Q. I have high blood pressure (about 180/80) and my doctor has prescribed nearly everything he can think of. We have tried over a dozen different medicines, with unacceptable results or side effects. I am currently taking Diovan which makes my head and ears hurt. 

I go for a massage every few weeks because it makes me feel good. The woman who does them has suggested a remedy containing lots of flowers, including chrysanthemum and honeysuckle. She says it will work wonders for my blood pressure, but herbs scare me to death. Should I stop my medication and try this remedy?  

A. It isn't likely the flower remedy will replace your blood pressure medicine. Even though you are feeling frustrated about your difficulties with blood pressure treatments, tell your doctor about your trouble with Diovan. 

Your type of blood pressure problem may respond well to a diet that emphasizes vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products and minimizes sodium. This "DASH" diet is especially helpful when the upper blood pressure number is too high and the lower number is okay, as yours is. 

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  1. LH

    I use Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure to lower my elevated bp. Cross you arms, putting you hands on the opposite arms, just near the inner side of the deltoid muscle (to find it, just flex your elbow and it will swell up above the elbow. Hold until you 1) take a
    deeper breath than usual, 2) feel a pulsation in your finger tips and also in the place being held, (This latter method takes time to develop the awareness of the the two different pulsations. When/if you do feel the pulsation’s, hold them until they both pulse in the same tempo.) or 3) just hold for 5 or more minutes and don’t worry about not feeling the pulses – they’ll come, with time.
    With ACUPUNCTURE, you have to worry about being on the right spot. With ACUPRESSURE, there is a 3″ radius around each holding finger. If in doubt, put as many fingers as you want/can, and you will still have a 3″ radius: you can’t miss and you can’t harm. I would check your bp before repeating the procedure, just to become familiar with its effectiveness..
    I’ve heard that clenching your hands into a fist is effective: I don’t know anything about this. As a retired RN, I’m impressed by what acupressure can accomplish.

  2. Bernadine R.

    Please help me. For the last two years I have tried every BP medicine and none of them has worked. They cause tingling in my feet and my feet become stiff or swell up. Also other side effects like cotton mouth. Not over weight, I exercise and eat healthy with low salt, Dash, veg. and fruit.
    My BP is low in the morning and goes up in the afternoon. When I sit down to rest in the evening is when it spikes to over 180/90. Last year the highest was 170/85, now it is in the 180’s over 90.
    I sure would appreciate any help.

  3. coach chuck

    Can you take a combination of red yeast rice and flax seed oil pills together, or fish oil and flax seed oil pills? Working on my cholesterol numbers.

  4. Star,C.M.A. (Moderator)

    TO:dc-Worried Wife. The studies seem to agree that beer does raise triglycerides. Most suggest limiting beer to 1 per day, if any. He could also try the DASH DIET explained above. Speak to his Dr. about another group of drugs to lower cholesterol-the fibrates, one that is less expensive is Lopid. Lastly, another good thing for him to do is take omega 3 oils, the fish oil capsules, 1-4 grams per day for those with high cholesterol. He can also increase his intake of fish. Good luck, I hope he will believe you about the beer. You can google “does beer raise triglycerides?” it will show you many articles to show him.

  5. Ellen

    My BP spiked to 200/102, even though I usually eat a high fiber, low fat, low sodium diet. I tried Lisinopril but the side effects were absolutely debilitating and I had to find natural treatments instead. Deep breathing (recommended above) helps me tremendously. Meditation and self-hypnosis are great too -if you can’t find a local class, there are some good DVD’s and CD’s available on meditation. My BP has dropped below 150/85, sometimes lower when I remember to do the deep breathing.
    I’ve also heard that apple cider vinegar is great for BP, diabetes and gout as well as weight loss. I’ve been taking 2 tsp. in a small amount of organic honey 3x a day and have dropped a lot of water weight. It’s worth a try – no side effects at all!

  6. Tom

    In a week, my BP dropped 22/25 into the normal range, and all I did was switch from diet soda to skim milk and eat a banana or two and a handful of peanuts or a baked potato for lunch. I did cut out pizza and hot dogs.
    The only side effect: my ED went away, too. If this benefit was more widely known, hypertension would quickly cease to be a problem, although there might be a banana shortage.

  7. dc

    My husband has very high triglycerides up around 1000. He is allergic to statin drugs. He drinks a lot of beer, some everyday. I have told him that’s why he has the high triglycerides but he does not believe me. What do you recommend to help bring this down? Thank you, worried wife.

  8. Susie S.

    I take 10/320 of exforge and 50 mg of hctz along with 25mg of tropol xl, The generic form. My blood pressure is still very high at night like 3am every day. My doctor say it is the aspirin I take 1 a day. I am a 36 year diabetic with an insulin pump. I am 61 years old but am upset because no one is able to control my blood pressure and I have had microalbumin 500 in my urine now. All my other blood work was normal.

  9. GRY

    I have high blood pressure and always looking to lower it. Problem: Everybody always talks about cutting down salt intake however I happen to be VERY
    sensitive to sodium level. Low level has put me in hospital twice because it effects my
    balance. I need salt!

  10. J.Bell

    I was taking HCTZ for almost 2 years for high BP. During that time, I had very bad stress/anxiety. Prior to my stress/anxiety my BP was pretty normal 120/80. But it got up to 140/90 – sometimes a bit higher, sometimes lower. But lately with the BP meds – it got down to 105/64 – this was the lowest my pressure has ever been. My doc was in agreement for me to stop the meds. I will have my BP checked regularly to make sure it stays low. I do not use a lot of salt and I try to eat more fruits/veggies – I also exercise daily (not as much as I should). I use a lot of garlic (powered garlic), I think it helps as well.

  11. 4Yahshua

    For years I have only used a good olive oil, grapeseed oil, and a little real butter when cooking (only very light frying.) I take a number of natural supplements and vitamins including cinnamon and lecithin capsules, no drugs except powdered ibuprofen in liquid for an occasional headache which I have had all of my life. By the grace of our Heavenly Father I am now 61 and my blood pressure is never over 110. HalleluYah!

  12. Lea

    I recommend the Dash diet and Dean Ornish’s Spectrum diet. I had a heart attack last year after years of mild high blood pressure, also genetics and diet were against me, so I started exercising more, radical diet changes, more de-stressing, and now have good cholesterol numbers and normal blood pressure. My cardiologist says i’m boring–great!

  13. D Burrus

    I am looking for a blood pressure medication which would not have all the side effects (tired, weak, cough & really no harmful side effects) Is there such a medication? Is there a natural or herbal substance?
    I have tired (3) different medications and all have had terrible side effects. I really need some answers.

  14. Kathryn

    My blood pressure was usually about 145/85 for years (sometimes higher).
    I recently had some bad teeth pulled and now my BP is 120/80.
    Make sure to take care of your dental health, too.

  15. Denise G.

    I have had success with Yoga breathing when my BP feels a little high. Breathing in to the count of 4, holding the breath for the count of 6 and exhaling for the count of 8 brings my pressure down as much as 20 points after just 4 or 5 repetitions of this kind of breathing.

  16. Jason H.

    I had a scare one day, I was visiting with my Dad, and he told me he had just come from the doctors office with dangerously high blood pressure, and showed me his new blood pressure monitor. Out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try to see where mine was. Let’s just say I was floored. My blood pressure was worse then my Dad’s, so I went home, did some research, and found a miracle (COENZYME Q10).
    I took 60 mg two times a day for one month. It helps regenerate new cells at a cellular level and strengthens the heart. I was also eating garlic, and drinking grapefruit juice high in potassium along with cutting my salt back. I then monitored my blood pressure results about two times a week, and the results were amazing to watch. I dropped my blood pressure down past normal range in less then one month, and I feel great. I Hope This Helps! J.H

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