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Q. Do you have any home remedies for athlete’s foot? I have been using over-the-counter antifungal creams with marginal success. If I wear nylons, I have an outbreak almost immediately.

A. Home remedies are rarely tested in a head-to-head manner against FDA-approved medications. Back in November 2000, however, the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology published a study comparing the active ingredient from garlic (ajoene) to topical terbinafine (Lamisil).

The study subjects were Venezuelan soldiers with athlete’s foot. They were randomly assigned to apply 0.6 percent (low-dose) ajoene, 1 percent (high-dose) ajoene or 1 percent terbinafine to their feet twice daily for a week. Two months later, three-fourths of those who had used low-dose ajoene and 100 percent of those on high-dose ajoene were still clear of athlete’s foot. For comparison, 94 percent of those who had used terbinafine were clear.

You can’t go out and buy high-dose ajoene, but you can soak crushed or minced garlic in olive oil and apply that to your feet. A few people may be allergic to topical garlic and develop a rash, so be alert.

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  1. L

    Hi just wanted to say garlic double concentrated paste also works. That and I also spray my foot with deodorant non perfumed. (Garlic) is best though just put a small dab on works a treat then put sock on first. Before getting dressed

  2. Celeste

    I have tried over the counter methods and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I was soaking my feet every night in camphor (for nail fungus/athletes foot) but you have to be very consistent. Tonight I read about garlic and I thought why not try it, so I did. So far the itching that makes you want to go postal has subsided!!!! My feet feel soothed and calm (at the moment) !!! Something I haven’t felt in years!
    I soaked one longer than the other as one is a little more irritated. I mixed about 1/3 cup minced (store bought) garlic and about 5 tablespoons of olive oil and rubbed it all over my toes and feet (let sit for 1 hour- or more). Seems like if you can use more garlic and actually soak them fully- it would be more effective?? I will update after a few more days of this same method. Some people have had issues with breaking out, I have had none so far. May sound strange but my feet feel quiet, it’s very relieving. Undying itch subsided!! Temporary??? Will update soon!

  3. Kim

    I have used Grapefruit Seed Extract and it works great, just a few drops after the shower w/a little bit of water and rub it in. I did find that garlic and olive oil work great but it is a little messy.

  4. Carolina

    These comments are very helpful. Thank you. I never had this before, I had no idea of something so annoying :s

  5. SI

    I got rid of athletes foot by using Grapefruit seed Extra right after showers; I would apply a few drops of GSE to wet feet and it went away.

  6. Jerry S.

    I was using Lamisil and grabbed my wife’s aloe hand lotion and found it worked just as well.

  7. JWH

    Since the 1960’s, I have cured/prevented athlete’s foot by washing my feet in the shower with Head and Shoulders hair shampoo. If you use Head and Shoulders on feet that already have athlete’s foot, it will burn a little for the first 2 days. It will be gone in less than a week. To prevent it, wash your feet with it once or twice a week.

  8. LS

    Tea tree oil applied daily will get rid of it and keep it away!

  9. dd

    My solution to persistent athlete’s foot fungus is to always give your shoes at least 24 hours ‘rest’ between wearings. Any time I take off a shoe and back on after more than a few minutes, the fungus returns within 24 hours.

  10. dmc

    Soaking feet in in a water and vodka solution has been recommended.

  11. AWT

    I have had good response from liquid Absorbine Jr.
    Put it on at night though because it is rather “fragrant”

  12. V

    I have used white vinegar with great success on both athlete’s foot and small patches of ringworm that appeared on my neck several times over a year’s time. I tried using the anti-fungal medications as the doctor recommended, but they took forever to work. The white vinegar seemed to get rid of the fungal infections in 1/2 of the time.

  13. ACL

    I have had some fungal areas between toes for 30 years and used every ointment, cream, spray, powder on the market with no lasting success. Then I had surgery for a hammer toe on this affected right foot.
    During prep for surgery my right foot was washed in Betadine for what seemed like 5 minutes. Never had a spot of athlete’s foot since and this was 14 years ago. My shoes/slippers/flip flops were never treated!

  14. KM

    My wife and I both got rid of athlete’s foot by soaking the affected areas in vinegar once a day. The athlete’s foot was gone in 1-2 weeks, and it did not return.

  15. Dennis

    You need to treat your shoes also. I spray an anti-fungal into my shoes for 5 seconds or so making sure it gets to the toe areas. Don’t put them on right away. Give the spray 15 mins. or so to kill the bacteria. Also the anti-fungals spray or cream don’t work on every bug. Some work on this but not that. So I keep one containing tolfenate and one with lotrimin on hand. Tolfenate works most of the time. I spray it on and leave socks off for 5 mins. If I don’t feel it working I try the other spray. Usually I feel a good burning when it works. You must disinfect all your footwear, slippers, flip-flops, even shoes you haven’t worn for a while, at same time so you don’t keep reinfecting yourself. Lastly if there is a safe, natural way to treat this or any condition I am for it. Thank you Peoples Pharmacy for so much help over the years.

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