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Q. I have had terrible trouble trying to stop taking Zyrtec (the generic is cetirizine). After using this antihistamine for about three years while having allergy shots, I first attempted to stop taking it in preparation for allergy testing. Within three days, my entire body itched. It was so horrible that I was crying and preparing to go to the hospital for relief.

Confused by the relentless itching, I forgot and took a Zyrtec by accident. Lo and behold, before I could get dressed and get in the car, my symptoms were GONE. Now, seven years later, I have tried unsuccessfully at least 10 times to quit this drug, and the reaction is more severe each time.

Today while I was researching this problem online, I found a community of thousands of people who have had the same problems I have. There should be better warnings about this withdrawal problem.

A. Cetirizine is often used to treat itching due to allergies, but the withdrawal phenomenon you and other patients have experienced is not included in the medical literature.

Please discuss this problem with a dermatologist. She might have a solution to weaning off this antihistamine, perhaps with a short course of corticosteroids.

Horrible Itching

People have tried a number of ways to overcome the chronic and nearly intolerable itching that may begin shortly after discontinuing cetirizine. Some people report that a gradual reduction in dose helps a bit and that after several weeks, the itching slowly recedes and eventually disappears.

Since this Q&A was first published, we have come back to the topic of cetirizine withdrawal several times. You may want to review this Q&A and this one. The official prescribing information still contains no indication of a problem occurring with sudden withdrawal of the drug.

Several people indicate from their own experience that if you can get through the first month, the itching disappears within six weeks of stopping the drug. Please share your story of getting off cetirizine in the section below.

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  1. Kelly

    I am 46 and have been taking Zyrtec for over 10 years and Claritin before that. I started taking antihistamines for hives that appeared while in a hot shower. My GP said to just take Claritin, and that would help, and it did. In 2002 I noticed Claritin wasn’t working so well so I made an allergy appointment. 4 days without any antihistamine med in me was terrible! Itching all over my scalp, hands, feet, arms, torso. Raised bumps wherever I itched. The allergist said it was just from my allergies getting worse.

    After seeing an endocrinologist and an immunologist I then went on Zyrtec till this year. I noticed some break-through itching, and again when I went off this med the same unbearable itching happened. This time I googled the issue, and the internet was exploding with people having the same problem. I am currently on day 15 without any Zyrtec. Day 5 was awful, and I wanted to go to the hospital. I took a short-acting Benadryl, and it helped. The itching is slightly better at this point but I still react to scratches on my skin. I will keep you updated.

  2. Jamilla
    Caribbean Netherlands

    I have been taking ceterizine since I was 30. I am now 39 years old.
    I started getting allergies when I was in my early 20’s and was prescribed loratadine.
    I tried to stop taking the cetirizine a couple of times but always got this uncontrollable itching after 48 hours. I always thought it was my allergies acting up and continued taking the cetirizine.

    This week I needed to come off of it for a whole week to have some patch tests done on request of my dermatologist. On day three I felt like I was losing my mind with the uncontrollable itching. What I noticed is that wherever pressure was applied to my skin it got hives and itched in that area.

    In order to cope I wore light clothing and stayed in bed and did not touch anything. As long as I didn’t put pressure on the skin the itching was bearable. When I have to bathe or get dressed I have to focus and control myself not to scratch. I feel like I am losing my mind. I also have motion sickness-like symptoms.

    I started googling what was happening to me and came across many people with the same withdrawal symptoms. I was shocked to learn that this drug that was freely prescribed to me by different doctors has such horrible withdrawal symptoms. I am determined not to go back on it and hope my symptoms won’t last to long. I bought Quercitin to help me cope with the itching yet I haven’t used it yet. Tomorrow is the last day I was asked by my dermatologist to stay off the drug during the testing.

    I also contacted a holistic doctor to assist me in finding out what is causing my initial allergies separate from cetirizine. I read that the cause can either be leaky gut syndrome or an over-production of candida. From here on I am determined to treat the cause and no longer just the symptoms. Medical doctors have no clue how to treat the origin of allergies, and I will no longer go to them for it.

    I hope to get help shortly so I can go back to living a normal drug-free life.
    By the way, every allergy test my Dermatologist did cane back negative. Seems like all these years what I thought was allergy was the withdrawal symptoms.

    What we go through doesn’t matter to the pharmaceutical companies. I hope one day that they do put the side effects of antihistamines in their brochures so we know what we are getting ourselves into.

  3. Pg

    I have been taking Zyrtec for about 5-6 years. I noticed the itching but never associated it woth the Zyrtec until one day it dawned on me the days I forget to take my Zyrtec the itching starts probably the 30-40 hour of not taking it. I actually have scratch marks. The only thing that will stop it is ice which is only for Alittle while and then the itching starts. It can literally be anywhere. Usually my legs. But i cant believe that. I asked my allergy doctor before she told me to take this. I just decided to google this and to my surprise alot more people apparently have the same problem.

  4. Bob W.
    San Antonio, TX

    I took Zyrtec for two or three days. I found it caused a sense of anxiety, which went away when I stopped taking it. I won’t take it again.

  5. G

    I too am experiencing extreme itchy arms, legs, feet, head enough to keep me busy with the agony. What are we to do? It doesn’t end even after I stopped taking it for 3 months. Finally I gave up. All I was doing was scratching. Couldn’t concentrate because it was that severe. Any ideas?

    • K

      I stopped 16 months ago. Still have sporadic outbreaks of itching lasting a few days to a few weeks. Worst itching took place during first 6-8 weeks.

      The only itch control method that seems to work are hot showers as often as it takes to arrest the itching.

  6. Jackie

    Concerning Jim from Pittsburgh: I had a problem with showers for 2 years after a Niacin product. I now open the shower to no spray (like out of a faucet) and cool water and solved my itching problem.

  7. Dee

    I have been taking citrezine tablets for several years for hay fever and now I have hives. If I miss a tablet the itching starts and the hives are really itchy. I am seeing an immunologist on Monday and was told by the hospital receptionist to stop taking my medication for five days before the appointment.

    I did stop and within a few hours the itching started absolutely unbearable covered myself in camomile lotion and wet fragrance free wet wipes to cool my skin. It is driving me crazy. Don’t know what to do with myself. I do want to withdraw from this drug but have broken my wrist and the itching under the plaster cast is driving me crazy. Not sleeping either.

    So glad I have realised not going mad it is the drug. Will cut down and try to come off them and cut down eventually ridding myself of them I cannot wait to do this. it has been a nightmare!!!!!

  8. Harleymomma

    Get liquid Zyrtec! You can get the generic form for children in liquid at Costco, so you can very slowly reduce the dosage like you’re unable to do with a tiny pill. I also had intense, unbearable itching trying to stop taking Zyrtec, and my doctor said that was simply my allergies making me itch and evidence that I needed to keep taking Zyrtec, but I knew the itch was much different, very deep, scratching didn’t help, and it was too much torture not to take another Zyrtec. I was able to cut back from a whole pill (10mg) to 1/2 a pill (5mg), without itching, but when I tried to go to 1/4 pill, the itch was too bad. So I got liquid Zyrtec and decreased my dosage by 1mg per week, and it worked! If there’s any breakthrough itching, I found ice packs on the itch also helped.

  9. Nick
    Detroit MI

    I have been taking Zyrtec for 2 years now everyday due to the intense allergies I was enduring during the spring and summer months. A couple weeks ago I decided to stop taking it because the temperatures were basically zero and I didn’t rhink I would need to take Zyrtec in the winter because of how cold it was. On day 2 I noticed some brief itching but wasn’t able to connect the dots but on day 3 the itching was so bad that I couldn’t think in school and couldn’t stop scratching. I looked up Zyrtec as a possible culprit and low and behold it was. I’m now on day 6 and the itching is still extremely distracting and almost torture like! I’m really upset that the FDA allows such drugs than can be so addictive without any warning. I’m now taking Allegra every other day in hopes that the itching will just go away after time but honestly I don’t know what else to do except wait it out….

  10. Roy

    I have taken zyrtec for years and recently decided to stop. Anytime I have gone more than 24 hrs without the pill I would start itching like crazy. Recently, I decided to stop using zyrtec and the withdrawl symptoms are very similar to someone who is in detox. I am literally going crazy with withdrawl affects that cause me to itch all over my body in a manner that can not be soothed. I caved in and had to take another pill – as if I was addicted – and I am not sure how to wean off this horrible drug. The FDA should ban this drug or at the very minimum make them place a label on it that says withdrawl from the drug can lead to severe and uncontrollable itching.

  11. Hailey

    I’ve been taking Zyrtec for about four years or so, due to really intense allergies. About a year ago I began noticing that if I ran out of my Zyrtec or forgot to take it, I would begin to itch. Mostly the itching would occur on my hands, feet, and scalp. I went back on it immediately and didn’t really give it a second thought until recently. I ran out again about a week ago and was extremely sick at the time. I didn’t have the time or the energy to go purchase more. I’m on day 6 now and, although I’m no longer sick, I refuse to go buy any more. The itching I’m experiencing now is excruciating. I forgot how much I wanted to be off of this medication for this reason exactly. I took an Allegra today, hoping that maybe this would relieve some of the itchiness. I am hoping I can get through this withdrawal period, because I have decided that I do not want to go back on this medication. Any allergies I can handle better than I can handle this intense itching.

  12. Gina

    I have been gradually reducing the amount of Zyrtec I take little by little over the course of a year. I find that the itching is more easily tolerated in cold weather months vs. the heat of summer. For some reason, if my body heats up the itching gets worse, and that includes if I get too hot from too many covers in bed.

    I am keeping my bedroom cool and my body as cool as possible. My itching is on my feet and hands. When it gets to be too much now, I’m rubbing calamine lotion on them as a temporary solution. I am only on day 3 of total withdrawal, but I am NOT going back to this pill. Luckily it is November now in Chicago, so I should be ok with the colder temps.

  13. Angie A
    Cedar Falls, IA

    This Zyrtec withdrawal is the worst phenomenon ever!!!! I cannot even go 24 hours before the intense itching starts. I have tried to wean several times so I can get allergy testing, but I CANNOT do it. I get crazy and feel like a substance abuse patient in extreme detox. It is miserable!!!! Nothing works!!! I don’t know what to do. I need that allergy testing! I saw an idiot EENT/allergy specialist yesterday and told him about the Zyrtec Withdrawal and he said “Well, sorry, I guess we can’t test you then” Loser!!!! ?

  14. Krystin
    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Omg. I am so relieved I cry. I was feeling absolutely crazy about this.

    I have been taking ceterizine everyday for 8 years. 8 years ago my spring allergies were really bad so I was taking Reactine everyday. When they let up I stopped taking it. A day or 2 in (and I remember this day so clearly .. it was honestly traumatic) I was at a friend’s house when I became unbearably itchy. I was scratching everywhere. Bumps and red marks were growing. I wanted to rip my skin off. I went home and had a shower. It didn’t help. I lay in bed scratching and crying. I didn’t understand what was happening. Finally I decided to take Reactine – I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something. A few minutes later the scratching stopped. Since then I’ve tried to quit taking ceterizine multiple times but each and everytime it is beyond anything I can handle, and I end up taking another pill.

    I don’t want to take it anymore !!!!

    Why hasn’t the FDA researched the withdrawal affects ???? How is this okay!!!!! No one should have to go through this. No other allergy meds have done this to me.

  15. Lora
    Alexandria, VA

    So, I found this site while searching for itchiness while trying to come off Benadryl (diphenhydramine)! I seem to be going through the exact same thing as I try yet again to come off Benadryl!

    I’ve been on 25mg/day for about 2 years to help with sleep and I really need to come off it now for many reasons. Other withdrawal symptoms have largely disappeared but this itchiness is insane! And I know that if I just take one Benadryl, the itching goes away! But then, I’m right back on it.

    Has anyone heard of this same issue with Benadryl/Dipenhydramine??


  16. Stephanie
    Bethlehem, PA

    I also have taken xyzal for over ten years for seasonal allergies. After receiving treatments for non-Hodgkins lymphoma and successfully finding myself in remission, I decided to rid my body of unnecessary meds. I went off of xyzal over six weeks ago, and I’m still getting extreme bouts of itching in both of my lower legs, often accompanied with a small rash or hives. Nothing relieves it. Absolutely nothing. It’s unbearable. The itching sensation comes and goes. I broke down once and took a Benadryl. It helped but I soon realized that was not the right thing to do, as it surely put me behind in the withdrawal process. I’m determined to get through this but not sure how much longer I can put up with the itching. Fortunately I’m off for the summer (I’m a teacher). I will give it until mid-August. Hopefully the itching will be gone by then. There’s no way I could be dealing with this while trying to teach.

  17. Sheila

    I’m going off an antidepressant (Pristiq) which I have used before without incident. When I went on it again, I developed symptoms that I later realized were due to the Pristiq. I decided to withdraw from it, first by cutting the dose in half and so on. Not a good idea! Very bad itching and a total body rash. The PDR says it could last up to 4 months. Withdrawing must be done over several months, tapering by a small amount each week. I was reading that sometimes withdrawal symptoms are worse for a time after one is completely off the drug. Swell.

    So I was googling to find out if Benadryl might help. I’ve used it once long ago and was sleepy. I could take it at night, I guess. Or go to the doctor for steroids. My experience with Zyrtec was that it helped my allergies tremendously, but occasionally (like on a trip) I would forget to take it along. In a few days I would have terrible internal itching without a rash. The first time it happened, it took awhile for me to connect it with the absence of Zyrtec. Taking one solved the problem (and the allergies). Recently, I noticed that I hadn’t been taking Zyrtec and I couldn’t remember when I had stopped it or why. I remembered my terrible allergies which seemed to be less than I remembered (cured by Zyrtec?–kidding). I also hadn’t had withdrawal symptoms this time. Weird. I thought I should go back on it because the prior allergies were so bad. I went back on it and saw no change in the allergies, so I stopped it again. No withdrawal symptoms! But then I went off Pristiq and am itching from that. I suppose “irony” is the nicest word to describe that.

    I know that occasionally allergies can spontaneously go away (rare). Usually they go away when one has cancer or AIDS or other diseases that affect the immune system.
    I have had cancer between the last two episodes with Zyrtec. Fortunately it was caught early so the risk of metastasis is low. I know my immune system is okay, though, because of the rash I have developed from Pristiq and also because I just saw the surgeon recently and she thought I was fine cancer-wise. So I don’t know what could have caused the lack of withdrawal symptoms from Zyrtec last time.

    To some of the comments above. Benadryl is safe. It has been around for ages. Lots of people use it as a non-addicting sleeping pill because it can make one drowsy.
    Rarely, some people develop a paradoxical reaction and become agitated. I learned this when I gave my then toddler son a test dose of Benadryl. He flew around the house for several hours. I had given him that because we were taking a looong plane trip and I wanted him to nap a bit more than usual. I was really glad that I had done a pre-test. It would have been awful if I had given him that dose just as we were taking off!

    Also, you can build up an allergic sensitivity to something over time. You use a product for years and one day, with no warning, you get a massive allergic reaction. The only example I can think of off the bat is the old formulation of Tide detergent. It would cause (with a time delay) a terrible skin rash (contact dermatitis). I don’t know if there was itching. The new Tide apparently doesn’t cause this.

    Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra are all long-acting antihistamines. There are some others, too. Usually, if you have trouble with one, a switch to another one does away with the problem. Allergy medicine prior to Claritin had to be taken several times a day and usually caused drowsiness. So there can be real benefit to these drugs, because life without them, if you have severe allergies and/or asthma is a challenge.

  18. Louise
    Miami Florida

    Finally, I get it. I had plastic surgery and stopped the Zyrtec for quite a few days and boy was I itchy. I’m still so itchy that I’m on prednisone, Benadryl and Zyrtec.

    I’ll call my allergist in the morning but thanks to this website, I understand why I’m so itchy and miserable. It should be on a WARNING that withdrawal is worse than the original allergy…

  19. Jennifer B.

    I too took Zyrtec for 3 years for skin allergies. I’ve completely rid myself of all exposures of allergens to my skin and decided to go off Zyrtec. The itching was insane it felt like it was in my bones it was all over my body. I read Allegra helps with this. I’m on my second bottle of 30 day Allegra & just stopped it cold turkey. I lasted 3 days with no itching but couldn’t take it and took a pill. I’m going to see if I can now get myself off Allegra. Anyone else have an issues getting off Allegra?

    • Kayleen

      I had a similar experience with my toddler daughter about 20 years ago, when she was prescribed otc Benadryl for a severe case of sea lice. Her father and I watched in shock as she darted back and forth across the living room like a ping-pong ball.

      Around the same time, I developed chronic sinusitis and was treated for 3-4 years with antihistamines, allergy shots, steroid sprays, and frequent antibiotics for associated infections. I have remained on 5mg daily of Zyrtec since then and have experienced severe itching whenever this regimen is interrupted for over a day. It took me awhile to connect the dots, and when I went without for 2 days or more, I also developed sporadic heart palpitations and muscle twitches (most notably my eyes).

      I have mentioned this more than once to more than one doctor. The best response I got was “do it more gradually.” NEVER any validation of my symptoms being connected to this readily available etc (i.e. “safe,” non-addictive) med that can cause so much agony without any warning, even while under professional medical care!

      I am going to try the liquid Zyrtec option, as I have tried halving my dose for a week (I.e. 2.5 mg) and had to take 10 mg today to relieve my misery!

      Has anyone else experienced the twitching/arrhythmia?

  20. Kaja

    I’ve been on zyrtec for 3 years. I know the reason I got on it was because of allergies from the state I was living in and now that I have moved back home I wanted to get off Zyrtec since I never had allergies here. If I forgot even one day I was itching like a maniac. I decided I was going to get off this drug no matter what. I am using a tapering off approach. I did a week of 3/4 pill, a week of 1/2 pill, a week of 1/4 pill and am now on day 4 of no pill. Yes, I’m itching, but not nearly as bad as when I went off cold turkey before. Every step down I would itch but after a few days it was like my body adjusted and I wouldn’t itch anymore. I’m hoping the itching stops soon. It is definitely getting annoying, but I do have hours now where I don’t itch so I know it’s getting better. Hoping all of you can find your way off. This is ridiculous!

  21. Ankit

    I took levocitrizine dihydrocloride with some other tablets 5 years back with doctor’s prescription. I used to had rashes in my thighs. After few weeks the rashes are gone but able not able to leave the citrizine. Till now every 3rd day I have to take 5mg Levocitrizine or my whole body starts itching horribly. I was not knowing what’s happening to me. I consulted to many doctors but they don’t seem to show interest, for them it’s like am taking something. Now I seen this post & got to know that there is a withdrawal to this medicine. Now still am very afraid to go through the process. Let’s see.

  22. Stacey
    Wantagh, ny

    I have a blood cancer, myelofibrosis, platelets over 1 million and fibrosis in the bone marrow. I take a lot of medications and the disease does cause itching. Ive have been on Allergra for years and it also causes weight gain and dries out my nose. Sometimes i try to stop taking it but after day 2, the itching comes back ten times worst. How long does it take to feel normal again?

  23. C M

    I too am dealing with the itching of stopping antihistamines. I have taken them all at one time or another. My allergy doctor is insisting that I continue to take Xyzal and montelukcast sodium, steroid nasal spray, Symbicort, and inhaler daily. However, my allergy tests showed no reaction. I have had two sets of allergy testing, about 5 years apart. Neither series showed reactions. I am concerned about the amount of medication in addition to the cost, so I am tapering off. I don’t think I need to take that much medication. I am also considering another allergy doctor. I feel much better without all the medication. The fatigue and dullness is gone. I am left with the itching. The pediatric dose of Claritin seems to help control the itching and I will be tapering that dosage. Spring is coming and I will see what happens then. I think I would rather have seasonal sneezing instead of all the side effects of the meds.

  24. James P.

    I had heat rash problems from working in the summer sun for too long. The dermatologist gave me prescription for XYZAL 5mg four times a day for a week..then three times a day..for a week..twice…then 1 pill..a day for a month..and Topicort spray for the rashes…and CeraVe cream. I noticed strange red steaks in my skin after taking a warm shower. I called the 800 number for Topicort and talked to a pharmacist there. She said it was the XYZAL my body’s reaction to it. I used both pills and Topicort for a month as directed. Immediately after stopping both I have red patches that flare up in different parts of my body through the day..neck..back…and severe itching. When I come out of the shower (using warm/mild water it is worse). I called the doctors office. They advised me to drink a lot of water to flush it out of my system and use the Cera Ve to help (it does). It is five weeks since I stopped taking the pills and using the spray and still having withdraw problems. I read somewhere it takes at least six weeks to get free of it. My original problem was BETTER than the “CURE”(?)… Anyone experiencing this? How long does it take? In short I think a lot of these drugs are poison, pushed by drug companies only interested in profits..and drs..who are the same.

    • Jim

      Nine weeks and still having problems, Get “flare ups” out of blue. All of a sudden will feel intense itching in an area on my neck.. it is red streaking. Put Cere Ve on it…and it helps but later the same thing will happen. After a warm shower same parts of my body will be red… Use the same cream. Not as bad as it was two months ago…but after NINE weeks! Give me a break.

  25. Mary

    Like so many of you I’ve been taking Zyrtec and Cetirizine for so long, probably 10 years. About 4 years ago I had my first itching attack when I forgot to take it for a couple of days. The itching was was bad I was scratching my skin raw!!!! I was to the point of wanting to rip the flesh off my bones!!! I kid you not! It happened again but not as bad.

    I just started itching the other day and googled it and ran across all these threads. I started weaning off it and then decided to just go off it and use Allegra. Nope, after 2 days I started itching like crazy this morning!!! I took 1 Cetirizine and will start the long process of weaning off again. Now if the Citirizine would just kick in and the itching would STOP!!! I wonder if you could stop taking it and just take Benadryl until the itching stops? Has anyone tried it? I’m actually scared to try it, this is torture! They should use itching as a form of torture! Seriously! Oh by the way I also have had a lot of weight gain and developed tinnitus…. hmmmm, makes you wonder…

  26. Cyn

    I have taken Zyrtec or generic cetirizine daily for at least 10 years. I have severe seasonal and environmental allergies and Zyrtec has worked pretty well to help control my symptoms. However, I have gained a lot of weight over the last decade, and also developed tinnitus. I wonder if this could be related to long-term Zyrtec use.

    I recently moved to another state, and my new allergist here wanted to retest me. I had to stop antihistamines 4 days prior to testing. Because I had read about histamine rebound with Zyrtec, I tapered it off gradually over a week. I took half a pill daily for a few days, then every other day. As soon as I cut the dose down, I started itching everywhere. My allergist suggested I take Zyrtec with Zantac to fight the itching. I tried to explain that Zyrtec was what was causing the itching. He didn’t seem to believe me.

    I have started taking Allegra, and still itching, but it is a little better every day. However, Allegra doesn’t seem to control my allergies as well as Zyrtec did. I’m going to try Claritin next.

    I’ve been off Zyrtec for nearly six weeks now. Still itching, but bearable. My tinnitus is still there too. I hope it eventually goes away.

    I am worried that if I have to take Allegra or Claritin every day, I could have withdrawal symptoms from them down the road. Has anyone out there had the same kind of itching problems when stopping Allegra and Claritin?

  27. Sabrin

    I thought I was nuts. I, too, have tried to stop taking xyzal after taking it for over 10 years and every time I try to stop taking it I itch like crazy breaking out in hives when I never did before. and
    I am petite and have gained over 15 lbs since I have been on the medicine. It has been a steady weight gain over the years and I really believe its from this medicine. Is there any way to ever be free of taking this medicine. Every time I try to stop I feel like I can’t live without it. HELP!!!

    • T

      Yes, it can happen with Claritin as well. I am dealing with that now.

    • Denise M. R.

      Not with Claritin. I will never take a Zyrtec in my life again! These doctors give you meds that cause other problems. If I knew I would have never taken them at all. Itching like crazy the second day off the drug.

  28. Lenny

    I’ve been on zyrtec for as long as I can remember. The only time I went without it was when I lived in the Philippines for 9 months, and I didn’t itch at all! Strange, right? Now I can’t go a day without taking it.. or else I’ll itch! I did cut the dose down to 1/2 a pill.. and I’ve been taking 1/2 a pill for about a year now. When I first started taking 1/2 a pill, I still had itching and little rashes on my body. But they were bearable.. now I ran out of Zyrtec, but I just got some Cetirizine from Sam’s Club.. I’m still gonna try taking 1/2 a pill of it and see how it goes. Hopefully I’ll be able to cut the dosage some more off my zyrtec.
    I’m also debating on switching to allegra.. any thoughts on that? I’ve read people switching to claritin.. But I have allegra in my house. Are there any withdrawal symptoms i should be looking out for if i switch to allegra? Thanks so much.. This sucks balls. :(

    So many people are suffering and none of the doctors are listening! I mentioned it to TWO of my doctors, and one looked at me like I was stupid and the other said she never heard of it. :(((

    • Craig

      There’s some kind of new manufacturing ingredient that wasn’t in it before. I’ve taken generic Sudafed for years for the very little sinus issues I have. But yesterday, on my way to the store at 1:30 p.m., and not having dosed yet (only took 5 pills over 3 days) my hand and wrists started itching something terrible. Lasted about 2 minutes.

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