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Q. For two consecutive years after a prolonged, forceful cough that lasted one or two months, I totally lost my voice. My ENT doctor diagnosed me with chronic laryngitis and prescribed medication and lozenges. They offered no relief, though.

Then I was told by the old women from our home place, the Philippines, to avoid cold drinks and to take “salabat.” That’s ginger tea in our dialect. My voice returned. Ginger tea is also good for sore throat and hoarse voice.

A. Ginger has a long history in treating nausea, vomiting, flatulence and other digestive disorders. It has also been used for congestion, cough and bronchitis. Thanks for letting us know how well it worked for your laryngitis.

Another reader had a great experience with ginger for a persistent cough: “Ginger is amazing! I had a really dry cough that went on for three weeks. I tried antibiotics, mucolytics, gargles and anesthetic lozenges but they didn’t work. Then my father suggested that I chop some raw ginger root, chew the pieces like candy and suck the juice out of them. I tried it and the following day, my cough was gone.”

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  1. Mohammed S.

    Well, whatever is described regarding Ginger is correct. It has good curative properties for several problems. In my experience, I found few more good things that can help in relieving cough (productive or non-productive):
    1. Four black pepper seeds (ground) in a cup of luke warm Milk to be taken regularly for few days to get relief from any type of cough.
    2. Four fresh Basil leaves and an equal amount of Black Pepper seeds (i.e. 4 seeds) ground together and mixed will in small amount of water and then taken 2 – 3 times a day.
    3. For hoarse voice, one of the best solutions is to gargle with warm water which was boiled with a tsp of salt and few basil leaves. This should be done several times a day.

  2. johnson

    I have been diagnose of chronic LPRD, and my voice is very hoarse, and experience constant throat clearing, and acid reflux, please help me, what should I take to permanently cure?

  3. Kirsten

    Hi! I have a polyp on my vocal cord and my voice is hoarse. Will fresh ginger help my voice?

  4. Grannycan

    Can you have strep throat with no fever?

  5. chioma

    Ginger is good for your voice, nostrils and your stomach… never mind the peppery ting. It could be pretty hot sometimes but your best bet is to chew the root itself, peeled or unpeeled… I do this always before going on stage to perform… say 15mins before. You should hear the quality of my voice afterwards when acting.

  6. D.R.

    Yes, ginger can restore a voice. This person probably has LPR, Laryngo-pharyngeal reflux disease. In this condition, and upset stomach can leak acid into the larynx, damaging the voice. Ginger can help with calming the stomach and stopping this, and the voice heals. The upset stomach may not be noticed, but in someone with LPR, it is there doing the damage.
    I am a singer, and I have LPR. Ginger helps tremendously in keeping my voice in good condition. For best results should be taken at every meal to which the person’s stomach is sensitive.

  7. JGB

    As I sit drinking my lemon ginger tea for the sore throat and cold with it, I can feel it working. Thanks for the reminder. Didn’t know to chew ginger raw, but will for the next cold onslaught.

  8. Sue

    well I have been coughing for years….never smoked and it is not chronic bronchitis, no lung problems etc…..So, I will give this a try….anything is worth trying…The cough gets worse year after year!

  9. Ash

    I did all of this and it didn’t work for me… I will try again tonight!

  10. Fred C

    Processed ginger (dehydrated, candied, etc.) seems to be far less effective. It may be that the efficacy is a component of the volatile oils that make the raw product so pungent – like garlic. Raw ginger will keep for a long time in the freezer in a ziplock bag. A “dose” can be sliced or shredded easily and the remainder returned to the freezer, countless times.

  11. NJ

    I tried chewing the raw ginger as described and the next day the hard dry cough was gone! The taste was a little sharp, but well worth it.

  12. Fred C

    Abigail: I shred the ginger root on a hand shredder, skin and all, then put a teaspoon-size dollop in with my green tea. It tastes fine (some stevia or honey helps) and I swallow the now-softened pulp when I get to the bottom of the cup. Tasty & efficacious.

  13. abigail

    For making ginger tea do we keep on the skin and chop up into pieces? And, do we boil the ginger or simply let sit in boiled water?

  14. Lucille G.

    Ginger is also good for improving circulation. I have been struggling with Raynauds Syndrome for many years. I tried adding some raw ginger to my tea in the morning – I let the ginger soften in the tea for a few minutes and then I eat it.
    Not the greatest tasting but it does help. My circulation problems have improved by over 90%.

  15. Sonali B.

    Ginger with honey works very well for sore throat and cough. Also, try a 1 tbsp of honey with a pinch of turmeric powder for throat soreness.

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