Q. I want to let you know about something that stunned me. I have suffered from restless leg syndrome (RLS) for nearly 35 years. A friend casually mentioned that pie cherries had helped her leg pain and thought maybe they would help my RLS.

I was skeptical since I have tried many treatments including medications. I had been on Mirapex for years and recently had to increase the dose. Nevertheless, RLS was troubling me day and night.

I started eating pie cherries (about two dozen with their juice) each day. I have not had RLS for two weeks since I began.

A. Thanks for sharing your story. People also tell us that pie cherries may sometimes ease gout pain.

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  1. Lena T.
    Roseville CA

    I had an Rx for Orphenadrine (Norflex) which was for back pain. This works well for for preventing leg cramps. One tab at bedtime provides relief for about 2 nights. Half strength would work as well but it does not come that way.

  2. Jim F

    Hello, I have had restless legs and mirapex was a solution to my problem for years… nothing else worked. However, I am one of the 10% or so that started having compulsive behaviors as a result of taking mirapex. I’ll keep it simple… I gained over 60 lbs in 6 years and nearly lost my house.

    Saw this great Doctor/Neurologist at Yale New Haven and he put me on 2100 mg of gabapentin. I am free of symptoms and have dropped 30 lbs and my life is back in order. He said the doctors in the past did not give me enough gabapentin to have the restless legs go away. I take 900 at 3:00, 900 at 6:00, and one more at bed time. My Dr. is my savior!

  3. jb

    I’ve been on both plus gabapentin, and some nights nothing helped.
    My friend, a nurse, told me about the soap dope remedy, and I laughed it off until, finally out of desperation, I tried it. Have slept like a baby ever since. Still can’t believe it myself! Keep thinking it’s just some fluke. But it keeps working. It even relieved my back spasms. Nobody is more shocked than I am that something so silly can possibly work.
    Put a bar of soap under your bottom sheet in the feet area and forget about all the pills. Really. Try it.

  4. PatDrew

    I have suffered from RLS since early 40’s. I have now started taking tart cherry juice (TCJ), because I heard from a friend who has sleep problems, that TCJ has melatonin and it is good to drink it at dinner time. I do drink it an bedtime (8 oz.) I also take a half dose of Mirapex; the full dose of Mirapex leaves me feeling groggy the next day. TCJ reduces the time it takes me to fall asleep, it used to take about 2.5 hours for my RLS to calm down. I did order an organic concentrate online and mix it with mineral water. TCJ also has other benefits such as, a fruit serving, and it is an antioxidant, and for me, there are many more benefits. Check out Melatonin on Wikipedia. Also, avoid alcohol, sugar, reduce chips, and don’t drink coffee after 12? These foods create some kind of energy that goes directly to agitate my RLS. Some people say to give up coffee, it’s hard, I’m in the process of reducing coffee. Yikes!

  5. TR

    I am 52 and have been suffering the effects of RLS for about a year or so. I have always had some trouble sleeping and I would occasionally take small dose of Klonopin. About 8 months ago, it was recommended that I try Mirapex. It helped a little initially but my symptoms seem to go in waves of nights where I sleep ok and other nights where it the symptoms are much worse even on the same dose.
    Has anyone ever kept a log of foods they eat to see if there is anything that causes their symptoms to be worse one day or another? I would also like to know the typical dose of Mirapex to start and where the dosage ends up over 1 to 2 years. Also, does anyone switch between Klonopin and Mirapex on alternating days? I read about the person who does smaller doses of both. I am going to try the cherry juice and extract pills to see if that helps. Thanks you.

  6. sally c.

    my 86 year old mother began to suffer the effects of restless leg syndrome in her 40s; the effects have increased in severity throughout the years. recently, she became aware that the symptoms had markedly decreased and tried to isolate what she’d been doing, eating, etc., to determine the source of her relief (she’s athletic, always has been, and fit). She finally hit on crystallized ginger, which she began eating a lot of in recent months to minimize her chocolate intake. She has always been a good lay diagnostician and we know that there are health benefits of ginger for nausea and other problems. So, it can’t hurt to give it a try. Thank you.

  7. Becky S.

    Marcel, I’ve had severe RLS for over 15 years, and have been on several different combinations of Rx drugs. I’m 63. Most people have to experiment to find the right combination, and even then, after a time, some Rx drugs will stop helping and even start making the condition worse. At present I’m taking a combo of generic Klonopin, Tegretol and Requip Xl, which generally allows me to sleep. However, occasionally symptoms will begin in late afternoon. I used to take the Tegretol twice during the day, and then take a double dose of it and the Klonopin and Requip at bedtime.
    Three thoughts for your mother: If she has not found a doctor who KNOWS about RLS, find one. I see a neurologist, who is a Godsend.
    Some OTC medications will make the condition worse, notably antihistamines, unfortunately for me, because I have seasonal allergies, and acetaminophen, the primary ingredient in Tylenol and Tylenol-based medications. Please make sure she lets all of her health care providers aware of this. There is nothing worse than having some other medical issue come up, be given one of these, and then have to deal with RLS on top of it!
    Last, I was told to take 3 oz. each of tonic water and pineapple juice at bedtime. After about 4 months of this, I’ve been able to stop the daytime dosages of Tegretol, and only need half the amount of Klonopin. Who knows, in another 4 months, maybe I’ll be able to stop ALL the Rx meds, and just have my ‘cocktail’ at bedtime.
    These are things that work for me, but everyone is different. She may have to experiment to find the correct treatment. Best of luck!


    Has anyone come across other than soap, cranberry, mirapex and requip a remedy on RLS? My mother has a great deal of attacks even in the day time. Greatly appreciate any comments or direction. Very hard on her, up in age.

  9. Jim F.

    Partial success… I seem to be able to halve my mirapex (requip and others do not work with me) when I make a 40 tart-cherry shake (other fruits/yogurt mixed in too). I will keep you up to date as I experiment with other combinations!

  10. Lisa

    I saw the string about putting the bar of soap in bed for leg cramps and thought I would try for mild case of pregnancy related restless leg — unbelievable how well it worked – weirdest thing ever! Amazing.

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