Q. I recently read your column about a hemorrhoid remedy that involved eating a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses twice daily. I know this is a topic most sufferers do not like to discuss, but this condition can be a real pain in the butt, pun intended.
I have been a novice weightlifter and wrestling coach for many years, and when hemorrhoids flare up…ouch! One thing that an older lifter told me one time was to use Vicks VapoRub (externally, of course).
I was very skeptical, but at that particular point I would’ve tried anything. WOW! It was instant relief. There was no more burning, itching or pain. The Vicks even gave a kind of “aahh” feeling!
I’ve shared this with others and couldn’t really give a medical reason for why this works, but I know that it is very effective. Any thoughts?

A. We have heard from a few others that external use of Vicks VapoRub may soothe hemorrhoid pain. But we also heard from one disgruntled reader who complained that Vicks on his hemorrhoids felt like napalm. He described the sensation as “spontaneous combustion that made me feel like I was a jet fighter with afterburners. Mayday!”
Based on that report, we stopped recommending Vicks VapoRub for hemorrhoids. We don’t want anyone else yelling Mayday!

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  1. Joe
    Los angeles

    I have internal hemmoroids and they hurt like hell for the last 3 months. I was using vapor rub in the outside only and it worked so I went ahead and went inside and they were gone within hours!

  2. Arlene

    I used TUCKS supporitories but after trying to find them this summer, I was told that is was no longer available. This product always worked for me. TUCKS does have witch hazel wipes which feel very good.

  3. me

    How many days approximately your hemmies will cure?

  4. Roma

    I’m currently using Vicks on my hemmies. Yes, it heats up but it feels a heck lot better now.

  5. ZD

    Quote: “complained that Vicks on his hemorrhoids felt like napalm”
    I have used Vicks as well and it works amazingly well. Vicks is however for external use only, what that means is that if the Hemorrhoid has ruptured or you have misdiagnosed another condition, like an anal fissure, as a hemorrhoid where broken skin is involved then lift-off can be achieved. Vicks on broken skin is not a happy feeling.

  6. Bg

    Vicks is great for hemmies. Granted if you are extremely sensitive I would avoid it but if you aren’t and are looking for relief it’s a must.

  7. Tracey

    Omg Vicks is brill please try it and it shrinks them too A star all the way

  8. AH

    Tried Vick’s vaporub as haemorrhoid remedy It worked immediately, effectively and without pain.

  9. Gin

    I would like to recommend Neem Oil. This oil is from the Neem tree and works wonders on a sore bottom site. A daughter had cracks between her toes and we used it for that and the cracks cleared up. Also use it on the dog’s hot spots. One can Google Neem tree and find that there are many medicinal uses for it.

  10. Charles

    I have found great relief from mild hemorrhoid discomfort by applying a bit of Noxema on a fingertip to the affected area each morning. For worse flareups, a ‘sitzbath’ in very warm water or from a shower sprayer helps
    to shrink them.

  11. STH

    The one thing I know about blackstrap molasses is that whenever I have palpitations and I drink a tablespoon, it just goes away just like that. It works every time. I don’t have hemorrhoids so I can’t say how it works for this ailment.

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