Q. I had a wart on my finger for 15 years. A few doctors said they could cut if off, but I don’t like the idea of surgery.

My mother told me of an old gypsy remedy, but I would never try it. It was too hokey. One day I argued with her and, in an effort to prove her wrong, I decided to go ahead and use the remedy. I just knew it wouldn’t work. Well, within two weeks the wart was gone.

Here it is: cut a slice from a potato, rub the white part on the wart, then go bury the potato in the yard. Supposedly if you dig up the potato later, it will have grown the wart on it.

This sounds way too silly, but it did work. Mom was right, and she won the argument.

A. We don’t know if this is a gypsy remedy, but it certainly is old. We have heard from a number of other people who have treated their warts successfully by rubbing them with raw potato or potato peel and burying the piece of potato.

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  1. Judy
    Millville, De.

    My dad did the same thing when he was younger cut the potato in half he rubbed it on his wart that was on his thumb and he’s not sure how long it took but it fell off so this remedy does work !! He buried in the ground after he rubbed it on his thumb though

  2. Heather

    When I was younger, I had gotten a planters wart, so my mom said cut a potato in half rub the wart with one half and I can’t remember which half to bury ,but next day it was gone. I can’t explain it and I know it sounds crazy.

  3. Bill
    New Jersey

    I had numerous warts all over my hands when I was a kid. My parents took me to the doctor, we tried Compound-w for years. Nothing worked so I had to put up with the pain and the pain of looking at them. One day my grandmother told me she would rub a potato over them and bury the potato in the back yard. A few weeks later when I was playing baseball I noticed there was no pain when I put my glove on. I took my glove off and noticed all the warts were gone. Sounds crazy but it worked! 45 years later and still wart free.

  4. Robin S.

    When I was a young kid back in the seventies my stepmother rubbed the potato on my stepbrother’s wart, then went outside and threw it over the roof. The wart was gone the next day. Sounds dumb as hell but it really works. I know it’s crazy.

  5. Tyler
    atlanta, ga

    Had a wart on my thumb and one of my toes for the longest time, and I tried rubbing potato on them/keeping a piece under a bandage overnight, and it worked within a few weeks. Warts slowly turned black and then progressively faded away. I definitely recommend this. Much cheaper/less painful than going to a dermatologist to have them removed or frozen off, which, by the way, doesn’t always ensure that they don’t come back.

  6. kathy

    I used this remedy twice…..I did not bury the potato, but would rub a slice of potato on the wart as often as I was able during the day……within a few weeks the warts were gone both times……

  7. cara

    when I was very young I had one wart on my hand that my mother said I got from my turtle . she told me to rub the raw potato and bury it and it went away .

  8. Leon
    Johannesburg South Africa

    I have warts on both my feet and I’m battling to walk and am having to continuously have them cut out every three to four months
    Have started putting a potato peel with a plaster on
    How long should the peel be left on the wart
    I put it on at night and sleep with it on then remove it in the morning and wash my foot
    Is that correct or wrong and what is the correct thing to do

    • Simrat

      Yeah! Its really works,i have no words for praising. But i m happy….i have genital warts and potato removes it within few days

      • Bonnie

        A friend of mine has genital warts from the HPV virus…will it work and what do you do?

  9. Pam

    When I was a child I had a wart on my wrist, and elderly woman told me to rub a cut potato on it for 3 days then tie the potato with string and throw it in the field. She said my wart would grow in the potato and when it rotted away my wart would be gone. My wart went away and never returned.

  10. Bridget
    Ashburn, VA

    I had a wart removed on my knee when I was a kid. I had a smaller one on the palm of my hand that the doc suggested I remove using a potato. He said to rub a fresh piece of sliced potato to the wart and bury the other half. I recall only doing this once, leaving my hand unwashed overnight. My wart was gone within a few days. I will always remember this because it was so astonishing. The reason I got to this site is because my husband is laughing at me for believing I can remove his wart with the potato trick. We’ll see who’s laughing once I try!

  11. Sam
    Los Angeles

    The most effective treatment is 1) crush 2 baby aspirin, add one drop water to make a paste. 2) apply paste to wart cover with small potato peel and place band aid over to hold in place… do this everyday for a week to 10 days. Wart will fall off.

  12. Chloe

    ‘I have flat head warts also. They are terrible. Its not one or two… it’s like 100s on my legs. I’ve tried the apple cider vinegar, duck tape, freezing them off, burning them off, and even cintimine. I’ve tried everything put a potato. So how does this potato thing work? Rub it everyday? Do I put tape on it after ? Any help would be most appreciated!

  13. carlyn

    I had one on my eyelid two days ago I took a potato put it in a ziplock and put it in refrigerator and cut lil slice and rubbed it on my eyelid then cut a small piece and put a bandaid on it for a few hrs and then the following day I sliced me a piece every so many hrs rubbed it and then I looked in the mirror at the end of the day it was gone was so happy too see it gone.
    I also heard when I was growing up u can do this to warts by cutting in half and rubbing it and throwing the it over ya shoulder the potato outside and not looking back my niece lost her warts when I treated her this way.

  14. K.M

    I have a bad case of flat warts spreading all over my whole body now. Almost impossible to cure, Tried ACV: it affected the warts – and also made them spread like crazy. I guess they were angry because I tried to evict them. Anyway, I tried Tea tree oil, manuka honey, duct tape, vitamin c, zinc ointment, lavender oil, acids, a lot of things.
    I also rubbed a potato slice on my shoulder, like why not. I only did it once and forgot about it, Now guess what part is smooth and healthy! My shoulder! I can’t quite believe it but from now on, I will eat, breathe and bathe in potatoes.
    It’s worth a try!

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