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Q. The best hiccup remedy I have found is dill pickle juice. One to two ounces does the trick.

A. You are not the first reader to sing the praises of pickle juice for hiccups. Perhaps the salt or the vinegar is responsible.

Some people also maintain that this unconventional approach helps their leg cramps. There’s even been some scientific studies that suggest that it’s effective. One reader shared this:

“I have tried nearly everything for cramps in my legs and feet, (including Ivory soap under the bottom sheet), all to no avail. I was speaking with my aunt and expressed my dilemma with this crippling pain. She told me that she had solved the same ailment with dill pickle juice!

“At the next inkling of a cramp, I hobbled to the kitchen, swallowed a hearty shot glass full of pickle juice and the pain almost instantly went away. I was not troubled again that night and slept soundly.”

Pickle juice is high in sodium, so people with high blood pressure or heart failure should stay away from this remedy.

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  1. Anonymous

    A few years ago my son got hiccups really bad and my mom or someone else told him to eat a few pickles and they would go away. I really thought it was all in his head when he ate one and they went away. As of this morning at 2:50, I am fully a believer in pickles to cure hiccups!
    I woke up at 2:30 am to use the restroom and I ended up with deep, strong, chest hurting hiccups. I tried holding my breath many times to no avail so after 20 minutes of trying to rid my hiccups, I staggered to the kitchen and got the pickles spears. After 1.5 spears, I noticed the hiccups were gone!!! Still a bit skeptical, I ate 3 to make sure they were gone!! We’ve never tried drinking pickle juice by itself but eating a few did the trick!

  2. JWW

    While watching Sprout TV with my granddaughter, the sproutlets found a pickle juice pond to cure hiccups. I never heard of this before. I just would sneak a sip or two because I liked it.

  3. Rich

    At 3AM I ambled down the 13 steps to my refridgerator and swigged 2oz of Clausens Kosher pickle juice. Within 30 seconds I easily climbed upstairs for a restful, leg painfree sleep. I am a physician and have absolutely no idea how or why this works, but oh so glad it does.

  4. Barry

    I have found that a dixie cup full of dill pickle juice on a empty stomach works as a pretty good laxative.

  5. luke

    I woke up this AM with the worst bout I have ever had of the hiccups since their onset ten days ago post-op after hernia surgery. It was so bad today I was afraid to eat lest I choke to death. I saw the various cures (skeptically) and then saw the one about the pickle juice. Since my hiccups got WORSE this AM after coffee, I realized that there has to be an acid reaction, at least in my case. So I tried the pickle juice and it has been ten solid minutes since I have had a spasm! I think that because of the immediacy of their relief, I definitely have a winner. Even if they return, it will probably be controllable with more (acid-neutralizing) pickle juice. I am a believer!!!

  6. b.r.

    Pickle juice works great for me when I have hiccups. Always works for me, I don’t need a doctor to say it doesn’t because it just does.

  7. Erin

    I’ve been using the pickle juice for hiccups remedy since I was in 3rd grade. Whenever I am without pickle juice, I can have a hiccup spell that reoccurs 7 to 10 times a day. After a while holding my breath just doesn’t work but as soon as I drink just a little pickle juice the hiccups fade right away. It has worked for me 100% of the time. Or 99.99999… you get the idea.

  8. Tina

    My nephew plays high school football. The concession stand saves the giant jars of pickle juice for the team to drink on game day. Several of the boys have problems with leg cramps and they drink the pickle juice to help. My nephew says it works great!

  9. Anonymous

    I have used pickle juice for leg cramps many times, but my rheumatologist told me to use mustard under the tongue–this is the stuff you put on sandwiches. It works. Let it sit under the tongue for a few minutes. Remember, it works!

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