Q. I would like you to know about medical marijuana for cancer. In her late 30s, my wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, stage 4a. It was a 6 cm tumor that had grown around the hepatic artery and portal vein.

At first I thought marijuana was just for nausea caused by her chemo, but then I found a study in the journal Cancer Research (July 1, 2006). It showed that cannabinoids specifically fight pancreatic tumor cells.

I changed her diet and started her on a regimen and she is now cancer free. The regimen is being studied at the University of Wisconsin. I hope others can benefit from medical marijuana.

A. For years, marijuana research was suspected of being a way to rationalize people getting high. But as a recent article in Science News points out, scientists are now starting to take it seriously (June 19, 2010). The article you cite demonstrates that compounds from marijuana make pancreatic tumor cells commit suicide.

Other cancer researchers have followed up with studies on its effectiveness against a range of tumors in test tubes, including breast, colon, glioblastoma brain tumors and lymphoma, a blood cancer. None are yet in clinical trials, but this will be an interesting field to watch. We are delighted your wife got such a good response for such a difficult-to-treat cancer.

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  1. joe
    long island ny

    where can I buy the cannabis extract from the plant that helps with cancer?

  2. JW

    I wish I’d found this before now. I lost my fiancee to stage 4 pancreatic cancer on July 2, 2011. I suffer her loss daily.

  3. stern nurse

    @ Rx: Amen!

  4. Rx

    Thank you for this amazing and encouraging story! God bless! You will help so many people. Ignore the nay-sayers. Yes, the “average” person is closed-minded and overly sensitive to any perceived challenge to his/her assumed self-importance. Average people fill big science, government, education, etc. They’re everywhere! But wait, that’s the definition of average… I am sorry for your disheartening experiences with these people. But look at you! And those who have supported you. Congratulations on your brains and your pioneering bravery. If enough people like you step up, things will change. Many intelligent people will see the value in what you have contributed.
    Jesse– there’s nothing “bizarre” about this article. I’ve seen research on just about everything mentioned here, e.g., Tomato=lycopene; Onion=quercetin. I pulled myself out a serious health crisis using some of these exact methods. People now come up to me and say whatever I’m doing must be working because it SHOWS. You take issue with this article, but you mention that the human trials on curcumin at Anderson were prevented. Why? How can we have “proof” about natural cures if nobody can do trials? I wish you health, and I agree with much of what you said in your post.
    DCE– I believe he said he became a dealer in the acai juice because he was using so much, it made economic sense for him; I didn’t get the feeling he was pushing sales of it.
    Very interesting information about cannabis. It was a medicinal herb for many centuries. Then it got seriously criminalized. You have to wonder why. Look at the Drug Wars. Like Deep Throat said, “Follow the money.” The Opium Trade in Asia was what financed many of the movers and shakers of the early 20th century.
    If alcohol and tobacco (known poisons) are legal, it makes no sense at all that marijuana can put you in prison. Aside from the movie “Reefer Madness,” ; ) where is the valid research that cannabis rots your liver, kidneys, lungs, brain etc. – like alcohol, tobacco, pain and chemo drugs certainly do? If cannabis helps with pain and nausea, let’s use it! If it might kill cancer cells, let’s try it! Really, what do you have to lose when you are dying or in serious pain? Why shouldn’t you have the right to try whatever you want? Oh, wait, I know… you can just grow your own plant without a patent, and that means the big drug companies aren’t draining your bank account.
    Just me personally, I’d rather be treated with cannabis and curcumin than chemo. I’ve watched friends put their whole-hearted and desperate trust in the Establishment, and then die slow agonizing poverty-inducing deaths under the tender care of their medical professionals who know nothing about nutrition and supplements that can help protect from the ravages of chemo. (But their offices are stuffed with the latest drug promos, and I’ve heard they get golf vacations and stuff for being good prescribers. Can this be true?)
    As for the Cancer Cartel, it sponsors walk-a-thons and fund-raisers and pink ribbons and gosh, don’t you just feel so good that you’re doing something to help fight cancer? God forbid, we should clean up our world, our air and water and diet, and cut the cancer rates. I get really annoyed when somebody next to me lights up and forces me to breathe cigarette smoke. I don’t care if they smoke at home, but next to me, their addiction makes ME sick. I had to leave jobs I really liked because I couldn’t take the smoke. Why aren’t cigarettes illegal? We KNOW they kill people. Isn’t the whole ban on marijuana thing supposed to be “for your own good” because it’s so dangerous?? Really??
    Bazillions of dollars to cancer research and where are we? No “official” cure in sight. Oh, but we do have a cancer treatment center on every other corner and the drug companies are minting money on their new toxins. “They” aren’t going to cure cancer: it would put them out of business. It’s up to you to do it yourself.

  5. k.r.

    My grandson died at the age of 15 of lymphoma. I did tell the Dr. that I had just finished reading a book about the benefits of an alkaline diet to cure cancer and he sorta chuckled and took the book but I never saw the book again. I guess he burned it. My daughter was to scared to veer from what the Dr. recommended and Heath died after a long and exhaustive treatment of chemotherapy. Katherine

  6. PMM

    Speaking as a relative to a medical marijuana recipient in a legal state, No, it is not synthetic at all. It is the real plant.
    Marinol is a chemical version of the plant in pill form, and in my opinion very dangerous. I have witnessed what it does with just half a pill, not pretty. You can overdose on Marinol, however you cannot overdose on marijuana.
    Most of the cancer patients in Colorado recommend a few drops of a tincture. Which can be purchased for $60 from nearly all of the close to 300 dispensaries in Denver. This bottle (3 oz.s) will last up to and in some cases over a month.
    I am so excited for the future of our country if this trend continues.
    And my congratulations go out to the family who did what they had to do to reverse Pancreatic Cancer. Something I never knew could happen.

  7. cp mesquite, tx

    does anyone know if the “medical Marijuana” is the synthetic form (Marinol)

  8. BC

    The story is real – here’s the video http://www.uwhealth.org/ouruwcarbone/meet-our-patients/27369
    As for obtaining medical mj – you can take a pill form which is very expensive, buy it with a medical Rx if you live in a state with progressive medical laws, buy it on the street or grow your own, cheaply and quickly (you’ll need at least 3 months to grow your own so you’ll need some from somewhere else in the meantime).
    Search for 420 Magazine to find online resources for growing your own meds. The active ingredients in mj have a number of safe and effective uses for a wide variety of ailments. It’s not just “an excuse”.

  9. DCE

    This man lost his house and credit trying to get his wife treated for cancer, and yet when he was asked to speak against socialized medicine, he did. His barely discernible list of “treatments” sound more like, “let’s throw everything we have at it, and see what sticks.” Obviously, at least one thing in his list did work, and probably more than one.
    Some of the things in his list have a lot of research support, like curcumin and resveratol. Vitamin D3 was not on his list, but should have been. And the Acai juice? Obviously any acai juice will have a lot of antioxidants in it, but ANYTHING that is sold as multilevel marketing is a scam designed to make some people rich and others poor.

  10. CL

    This is one of the most awesome stories I have ever read. How in the world you all managed to research this and institute the changes necessary for her survival is nothing short of a miracle. I cannot for the life of me imagine how you managed this while raising 7 children at the same time. It had to be a staggering job.
    This is very long and I am going to print it out with whatever links are working, so that I can go over it more slowly. You say that you have lost your home and are heavily in debt. How about a book???
    My best to you and your family. I will remain in awe of your accomplishment and dedication,
    Carrollton, Texas

  11. Jesse

    This is the most bizarre article I have ever read. Acai juice, curcumin “untangling” DNA, tomatoes and onions to cure cancer, cancer doesn’t thrive in alkaline diet. None of it is logical or easy to believe. If marijuana can cure cancer, then prove it and let’s have legalized medical marijuana. I know it helps nausea, I am a cancer patient, and when I read “cancer cure” articles that sound ridiculous and hysterical I am very annoyed.
    I know first hand radiation and chemo are horror stories, and I would like to see better treatments and I know Big Pharma is the enemy in trying to have natural treatments. I just don’t believe there are any natural treatments that work. Dr. B. Aggrawal at MD Anderson was stopped from his curcumin trials because he had proved curcumin kills cancer cells in the lab and in animals. His research is published and on line. But the head of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. John Mendelsohn, stopped the clinical trials on humans.
    There is a huge conspiracy to prevent any cure or treatment for cancer that won’t make big money for Big Pharma and doctors, but this email about the pancreatic cancer cure is very hard to believe. And a lot of it doesn’t make sense the way he wrote it, the abbreviations and vague or missing explanations or facts make it a vague story.
    Billions are squandered for useless cancer research and it is all about bringing in the money, not finding useful treatments and cures.
    Spontaneous cures are rare and I wonder if that is what A** B** experienced? Can this treatment be reproduced with other patients and verified? That will be of great interest, and having someone write more coherently about it.

  12. Woodshire

    Consuming cartons of MONA VIE acai berry juice? Sounds like a marketing scam.

  13. Penny H.

    My niece recently died of pancreatic cancer. Why oh why couldn’t they have found this earlier.

  14. EJA

    Like others commenting – I would hope that the original writer would follow up with specific info on the regimen and diet his wife followed.

  15. MEP

    I would like information on what type of diet changes were started, and if he can describe the regimen. does the diet and regimen include the Marijuana or are they in addition to the Marijuana?

  16. B. Jean

    My husband has pancreatic cancer, stage 4, I would like to know the diet that she was on and where can people with cancer buy the drug cannabinoids.
    Thank you.

  17. MAA, Jr.

    This was a very helpful article and in the future would you please tell me about more medicinal purposes for marijuana : thank you :)

  18. marcy

    I would like to know more about what ” the regiment and diet” is that this person started his wife on when she had pancreatic cancer?

  19. Else H.

    I would like to know what changes the husband made in his wife’ diet to help
    her fight pancreatic cancer. This is good to have in case I ever get it.
    I don’t smoke but I’d smoke marijuana to help cure cancer.

  20. hendry

    I am very interested in the comments from the man whose wife had pancreatic cancer. besides the marijuana use, what type of diet and “regime” did he give his wife which was so helpful in curing her cancer?

  21. Sandy E.

    I am a chronic pain patient. I hear marijuana is good for pain, too. When can we hope to be able to get it? I’s been tested enough over the last few thousand years and I think it is safer than some medications. I can’t take steroids, Ultram, etc. and narcotics are almost impossible (I could probably get “street pot” easier, but I don’t want to do anything illegal) to get.

  22. Elmore B.

    Medical Marijuana Used to Fight Cancer:
    The topic is very interesting.
    Q. What was the diet change?
    Q. What is the regiment being studied?
    The reason, I have stage 4 and am interested in other alternatives to evaluate .

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