Q. Has anyone else tried putting soap in the socks at night to relieve heel pain? My heel pain seems to be better since I started experimenting with soap in my socks.

A. Some people have found that putting small pieces of soap in the socks can quell restless legs when they must sit still on a long plane ride, for example. Others report that soap under the bottom sheet helps with knee or hip pain. Yours is the first report that soap in the socks at night can ease heel pain.

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  1. DBKing

    I can vouch for one solution to severe heel pain from plantar fasciitis: The soft splint that holds your foot at an angle while you sleep does wonders. I took this treatment over three years ago and once resolved, the pain has not returned. I got mine from a podiatrist. (But I turned down his recommendation of a steroid shot.) However you can easily get this foot splint for about $40 on on the internet without seeing a podiatrist. It holds your foot at a prescribed angle rather than letting the foot droop during sleep. Sleep with it on your foot and it gently stretches the Achilles at night and the increased blood flow to heal the area.
    All I can say is that I was in constant pain and after using this splint at night for a month or so, my feet felt great. It is comfortable and its only drawback is that its a bit awkward. Perhaps alternate feet if you suffer in both feet or wear as you recline on a couch. At first I was also putting ice on the heels in the evening but that was not as effective as just sleeping with the splint designed for Plantar faciitis. I keep the splint in case the pain returns but it has not returned at all.

  2. mohamed

    This reduced my mom’s heel pain but now she has heel numbness can anybody have remedy for this?

  3. Munyia

    I tried soap under the sheet for fasciitis (I was told by several users that this was a miracle for fasciitis and leg cramps. It absolutely nothing for me. How many others have heard this and had no results. I tried Ivory, Dove, Dial and Irish Spring for months.
    How about you?

  4. ebm

    Try Ivory, it is said to be pure. Avoid the ones with lots of lotion in it – one
    reader explained it cut down on the alkalinity of the soap, which is the working part.

  5. pavica

    I can vouch for the remedy of soap under sheet/mattress pad works because since I put a bar of soap under my mattress pad I haven’t had leg cramps at night.
    Further, I work in the yard a lot pulling weeds and digging with my fingers and for the past two weeks I have had cramps in my fingers. One day it was so bad I was at a loss of how to get rid of the cramps that I decided to do the soap remedy. I held a bar of soap in the palms of my hands and cramps disappeared. In the past I also did the soap in my sock when I got cramps in my feet or calfs. I sure worked like a charm.

  6. SUE H

    Several years ago, I put bars of soap under my sheet, but found I was constantly feeling for them to stay under my feet. So, I took the leg of an old panty hose, cut it, put in a bar of soap, tied a know to close the soap, tied the two loose ends to make a loose “bracelet.” I use them on both wrists and find my arthritis there is much better. If I have my sciatica pain in my calf, foot, etc., I slip the bracelet there. I also have one tucked between my buttocks when I have pain in my tailbone while in bed. I put them on my wrists every night. Thanks for your many wonderful aids to better health.

  7. Jand

    I always carry pieces of Ivory soap with me. I have had foot cramps while driving and I just put soap in my shoe/sock and it less than 2 minutes I find relief. I put soap in my back pockets when taking my daily walk to prevent hip pain. For a really severe cramp I rub liquid Ivory soap on the cramp and let it dry. Soap under my bed pillow helps get rid of headaches. I have 6 bars of soap in my bed. I am a firm believer in the power of soap.

  8. Jand

    I have used soap in my socks for foot cramps, especially when traveling. Also when walking I put soap in the back pockets of my jeans to relieve hip pain. For really quick relief for very severe pain &/or cramps in my hands,legs, etc., I use liquid Ivory hand soap and let it dry. I sleep with 6 bars of Ivory soap, one under my pillow for neck pain & headaches.

  9. Patti

    Is there any particular type of soap suggested to work better than another? There are so many types of “soap.” Could someone please expound on your experience? Thank you. I have restless leg and will try anything as medications have proven nil. :-)

  10. nbg

    Heel pain for Plantar facilias… soap at night in sock? I’ll try anything.

  11. magkuy

    Hi There,
    After hanging up my apron, with heel and knee problems, tried to soap on heel and felt instant relief, Bad knee is on other leg, so will have to try that.

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