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  1. Paul R.
    On the road seeking the best location for my pain and help

    I’m new, my name is Paul. I have chronic pain over multiple parts of my body due to my body being hit by a large steel-made Mercedes-Benz 35 yrs. ago. He was going 45mph when he hit my body, I was in a crosswalk. (No big lawsuit payouts back then). Only a fractured right Tibula/Fibula which required 7 surgeries 3 of which were RE-BRAKES due to not setting Tibia (Shin Bone) correctly. 35 yrs. all heck broke lose. Torn left meniscus which left me in severe chronic pain putting me on Narcotic meds for over 7+ yrs. now and counting. Severely damaged multiple discs in my lower back, right meniscus feels torn or extremely strained etc., etc… 5 different Orthopedics in 3 states, Pain management groups, etc.. will do nothing significant for me. All of the shots, nerve burning etc.. have yielded nothing for me. They will not attempt any knee surgeries or knee replacement to get rid of this one insanely painful left knee which knows no boundries to the depth and length of pain it has created over these 7+ years and the forementioned maladies it has it has created. I’m in the process of moving to the dry yet cold wintered town of Bishop, ca. At 4000 feet, too high, too cold I’m not sure? the next town 2000ft I suppose not as cold and less barometric pressure. It’s an extremely beautiful, less populated town in which I know some people and it’s boring. Bishop though 4000ft is more populated and I have many friends and would be more exciting and would have me out and about a little more, and has great knee surgeons up the mountain to Los Angeles’s favorite ski area, “Mammoth Lakes, ca. They deal almost exclusively with knee injuries from the 100’s of thousands of skiers that visit their annually. Bishop is currently my # 1 pick. What do you all think about that move? And the seemingly purposefully lack of real help from Docs everywhere? I’m in Grand Canyon country in AZ. at 7000ft in excruciating pain on this date 10/24/14 just visiting on my travels, I will be leaving tomorrow 10/25. I can go any direction to any location that might be best for my pain, but I will be alone knowing nobody. Please somebody help me in this crucial juncture in my life considering both of my situations. Thank you all for reading this and suggestions you may have. I trust and care for you all, we are all one big family of pain sufferer’s, Paul

  2. Shirley

    I have been using the gin and raisin recipe for arthritis pain relief for 2 weeks and
    I am almost afraid to say how great it is working for fear it will stop !!!!!

  3. Teresa

    How many raisins and how much gin and how long do you let them soak for the raisin gin arthritis pain relief?

  4. SFP

    I have a lot of joint pain and have tried various ameliorative remedies. I’ve noticed increased pain when I’m taking calcium regularly. Is it possible that the calcium could increase joint pain? I take about 1000 mg per day.

  5. JMF

    Have been weaned off methylprednisolone, now am taking 150mg azathioprine. After taking azathioprine for about a month, Ive developed awful pain in my wrists & stiff hands. Also, I find it hard to rise from a sitting position. Am taking advil & celebrex to be able to sleep at nite. Could azathioprine be causing this pain? I had elevated liver enzymes, the reason for the immunosuppressants. Hate to take pain relievers all the time, might elevate my liver enzymes again. Would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

  6. Helen

    I am soaking raisins in gin and want to know if they should be covered i.e. air tight or left open to the air while they are soaking up the gin? How many days? Do I put cinnamon in the mix? Directions are not very clear.

  7. Sara G

    I make some great pickles with turmeric. I also put turmeric in my homemade cole slaw. I love turmeric. The chinese have used it for years.

  8. Rx

    I agree with you James. I’ve had bad experiences with generic drugs. I don’t know how you can get get decent well-formulated, properly-released drugs for $4 per prescription. I also have bad allergies to the cheap fillers used in generics. It’s criminal that insurance “forces” people to accept this junk. I pay out of pocket when I have to for the brand name. On the other hand, I heard that the drug companies mark up their products by many thousands of percentage points — I keep thinking that can’t be true, can it?

  9. lou g

    I’ve made my comments here before, all you have to do is use the search function. I’m not being critical, but if one will look through the info these good people are providing us, it’s a wealth of information. To answer your question; I use 8 oz of grape juice with 1 TBS Certo daily. In my past posts, I’ve explained why I really believe it works!

  10. george w.

    Regarding certo and grape juice for arthritis. How much certo per glass of juice and do you take it every day?

  11. B Silva

    No one ever gives directions or amounts to use for their substitutes of medications.

  12. James L.

    I have been a chronic pain patient for around fifteen years now. I have tried many drugs over this time, brand name, and generic, I am convinced that the generic version of the drug works only about half as well as the brand name, in all cases. I take valium (diazpam). Recently I was going to test my theory once again. The month before I priced the brand name Valium, 60 were $67.17 for 60 pills, so the next month I decided to pay the extra forty dollars, the price had gone up to $272.00+. After a certain amount of time after the generics have been out, they take the price sky high.
    I am convinced that generic drugs are not of the same quality of brand name drugs, I speak from experience. Thank you for listening, James L.

  13. R.G.D.

    I owe many THANKS to the People’s Pharmacy & to the people who write in their comments of remedies. Because I read them almost everyday. It is very good information. And I would like to say THANKS!!! AGAIN !!!

  14. Joan

    I am interested in trying the gin soaked raisins but do you refrigerate the soaked raisins once the gin is evaporated, or while it is evaporating? I want to be safe and not have to treat myself for food poisoning next. Thanks, I have been a fan of Peoples Pharmacy for many years and have tried many of your natural remedies with success.

  15. lou g

    I’ve had good luck with Grape Juice and Certo, also recommended on your website.

  16. csoehl

    After suffering with unbearable nighttime pain — a deep aching in my bones from the hip to the knee — I did a little research online and discovered that intraosseous hypertension is thought to cause some of the pain of osteoarthritis. Physicians have treated this pain with calcium channel blocking medications. After researching “natural” calcium channel blockers, I decided to try a magnesium supplement. I took two magnesium capsules (500 mg each) twice a day. With 4-5 days, my pain had eased significantly and is now background noise rather than the soul destroying, sleep depriving presence that it was.
    Perhaps not effective for everyone, but seems to have worked for me!

  17. charles byron, dvm

    Gin soaked raisins: why only 9 raisins? how about 12 or more? Once or twice a day? thanks (currently taking 9/day) REGULAR LISTENER TO YOUR GREAT RADIO PROGRAM!

  18. MM

    Another worthless spinal surgery. Chiropractors have been successfully treating SI joint pain for over 100 years–no surgery!

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