Q. I am 68 and have taken antacids since I was 16. When the prescription drugs came out, I was delighted. I have taken everything from Tagamet to Nexium, which I have been on for the last four years.
After reading about people having success with almonds, I tried it. I’m astounded at how effective this is. On my first try, I went for eight days without Nexium just by eating two or three almonds before meals. Now I need Nexium only after a spicy meal.

A. We don’t know why this seems to work, but we have heard from many readers that eating a few almonds right after a meal can ward off heartburn. Thanks for letting us know that the almonds may be eaten before the meal as well.

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  1. Linda DC

    Thank you everyone, this is fantastic news, I just made a almond milk drink with carob and raw cacao to try it out straight away, but will buy some activated raw almond nuts, nuts should not be roasted, they must be raw for the full benefit of their value. As goes with most food, more raw, green and organic. Will keep you posted how it helps me with helicobacter pyrori.

  2. Dorothy

    I have occasional heartburn and found a small glass of Almond milk works for me. Didn’t know the connection and found this out quite by accident.

  3. Rx

    Glad to see this posting; I recently have occasional stomach pain and refuse to take the daily PPIs the doctor suggests. (They are linked to osteoporosis.) This reminds me that Edgar Cayce had highly recommended eating a few almonds each day. Thank you all, I’m going to try it.

  4. DCB

    Raw almonds have worked great for me. I used to take cimetidine with a Rolaids chaser almost every night but haven’t needed any once I heard about almonds. I’ve titrated my need to 8 almonds after supper.

  5. Mary

    I have been on a variety of RX medications for over 15 years. Our family has a history of excess stomach acid. I would love to be able to get off the medication or at least be able to use an over the counter version. I am interested in hearing if anyone has had success with the new Almond Milk?

  6. Christine

    Almonds are very high in alkaline content. The high alkaline rating counteracts, I believe, the excess acids. Other high-alkaline foods include avocados, watermelon, cucumbers, and mostly anything green and plant-based. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this topic, and would like to see more stories in the columns like People’s Pharmacy and other media on this topic. It doesn’t seem to be well publicized. Western diets cause your body to be in an acid state, which invites diseases to form. Meats and sugar are high-acid. Do a google search on acid-alkaline balance or diet, and you’ll find some interesting reading.

  7. Noemi

    I have to take a pill every night to prevent heartburn. If I miss taking one I can feel it next day. Worth trying…. anything to prevent taking another pill.

  8. abigail

    Do we need to leave on the almond skin to achieve this benefit? I usually boil water, immerse the almonds and then slip off their skins before eating or toasting them.

  9. Bev C

    I wonder if it isn’t the magnesium content of the almonds. I found reflux relief with 1000 mg of magnesium oxide per day.

  10. Wayne M.

    I keep reading this and it never says what kind of almonds, cooked or raw. Does it make a difference?

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