Q. I read your column about blackstrap molasses for hemorrhoids about three weeks ago. I too had huge painful, bleeding hemorrhoids that weren’t responding to Proctosol, sitz baths or ice. I was in a dreadful place, taking pain pills every day.

I bought some blackstrap molasses. Even though I was somewhat skeptical, I was willing to give almost anything a try. I faithfully took a teaspoon twice a day. Lo and behold, within a WEEK I had diminished hemorrhoids and pain and within two weeks my hemorrhoids had all but disappeared.

I am amazed and thrilled. I was not really expecting this method to work so well. I continue to take the blackstrap molasses every day but I have lowered the amount to 1 teaspoon a day. I will stop taking the molasses, but I am not sure when. Thanks so much for writing about it. I never would have known about this treatment and would have ended up with surgery, which I desperately didn’t want. What a miraculous cure, and for me, the timing was phenomenal.

A. We continue to be astonished that people find blackstrap molasses eases their hemorrhoids. It might be coincidence, but if it works, this is a low-cost, low-risk remedy. People who must avoid sugar, however, should be cautious since molasses is a byproduct of sugar manufacturing.

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  1. aish


  2. he

    blackstrap molasses works buy at health food store.

  3. BB

    I have the hemorrhoids occasionally. However, to your question about possible connection of Flomax and hemorrhoids, I don’t believe there is one. I’ve taken Flomax for years, and I haven’t noticed any connection between Flomax and hemorrhoids–neither in causing nor reducing them. However, I’m glad to see the info about molasses–I’m going to try that.

  4. PES

    A few weeks before the column on black strap molasses, I started taking Flomax (Tamsulosin), and then started a teaspoon a day of molasses. After a couple of weeks, I stopped having bleeding hemorrhoids (which occurred regularly after some activities) and have not experienced them for more than 6 months. I wonder if Tamsulosin also has some effect on hemorrhoids?

  5. Kate R

    I too have had great results from the black strap molasses. The bleeding is gone after a little more than a week. Wonder why?
    I would like to caution people that I have read that molasses can cause cavities. So I take mine immediately before eating and am sure to brush my teeth shortly after eating.
    I found the molasses in the grocery store – Fresh Market.

  6. EFS

    I have found black strap molasses in health food stores.

  7. L.L.

    Would you please tell me where you can buy Black Strap Molasses. My Aunt really wants to try this. Thank you so much.

  8. RD

    Amazon.com sells it.

  9. SMJ

    Where do you find Blackstrap Molasses, please? Thanks.

  10. BT

    I have not as yet tried the blackstrap molasses for hemorrhoid relief, but will do so after reading the article today. My question is… does it have to be the liquid form or will it achieve the same benefit in capsule form?
    Thank you in advance ….

  11. David

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  12. CG

    This worked for me too. After about two weeks my symptoms are much improved, though not gone. Also, it tastes like black licorice. Yum!

  13. Gail D.

    For minor discomfort from hemorrhoids I take Vitamin E suppositories which are also very soothing for atrophic vaginitis.

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