Q. I read your response to a reader with blepharitis who suggested T/Gel was helpful. You mentioned there is no study of this treatment.

While I can’t offer any scientific study, I can offer another data point for the method. My physician diagnosed blepharitis and recommended applying T/Gel in the shower every night.

It has not only been 100 percent effective in treating the problem, but also efficient. I have used only 40 percent of the 4.4 oz bottle during four years of treatment.

A. Blepharitis is a medical term for inflammation of the eyelid. Symptoms may include itching, redness, flaking and crusting on the edge of the eyelid.

You are not the only one to find dandruff shampoo helpful. We recently heard from another reader: “Not only does Selsun Blue shampoo control my blepharitis, it’s the only thing that works. I apply the foam to the eyelids for about 15 seconds each shower to knock out the itching and redness.

“I tried prescription medication from my doctor and it made my lids gooey and clouded my vision. I have to use the shampoo on a regular basis or the blepharitis comes back, but it does work.”

Dandruff shampoos have antifungal activity, which may explain why they work. Be sure to keep all shampoo out of the eyes!

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  1. Michele
    Annapolis, MD

    I have had blepharitis four or five times in my life. This last time was by far the worst episode. After about a week of swollen, oozing eyelids a friend suggested I try fresh oregano. I had some in my garden and ate about four tablespoons of the leaves (yuk) per day. The improvement was immediate. The redness and itching stopped overnight and it healed completely in three days. I had just finished a strong course of antibiotics so maybe that is related.

  2. Rochelle

    I have not tried this yet but will begin asap. All the treatments including the IPS and the other laser treatments have done little to improve my blepharitis. I am wondering if I shoud l buy both the TGel and the Selsun. I’m kind of scared to use this on my lids. Both upper and lower lids are affected. My eye doctor who specializes in “dry eye” (I don’t know why they don’t call it what it is. Ocular Rosacea and blepharitis) Says my meibomian glands are stopped up? I don’t know. But I will try the recommendations you have listed.

  3. Linda

    What is T/Gel?

  4. Patty

    Really appreciate Dany’s post about skin pH and blepharitis. What you say makes good sense and it hadn’t occurred to me.
    I did a little reading, and apparently our skin can be too alkaline OR too acid, and should be handled accordingly. I suspect mine is too alkaline, so not sure I should use baking soda, which I know is alkaline. I’m trying out using diluted apple cider vinegar, which is said to restore the correct skin pH. But the proof will be in the results.
    To me, this is a pretty serious issue, and it’s frustrating that the medical community seems to have nothing useful to offer except that we should plan to live with it for the rest of our lives.
    All the best to you too, Dany, and everybody reading this. I second that: don’t give up, stay positive, persevere.

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