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Q. I just tried milk of magnesia (MoM) as an underarm deodorant and it works GREAT! I couldn’t believe it.

I teach step and hi/lo aerobics for a living and I get very sweaty and stinky. The MoM worked through three straight hours of weights and aerobics and I smell fresher than when I use deodorant.

A. We have heard from many other readers that milk of magnesia can be helpful as an underarm deodorant. It contains no aluminum and may be less likely to irritate delicate skin. One person reported:

“Even so-called mild deodorants irritate my armpits. Milk of magnesia doesn’t. I just apply with my fingertips and a little goes a long way. It’s been very effective for up to 24 hours and sometimes longer, even when I’m doing a lot of perspiring. It takes a few minutes for it to dry but it leaves no residue on clothes, which surprised me. I’m sold.”

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  1. Kris

    application is easy if you use a small spray bottle. shake like usual and just quickly spray once. works all day.

  2. W.H.

    I have tried several deodorant/anti-perspirants and had differing results over the years. I have hot flashes which cause sweating over my entire body. Since I work as a deep tissue massage therapist and had breast cancer, I am very sensitive to what I put on my body both for me and my clients.
    I tried the milk of magnesia and am absolutely thrilled. I’ve used commercial antiperspirant products and the natural crystal things and have been disappointed. This is the first time anything has worked so well for me. I get a bit damp, as I have with every other product I’ve tried; but not wet, and no odor at all. What a wonderful thing!
    If you are at all interested in alternatives to the expensive antiperspirants and deodorants, I highly recommend this choice. I just shook up the bottle and dipped my finger in the bottle and spread it on my underarms (I’ll find a better way to distribute this soon, so my husband will be happy with it also).

  3. E.B.

    When I was growing up, my mother suggested to apply lemon juice under my arms while I was taking a shower at least once a week to avoid using deodorant. So I did.
    I usually rubbed the armpit with half of the lemon and left it there for about 5 minutes, while in the shower. Before I ended my shower, I applied soap and water to remove the lemon.
    I have NEVER use deodorant and have never needed to apply or have had bad odor.
    I know the Milk of Magnesia is also good.

  4. MLR

    My nails were doing the same thing, except there were also holes in the nail bed that would grow to the end as my nails would grow. I tried everything. I finally tried Glycerin and rubbed it in my nails daily. My nails are looking fine now and they are growing naturally.

  5. C.M.C

    I have been using Milk of Magnesia ever since I read about it in this column It is great!! For years I have had problems and terrible itching. I finally found Certain Dry which is excellent but expensive. You only need to use it every day for the first week and then about three times a week thereafter, but I would still have mild itching now and then.
    I started on the Milk of Magnesia and no itching no odor and no residue on clothing. I did learn to shake the bottle and just run my finger around the inside edge and that will cover easily. A very little goes a long way.
    Now if someone could help me on my fingernails I would be forever grateful. My doctor claims it is from my arthritis. He says the nail bed is cut off from circulation .. They have lines in them and cannot be filed low enough to prevent snagging. The nail grows unevenly. The very outer edge of my nails grow and on some nails the middle grows. Like a mountain range. Up,down, up in a zig zag shape. My nails are now BELOW the tips of my fingers and It is impossible to pick small items up. Hopefully someone can help??? Thank you for your column.

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