Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are both elusive and debilitating conditions. They are difficult to diagnose and even trickier to treat. Many physicians chalk them up to psychosomatic problems and don’t have much to offer patients.
The CDC counts these as real disorders: fibromyalgia affects up to 5 million Americans, and chronic fatigue syndrome affects between 1 and 4 million at any given time. Although these problems seem mysterious, they are treatable.
Guest: Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., is Medical Director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers ( nationally. His Web site is He is also the co-creator of the iPhone application, Natural Cures.

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  1. Carolyn

    I found the information extremely helpful. I have severe chronic pain and sleep disturbance for 16 years. I manage pain with Rx opiates. Because of my limited income I am unable to buy a lot of supplements or have treatment at a Fibromyalgia Treatment Center. I had to sign a release with specific guidelines to continue getting narcotic pain medication.
    If I were a cancer patient I could get all the pain medication I asked for without feeling like a suspect. I feel for the cancer patient but I have to face the rest of my life in this miserable state. I do not have fatigue. I actually hurt more laying down and morning stiffness lasts all day. Please keep up these informative and educational segments they are very helpful.

  2. Jane

    For those of you with fibromyalgia symptoms, check your thyroid & don’t just rely on the doctor to determine if it needs treatment, but ask for all the numbers & learn about it yourself. I think borderline thyroid, that is within the so-called normal range, may cause fibromyalgia-like symptoms.

  3. John P.

    I’ve had many of the symptoms described in this show and getting treatment from a standard GP is almost impossible. I have been given everything from testosterone injections, Cymbalta, Prozac, Zoloft, accupuncture, handfuls of daily nutritional supplements that cost $$$, offered massive doses of painkillers and told I was simply crazy. I am quite literally bankrupt and on the verge of homelessness myself.
    A particularly odd and troublesome symptom I have is that my tendons and connective tissues will ache. Not muscles or joints but tendons and membranes.
    I find the herbs, Cat’s Claw (inflammation), Chanca Piedra (digestion) and Terrestris Tribulus (energy and muscle tone) to be helpful but not sufficient in regaining quality of life.
    It looks like I need to do more reading as the simple Fibromyalgia screenings don’t seem to apply to me.
    Thanks for having this guest. Patients with these types of conditions deserve respect and a fair hearing from physicians. They can look fine but be experiencing incredible distress in their daily lives.

  4. HSF

    Thank you for bringing attention to this debilitating disease. My 23 year old daughter has been struggling with this for two years and I have watched her life literally being slowly taken away from her. She can no longer work and has given up hope of every having any kind of normal life. I have read Dr. Teitelbaum’s book, and was encouraged by the results from the Fibromyaliga Centers, but very discouraged by the fact that they will not accept insurance or medicaid patients. There are so many facets to this disease and the more that people are aware the more focus and attention it will bring to it. Thank you for devoting time on your show to this.

  5. sss

    Hmmm…Energy depletion and mismanagement…a “blown fuse” or compromised HPA axis. I wonder if this could have anything to do with elevated insulin on account carbohydrate consumption/overconsumption? This is all along the lines Gary Taubes discussed in his book “Good Calories, Bad Calories.”

  6. Terry

    I suffered from an auto immune problem that my doctor was leaning toward classifying as chronic fatigue for a couple years. (It definitely fit the symptoms.) It came on some time after I had a dental fiasco involving crowns that left me with pulverized, infected gums. (However, it started immediately after I had two bouts of flu, one after the other.) While no one saw any connection to my dental condition at the time, I started getting better after 18 months of low–dose periodontal antibiotics (plus some regular antibiotics to treat strep throat).
    I’ve read other reports of similar antibiotic treatment being helpful. It certainly cured me of my intense fatigue, joint pain, and a continuous stream of one illness after another.

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