Q. My dermatologist prescribed both a gel and a cream for seborrheic dermatitis, but neither worked. Then I happened to clean my face with Noxzema, although I had not used it for 50 years.

The seborrheic dermatitis has gone away. I had already stopped using the prescription medication, so Noxzema gets the credit.

A. Noxzema is a non-soap facial cleanser. Many readers have found it helpful against eczema. Perhaps others with seborrheic dermatitis (a skin condition characterized by flakes, itch and redness, like dandruff on the face) may also find it helpful.

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  1. Margaret K

    Started using it yesterday… applied it twice per instructions on the container. Applied it once this morning. I believe I see marked improvement. I saw they had one that had the S. acid that is commonly used for the condition. I chose to go with the traditional without the added harshness.
    Will keep up with progress.

  2. Sue C.

    I have seborrheic dermatitis and am looking for a cure.

  3. FH

    I too suffer from Seborrheic Dermatitis, and I was prescribed two medications, an Anti-Fungal “Ketoconazole Cream”, as well as a Topical Steroid “Desonide Cream” and instructed to utilize both for a 2 week base treatment. Upon its completion I was instructed to use the aforementioned creams on a “case by case” or “only as needed” basis.
    While in the beginning the Topical Steroid seemed to make an immediate impact on the rash, minimizing redness and irritation within a few hours. It slowly became apparent that it was less effective after my 2 week treatment was up, trying to minimize topical steroid application due to its well known side-effects for long term use, I started seeking out other treatments/preventative steps.
    I used to use Noxzema as a child; my mother would use it and had me do the same. However, I had not used the cream in years. I started a regiment the other day and will post any results improvements or otherwise to give some feedback. I’m also using an anti-fungal and Aloe Vera with it. The Noxzema I use to cleanse the skin, the anti-fungal to treat the cause and the Aloe Vera to sooth and moisturize the irritated aftermath which seems to be created after the application of the first two creams. Usually only severe reddening and irritation if I’m dealing with a severe outbreak, after a certain amount of treatment, usually a few days the reddening and irritation begin to subside.

  4. CR

    Had to comment on the Noxzema stories. When I was younger (when God was a boy), I was taught to always use a moisturizer, but found that no matter how dry my skin was, I always got a greasy sheen and feeling from it. My cousin who has the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen (then AND now) taught me to use Noxzema as a “moisturizer. I’ve found it works just great: no sheen, no greasy feel, and skin never feels dry and tight like it does sans any sort of moisturizer. I Can’t recommend the product enough…… and it’s a heckuva lot cheaper than anything except Crisco. Good luck, and give it a try.

  5. mm

    hello… i broke out with eczema in may 2009..not knowing what is was initially i started using something topical to dry it out. i used everything otc.. i soaked in sea salt bath.. oatmeal baths.. you name it. finally i tried Noxema and it has helped tremendously. i am also taking a few capsules of zinc per day; but the Noxema seemed to start working within a few hours. it helps the itching and also made the inflammation go away.

  6. RA

    I have a very irritating seborrhea in my left ear and the itch drives me crazy! I have tried many prescriptions, none of which worked effectively, so I’m very thankful to hear about aloe vera and noxzema. I’m off to the drug store right now to get both.

  7. VL

    I have a severe case of eczema on my hands and feet. Alove vera has offered some relief, but not enough to stop the worst of the itching. I have spent a lot of money on OTC and Rx meds; with little effect. I will try the Noxema and post the results.

  8. GA

    I found Aloe Vera gel to be very effective against my dandruff (seborrhea) and it doubles as a hair gel too. I use as close to 100 percent pure as I can find right after towel drying my hair. Maybe it’ll also work on the face.

  9. CB

    My dermatologist has “frozen” a few what he calls seborrheic keratoses from my trunk area, but I would like to get rid of the rest of them. I read the story about Noxema – can you recommend something else to try? I guess the Tagamet does NOT work for this?

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