Q. I broke out with eczema in May. Not knowing what it was initially, I tried topical treatments that might dry it, from oatmeal baths to sea salt in my bath water.

Finally I tried Noxzema. It seemed to start working within a few hours to ease the itch and inflammation. I am also taking some zinc, but I credit Noxzema for most of the relief.

A. Noxzema is a non-soap facial cleanser that contains camphor, eucalyptus and menthol. Many readers report it can help ease eczema. It was initially developed in 1914 as a sunburn remedy called “Townsend R22” by Dr. Francis Townsend. It soon got a reputation for “knocking eczema” and is said to have gotten its “no eczema” name from that.

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  1. M. Y.

    Correction to my previous comment. It requires 6 weeks of carrot juicing and Not 6 days to clear a bad case of eczema flare up.

  2. M.Y.

    Carrot juice helps me whenever I have an eczema outbreak. 3 glasses of 4 oz home made carrot juice per day for 6 days straight always clear a bad outbreak. Juice needs be made at home with a juicer, commercial “fresh” carrot juice has their enzyme killed during processing, I’ve learned this from experience.

  3. P. Howard

    I need to know which of the Noxzema products to
    use for eczema on my lower legs. Thanks.

  4. Kathleen G

    My brother has Eczema. We purchased the Noxzema “The Original Deep Cleansing Cream”. but it hasn’t helped. You had an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and whatever product seemed to help those people.
    Did we try the wrong Noxzema? Which of their products should we have used? My brother has outbreaks on his back, neck, knees and abdomen.
    People’s Pharmacy response: We are very sorry that Noxzema did not work for your brother. They are are no home remedies that work for everyone, just as no drug works for every patient.
    Perhaps a different remedy, such as oolong tea, might be beneficial. Here’s a link:http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2013/02/04/tea-soothes-itchy-skin/

    • shaun

      Try tea tree oil. I get it from Trader Joes. And raw coconut oil.

  5. Becky G

    I have had eczema for as long as I can remember. Recently I tried Amlactin and it really helps. Here is the link to my review on the amlactin lotion http://www.epinions.com/content_596099436164 I also tried the thicker creams and liked them too depending on what part of the body you are applying it to.

  6. Cindy

    I would love to find a product with the original ingredients. I have my grandma’s old jar, and saw the difference. The “original” formula marketed now by Alberto-Culver is just not the same in consistency, smell or efficacy. It’s still good, but definitely has been changed.

  7. Priscilla

    So glad Noxzema worked good for itchiness and burning. My mother gets eczema pretty badly on her ankle. She said it helped with the itchiness and that’s important because scratching makes it worse and then it never goes away.
    I also ground her some regular oatmeal in a blender and she added it in a little bucket of warm water and no soap. This helped her as well.
    She gets it on her hands if she does dishes which she doesn’t anymore, I do them! but that’s fine with me.
    She tends to get the eczema on her ankle on and off because she messes with it with some new cream she found at the drug store, or scratches it for the hell of it.
    So once it heals up and goes away, just leave it alone after that.
    All the best to you!

  8. Sokcheata

    I broke out with eczema a week again and tried everything from oatmeal baths to drinking apple cider vinegar even three a bottle of lotion in the freezer but OMG thank you for Noxzema cream… I feel so much better…. I definitely recommend Noxzema it stopped the itchiness and burning right away…

  9. Charla Ellis

    I am interested in the information about Noxzema for eczema, but no one mentions which particular product by Noxzema, nor how to use it. Do you use the original cleanser like a cream – rub it in and do not wash it off, or do you rub it in and leave it for a certain amount of time and later wash it off, or is there a specific type of Noxzema that is a cream rather than a cleaner???? (There is a cleaner and a cleaners with moisturizers – Do you use either of those?) thanks for the time and answers to my questions. I plan to use this on a three year old, so I want to do it correctly.

  10. mindy

    As a TEEN suffered from hormonal acne bad. I had a huge allergic reaction when I was twelve to a acne pad, it actually caused a breakout instead of clearing it up. When this happened, I had seven days till school started. OH MY GoD! My mom bought me Noxzema to try, and it worked. I used it like a mask instead of a cleanser, I would let it sit for five minutes and then wash it off. I went from acne to acne free in 5 days and I got too go to school zit free, thanks too Noxzema.

  11. AMM

    I would like to say that Noxzema works wonders. I got a patch of eczema of my Ankle and had it there for 3 years. At first I thought it was some kind of Bacteria or red bugs since I did develop it after working out in the yard that summer. But after trying numerous of things nothing was helping with it and it kept getting worse. I scratch until my ankle bleed, I was basically peeling 2 layers of skin off my ankle. I refuse to go to western doctors because they pump your body full of unneeded chemicals that cover up symptoms rather than fixing your issues, I prefer the Natural way of things.
    So a long journey (3 years) Of trying just about anything and everything that was natural. Nothing worked until (Bright Lights for the Heavens) I came across a forum that said try Noxzema and low and behold a week later it was completely healed and new skin began to grow. you don’t understand how happy I was, It’s like a miracle. If you have really suffered from this skin disease you know exactly what I’m referring to. The battle for me is other and I hope that you guys can over come as well. Bless it be the Heavens

  12. Priss

    Thanks for the Noxzema tip, though it seems awfully harsh. Guess it might help for the itch.
    I ordered some Lactobacillus acidophilus and Enzymes called Pancreatin. I read from a dermatologist’s writings that this works and maybe even clear it all up. He says it’s from foods we eat that we’re allergic to and these two supplements will counteract the offending foods we eat, the allergens in our intestines/gut. I hope so, I have it on my ankle for the last 5 years, same spot. It started to go away when I stopped taking Lipitor for high cholesterol, that was definitely a drug-induced and it nearly crippled me. Now I take “Policosanal” instead, which is a natural supplement consisting of Sugar Cane Wax form Cuba.
    (What the dermatologist recommends in strength, he says take this 4 times a day though, I’ll try 2 to start), PANCREATIN (FORMULATED WITH QUADRUPLE STRENGTH) SUPPLYING: AMYLASE 25,000 USP UNITS, PROTEASE 25,000 USP UNITS, (TRYPSIN AND CHYMOTRYPSIN), LIPASE 2,000 USP UNIT
    1000 Mg

  13. Pj A

    Initially Noxzema was manufactured by Noxell Corp. in Baltimore I have an
    original container when Noxell was involved in making this, then, great
    product. My original container indicates the following as Active Ingredients: Camphor, Phenol (Less than 1/2%) Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol. (I’m a collector of original packing etc.)
    I recall checking the ingredients on a new container and thinking they are different. Unless it has to do with cost of the initial formula I can’t understand it being changed.
    Noxzema was used for those times when teen skin/hormones flared and caused various problems. Using the product as a facial wash regularly was
    the answer.

  14. Kim

    Several years ago, I too had a patch of eczema on my leg. None of the prescription ointment worked. I read about Nozxema in your column and tried it. I could see a difference the next day! I recommend this to everyone! I even told my doctor about it.

  15. Barb S

    Noxzema is really great stuff. But eczema is primarily an auto-immune condition. Not surprising it hit in spring when you’d probably been without sun for a long time. Try Vitamin D3 daily and you will probably reduce or eliminate the problem. D3 boosts all immune functions, normalizes them.

  16. j

    Believe it or not–yogurt. Plain yogurt – I first used aloe gel, then Milk of Magnesia (worked great for ‘regular’ adult acne-read of it here.) Was prescribed Retin-A. I could see the difference after Retin-A on my non affected skin, but it had no effect on the horrible scaly red painful area all around my mouth, nose and chin.
    I tried tea tree oil, but then thought of plain yogurt with acidopholus, and could see a marked clearing in two days. I applied just the whey in the day time (dried transparent) and the mixed yogurt at night. My face is back to clear with a spot or two, after about 3-4 weeks of application. The original scaly breakout began suddenly and lasted about 3- 4 weeks of trying the above remedies before I thought of the yogurt.

  17. ginny s.

    I’d like to share a tip that was passed on to me about 20-years ago. During the winter, when my legs would burn after shaving, I was told to use Noxzema. The person that told me about it used it for his face.

  18. Tally L.

    Raw, unrefined shea butter works even better to calm eczema – especially for those with sensitive skin and allergies to chemicals.

  19. Mick

    For eczema and other skin issues try adding turmeric into the diet.

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