand MoM. My priority for tomorrow is to get Phillips MoM and start trying your method! I also have People’s roll-on and it is not effective for my level of need. At 54, I too have tried the gamut of deodorant and antiperspirant, but before learning of MoM I had to keep going back to the aluminum based Mitchum unscented dry stick.
    Now it is not available and the current formulations do not do the job for me. Hopefully, Phillips real-deal will make the difference.

  9. gma.

    I use the Phillips MoM. It doesn’t have anything in it but water, magnesium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. I poured some in a container and left it
    open for a few days to thicken, then cover it tightly. I use a small spatula to apply each morning after my shower. When it starts to get low I just add some from the MoM bottle and stir it in. I found, for my use, thickened works better than thin liquid. I use my hair dryer on cool to dry it.
    I even tried prescription deodorant (antibiotic)but it not only caused a rash but did not work any better than other deodorants. I ordered the People’s Pharmacy brand also, but it didn’t work as well as the “thickened” Phillips MoM. The store brands don’t work as well either.
    I am 64 and have finally found something that works!

  10. RM

    I was very happy when I started using Milk of Magnesia this past winter and it completely knocked out my underarm odor. But I was disappointed when, after a few weeks, I noticed that my underarm lymph nodes were swollen and tender. I wasn’t sure if it was the MoM, but I switched back to a more conventional deodorant and eventually the swelling went down.
    A couple of months later I gave it another chance. The first time I had used a mint-flavored variety, but this time I used the “Original” version thinking that maybe the problem was with some of the other additives. But after a couple of weeks, the same swelling and tenderness returned. I stopped using it and again the swelling went down.
    I’m using a mineral-salt roll-on now that contains potassium alum and zinc citrate, and it works adequately but not quite as well as the MoM. Any thoughts on what may have caused the swelling? Anyone else have the same experience? Thanks.

  11. Julie in Dallas

    I’m curious, do you use it full strength of dilute it with some water? I, too, have had this problem for my entire life and while Rx strength antiperspirants have helped the sweating problem they certainly have not solved the odor issue. Thanks in advance for any additional information.

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