certo and grape juice

Q. My husband and I have begun using pectin in grape juice and find it really helps ease our aches and pains. We started with liquid Certo, one packet to a half-gallon of purple grape juice. We drank a cup a day.

I now use pure pectin powder (Pomona’s Universal Pectin). I sprinkle ¼ teaspoon gently on a cup of juice and then run the mixture in the blender for a minute or two. This gets frothy, but pectin clumps if you just drop it in the juice. The powder can’t be mixed up ahead of time, or the juice tends to turn to jelly. Do not use juice that has been fortified with calcium. The pectin won’t dissolve.

Certo costs about $3 for a jug of juice. Pure pectin powder works out to about 50 cents a jug.

A. Thanks for the detailed information on using pectin in purple grape juice. Other readers have found pomegranate or cherry juice also works.
Anyone who would like more details on such natural approaches for easing pain and inflammation may be interested in our Guide to Alternatives for Arthritis.

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  1. Ann

    Does a store brand of liquid fruit pectin work as well as Certo? The store brand was a fraction of the price. Also, do you think it needs to be grape juice or does water work as well. We are trying to keep the sugar down.


  2. 2blueyes

    Is there a notable difference between instant pectin and regular pectin? Some say it tastes terrible but I enjoyed mine. Perhaps my mind will be changed if I used regular.

  3. George

    I have used the Pectin/Grape Juice mixture off and on for over 5 years. Should not do it off and on. After some time not using it, I begin to ache again. Then, I have to wait for a couple of weeks for it to “kick in” again. I have decided to not discontinue using it, but, to continue use daily.
    I start with about 2 tablespoonfuls in 4-5 ounces of grape juice for 1-2 weeks and then back off to 1 tablespoonful. This works for me. I get mine from Kauffman’s Fruit Farm. They are very good to order from and they are very reasonably priced. Their powdered pectin is the best mixing I have found.
    Hope that if you try this remedy, it works as well for you as it does for me.

  4. AH

    I will try it with the diet 7up… I’d like to know what you are doing with the raisins and gin? how do you mix that up?

  5. Rol

    To Still Here,
    I want to thank you very much for the info on how to us the Certo with 7-up.. I think it will be better for me, this way I can us sugar free 7-up,(that sounds great)…
    As for the cure all, I say if it helps you, don`t give it up…. Just like I`ve been doing with my White Raisins & Gin (with juniper)..I`ve been doing that for years and I think it helps, so I will keep it up and still use the Certo & 7-UP…
    Told my Arthritis Doctor and he told me to keep up the Raisins if it helped… As a matter of fact, He already knew about it & agreed with me…
    the pain is very minimal & that`s all I care…

  6. Still Here

    You asked how I use Sure Jell and 7-Up or Ginger Ale. I put a teaspoon of Sure Jell in a tall glass, pour in about half a glass of 7-Up and stir vigorously. I have tried it in all kinds of juices, but it seems to me to be more effective in 7-Up or Ginger Ale. It dissolves better for one thing, and seems to be more effective. Maybe it is because the solution is sterile. I don’t know.
    Those who are in the medical profession to whom I have offered my “cureall” have told me it isn’t scientific or that I am nuts, however, I am not deterred because I have seen the magic this works for over 50 years. Now, so late in life, I have discovered it has lots of other virtues. Add it to a powdered energy drink and it thickens up like a milkshake; does wonders for pancakes, juice from your juicer. I have had multiple fractures down my spine, broken and chipped bones elsewhere, but as long as I remember to take pectin, my pain is not enough to require painkillers. Some days it is non-existent.
    I am sorry I am late responding to your post. I wish you well.

  7. PGA

    Has anyone suffered from tension headaches after using liquid pectin and their juice of choice? It has eased my arthritic hands, but unfortunately not my cervical osteoarthritis. Have been suffering from intense headaches ever since I started using the pectin/juice combo. Thanks for any feedback.

    • Dani

      I find that juices containing “Natural Flavors” give me migraines since this additive most often contains a form of MSG or MSG like ingredients.

  8. EFN

    Thanks for the info on dosage plus the various ideas that may also help.

  9. Rol

    I would like to know how you use that sure jell or pectin in your 7up… How much do you use and does it mix well if it’s not the certo jell? Please tell me more as it sounds like it’s working pretty well.
    I’m also using gin &raisins which is marvelous.. I’ve been using it for a very long time and I rarely have and aching joint in my hands..
    You’re STILL HERE & I’d like to be here for a long time also

  10. Still Here

    I have been using pectin (usually Sure Jell) and 7-UP or Ginger Ale for over 50 years and spreading the word about it as a cure for anything from “flu” to arthritis. I am so glad to see there is a site that recommends it.
    I add it to pancakes (makes wonderful pancakes), cakes, drinks, whatever. I am just an experimenter by nature. Thanks so much for your website and the contributions of others. I have learned a lot from it. Please keep up the good work.

  11. EFN

    I have never read any specific directions, measurements, etc. for your concoction of pectin mixed with grape or pomegranate juice. Please supply so I can get started! Thanks

  12. george

    Today I found pectin powder at WalMart (near Sporting Goods?). I am using 1/4 tsp per cup, which works out to 2 tsp for a 64 oz jug of grape juice. I used Certo and it was great. Let’s see how this stuff works.

  13. RER

    My husband, mother and I have started taking Certo with grape juice. Still too early to tell if it is helping, but one questions did arise. Since the Certo is a thickening agent, does it see to have any affect on the blood flow or build up in veins and arteries? Would appreciate any comments.

  14. Bloom

    In shopping for pectin-containing products at the vitamin store, I found big expensive bottles of grapefruit pectin tablets and learned that all citrus fruit contains a lot of pectin in the lining of the peel. Instead of spending the extra money on tablets, I eat a small orange for breakfast, peel it and eat the fruit and scrape the pith from the peel and eat that too! It seems to be helping the osteoarthritis in my fingers and knees. All these years, I’d been throwing away the medicinal part of the oranges!

  15. BA

    Where did you get the Pomona’s Universal Pectin?
    Thank you very much!

  16. BA

    I’m VERY interested in this diet also and would appreciate information about it.
    Thank you very much!!!

  17. AT

    can applesauce and pectin be mixed used instead of juice to get the same results?

  18. Rol

    I would be very happy to hear all your Daughter has to say and would also like to know the doctors website so I could check it out..
    Thank You so much..You can`t imagine how happy I am and will be waiting for the info…Thanks A bunch,

  19. gsb

    I was very interested in this solution, the gin/raisins did not work for my arthritic knee.
    Once you go on this regime, how often do you drink 6oz and how long does it take to work?

  20. MW

    This is the info I was interested in and both my husband and I are going to try it in hopes it will help. Thank you very much.

  21. BB

    My daughter was on insulin for diabetes and about 3 years ago she went to a naturopathic doctor and changed to the diet that is recommended for diabetes and was able to get off insulin and her A1C remains good. If you are interested in more information, I can give you the website of the doctor and I might be able to have my daughter tell you more. She said this diet is so much easier to follow and she is glad to not have to deal with insulin and the ups & downs of that.

  22. Rol

    I`m wondering if I can still use that due to the sugar in the juice if I am diabetic… What kind of juice is good if you are diabetic? Just found out I had diabetes and I don`t know what to eat & do. Can someone help me? My doctor gave me a general diet, but I would like something that is specially for diabetics… Can anyone help!!! Thanks in advance….

  23. AJ Payne

    We can’t drink the fruit juice because of sugar problems, but have found the same relief by mixing a pouch of Certo along with 2 large boxes of sugar-free jello and making a BIG bowl of jello. We eat about 1/2 cup of our “jello cocktail” with our lunch each day and it seems to do us just fine!!

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