Q. I read your article on pinworms. As a child I had several episodes with this parasite. Because I was vomiting up the meds that were prescribed my mother called the doctor and he said to put sliced garlic on buttered bread and have me eat the “garlic sandwich.”
That was the end of pinworms. Never had another attack and I still love garlic to this day.

A. Garlic is an old-fashioned remedy for pinworms. We could find no scientific validation for this approach, but others have shared similar stories of success. The medicines (albendazole, mebendazole or pyrantel pamoate) also work quite well.

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  1. Hannah

    Hi guys I’m 12 and I have pinworms and it is so annoying. I think it is my first time getting them and it’s driving me crazy I keep on saying “I’ll tell mum tomorow, I’ll tell mum Tomorow” but it never happens. Can you please help me I don’t know what to do, and I also don’t want to eat garlic it’s disgusting. I just want to be free without the embarrassment.

  2. raja

    I m also suffer from childhood. Using albendaZole hepa relief. Any cream to pause itching?

    • Pinworm killer

      I find that just putting lotion near the anus and a bit up near your private part not on it though and you won’t feel them and the do get a bit stuck in there though so clean up with warm water when you wake up

  3. Lauren

    I first got pinworms on my trip to Thailand… That was almost four years ago…. Wow…. Anyway I got rid of them and then two years later got them again I told my mum and she gave me a pharmists remedy so I don’t know what’s was in it… Washed linen changed my undies at night and in the morning and did all that… They went away then a month later round Christmas last year I got them again…. Told my mum she got the same stuff… It went away then a few months ago it came back… My mum was furious… She went full cleaning mode… She got combantrin… They went I was happy I was free from them… Then tonight I went to the toilet because I felt the familiar wriggling sensation. I rushed and went and (sorry to get graphic) I wiped and looked and there was a dead pinworm… I was mortified… I then went upstairs and down a whole clove of garlic with water… Didn’t chop it up at all. Gonna do this twice a day for two weeks. I’m gonna tell my mum. I’m scared tho because last time she was mad at me because she was sick of me gettin reinfected with the bastards. After two weeks once a day for the rest of the next two weeks. I hope this works because I don’t think I can deal with these anymore it’s annoying and mortifying to find them its scaring me so much I’m worried I’ll have them forever ….

    • Cheksea

      How are you? Were you able to rid yourself of these awful monsters?? I am struggling myself. Thanks!

  4. Lio
    United States

    My first infection was as a kid, I was about 7 and I felt horrible itching in my butt. I found out that I had pin worms so I started a treatment method. My parents squeezed garlic into my water (raw) and that’s all I drank. They rubbed my anal canal with garlic and Vaseline and I was pin worm-free for a few years.

    I got reinfected a while back and the WORST part is that I have a horrible fear of worms. I’m 14 now and I don’t want to tell my parents because I don’ want to add to their already long list of worries. I’m going to try the water garlic method again. Eating a few cloves of garlic a day helps just make sure its raw. At night mix Vaseline and crushed garlic and apply to your anal canal which will prevent the adults from coming out to lay eggs. Good luck to you and good luck to me

  5. jayne

    I have been battling these things myself for over a year. The raw garlic works great. My problem is my boyfriend that I live with refuses to take it or even admit that he has them. Hes up all nite scratching. Its really freaking me out. Help what can I do?

  6. didi1963

    I’ve been battling pin worms, too. I’m trying castor oil internally and putting on anus at night. Please research castor oil- its not just grandma’s cure all. It has been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS as a “dewormer”! Hopefully it will work. Also saw reports that pin x must be taken 4 times, every two weeks for 2 months. I’ve taken it twice 2 weeks apart. It helped greatly but still feel squiggle when pin x wears off. I’m gonna try castor oil on the week in between (second month). Good luck to me…

  7. BG

    Garlic relieved pinworm symptoms, but only temporarily. However, it worked better than either albendazole or pyrantel pamoate (the 2 drugs of choice in US for pinworms). Several rounds of those drugs within a 6 week period only minimized the symptoms temporarily, did not eliminate them. It seems mine was a particularly persistent or resistant case gotten overseas. Doctors are not particularly familiar with this parasite and were of little help. Finally did my own research and went to an infectious disease specialist who was familiar.
    I requested Stromectol and took 2 doses 10 days apart. It finally cleared up. Also essential to keep hands washed and bathrooms clean, launder bed linens, PJs, undergarments, etc. daily in hot water and dryer to keep from infecting others or reinfecting yourself. No one else in my household was affected.

  8. G

    You are do right about washing and cleaning especially the hands and Please Please cut those nail, if you have false nail remove them immediately! Found one under my nail after cutting them and my natural nail not Long.

  9. dc

    My grandfather gave my son a tablespoon of molasses and 1 tablespoon of rubbed sage. Mix then together. We used it one night, then repeated it each night for several days. No more pin worms. It worked for us! Good luck!

  10. AnnaKarin

    So, I’m fifteen, a girl, and I’ve had this problem for most of my life off and on again probably since I was eight. My mom kept thinking it was a yeast infection and I didn’t tell her (sorry to be graphic) that when I itched one day, My fingers came back with these short thread like things, almost a centimeter long.
    So I told my grandma about it, (even showed her) and she told me that it was just peices of fabric from my underwear. I’m not sure why or how the infections are so far apart, but today I itched and found another one, freaked out because it was moving, like a worm. So google I went, I came upon this website and was worried about the prescription meds because I was going on a trip for a month, away from these things. It’s one A.M and I’m also freaking out because this is the first time that I’ve ever had an infection in the vaginal area. This sucks. It’s embarrassing and not to mention, it’s really annoying that I can’t get rid of it now.
    I will cross reference the use of garlic and pinworms with other sites and stories (just as anyone should for anything) but, I WARN anybody who reads this, don’t itch. You can get infectious, and it’ll make it worse. Treat this like a yeast infection. If you can, get a cloth and soak the infected areas with hot water. This may sting, but according to wiki they can’t survive heat. If anyone has had any luck with these bastards, share your information.

  11. Brandy

    I just discovered that I had pinworms about two days ago. So last night my mom gave me a clove of garlic (I chopped it up onto my pizza…didn’t taste a thing) and I ate it up! She also gave me castor Oil the same night. The next day I woke up with a lot of bloating, but when I went to the bathroom (sorry to get graphic) I noticed that their was a dead worm in my stool. However, I still felt tickling, so I took two garlic pills and now (the same day…just night time) I feel much better. Hardly any tickling at all! I’m so happy!

  12. SR

    I use 2oz vinegar in one shot glass and 1 clove garlic and they went away no problems since. for the itching I use cortizone 10

    • Ginny

      I’m only 13 and I just found them I was so scared still am now ! And want to get rid of them! So you drank the vinegar? And garlic by its self and they went away ? Please answer!

    • ariela

      Can garlic powder work also?

      • Monique

        No, you need to use raw garlic. Powder is too weak.

  13. Phoebe

    So I’m 11 and on and off I’ve had pin worms for like 3 years and they just keep coming and I’ve tried tons if medicine and tried garlic once. I guess I’ll try taking 2 cloves a day… But I don’t even scratch, bite my nails, or put my fingers near my face without wash… And u bathe every day do a sport only in mud winter/spring and I wash my clothes and bedding every Wednesday and Sunday so now I’m mad cause I’m the only person in my family or grade that has them. >:/

  14. Alivia

    So I’m 13 and have had these annoying thinks for I think 2 years now (off and on). I told my mom and she bought me the only medicine we could find around here (Reese’s). It worked but they came back. I’ve told her I had them like four times now. Every time I tell her she is angry (really angry). I know this is common but apparently she doesn’t understand that.
    The itching drives me nuts and I can’t get good sleep I’ve missed my bus multiple times from sleeping in. Does this garlic thing work? I’ve read you could insert a garlic clove in the rectum but hello I’m 13 that is not an option. Is there a way I can fix this without my moms help? Please helpppp

    • Millie

      I’m also 13 and I have pinworms. I am too embarrassed to tell my mum but what do I do? Someone please help me!
      I have access to garlic and I think we have castor oil which is what I read somewhere else. How can I get rid of this without telling my mum!

  15. A.P

    L.A, I have been told and read you’re supposed to take 3+ cloves (Or 1000mg) a day for at least 10 days (that is the amount of time the eggs can stay alive)
    And also clean clean clean! Bedding, undergarments, hands, etc… Disinfectants do NOT kill the eggs. I suggest washing bedding and clothing in HOT water.

  16. L.A

    how long do you need to be taking the garlic for and how often?

  17. R.H.

    I did use garlic recently. I just bit off a piece from a clove and swallowed it with water. Works instantly I am going to continue doing this. I had taken the entire clove of garlic and within 5 minutes the irritation is gone!

  18. saleem

    I am a doctor and pinworm since my childhood. I am 49 years now. I have used all alopathic drugs during last 35 years. Can somebody help me.

  19. H

    I think I have pinworms and it’s really getting annoying! Can someone (who has had success with the garlic cure) please tell me exactly what you did to make it work. I hate taking medications and love doing things the natural way, this would be a lifesaver!

  20. jb

    I have suffered form pin worms for quite a while and was afraid to take anything. Finaly I got the courage to take PinX which helped a bit but after a few days i realized it still did not rid me completely of them. Teh itching and wriggling was really driving me crazy. I was very sore.
    i tried vicks out of desperation and then a saline spray solution that was meant for clearing the nasal passage. The saline in it gave me great relief, honestly. Apparently the worms dont like salt. But this only helped for the ones in the anal canal so the problem was still there. Finally i tried the fresh garlic crushed with vaseline (actually i used vicks!) and INSTANTLY i got relief from the itching and all the movement. Don’t put a lot of garlic because it does burn a litle if you put too much. I intend to chop some up and put it in my food raw to get rid of the ones in my digestive tract. I am confident it will do the job. it’s a terrible feeling to ahve worms.

  21. MC

    Thank you!

  22. beau10

    Raw – apparently. If you research online you can find information about the curative effect of garlic and how cooking changes its aspect.

  23. MC

    Does the garlic have to be raw, or can it be cooked to get rid of the pinworms?

  24. MH

    my fiancee has had the same issue for a long time. He’s tried pin x and the symptoms keep coming back. I’ve read so many good things about garlic. So I made a paste for him that’s make out of crushed garlic, vinegar and an anti-itching cream for him to rub it there. Do you all think that’s a good idea?

  25. anonomyous

    The reason you might still have the problem is you may be reinfecting yourself. If you don’t keep your nail beds clean the eggs from the worms can hide under there. Make sure to keep your fingernails short and clean. Millions of people have this a year. Clean your sheets 2 times a week. Wash your hands before you eat. Mix garlic powder and Vaseline and rub it on the affected area every night. Pin worms hate garlic.:)
    hope I could help
    – good luck

  26. ds

    I am writing because this website has helped cure me in other areas, and I want to see a cure on here for this here to help as pinworms are a big problem for many people.
    2-15 raw garlic cloves everyday for 2 weeks along with keeping the house clean and laundering sheets often has not done anything to slow down the worms. I tried several different varieties including organic. Garlic did not work for this problem at all.
    I am trying Noxzema 24/7 on the problem area as it has testimonies saying that it works. So far, after 5 days the problem still exists, but there seems to be a little less movement. It is supposed to cure the problem after two weeks. I shall see in another week and a half.
    I am reading on the internet and noticing that this is a horrible issue that doesn’t go away for many. People have gone to many doctors with no help from taking their prescription medicine. I have had the prescription medicines, and I have tried PinX several times. PinX has only made me sick when I take it and cost me over $100 so far – no help with the worms. It will be two years with the problem in November. I took the cloves, enzymes, and wormwood supplement three times a day for three months after first figuring out what I had. That didn’t help either.
    Does anyone have any other cures? I am feeling sick and nauseous from this. I need a cure. Thanks!

  27. LM

    For centuries garlic has been used in many numbers of ways, and getting rid of parasites is one of them. Although the medical field tends to dispute this, there is a reason that garlic lore has been passed down from generation to generation. Remember that big phama has $$$ to lose if too many of us find out about the vast effectiveness and success of herbs and foods that heal us. Follow the money trail…..

  28. Renee M.

    I love garlic, as well. However, I have a bleeding problem and have been advised to stay away from garlic. A dab of Garlic Powder is acceptable. Even natural products have their negative reactions. If you have medical issues check them all out carefully before taking them.

  29. Brent B.

    Haven’t heard of the pinworm effect but garlic is great for heart health and cholesterol control. It’s also a natural antibiotic and I believe it’s high in quercetin, so it’s excellent for asthma (and cancer prevention). It is also a blood thinner so be careful if you are taking any of those kinds of drugs or supplements. Perhaps a future article could discuss the differences between fresh and aged garlic, but this is definitely one that belongs in everyone’s botanical pharmacy!

  30. beau

    What are the other possible uses for garlic? Natural foods and supplements seem to work more effectively many times than drugs.

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