Q. I have to admit I was skeptical about Pycnogenol, but after about only four days of use, my severe hot flashes have completely disappeared. I take 50 mg in the morning and 50 mg in the evening.

I used to have a couple of hot flashes every hour around the clock. Since I have started taking Pycnogenol, I haven't had ONE.  It feels like a miracle!

A. We have seen just one controlled study of this French pine bark extract for hot flashes (Acta Obstet. Gynecol. Scand. Aug, 2007). It looks promising, and we are pleased it helped you. Pycnogenol can be found on the Web or in health food stores.

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  1. Alane

    I have been having hot flashes since I was in my 30s and now I’m almost in my 50s. I wake up sopping wet two or three times a night. I’ve been told I’m not in menopause but can a doctor know this? It started when I wasn’t taking any Meds and now I’m on cymbalta, bupropion. Can I take this new drug to help with night sweats while I’m on the other drugs? I need to stop the night sweats if all possible.

  2. ND

    Does pycnogenol for women who have had a total hysterectomy? If this works, I can get off of the injection estrogen.

  3. Toots

    I have been having hot flashes, it seems like forever, but it’s probably been eight years. I still take HRT because they do help and I’ve decided quality of life is very important to me. I teach school and it’s very embarrassing.
    When I have a flash, my head starts to perspire, my face gets extremely flushed and sweaty and my hair becomes almost totally wet. I mean dripping wet around my forehead, face and the back of my neck. I also have night sweats and have to change my gown sometimes. I haven’t tried this pynogenol, but after having read these comments, I’m going to get some. I’ll let you know what happens. I’ve also heard that caffeine in coffee and soft drinks can cause the flashes to be worse. Does anyone know anything about this?

  4. JFM

    Because of breast Cancer, I was taken off of Prempro, which I had been on for 20+ years. I am 75, and had a successful lumpectomy, radiation, and am now on Arimidex for five years.
    As soon as I stopped the Prempro, hot flashes came on. When I started the Arimidex, the h-f have increased intensity.
    Seeing the column in the 5-26-09 Florida Today paper, I have been trying 30 mg Pycnogenol in the AM. It’s been only three days, but as yet have not noticed any effect.
    Question: Do you know of any adverse interaction between Pycnogenol, Arimidex, or detrimental effect on the odds of Cancer return?

  5. Carol

    I had been suffering from tendinitis in my right arm for more than 6 weeks. It was so severe there were times I could not pick up a water glass. My doctor said the next step would be injections. Thank God for my husband and pycnogenol. He heard about it on Fox news and purchased it for me. At that time the store clerk informed him of the benefits which included the effects on hot flashes. I was skeptical to say the least.
    That was less than a week ago and I can not believe how I feel. I have not had a hot flash in days and the relief from the pain in my arm is nothing short of a miracle. I could not believe how quickly it worked. I work with computers all day and I have even noticed an improvement in my eyesight. I was thinking I was going to have to get my glasses strengthened, but not now. I AM A BELIEVER !!! I’m telling everyone about it.

  6. Lilleth

    I have been reading about the miracles of Pycnogenol and wanted to try it for hypertension and just general well-being. I started taking 100 mg a day in the evenings, and by the 3rd day I was feeling flushed and feverish! I am 50 but have not had hot flashes. So it seems to be having the opposite effect on me, oddly enough.

  7. CSS

    I have been taking it for one week as of today.Had been having hot flashes every 20- 30 minutes around the clock. My face & neck turned beet red, sweating, etc. The 1st day I started they changed to from hot to warm. Not nearly as uncomfortable & no sweating! I had not slept more than 2 hours for over 3 weeks even while taking Ambien. They are now down to about one per hour. I have been taking 3 doses of 60 mg daily. They have also reduced my asthma attacks! Absolutely no side effects – except I have a little more energy. Thank you so much!

  8. D. Tran

    Thanks for Pycnolgenol information from this website. I tried it for 3 weeks at 50 mg dosage twice daily. It’s been nearly 4 weeks now that I am free of hot flashes. I intended to continue Pycnolgenol but the pharmacist has accidentally forgotten my order. While waiting, I’ve noticed there was no hot flashes after one week, then two weeks…then I intentionally didn’t remind the pharmacist about my order just to see how long my body is free of hot flashes. It’s been almost four weeks now and nothing! It’s amazing and I just love it!
    Hot flashes that I experienced was uncomfortable and embarrassing for having to wipe my make-up off my face many times during the day, fanning myself profusely in front of people, and rolling in and out of the blanket numerous times during my sleep at night.
    It was also a distraction and a constant disrruption from my work. I am so glad to say that I am completely free from such nuisance…For how long? I don’t know but will report again if and when the hot flashes return.
    Pycnogenol can be purchased at CVS pharmacy, 25 mg tablets with 45 counts per bottle or at Walgreen, 50 mg tablets with 30 counts per bottle. It must be ordered by the pharmacist since it is not sold off the shelve like other herbal medicines. The one I used came from CVS.
    Thank you The People’s Pharmacy for helpful information. I’ve learned a lot from this website and enjoyed learning from other individuals’ health experiences and remedies.

  9. MFO

    I have just finished taking 30 days of pycnogenol – 100 mg. per day. So far, no difference. I will continue for one more month to see if there is a difference in the night sweats. I’ll report again then. MFO

  10. MEL

    I have been taking 50 mgs morning and 50 mgs at night. I have slightly fewer night sweats. Is there any reason not to try increasing the dosage? How much do others take?

  11. Peg

    Pycnogenol sounds like a life saver–or at least a sanity saver. Where can you buy it?

  12. LM

    I tried Pycnogenol after reading this article in the Raleigh N&O. All I can say is thank you and it’s a miracle! I was waking every half hour from 3 a.m. drenched in sweat, throwing off covers and then freezing and pulling them back on over and over until it was time to get up. The first night I took Pycnogenol, I slept through the night for the first time in months.
    The only side effect I have noticed is my fingers are slightly swollen in the a.m. (I take it with dinner), but the swelling goes down quickly after I get up. I’ve recommended it to all my friends complaining of hot flashes. It seems to improve healing as well, as bruises disappear more quickly since I’ve been taking it (since Dec. 22). I also sprained an ankle in Jan. and was back to running on it within a matter of days, not the weeks I had experienced with previous sprains. Thanks again for the information on Pycnogenol!

  13. SW

    I just recently started with the Pycnogenol and after one week have noticed a marked improvement in my hot flashes. Trust me when I say I have tried everything ever suggested with relief only coming from HRT. I stopped HRT about 8 months ago and the hot flashes have been on the average of two or three per hour. After taking Pycnogenol for about a week I have noticed that I am having maybe 4 or 5 hot flashes per day. I can live with this. What a relief.

  14. Betty K.

    FYI – I thought I was done with the hot flashes, but since I had another period in October, they are back! ewwww At least is isn’t so bad in the cold!

  15. Carol

    I am taking effexor (anti-depressent) for hot flashes. Will this cause a problem if I take Pycnogenol for the hot flashes? I also take Lipitor and Fosamax.

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