a spoonful of celery seed

Q. I began taking celery seed extract capsules six months ago for gout. Within a day, all foot pain was gone. A blood test six weeks later showed normal levels of uric acid. I take two capsules each morning. It’s a miracle, as far as I’m concerned.

A. Gout is an inflammatory condition in which crystals of uric acid precipitate out of the blood and build up in the joints. This causes excruciating pain and swelling.

Celery seed was a traditional treatment for rheumatism. Ethnobotanist James Duke, PhD, author of The Green Pharmacy, attests that celery seed extracts have helped him ward off gout attacks.

Many other readers tell us that sour cherries can also help against gout. One reader reported:

“I used tart cherries to cure a gout attack and it worked. The real news is that the pain from osteoarthritis of the hip joint diminished also.”

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  1. Franz F.

    I am battling my 4th attack! First attacks were 6 months apart and right around that time I had my daughter! Well, she’s 19 months old now, and I had one 2 weeks ago (3rd) and then again on Friday night! Well, tart cherries (gummies/juice) worked wonders for my early episodes but lacked the “knock out punch” for the last two attacks! So I have been fasting on water (gallon per day), stinging nettle, and celery seed pills, and the pain has DRASTICALLY reduced!

    My inflammation is not 100% gone but last night the side of toe was still tender, but this morning it’s almost 100% better! I will continue the fast for the next few days! I’m getting good results but I will add that I took more than the recommended doses for both! Good luck people! Gout sucks!

  2. Harold

    Apple cider vinegar works for me, as a preventative, and to fight active attacks. Use one tablespoon to 8 oz liquid. Use quality vinegar whose label says “the mother”. Yes, drink plenty of fluid to flush out uric acid. Dehydration invites gout- stay hydrated always/everyday. Also, Stevia should replace sugar use. I flavor my water with Stevia because of it’s proven uric acid reduction properties.

  3. KAREN K

    Celery seeds are the new aged pain reliever…….

    • Chiquita Smalls
      New Jersey

      Yes they are. Very good pill for inflammation

  4. Karen R.

    My husband takes Warfarin does celery seed contain any blood thining agent.

  5. Cinnamon

    Tart cherry juice gives some people relief from gout.

  6. Snelvis

    I’m 30 I’ve had gout since I was 25… Thanks grandfather, I’m currently on aropuranol and indocid (anti-inflam) I still get attacks I stay away from my trigger foods i.e. shellfish red wine acidic veggies. I got put on to celery extract by a friend that’s a naturopath and good results also stinging nettle I could only find that in a tea, colcacine didn’t work for me i.e. Cherries and cherry juice yuk. I also found it calmed me after taking a capsule of cse information is power gentleman any ideas are better than nothing.

  7. Fred Cox

    I think both celery seed and/or tart cherry may be best as a treatment for flareups rather than as a constant diet. My experience is that the efficacy seems to blunt after a while. Alternately, take the less-effective one routinely and use the more-effective one as the treatment for the inevitable flareups. My condition is arthritis; my symptoms subside almost immediately with this method. My (very old) GP told me to try anything that wasn’t likely to harm me, just don’t keep it up indefinitely: he was a proponent of this in both medicine and health matters – lots of variety, lots of pauses between sessions of maintenance treatments, and set aside the best stuff for when you really need it.

  8. LZ

    Gout attack is over 4 days old. I have been taking tart cherry extract capsules and they seemed to work in the past.
    Not this time.
    Trying celery seed extract. It seems to have helped a bit. I can walk slowly where before the extract I had to limp.

    • Nelson

      Once there are a lot of crystals, it will take some time for them to dissolve. I don’t believe the that celery seed has that much an effect on the crystals. It stops new crystals from being form in my experiences. That is why it is important to know when the slight aches are precursors to gout so that you can reduce the uric acid and only have a few crystals that your white bloods cell have to contend with.

      My question is why the medical profession is not making statements on this. I have proven this to myself that it works. Big pharma makes a lot of money off of the drug they prescribe for this, so that answers the question. Always research yourself as they cannot be trusted.

      • Holly

        It’s not that big pharma can’t be trusted as much as their motivation is to produce profitable drugs. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just have to understand that there’s no profit incentive to research food extracts and other home remedies.

        Perhaps now that crowd -funding is possible, people will begin to fund research – because you or I can say it works, but that’s simply anecdotal.

  9. Tony L.

    Gout has flared up again and lasted for over a month. Yesterday I tried something new. Two celery seed extract capsules gave me significant improvement in 30 minutes. After a few hours 90 percent of the pressure and pain were gone. Later it began to come back. So, I took too more capsules and the following morning I am feeling not minor discomfort. I’ll continue this course and see what happens.

    • Nelson

      Celery seed works. I have many use cases on myself to prove it. The key is that it makes you urinate a lot. This is the only way uric acid can leave the system. So, I consume a couple of teaspoons a day and drink lots of water, urinate about 10 times+ a day and it’s all good.

      If you waited too long then you will have to work through the pain, but it will reduce the longevity of the event as no more new crystals will be forming. As soon as you feel something weird in your toes, start the regime.

  10. AG

    The reason I eat so much celery is because it helps keep my blood pressure down. It really does. But just eating celery did not help me with the bile problem. Or maybe the bile situation would have been a lot worse within eating the celery? Anyway, the liquid celery seed extract worked wonders last night. I was am so happy. Can’t figure out how I got gallstones. I eat pretty well, including a lot of vegetables. Do eat meat, though, usually small servings. Can’t seem to get along without it.

  11. AG

    I eat several stalks of organic celery each day but it has not helped my bile obstruction problem. However just the one drop of liquid celery seed extract in a cup of water at bedtime last night did the trick…almost too well. The extract obviously promotes peristalsys, at least in me, NOT diarrhea, just moving the normal process along so that “that feeling” was not a warning…meant things were actually happening.
    Maybe bile itself promotes peristalsis? and I do take Iodoral, too, which is supposed to promote peristalsys the Iodine seemed to have any impact on my bile problem. Today I also feel movement with very slight discomfort in my lower back and am wondering if some gallstones were dislodged and are on the move.

  12. AG

    You can get celery seed liquid extract from Swanson vitamins online. It is supposed to help with pain and I hear good reports about that. I do not have pain but have obstructed bile flow….and last night for the first time I took 1 drop liquid celery seed extract in a cup of water before bedtime: this morning for the first time in two weeks stool as normal color instead of pale….. indicating bile got where it was supposed to go and did what it was supposed to do! I am ecstatic.

  13. m. smith

    Anyone suffering from gout should try and drink more water. I suffered with gout for years. seen several docs and finally one said to drink more water, preferably distilled. I drink a gallon a day now and haven’t had gout in 5 years. If you feel an attack coming on drink a lot of water throughout that day and you can probably ward off the attack. Cherries didn’t help me and I haven’t tried celery seed.

  14. NG Falk

    Hi Matt, hopefully this info will help. I’ve found making a tea out of about 1 tbsp of celery seeds works best. I have a tea infuser, which I’m sure is not easy to find, so I’d suggest steeping a mug’s worth of boiling water with the seeds and then straining through a coffee filter. You should find some relief by drinking this about 3-4 times a day. Don’t be afraid to make it really potent by steeping longer.
    I’ve also seen some progress with Celery Seed Extract capsules but to be honest their effects have been minimal in recent uses. The tea works much better. If anything, just swallow a teaspoon of raw celery seeds with a glass of water once every 6 hours or so.
    Overall, though, I’d strongly recommend tart/sour cherries. Their effect on diminishing uric acid crystals and inflammation has been extraordinary in my opinion. There are two sources I’d highly advise to keep on hand:
    1) R.W. Knudsen “Just The Cherries” Black Cherry juice. You can find this at Whole Foods and most organic food stores. I was suffering a mild gout flare up and within minutes of drinking an 8 oz cup of this stuff I could literally feel a “crunchiness” in my toe joint where the crystals were dissolving. Drink regularly along with lots of water.
    2) Tart Cherry Ultra capsules. These I’ve found at the Whole Foods vitamin store (I believe it’s called Whole Body) but you can easily buy them online as well. I get a 90 capsule bottle for about 18 bucks, taking 3 a day and I find even severe flare ups quickly dissipate. I’d alternate taking these with drinking the juice mentioned above.
    Most importantly, prevention is the watchword. So Nolen, don’t expect a lot of success with reducing your gout pain if you’re gonna wash the celery seeds down with beer. You need to drastically reduce purine-rich food (that means the suds) while maintaining as alkaline a bloodstream as possible (meaning lots of lemon juice in water, leafy greens, etc.). It’s really the only good way to keep gout away, that I’ve found. Try to avoid too much Advil; it’s murder on your stomach and can lead to allergies.
    Hope this info helps!

  15. Matt R.

    Hi everyone, good to know about everyone’s experiences. I’ve been experiencing possibly the first major gout attack in my life around the big toe region on left leg since Monday. I didn’t realize it was gout and went the first couple of days normally taking light pain medication till my leg appeared quite swollen and it was real difficult to walk. I still had to go to work for a while, which put additional pressure on the leg. Saw the doctor yesterday who confirmed this was gout and prescribed Colcrys, saying that in couple of days, I should be better. But it’s been that now and the swelling is still not reduced much and walking is still painful. Called the doctor’s office today and the nurse practitioner said that I need to wait 72 hours for medicine to take effect. My dad had gout and it used to last him 3-5 days typically. But I’m worried now how long it’ll be before I get better. Also taking Advil to reduce pain (400 mg each time) but the effect is shortlived for only a few hours.
    Should / could I try celery sticks or celery seeds? What frequency would be good? I really need to get back to work from Monday.

  16. Nolen

    HAHAHA I just washed down (2) 505mg Celery Seed pills with a beer, hope it works lol thanks =)

  17. luvosho

    I tried Tart cherries extract pills for 10 months and they did not work for me. Yesterday I have started Celery extract pills and lets see if this works.

  18. Robert T.

    There are other things you can do for gout, if you can live without meat that would help a lot, also 4oz of pure tart cherry juice does wonders for me.

  19. Fred C., Phoenix AZ

    From the urgency of your inquiries, I suspect you are presently suffering a gout attack. Most of your questions are addressed in the threads of this subject over the past 4 years; I won’t repeat them here. We are all different, but yes – the stuff does seem to work for most of us, most of the time. In my case, the efficacy dropped off over time. I stopped taking them as a preventive and resorted to them only when I felt a flare-up coming on; again and again they have worked short term magic.
    I have taken extract, chewed the seeds, and eaten celery stalks. Each seems to work well. I suggest all of the above with food. IF celery does provide relief, I suggest an ongoing program of salads with lots of celery (leaves, base and all), and take extract or chew seeds if/when toy have a flare-up. Finally, if it’s going to work, I believe it will work for you within a week; otherwise not at all. Remember, this is ONE person’s experience and suggestions. Good luck!

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