Q. I read your article about the man who always gets a runny nose when he eats. I too suffered from this problem for many years. I finally saw an ear, nose and throat specialist who prescribed ipratropium nasal spray. I can guarantee you that this works.

I even eat hot Mexican food and my nose does not run any more. Before using this spray, every bite of food I ate made my nose start running. I would eat a bite and wipe my nose, eat another bite and wipe my nose again.

A. Ipratropium (Atrovent Nasal Spray) is considered the drug of choice for “gustatory rhinitis,” the medical terminology for your condition. Side effects of this medication may include nosebleeds, nasal dryness, dry mouth, sore throat, changes in taste and headache.

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  1. Marti

    This product works great. I have idiopathic rhinitis, meaning my nose runs all day every day for no reason whatsoever. It’s not just a simple, runny nose; it’s a faucet. It was a social and professional hindrance for me. Sometimes, in mid-conversation, my nose would drip without warning, causing me to immediately reach for a Kleenex. At other times, while at work in the medical field, my nose would drip profusely, and I could not use a kleenex because I had on gloves. I had to finish the procedure with my colleagues with my nose obviously dripping. I have been on a prescription nasal Spray (Atrovent) 0.06% for over 10 years now (I am a female in my mid forties). Although it has worked very well, and I could not function without it, I also suffer from direct side effects from it which are: tinnitus, increased rhinitis, difficult urination, and skin cherry hemangiomas (due to the bromide exposure). There are no other treatments for idiopathic rhinitis. And I cannot function socially or professionally without it. Aside from my idiopathic rhinitis and the treatment for it, I am a very healthy person. I eat mostly organic. Can anyone else relate?

  2. FF

    Oh Boy. For me, it was specific foods that set it off. But it would start a few hours after eating and run like water for days. I would also get chills, sneezing, fever. It was debilitating and humiliating.

  3. GSA

    Prescription. I’m not aware of an OTC version.

  4. jr

    Is this a prescription drug or can it be purchased over the counter?

  5. GSA

    I’ve had this condition for many years – even thinking of food could cause it. Atrovent is the only treatment that works. I used it daily for several years, but needed to keep increasing the dosage for it to work. Slight nose bleeds were the only side effects, but I don’t like being dependent on these things indefinitely so now I only use it before going out to eat. Lower dose, good results, no side effects, and probably low risk. Oh, and lower cost!

  6. GJ

    My husband had this same runny nose for many, many years and no doctor could ever recommend anything for it. We bought this Ipratropium nasal spray and it immediately stopped. It worked like a miracle for him. The only bad thing was that he passed away soon after we got it. We waited for 50 years for this remedy.

  7. DA

    Agree with the comment above, side effects are a lot worst than the running nose.

  8. jgc

    I too have the runny nose when I eat so was interested to read the info. After reading the side effects of the nasal spray, why would one trade a little nuisance for any of those side effects? I was hoping to hear about some natural way of coping.

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