Q. Archway Macaroons are back! Just wanted to let you know, so you can inform your readers. I found them back on my grocery store shelves just today and bought out the macaroons they had. This will be great news for other readers who couldn’t find relief from chronic diarrhea without coconut macaroons. Thank you for keeping us all well informed about health issues.

A. Others have also reported that Archway Coconut Macaroon cookies are once again available on grocery shelves. The original manufacturer filed for bankruptcy last year. Lance, Inc., bought Archway and brought the original formula coconut macaroon cookies back to the market.

We first heard about using coconut cookies to quell chronic diarrhea in 1998 from Donald Agar. As a Crohn’s disease victim, he was pleased to discover that two Archway Coconut Macaroon cookies a day eased the diarrhea that had plagued him for decades.

Since then, we have heard from hundreds of readers who have found coconut helpful: “I had a kidney transplant (donated by my beautiful daughter Lizzie) and the medicines I have to take really do a number on my stomach. I was having disruptive diarrhea daily. When I read about the coconut cookies, I tried them and they worked!”

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  1. Dan

    I suffer from Crohn’s disease and have been following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for relief of symptoms (it works – another story). Since I cannot have many of the ingredients in the Archway cookies I have found a great alternative. Try “Jennie’s Macaroons” available at Whole Foods. They contain only coconut, egg whites and honey. No gluten, additives or sugar besides honey. Expensive but effective and delicious. Might help someone.

  2. Faith

    I have had IBS for several years and suffered with serious bouts which left me home-bound, and frankly unable to eat out at restaurants. No drugs helped, no amount of yogurt for the active cultures helped, Macaroon cookies, coconut, etc. Nothing helped or worked. I recently started taking Align and it has completely changed my life.
    It’s been about 2 months now and I am 100% symptom free .. 100%! I so appreciate the People’s Pharmacy and have used many home remedies from this site to improve my health and am so grateful – this is why I wanted to share with you how well Align works. It is about $1.00 per day but for me, it’s well worth it. If you have chronic IBS and nothing has worked for you, please give Align a try, I hope you’ll be as delighted as I am.

  3. DAJ

    Wow, learn something new every day.
    I get horrible IBS attacks when under stress. Candied ginger can help with the stomach cramps I get, but I’ll try this the next time my intestines decide to dance the conga!
    Handy hint for Heartburn/Esophageal Spasms/Reflux sufferers:
    When you are a having a attack of esophageal spasms and it is keeping you from sleeping, and the pain extends all the way up your sternum and neck/throat, get some tiger balm (or similar creme) and apply a good amount to the area where you are feeling the pain and then put on a tshirt. The tiger balm gives the nerves something else to sense, and after a minute of two, the ‘chilly’ bit of tiger balm kicks and soothes it all away. I’ve had attacks so bad I couldn’t sleep, and this works!
    Also try Vicks Vapor Rub on small psoriasis outbreaks. It softens the scaly skin, and the menthol kills the itching, and ‘turns down’ the inflammation. After 1-2 weeks, the patch will heal.

  4. IMPG

    I have a sensitive stomach and was very concerned about the digestive component of training for an Ironman triathlon. I noticed that I liked the way my stomach felt after I ate white rice made with coconut milk. My coach advised us to add sodium and fat to our race nutrition to keep the digestive processes regulated.
    I decided to try coconut milk for the fat. I drank 1 ounce every hour for the 12 hour race as well as throughout my training runs and rides. I had no issues with my GI training or racing. This was a pleasant surprise and I have shared it with many of my triathlon peers. I can say with confidence that coconut milk was the key!

  5. RAT

    I have Crohn’s disease, and had diarrhea for over 2 weeks, steroids would not stop it. started eating coconut, and it has helped greatly. Now, I need to find the proper daily amount of coconut. Finally found Archway coconut macaroons in Charlotte. Everyone, seems to be buying them out, as soon as they arrive.
    Lance, Inc now owns Archway, I beg them to stock more macaroons!!!!
    Hope they keep on working.

  6. Anthony G.

    I am 97 years old, in good health and no disease. I have been taking Glucosamine for several years but recently I have been having a mild case of diarrhea. I have heard that crustacean shellfish, an ingredient, can cause diarrhea in some people. I only have this problem and only in early afternoons. I regularly have a normal bowel movement after breakfast.

  7. Diane

    I live in Portland Or. and can’t find Archway cookies, can you help?

  8. Clementine

    Not trying to keep anyone from eating all the coconut cookies they want, but I have found a perfect natural remedy for diarrhea that won’t load you with sugar or carbohydrates. FRUIT PECTIN. The dry kind is what I use. JUST A PINCH to start with in a tablespoon or so of water…if you are still having trouble in about half an hour, another pinch. Remember too much will cause you to be constipated.
    Years ago someone told me that to stop diarrhea if you scraped a peeled apple with your teeth and sucked the juice, it would work. I didn’t have a apple but I had pectin…AND IT WORKED.

  9. EH

    I cannot find the “Archway” macaroons. HEB doesn’t have them or Wal Mart either. Are they now under the new name of Lance? Is it too early to look for them? Help!

  10. BHP

    Archway cookies are not sold in the state where I live (California). Any suggested alternatives?

  11. RMD

    Another Miracle Drug, or should I say Miracle Cookie. Now don’t run out and buy 20 bags of these at a time, unless you have stock in Archway. I’m sorry to be a spoiler, but these cookies have calories, sugar and other ingredients that you and your body may not want.
    A few cookies per day won’t hurt, but if you’re like me you can’t just have a few. I break out the milk and the cookies and before I know it I’ve gone through an entire bag of cookies. Watch your intake of these or you may have other problems besides Diarrhea.

  12. R.E.S.

    I have been using Archway coconut macaroons now for several months———AFTER YEARS OF SUFFERING WITH DIARRHEA AFTER CONSUMING FRESH FRUIT———-and they are a miracle. I can now eat a whole bowl of strawberries, then eat one or two macaroons, and I AM SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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