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Q. I was on atenolol for high blood pressure and kept complaining to my doctor about fatigue, tiredness, light-headedness and swelling feet and ankles. I couldn’t breathe or walk up a flight of stairs without stopping to catch my breath every two steps.

As a military dependent I see different physicians. My current doctor switched me to propranolol. I am now noticing that my feet and ankles are beginning to swell with this medication also and I have developed asthma. There are days when I can’t do anything but sleep.

Are there better drugs or natural approaches to control my blood pressure? I am convinced that these medications have caused me more harm than good!

A. Atenolol and propranolol are both beta blockers. Such drugs are rarely considered appropriate as the first-line treatment for hypertension. They can trigger fatigue and asthma and are not appropriate for people with breathing difficulties. You should not have to suffer symptoms from your blood pressure medicine.

We are sending you our new Guide to Blood Pressure with many natural approaches, including helpful foods, special juices and breathing exercises, as well as the pros and cons of many medications. We are concerned about your swollen feet and ankles and urge you to see a cardiologist who could evaluate this symptom.

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  1. Johns
    Sydney Australia

    I was on Atacand for 15 years. Finally with exercise I was able to get it down to just 4mg per day.. a quarter of a 16mg tab. I had tinitis, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, bad anxiety , severe sweating, changing eyesight and memory loss. After many consults i finally convinced my Dr to get me onto Teveten.
    Wow, what a difference! A low dose, half the smallest tablet per day. All of the above bad reactions I was having to Atacand slowly disappeared over 3 weeks.
    Being able to eat breakfast without sweating, being able to go out without racing to the WC, being able to fart normally and not pollute the entire floor with the bad smell I carried with Atacand. Argue with your Dr… if you think the med is the problem, then it more than likely is!

  2. Frank

    These drugs are a nightmare. I was diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy at 31 and was put on Bicor and Coversyl. Coversyl made me cough but with lifestyle changes and toughing it out on the meds, my heart recovered sufficiently to get to the point where i Was just prescribed Atacand 16 mg p/d. Again i stuck with it despite it making me feel fuzzy headed, light headed, wobbly in the legs and anxious.

    A GP checked my BP one day and was alarmed at how low it was, said he was amazed I was still upright, so wrote to my Heart Specialist and requested the dose be halved, which is was. I felt much better, almost my normal self and like an actual human being again. Recently there was been a ‘very mild’ downturn in my heart function and the doc once again told me to go back up to 16mg Atacand.

    I believe the slight downturn is due to a few lifestyle factors that have come into play recently that I should have been more on top of, but I have a busy, stressful life so these things sometimes happen. I have started taking the 16 mg again about 4 days ago and basically feel like rubbish all over again…waves of fuzziness, tight chested, jelly-legged and anxious/feelings of doom. Im also very tired.

    I honestly feel like im trapped in a stranger’s body and I hate it. I am fit, just 40, not overweight, never prone to depression, anxiety or dark moods. Im getting sick of fighting to mentally push through these symptoms every day and stay upbeat and find the energy to be my ‘normal’ self for my family, kids and friends.

    I’m so tempted to just get off these things altogether and just take care of myself naturally through exercise, diet and meditation…but of course you get the boogeyman from your doctor telling you it would be a ‘bad idea’ and that they ‘dont know what will happen’ if i do that…It’s some comfort to hear that so many others suffer similar issues because of these drugs…when you have genuine health concerns it natural to always put it down to your own physical health, and be frightened of going against what doctors say.

    But perhaps sometimes you’ve just gotta trust your gut instinct…you know yourself best after all. I hope everyone on here finds their way to a solution or even medication that works better for them and lets them lead their lives as comfortably and happily as they can. Its the old story…is it worth being on meds that purport to keep you alive when that life is miserable and you dont even feel like yourself? Keep searching for your solution…I think its time I did something different too.

  3. Janis
    Northern Ireland

    Amplodapine 5mg was added to my BP Meds a few years ago. I did notice a swelling of my right foot and ankle but not so bad I couldn’t live with it. Well a month ago my GP upped it to 10mg and after a week both my feet and ankles swelled up hideously. I stuck it out but got really concerned when I thought my skin would split. Then when I thought things couldn’t get worse my calves became hard and tight – I think I could crack nuts on them. Went back to GP who just seemed so unconcerned and put me on another tablet – a cousin of Amplodapine. So still having same problem. I think the Health Service in the UK has gone to hell on a handcart and it’s the cheapest drug they can give you. I am going back again to the GP (probably in bear feet as damn all else will fit me). I am 63 and feel like a 100.

    • Laurine

      Has anyone recovered from the side effects and how long did it take? I was on Atacand 16mg for 6years and have tiredness, shortness of breath, can’t handle hot weather, swollen ankles and tight calves, sore lower back and no energy. Have stopped taking the tablets cold turkey 4 months ago but still have the symptoms. Any thoughts?

  4. Alisha

    I was laid off from work a few months back, and I notice I had a lot of fluid on me and it’s not like to gain weight like crazy. So I went to my doctor and they gave me some BP Meds and had blood work drawn, all my test came back in the clear but my thyroid test were -0.1 . I had a lot of additional tests, but I’m yet to get treatment for my overactive thyroids, I’m still waiting, it seems like no matter how I eat, this weight just won’t come off, the blood pressure meds are not working.

    I don’t want it to get too far gone, but it’s been almost a month and I myself I had to call my Doctor and asked them what’s going on so finally I have a appt with a specialist to discuss my options, I hope whatever the solution is helps me lose weight because I have develop lower back problems and I can’t even go walking without being in pain. My doctor told me I had to tough the pain out. Thinking about switching doctors. Any Advice?

  5. ZOE

    Hi I am back again with new bp meds problems. The Doc put me onto Candesartan after I collapsed with a potassium build up stopping my heartbeat on Atenolol 4mg..
    I developed short bouts of violent sneezing spasmodically during the day while on the Candesartan. Totally unusual for me.
    Not too bad a problem I thought, but when the chemist substituted with Adesan I developed an annoying cough that bothered me on and off during the day.
    My throat was irritated by small globules of sticky mucus/phlegm and I had to really force the cough as hard as possible to clear my throat and stop the irritation.
    I also developed a wheezy sound in my trachea and it was darn annoying to wake at night making a squeaky sound from my breathing.
    Next I developed waking at night unable to breathe as if my throat had seized shut. I could breathe out, but could not breathe in. I began waking approx three or more times a night.

    The next script the chemist substituted Atacand and the night breathing inability increased in severity and is rather frightening. I wake unable to breathe air in, have to sit bolt upright and I cannot breathe air in even though I have no difficulty breathing air out. My chest feels tight and I have a lot of air in my gut and have to belch it out before I am able to suck air into my lungs. I end up sitting there belching and struggling for air for quite a few minutes and as soon as I lie down again I cannot breathe again and have to sit upright.
    Frightening. Also my nostrils/sinuses were blocking up as if I am having a hay fever type reaction. This makes it even harder to breathe.

    Went to the GP today and described the problems and asked if the BP meds were causing it? He checked my throat, checked my lungs with his stethoscope and said no sign of an infection, must be the medication. He said maybe the night breathing problem is sleep apnea and I should get checked. Guess what! I do have sleep apnea and it was diagnosed several years ago and I have a top quality machine and chin strap supplied by the hospital and regularly checked and serviced. Just had it checked and everything is working fine, I told the Doc this.
    He has not changed my prescription, did not even suggest it.

    I asked him to check my BP before I signed off on his Medicare form. My bp was 154/80 and he said that was fine. I have been woken up again tonight with inability to breathe and began checking on Google for info on my BP meds. There is no product information in any of the packs of Adesan, Candesarten or Atacand that the chemists have supplied me.
    The doctors have never given me a side effects warning or info sheet.

    • Donna

      How are you going now Zoe?
      I have had alot of the same symptoms as you.

  6. allan emerton
    naples fl

    Been on bp medicine for 30 years. Have had all the side effects and very discouraged at this point…bp is OK now but can’t walk 25 yds w/o sitting down.

  7. Mike

    ALL medications have side effects. If you have good eyes and/or a powerful lighted magnifying glass plus lots of patience, you can read the enclosed data sheet. That said, find a doctor that knows a lot about nutrition and body maintenance and ask him/her to help you remove as many medications as possible. Yes, you will have to change your eating habits and find the right exercise for you as well as incorporating other health promoting strategies . Many chronic problems are ones of lifestyle. Change them with the help of good physicians and the plethora of cutting edge healthy lifestyle information available today.. You won’t regret it and wonder why you didn’t start this years ago…. Have a great life

  8. Julien

    I started taking atenolol over 20 years ago for a high heart rate. I am not 62 years old, I am a male. I developed high blood pressure. In 2007 I got stents, I had no symptoms other than about 10 pounds weight loss over about a year. All the men on both sides of my family die of either accidents or heart disease, so they checked me, said I should be dead, and put the stents in.

    The atenolol slowed me a little but not too much. In the last few of years they added lisinopril 10 mg twice a day. Recently it was increased to 20 mg twice a day and then they added amlodipine 5 mg. Now I sleep 12 hours a day and feel like I slept 5 hours. I am tired all the time. I have developed a photosensitivity, have had 5 hemorrhages and a torn retina in my right eye. All side effects of amlodipine. I stopped the amlodipine this morning, I’ve been on it for about a month. I have some “Water pills HZT? I am going to try again if my BP goes back up.

    Right now I have isolated systolic pressure. Well, actually it is OK with all these meds if I want to feel like a human turnip with no energy or life. SO… away with the amlodipine, back in with the HZT or HTZ, I forget. I am going to go from 25 mg of atenolol in the morning and evening to 25 mg at bedtime and 12.5 in the morning and see how it goes. My BP with 50 mg of atenolol and 20 mg of lisinopril was pushing 200/100 on some days but mostly 175/75 area. My pulse stays at about 50 BPM. I am going to get my pulse up a little and fiddle with my meds until I feel better.

    I’m tired of being tired and I’m tired of one size fits all “correct BP readings”. Maybe I will outlive my dad. He recently died at 96yo and my mom is still going at 97. I’m done just doing what the doctors say. Also my cholesterol has improved every six months for the last two years on Vytorin 10-40 but fue to the amlodipine (Norvasc) I had to change to Crestor 20. I am NOT a happy camper. I trust doctors but I trust myself more.

  9. adrienne j.

    Hi there I’ve been on amlodipine and mylan indapamide for 2 years, I’ve been having pins and needles in my hands and heels, I can’t sleep because of a lot of pain, my short term memory is also very bad. My doctor say it’s not the tablets.

    • Shahed

      It may be for High BP damaging your nervous system & loss of memory. Check your BP one week regularly & take advice from Doctor.

  10. ZOE

    Hi, I have been on Noten for blood pressure since last year 2012 because ramipril made me develop a constant cough.
    Since taking Noten I began to feel as if I could not breathe when lying down at night. It was quite frightening and I thought it was to do with the fact that I have Sleep Apnea and have to wear a mask to assist my breathing when I sleep.
    The feeling of being unable to breathe in enough oxygen continued, and progressively worsened. I had to sit upright several times every night for an hour or so, as I felt like I was suffocating. I was becoming progressively so tired that I began to fall asleep about 5 times a day and felt weak all the time. I kept getting fleeting feelings of extreme weakness, slowing down heartbeat, and felt like I was going to pass out.
    Then one day my heart stopped beating and everything began to go black like a darkness closing in on me and I had to lean on my shopping trolley and try to not panic as I made my way slowly to the service desk to tell the shop staff I felt like I was going to pass out. My heart only stopped momentarily and it then began to beat very slowly, (it did not palpitate to catch up after it had stopped altogether) and I felt so weak and ill I had to really keep concentrating on breathing normally and not panicking.
    I was checked by the Chemist who came from the next shop with a blood pressure machine and she found my heart was beating slower and slower. It had dropped to 61 beats a minute. Taken to hospital in an ambulance, the paramedics monitored my blood pressure and heartbeat and found it was slowing down even more. 60 beats per minute down to 54 by the time we got to the hospital which was only about 7 minutes away.
    Once in Emergency I was put on an ECG machine and a blood pressure monitor that kept checking my heart rate and blood pressure etc. Blood tests were done to check my thyroid, if I had diabetes, my kidney function, liver function, and pancreas function. Urine tests were done as well. Everything checked out as healthy.
    The doctors were confused as to what caused my collapse and why my heart rate had now slowed to 50 beats per minute.
    One doctor they were talking with, noticed that I was taking Noten and said “It’s a Beta blocker” and decided that NOTEN was what had caused the problem.
    They told me to never take it again and they gave me a bag of saline by IV and after about 2 hours I felt better.
    I have been off any Blood pressure medication for 2 weeks while waiting for a 24 hour ECG reading. Now the Doctor has put me on 4mg of Candesarten which I have to take in the evening once a day. NOBODY warned me about any side effects of Noten and I had been totally UNAWARE of the possibility of it causing me breathing problems or slowing down my heart beat. The Hospital told me I had Bradycardia and that what happened to me was a Vasovagal Event.
    I have had Rheumatic Fever as a child and have a slightly scarred mitral valve. However I was always very fit and always extremely active until a few years ago when injured knees prevented me from regular walking etc. I do not doubt that the NOTEN was causing the difficulty in breathing every time I lay down, and that my extreme tiredness, weakness and fleeting bouts of dizziness were caused by Noten. This went away after I stopped taking Noten. I also noticed that on NOTEN I was having short term memory problems where I would get up to go to the fridge or another room and then forget what I was going for. I was calling my dogs by the wrong names, even though I knew which name I meant to say.
    I was trying to fit the wrong keys into the house door locks.
    These are things I normally never do.
    People’s Pharmacy response: American readers may be puzzled by the drug name, but would recognize its generic name atenolol. Beta blockers like atenolol can interfere with breathing, and also slow heart rate.
    You certainly had a frightening experience. We hope that candesartan will be easier to take!

  11. E.tyler

    I have been on different bp medicines for 15 years. Now am taking 32 mg of anacand. I just can’t take bp medicines. I have back pain, dizziness, sore throat,shortness of breath, gained weight and don’t eat that much. My doctor wants to get cholesterol down, but when you can’t walk with shortness of breath, what do you do? I do have a pacemaker, but I am so tired and fatigued I need help with an alternative medicine that is natural. Can anyone help?

  12. Bernice P.

    Since taking Noten 3 years ago after slight stroke have experienced almost total aversion to food and eating. Just mention of food and whole body reacts. After eating small portion can no longer chew or swallow any more. Drinking Okay. Loss of weight – 2 stone in three years and whole body now stringy and thin. Dropped 2 sizes in clothes. Is it the Noten???
    Doctor just shrugs when mentioned. Also he has to use old style blood pressure machine and not new electronic ones as they give false reading. Would this happen to other people and could people be misdiagnosed with high blood pressure to to incorrect machine?

  13. bill

    I have been reducing my amount of Atenolol starting at 25mg, cutting the pill in half and then finally quarters. Occasionally I will go back to 12.5 mg if my blood pressure shows a rise. Why not try halving yours to 25 mg and see what happens. I’m no MD so you may want to check this out with more knowledgeable people. My belief is it’s my body and I will take care of it bet I can, sometimes not completely following doctors orders.
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: We don’t recommend changing the dose of blood pressure medication until you talk it over with your doctor.

  14. S

    Hi Damien
    I live in Australia also and am on Noten. After a few months on it I am getting breathless lying in bed at night (or lying down anywhere at any time), whether on my back or on my side. When you state that your issues get/got worse, especially at night, do you mean the breathless as well?
    Thank you.

  15. Ann

    My mother-in-law and a cousin have naturally high heart rates. Tenormin, brand name only, works for them. But for some reason, the generic of Tenormin does not—like you, it causes chest pain, and does not relieve the high heart rate in them.
    But they have no problems with generic forms of other prescriptions that they take.
    The pharmacist has said that it may have to do with not only the drug itself, but the additives that make up the brand name pill, versus the generic pill, the combination of all of these.

  16. mc mehta

    Dear sir, I am taking one pill of Metolar AM50 daily for control of BP. for last three years. No side effects. For the last 50 days I am taking vertin16, etilaam. 25mg. & Gingkocer daily my ankles & feet get swollen. My Neurologist says this is on account of amplodine (metolar AM) What is the remedy of swelling. Will it stop when my BPV treatment gets completed after another 10days.
    regards, mc mehta
    PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Amlodipine can cause swollen legs. Metoprolol (Metolar) usually doesn’t. Getting the right blood pressure medicine can be a matter of trial and error.

  17. Damien G

    I had a rapid onset of AF about 1 month ago , I work in the Mines in Australia and have always been healthy have a strong heart and always perfect BP 120/80. The AF they think was caused by imbalance of my electrolytes due to dehydration. I am now on 25 mg of Noten (Atenolol) till I have another review in 1 month. I have had a few symptoms most notably pronounced heart beat and pulse, high anxiety, and panic attacks all of which I have NEVER experienced before which is very confronting.
    I went to the GP and my Pulse was down to 42 BPM. He cut me back to 12.5 mg which helped the pulse (back to 62 BPM) but am still having anxiety attacks and shortness of breath. I am not one to dwell on things but the more I concentrate on the symptoms the more pronounced they become especially when I am lying in bed. I’m sure this medication has great benefits for some but obviously not for others. I cannot wait for a clean bill of health and hopefully return to my usual self. I am only 38.

  18. Dan T

    My boyfriend has been on atenolol for three month’s now and has many of the symptoms I’m reading about here, one other symptom he has is he gets hot flashes shortly after taking the med, all the problem’s he is having is from the medication that suppose to be making him better, these doctors know exactly what’s going on, they are making money prescribing these drugs, and in return the pharmaceuticals are making millions. You would think with all there so called research they could develop a drug for blood pressure that does not make people so sick, they know damn well what they are doing to everyone, doctors no longer look out for the best interest of there patients, it’s all about money! Think about it the sicker you are the more money they make.

  19. KFA

    I was prescribed an oral Tritace Titration Oral Pack 38 for BP and experienced a continual dry cough. I have since been on Atacand 8 mg. for three days and still have this cough. It seems to be increasing. Don’t know what to do. I have only been on all medication since 15th Agusut, 2012

  20. JP

    Hi, I am a 44 year old female and have been taking Noten ( Atenolol) for about 10 years, for migraine headaches, which I feel has really helped. I have been feeling very dizzy, tightness in the chest (mainly at night) and also shaky, over the last 4 weeks. I have been to the GP today and she did an ECG which showed my heart rate is 47 BPM, so I have been booked in for more tests…is this normal on this medication?…I have not been doing any exercise, so I am not fit.
    If anyone has any answers for me, I would be very grateful…Thanks

  21. P T

    I have recently found out that I have high blood pressure. My doctor prescribed Attacand 16mg for me. From the third day I noticed that I heard a sound on my right ear. Few days latter I felt the same sound on the other ear as well. The result was that I had a severe lost of hearing. My doctor said it was not attacand responsible for this and he told me to continue taking it. After a month I had a check again and we found out that my hearing loss became more severe. Doctors insist that the medicine is not responsible. But I gave it up because I think it is.

  22. IK

    I have been on Atacand for about 2 years now but over the last 3 or 4 months I have a constant running nose a cough feel like have flu all the time have taken cold flu medication but get no relief. I do have asthma but has always be well controlled never had anything like this before. I also feel tired all the time plus lost sense of smell this is not me at all, so went on website to see if anyone else had the same and yes I was surprised by the amount that had the same symptoms also had weight gain and bags under eyes, so I will be going to see my doctor.

  23. jules

    I have been on the atenolol for five months my doctor put me on it for hyperactive thyroidism. I have gone to eight doctors this week and have complained to my doctor about so many symptoms I have had on this medication. I started having cramps run though my arms and legs and now I have pain as if my blood is flowing to fast to my feet and hands. I started getting circulation problems on this medication. I am worried every day I am gonna die from my blood being constricted to other parts of my body.
    I wish someone could tell me what is going on I have had a lot of tests over this matter and everything seems to be fine other wise. The one thing I have noticed is I have been off of the atenolol for ten days but I noticed my heart rate has been going up and my heart beats are a little over ninety beats per minute. I took not even a half a atenolol today but I’m worried what I should do about tomorrow my doctor told me I can take them as needed. Does anyone know what I should do I am only twenty-nine years old.

  24. Barbara B.

    I have a side effect that the doctor says he’s never heard of, and I really need to know if anyone else has experienced this. About a year ago I was put on a BP med (can’t remember the name of it) and after a couple of months I started noticing a strong sort of sickly sweet chemical smell and realized I was emitting it. It was all in my clothes, terrible, I smelled it constantly. Stopped taking the med, smell went away, the doctor then put me on a combination of Lisinopril and Amlodipine.
    This was fine for about 7 months, then a week ago I started noticing the same smell. Stopped taking meds and it’s taken a week for the smell to go away. I haven’t called my doctor yet because I was on a trip and just got back. My suitcase reeked of it.I cannot live with this smell!

  25. george

    I am a 62 year old white male, I had a angioplasty with 4 stents 6 years ago.
    Lately going up 3 flights of stairs to my apartment, I started getting dizzy and out of breath, I only weigh 180 lbs 5ft 9in tall, as soon as i sat down for 5 min the dizziness and shortness of breadth would go away.
    I have been on 10 mg of lisinopril, plus I have been getting some dry cough. I will be seeing my doctor this week to change

  26. TG

    Diagnosed with HPT. Put on 100mgs atenolol as had reaction to Diovan. Also Cardura 4 mgs a day, 2+2. BP is fine after a month but short term memory is shot, depressed, no appetite and don’t have the strength to even get out of bed most days let alone exercise. Back cramps under right shoulder blade so bad I can scream and he tells me take Tylenol! Also eye problems with dryness. Been to Doctor several times and he insists not side effect of meds and has more tests scheduled than you can shake a stick at. Wants MRI for Head for memory loss that I never had till I started these meds, already had ekg, chect ex rays full lipid workup etc. Now wants more tests.
    Is short term memory loss a side effect, I know cramping is and back pain.
    Thank you!!!! (I think I need new doctor)

  27. pm

    Hi, my 19yr old son has Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathies (with left ventricular hypertrophy) and can no longer work due to severity of his condition. He is on Noten, which seems to be helping, but still gets chest pain/angina and constantly tired with major chest pain after minor exercise. They started him on Coversyl as well as Noten which gave major breathing problems, insomnia and night terrors.
    Then started on Tritace and still major breathing/cough. Tried Micardis and it was worse. Tried Norvasc and headaches all day and night but some relief, tried Lercan and headaches worse with quite bad angina. Started dithiazide yesterday and it wasn’t any better. We have become so frustrated because nothing seems to be helping and costs heaps going back to Cardiologist and different medicines every few days. Has anyone got any ideas that actually may help??? A very frustrated father that only wants to look after his son! Thank you.

  28. clw

    It’s so interesting reading other people’s concerns about HBP medications and side effects. I live in a stressful city and have a stress-inducing job. About 3 yrs ago I was put on Atenolol (low dose) and 12.5mg Hydrochlorothyazide (HCT) for pre-hypertension. I took it for a little over a week, I started having distressful dreams and had two very pronounced panic attacks. I stopped taking the Atenolol. Time passed I was still dancing around the pre-hypertension BP numbers – I was put on 5mg Lisinopril about a year ago.
    I dislike taking these pills, but I still do. Among other things like an occasional dry cough, I’ve been experiencing shortness of breath around the 3rd – 4th flight of stairs at the office and I’d blamed myself, I didn’t realize until reading this forum that the Lisinopril could be a culprit. Maybe I just need to move away from this environment.

    • Kimberly

      For the “very frustrated father” I totally get you. I am sorry for all your frustrations. I came out of the hospital with just having a new born baby and for the past two months I’ve been battling hbp. My gp has basically told me to see someone else because nothing is helping me. I went from one problem to many. I’ve been on 5 bp meds ranging from diuretic, ace inhibitor to beta blocker now and no relief. Does anyone know what I can do? I’m very young and petite to be having such high numbers.

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