Q. My husband has had a setback in his Alzheimer’s disease due to stress about my upcoming heart surgery. Recently, for the very first time, he ate Rainier cherries. The entire next day I was once again with the man I first married! This is amazing!
A. We are as astonished as you. We were also surprised to find research in rats showing that a peach pit extract (Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, June, 2006) acted in a similar manner to donepezil (Aricept), a prescription drug used to treat Alzheimer’s.

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  1. tj

    This wasn’t helpful at all!! Sorry for you!

  2. Anon

    “Don’t you think if it were that simple–the medical profession would be using it?” This is a joke, right? Do you have any idea the number of easily grown, natural (I hate using that word, but as opposed to created by a chemist) treatments there are, for numerous diseases, illnesses, and conditions, which are instead treated with whatever happens to be new?
    You need to understand how the pharmaceutical industry works. They fund a massive R&D team which focuses on creating new chemicals for treating various conditions and illnesses (note the word treatment, not cure.) that they believe are profitable. Now, with that in mind, there is an issue with their profit margins.
    #1 you can NOT patent a plant or animal that occurs already in nature (Monsanto’s patent Genetically Engineered creations aside, as they patent the genetic structure, which in a way is a chemical patent.) which means they can not ever have a monopoly on any naturally grown remedies.
    #2 is that these patents and licenses will eventually be voided by time. This means that their focus then shifts to whatever’s license or patent is expiring, rather than a better treatment or cure, and using their ties to the insurance industry, make sure that only those new pharmaceuticals are produced. (A good example is when Claritan’s expired, they shifted it to over the counter and most insurance companies had to drop it, as per their plans… which lead to things such as ClariNEX and so forth.) As such, it would never ever be profitable to treat any condition with these relatively inexpensive cherries.

  3. SES

    My husband has peripheral neuropathy in his feet. We recently used Neurogen mixed with mineral or olive oil on his feet. It works, and fast too!

  4. sh

    She didn’t say whether this was a lasting or repeatable effect.
    Unfortunately, what she noted may well have been just one of those moments of lucidity that happens in dementia. :-(

  5. Jean

    No, I don’t think the medical profession would be using it, (cherry remedy) they only use patented medicines they can make a profit on. Isn’t this a site for people interested in alternative/home remedies? We are probably full of hope because nothing else has helped, I wish I knew about the cherries, my father had Alzheimer’s, and his medication didn’t help one bit.

  6. Dave

    No, Sir, the medical profession would not be using it because they don’t make their money by these type remedies. They make their money by prescribing medications. I know doctors that won’t even recommend such remedies such as this or any other. They enjoy prescribing drugs so they can earn their money.

  7. sbh

    Rainier cherries are soooooo good. I live in Michigan and they seem to only be available around the holidays, (from South America, and in summer from Washington state and Michigan ). I have heard dried cherries are good for gout and arthritis in your toes. They seem to help me if I eat them a couple times per week.

  8. M. Clemenza

    Don’t you think if it were that simple–the medical profession would be using it? Sounds like an email from the cherry growers. I tend to be doubtful of things like this. People can waste time and money [not to mention hope] on these so called cures.

  9. Dolores

    Rainier cherries are yellow and red, mostly yellow. I don’t see them often so I don’t know if they are a cherry that is seasonal. When the stores have them they don’t have many. I usually see them when the dark red cherries are available. They cost more than the dark red cherries, but whenever I see them I buy them.

  10. tmf

    I was relieved of my arthritis pain the day I ate really, really fresh tart cherries. However, when they are not just-picked, they did not work as well. Tart cherry extract helps, but doesn’t match the just-picked cherries.

  11. Gram's Daughter

    I’d really appreciate more info on this. What quantity did her husband eat? Are these the dark cherries we typically see in the grocery store? Has the success continued? Thanks for all you do.

  12. sf

    Would rainier cherries work for dementia? Are they easily found all year round?

  13. Jennifer

    Where can I purchase the rainier cherries or the peach pit extract?

  14. Carol

    Do you have any information regarding resveratrol and peripheral neuropathy (due to chemotherapy) or any supplement or treatment for PN? I would appreciate hearing from you or anyone with information on PN as a result of chemotherapy for colon cancer.

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