Learn how to treat and prevent heartburn in this video with Joe and Terry Graedon.

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  1. WW

    I have always liked the taste of mustard. I have also recently started eating a bit more saurkraut. There used to be a product that was just saurkraut juice but I can’t find it anymore. Could it be the vinegar in mustard as well as the turmeric? I will try mustard next time I have a need for this remedy. Thanx.

  2. Sue T

    I’ve used milk, buttermilk, and just water for unexpected reflux/burning.

  3. PW

    When I have acid reflux or heartburn I take a teaspoon of vinegar, works like a charm.

  4. RW

    I have had very limited relief from over the counter antacids. Based on recommendations found at the Peoples Pharmacy. I have had excellent results with papaya enzyme found at my local heath food store. Moreover, this product is cheap and easy to use. I have had lesser success with chewing gum although it did provide a measure of relief. Thank you for providing this information on the website as I have recommended this treatment to friends also suffering from this malady.

  5. Lyfe

    I’ve been on Prevacid 30mg for a few years and try to wean myself off every now and then. After a few days, the heartburn is unbearable. And because I’m unwilling to give up my caffeinated coffee, I think I’m stuck. However, chewing sugarless gum has been very helpful for me when I get breakthrough acid during the day. And Tums helps at night, plus I think it actually helps me sleep a bit better, too. Stress is the #1 cause of my acid and I can’t eliminate it, unfortunately. So my best friends are Prevacid, chewing gum and Tums. Better living through chemistry!

  6. PCM

    Couldn’t view the video — my computer is 2005 model, guess I don’t have what I need to view.
    I’ve been a fan for many years. I hope the trend isn’t to more videos… since I can’t view them.

  7. AMR

    Yes, I also found saliva to be helpful…plus, I like Alka Selzter…you know, plop,plop etc.

  8. NJ

    Thank you for this video. I am going to follow some of your suggestions and see what will work for me.
    I love your show and have listened for 25 years. As a nurse, I think you have kept me more up to date than my in-service. Thanks so much.

  9. cke

    I have terrible reflux that wakes me up several times a night with coughing, then acid taste then vomiting. I also have a hiatal hernia. I have tried all the prescription meds & OTC meds plus antacids. Nothing seems to help even sleeping sitting up. What do you find helpful?

  10. Bryan

    I really enjoyed this video. not only was it very learning savvy I finally got the chance to see you all in real life. (Well is you tube real life?? ha).
    Well I use to suffer from severe heartburn from the age of 17-25. I have to pin it on STRESS. Some folks don’t realize how much the outside world has to do with the frequency of heartburn. I quit my job and moved to another field and just like magic it went away.
    After spending 6 of the 8 years on 90 mg of Prevacid a day I can now enjoy the occasional Tums to cure what ails me… I love ya’lls show keep up the good work.

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