A sinus infection can make people feel awful. Besides the congestion, inflammation and pain there is a kind of spaciness that accompanies sinusitis. It makes it hard to think or do anything that requires concentration. That’s why people with sinusitis are anxious to overcome the infection and inflammation as quickly as possible
For years, pediatric experts have recommended amoxicillin for sinusitis in children. That’s because this penicillin-like antibiotic is the drug of choice for the kind of infections that normally affect ears and sinuses. A new study shows that amoxicillin is being prescribed more frequently, in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines. But it also suggests that broad-spectrum antibiotics are still being prescribed far more often than is warranted. The investigators urge pediatricians to use antibiotics more judiciously and follow guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

[Pediatrics, online Dec. 27, 2010]

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  1. wilma b

    i am 78 years old- 2 years ago my doctor put me on prednisone, a few months later i had a complete break.. I lost control of my temper and went into a rage.
    No more prednisone was taken how ever again this christmas i completely lost it… had a problem, which would normally been worked out without problem. I went balistic. I have no idea what i said- I went on and on….. what is wrong with me??????

  2. Catherine K.

    I have suffered for 5 years with terrible eczema on my right palm and left foot,also have had psoriasis for about 10years! Have been to dermatologist and other doctors and nothing they prescribed or over the counter remedies worked.The blisters on my hand were very painful!
    I heard about olive leaf extract and did some research so I thought I would give it a try, also adding green tea extract 17% olepuhrine in the olive leaf 2x per day as with the green tea 2x per day within 2 weeks all of my eczema disappeared !!!! And one day while combing my hair in the mirror I noticed the psoriasis gone from my elbows and to my amazement it was gone from my whole body and my skin was soft and blemish free for the first time in many years!!!! I also had great luck with the olive leaf to kill Candida in my esophagus caused from antibiotics, so I find this to be a miracle!

  3. MRKBS

    Hi, I have been ill with a sinus infection for over 3 weeks. The Dr. said my lungs were clear, no medicine needed. I use a neti pot 2 times a day. The discharge is no longer green and ugly, but I am so tired, sleep 12 hours or more a day. Help?MRKBS

  4. Judy M.

    I have suddenly started to lose my once thick hair, and it has happened in a short time, in less than 6 months. I started on two different medicines around that time. One was Diovan for high blood pressure, and the other was Mirapex to see if it would help my fibromyalgia. I think that one of these is the culprit. Do you know anything about hair loss while taking these meds? I suspect it is the Mirapex, as my dose is slowly being increased every week.

  5. JCP

    If broad-spectrum antibiotics are not always the best thing to take for sinusitis, what kind of alternate(s) do I have? I have heard about a mild salt water irrigation. How would that help?
    Thanks. Keep up the good work….Jim

  6. J.L.B.

    I want to inform you of a product that I have been using for 10 years that has helped me very much in treating and preventing sinusitis and reduced tremendously the need to take antibiotics.
    Before I found out about this product I would suffer from severe sinusitis several times a year. I have used a nasal irrigator to flush my sinuses when I start to experience the symptoms of an infection. However to prevent a sinus infection, I bought a nasal spray bottle from a local pharmacy and filled it with the ALKALOL solution and spray each nostril a couple of times every morning and this routine has worked quite well in preventing recurring sinusitis.
    The product label says ‘ALKALOL is an alkaline saline solution specially formulated to clean and moisturize the nasal passages, dissolve mucus, kill germs and bacteria, and provide natural relief from the symptoms of sinusitis and allergies’. Its main ingredients are Purified Water (USP), menthol, eucalyptol, thymol, camphor, benzoin, oils of wintergreen, spearmint, pine and cinnamon, plus potassium alum and chlorate, sodium bicarbonate and chloride and alcohol (2/100 of 1%).’ As you can see, all the ingredients are natural products.
    Several years ago, I found out from a local pharmacist that an ENT physician was recommending the use of Alkalol to his patients who were suffering from sinusitis.

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