Listen to an extended interview with Sally Fallon. Fallon appeared on our 5/16 program, 723 Traditional Diets.

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  1. Rashel

    Thank you for interviewing Sally Fallon. She is right on with her knowledge and beliefs on going back to traditional foods to find out what we should be eating. What Americans/Western society is consuming is not working.
    Her ideas work. I cook out of her cookbook, “Nourishing Traditions”, it’s the FIRST cookbook that I haven’t had to alter to fit my ideas of “health eating”. I will be forever thankful to Sally for working to make this information available.
    Thanks again for having her on your show.

  2. MR in WA

    THANK YOU Sally Fallon. WONDERFUL information. I have been eating this way for 2 years and I feel SOOOOO much better and so are my children. What a blessing WAPF has been.

  3. Rabbi Hirsch M

    Great Interview. Thanks loads.

  4. Ben C.

    I have gotten off high blood pressure medicine by following the diet layout out by Sally Fallon and the Weston A Price Foundation. I KNOW it to be correct. Her book and teachings saved me from a life on medication.
    So it was coconut oil, lard and liver from pasture raised animals that has reduced my blood pressure not pills!!

  5. JAR

    Quite brave, I think, Sally Fallon! To go against common thinking. While I’m not 100% sure she is completely right, she brings up something I’ve thought a lot about.
    WHY did farmers from long ago not die young? They ate what they produced, including butter, whole milk, cream, etc.
    I think the answers lie in the manufacturing of these products, and currently feel organic is the way to go.
    I applaud Sally’s courage to buck the commonly accepted idea of saturated fat, and I am a cardiac nurse! We need open minded new thinkers to question what might be incorrect.
    I will read her book for sure!!!

  6. Sharon

    I’ve been eating the way Ms. Fallon described now for almost two months and I have found that I agree with her on one thing in particular. When I eat meat, and fat and eggs and non starchy vegetables I do not crave sweets. It’s amazing.

  7. HMG

    The interview with Sally Fallon was very interesting and enlightening. I plan to read her book and hope it addresses the semi-vegetarian diet that I follow because of environmental and ethical principles.

  8. HL

    Thank you very much for this extended interview with Sally Fallon, who in my opinion seems dedicated to carefully examining past scientific studies… regardless of where they contradict current fads. In this regard she seems similar to your past guest Gary Taubes, an ‘historian of science’ whose book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” makes similar points about the role of the more than 130 different types of fats in the diet.
    A suggestion: in the future schedule another show with both Taubes and Fallon, and perhaps with one or two other iconoclasts… but iconoclasts dedicated to actually going back and carefully reading the research in the ‘first person’ and not filtered by English and Journalism majors working at newspapers and magazines who pretend to be skilled enough to interpret science.

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