Q. You have mentioned the idea that dropping car keys down the back can stop a nosebleed. You said that this was the most bizarre nosebleed remedy you ever received and that it makes no sense.

Instead of making a judgment like that, you should try it and see if it is true. No one should jump to conclusions about a remedy before it is tested.

I am writing to tell you that shortly after I read your article I got a nosebleed. I have frequently had a hard time stopping them. I tried the car key trick and in no time at all, the nosebleed stopped. Just remember that old wives’ remedies are often the best.

A. You are not the only one who has had success with this remedy. In fact, we have tried it ourselves and found it helpful. Anyone who would like to see a video of this remedy should search “How to stop a nosebleed” at www.peoplespharmacy.com.

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  1. JMP Dallas TX

    I really don’t know if any studies have been done. But, since I learned this method at age 14 and am now 65, I’ve used it enough to know it works for me. Since the format of this column encourages sharing ideas, no “scientific/empirical studies” were required before I could post this.

  2. RLE

    So what kind of scientific/empirical studies have benn done on this? If none, this is a whole lot of hokey-pokey.

  3. JMP Dallas TX

    Another good remedy is to simply place a finger inside the middle of your upper lip & press on the small piece of divider skin (the philtrum). It will stop bleeding almost immediately. An alternative would be to roll a strip of paper (like the old “spitballs” kids used to make) and put it inside the upper lip. Anything that will create a quick pressure on the philtrum will work.

  4. Cindy B.

    Hear, hear, “ebm;” you are certainly right. The Peoples Pharmacy always gives measured and well-reasoned info and advice. My theory is that the writer must not have had much prior experience with PP or he’d not have commented in that manner. Oh well, the keys worked for him anyway, didn’t they!

  5. m

    It also seems to work to stop hiccups.

  6. Lavonne

    I found that a Q-tip dipped in vinegar will cauterize the nosebleed.
    It works every time. Try it and be amazed yourself.

  7. ebm

    No one should be this harsh with the good people at the P.P., If I remember correctly
    you always say that “it makes no sense” but if it works for you, that’s great, as long
    as it causes no harm, which is your general philosophy. And you also publish warnings
    about certain remedies, i.e. lanolin dry nail/hoof creams recently. Please don’t get
    discouraged by harsh comments and keep on trucking!!!

  8. MM

    This must have something to do with the cool metal on the back of the neck. When I was little I got a lot of nosebleeds. My mom would go to the kitchen and get a table knife out of the drawer and hold the flat blade against the back of my neck and the nosebleed would stop.

  9. HBH

    As a child, I experienced nosebleeds on a regular basis. My parents used this “remedy” often. It worked for me each time. It got so bad that my mom started keeping a set of old keys in the freezer just for this purpose. What ever works, works. I do not believe that we will or even should expect to know the “reason why” for EVERYTHING under the sun.

  10. Mikey

    I have a car that has no keys, rather a little electronic fob. Will that work? Or, will house keys work just as well? Or will any little metal gizmos work?

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