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Q. I have read about using soap under the bottom sheet for leg cramps. Has anyone else put soap in their socks at night to relieve heel pain? My heels feel better after trying this tactic.
A. You are the first to suggest sleeping with soap in your socks for heel pain. Others have suggested, however, that putting soap chips in their socks eases restless legs during long airplane flights. There is, of course, no science behind any of these soap stories.

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  1. eb

    I read about using soap to relieve pain for legs and feet and tried using it for my shoulder (torn tendon) which too often wakes me with pain across my shoulder blade. I position the soap (smooth edged, worn down piece) between the mattress pad and the sheet, under my shoulder blade. Since doing this, I have never again had a problem with pain while I sleep, even if my shoulder aches when I’m awake. Last night I put another piece of soap (inside an old sock) over my painful knee. Within about 5 minutes I was pain free.
    I have no idea how this could possibly relieve pain, but it does. Since it costs nothing, it’s worth a try for any kind of muscular or bone pain.

  2. ec

    Does it matter what type of soap to use? my feet are killing me.

  3. SueK

    I, too, have been putting a bar of soap in bed and find it relieves leg cramps. I never thought of putting it under the bottom sheet, tho! That will keep it from getting kicked off the bed! Thx

  4. Dot

    In my last two heel spur episodes, I did put a small piece of soap in my sock
    under the heel and it relieved the pain so that I could sleep. I am starting another stint with the heel spur and will probably use it this time too. I don’t care what they say… for me, it works.!!!

  5. Amanda B

    I think this remedy would work well for people whose heel pain is caused by Plantar Fasciitis. I have had PF since my early 20s. In addition to not wearing high heels and starting physical therapy, my ortho administered a painful cortisone shot into my heel. It didn’t help at all. I also had an expensive leg and heel brace to wear at night for the rest of my life; which is not very convenient.
    If the bar of soap is large enough (not a hotel or sample size), then wearing the soap between your sock and foot arch would replicate of the same angles provided by a leg and heel brace. Naturally, its much less expensive and more comfortable so a conventional medicine doc will probably not share this information with you. If you try this remedy I think you will have some pain relief in a week although one night may not meet your full expectations – it takes time.

  6. kaf

    If my feet or legs are being crampy at night (that is, I wake with leg or feet cramps) I put soap in my socks and don’t wake up again with cramps that night. I also usually get up and drink water.

  7. BA

    I have been using a cake of bath soap beneath my bottom sheet for about 3 mos. I cannot believe the amount of relief I have gotten from the leg cramps. I will very occasionally wake up with a mild cramp, but standing for a few minutes–or rubbing my leg & ankle on the soap–relieves it & I can return to sleep without the fear of repeatedly being awakened.

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