The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology estimates that “between 14 and 15 million people have asthma, and many may not know they have the disease or how to control it.” Hospitalizations and deaths due to asthma are increasing at an alarming rate and doctors don’t seem to know why. This is happening in spite of the fact that there are newer and better prescription medicines for the treatment of asthma.
Because asthma can be such a serious condition we do not believe its treatment is a do-it-yourself project. Even patients who think they have everything under control can end up in an emergency situation if they are not careful. That is why we believe it is irresponsible to recommend over-the-counter drugs or herbal remedies for asthma. Even so-called mild cases require medical supervision.

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  1. Lydia

    I have had the same thing. It is allergies that lead to post nasal drip and the coughing. Doctors kept saying I had asthma until I went to an allergist/asthma specialist. I told her I did not want any more drugs but a home remedy. She gave me a bottle of sinus relief to rinse my nose out at 3x’s a day. When I don’t do this the result is sinus infections due to allergies.

  2. Kellie

    I have had asthma from a very young age. I have had numerous respiratory arrests over the years and praising God that I am still alive to type this. I have been under the care of a renowned specialist since 1984. I have been subjected to every allergy testing and have taken different layers/alternatives of treatment. All to no avail. I have been diagnosed as a rare form of severe acute asthma.
    My symptoms are controlled and then tank in a matter of minutes, without warning. I am only 47 and live each minute as it’s my last. Something as simple as driving outside the immediate radius of a hospital frightens me. There have been to many close calls. I agree with this site that asthma is serious and should be under a Dr.s care.

  3. C. Manion

    The Peoples Pharmacy recently (late Feb 2012) had a program on infectious asthma i.e. asthma caused by a chlamydia pneumoniae infection of the airways. Spicifically patients with adult-onset asthma were tested and over 50% were found to be infected and when treated with antibiotics (AzithroMycin) many people were completely cured.
    I easily found seven published medical papers dating back to 1991 plus a rigerous double blind study by Dr David Hahn, Study NCT00266851 Univ of Wisconsin, Madison. This study was started in Jan 2006 and completed in Nov 2010 including final data collection, but the results have never been published. I can only speculate who is surpressing The release of such important data (FDA? NIH? AMA?) I believe that 21 years of research is sufficient to start using the treatment on patients.
    In my case, I contracted asthma in my early 60s and have been Rx’ed every inhaler and pill known to man, most with side effects worse than the asthma, all very expensive, EXCEPT the antibiotics which I believe can cure the asthma. The doctors all say that it”s research and they can’t use the results.
    The Wild tickle in the throat mentioned by several people also perfectly describes the primary symptom of my asthma.

  4. Caroline

    I have asthma, which is always worse when I am pregnant, and can definitely appreciate its seriousness – it has landed me in the hospital and is scary. I absolutely agree that medical intervention is necessary. However, this article is disappointing, because it doesn’t allow for the possibility that there might be some natural remedies that could be used in conjunction with western medicine to keep asthma under control.
    Because my asthma is triggered so much more easily during pregnancy, I especially would love to find ways (other than the usual – stay away from triggers!) to keep my symptoms to a minimum. Of course if I have an attack, I will always use my rescue inhaler, and if I am using it too much, I will use daily steroids, or whatever. But surely there are some natural/dietary things out there to promote lung health?

  5. Catherine R.

    I get a wild tickle in one little spot low on the right side of my throat. It sets off uncontrollable coughing and almost-choking. It’s finely tuned to social situations and talking. The least social stress plus talking, and it will be right there. Embarrassing.
    I always related it to my asthma…. Last year at a family wedding, my physician-aunt was chatting with us cousins, and suddenly went into spasmodic coughing which took a minute to control. She said, I have this spot in the right side of my throat… and went on to describe exactly what I have. Yesterday a girlfriend with asthma told me she had a crazy-tickle spot that causes spasmodic uncontrollable coughing, but on the left side. I wonder if other people have this. I wonder if there is a medical (or even dental) procedure that could ablate the trigger point. I would appreciate hearing from others.

  6. GMS

    I had asthma for years as a child. Found out that by eating less milk (all dairy, really) it got better. Also, get some good digestive enzymes. They can help.

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