Q. I’ve read about drinking tonic water to prevent waking with leg cramps. Try coconut water instead! It is the best stuff for leg cramps.
It is somewhat hard to find, but I buy Zico brand at my local Fresh Market. Drinking 11 ounces gives me as much potassium as eating four bananas, and it is all natural.

A. When we looked this new product up online, we discovered that, in addition to health food stores, several major chains carry it as well. We appreciate your testimonial. We remind other readers, though, that too much coconut water might be constipating.

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  1. Toni

    I have tried the soap under the bedsheets, that usually works, I keep mustard in my gym bag as I have had leg cramps during water aerobics. A packet or 2 does relieve in a couple mins.
    Now the tonic water is also effective, but diabetics have to be careful, the quinine raises sugar levels. I used to have a prescription for quinine pills. Then Kaiser sent me a.letter that they where pulling the OTC pill as a result.

    I do like the homemade sports drink idea, I’ll look up a receipe. Thanks

  2. RobertM

    Great stuff. Question: does the yellow mustard “prevent” the cramps? Or does it just relieve them when they come on?

  3. Lynne

    I am trying the coconut water now because of such terrible night leg cramps! I will try anything to keep them away. I dread going to bed thinking they will start. The soap I have tried but still get cramps. Next is the mustard…..yuk!

  4. irene

    if you suffer from electrolyte imbalance which can cause leg cramps, try a homemade sports drink which yu can find on line, and drink it before bed. I tried it and it really works

  5. irene
    Holbrook ny

    I have always suffered from leg cramps and only thing that helped was to walk around.. I tried mustard one night and it worked but not for long. Now I take a homemade sports drink made with tart cherry juice, water lemon and salt before going to bed and no longer suffer with the leg cramps and am able to sleep good. It keeps the electrolytes in balance

    • Buddy H.
      Queens , NY

      I use to suffer seriously with chronic night time leg cramps.
      Forget about the sports drink.
      Mustard and quinine don’t work.
      Coconut water fresh from the coconut cured mine.
      No bottled coconut drinks
      Get the fresh water from the coconut

  6. Lynn

    I did not know about the mustard. Thanks for the information.

  7. JAKS

    Yellow mustard for leg cramps! I’ve been using the mustard cure for over three years now and I am a believer. I suffered horrendous leg cramps, anywhere from the toes up to the thighs, usually at night, the kind that will make you cry. I read about the “yellow mustard” cure and I now keep individual packets next to my bed, in my purse, in the car and in my briefcase. Just one or two packets will do the trick if I can do it soon enough. Cramps usually ease in just a minute or two, and, it almost always keep the cramps from starting in the other leg.

  8. R Sadler

    As discussed on a recent show plain yellow mustard has worked quickly and effectively for my leg cramps.

  9. PP

    Coconut is the active ingredient in most anti-diarrheal potions, and as we’ve said about the Archway macaroons, they do have a constipating effect. The other concern is also cholesterol!

  10. Phil A.

    Quinine, or tonic water, has also been linked to TTP, a very dangerous and potentially lethal illness. I am an apheresis nurse and have treated at least one woman whose TTP was most probably linked to quinine she took for her leg cramps.

  11. DAK

    A word of caution, if coconut water is that high in potassium it could be a problem for a lot of people on certain types of diuretics or those who have kidney problems and I am not sure what the sugar/calorie count is for this, I would think fairly high which could be a problem for diabetics. I have restless legs but not cramps…has anyone used it for this?

  12. Gaston

    I keep a bar of soap under cover in my bed and this does the trick, I have had very few leg cramps since. But if one comes up, out comes the mustard. I take one teaspoon full of ordinary yellow mustard and a few minutes later the cramp is gone. I need to thank People’s Pharmacy for these 2 solutions.

  13. Judy Z

    Yesterday I arose from a chair with a severe upper leg cramp. Ten minutes of walking, stomping and massage did no good. I remembered the soap remedy and unwrapped a fresh bar and massaged my leg with it. In less than 5 seconds, the cramp was gone. Thanks for sharing a silly but effective remedy!

  14. Marv S.

    Regarding leg cramps, one caution about Tonic Water you should confirm with your doctor. I believe it is also referred to as “Quinine Water”. I was prescribed Quinine to deal with leg cramps. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of taking Quinine is the possibility of developing tinnitus. While I cannot say conclusively that Quinine was the direct cause of my developing tinnitus, it came along after I took the Quinine.

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