Q. What is the best thing to do for daily, frustrating, embarrassing gas? I eat high-fiber foods during the week, but I eat various things on the weekends and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I have continuous gas all week.

A. A record of what you eat and how your gut responds may be helpful in pinpointing whether you are reacting to a specific food. Some people find that milk and dairy products cause them distress. Others have trouble with foods like bagels or pretzels. Once you identify a likely culprit, avoiding it should tell you if you were correct.

Another reader found a simple solution: “Activia yogurt is excellent in stopping flatus. One small carton a day stopped most of the problem.” Activia contains probiotics (good germs) that can aid digestion.


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  1. Jafferali

    1. Sit erect as for as possible while eating, and dont lean forward.
    2. Chew food thourougly, drink your food with saliva, instead of swallowing food. This will take more time for your eating.
    3. Do not use straw for your drinks.
    4. Raise and tilt your head slightly backwards while drinking liquids from your tumbler. (the typical traditional indian way of drinking)
    5. Do not take any chewing gums, candys, that encourages sucking
    I hope I have answered you.

  2. judeskee47

    Does anyone know how to teach yourself from swallowing gas?

  3. patrica

    My son is passing gas that smells like something dead in his body. He upsets the whole bathroom and the house with this odor. Please help… He had hemmoroids bad last year, has seen a GI doctor.

  4. E A

    I’ve had ongoing problems with flatulence, and I’m wondering if it’s the weight loss tea that I’ve been drinking?

  5. Judy Chan

    I have intenstinal problems, including excess gas. Other than deleting all fiber from my diet, I’ve found that the best remedy, so far, has been CharcoCaps, Homeopathic, Antigas Formula. However, I’m concerned about its use because of the Carbo ingredient. Is it carcinogenic?

  6. Terry Lynch

    I have found that a product called Beano works wonders in eliminating the gas problem. It is available over the counter in the pharmaceuticals sections of grocery and discount stores. (Probably at pharmacies, too.)

  7. Marge Schobert

    I think that gas means you are not digesting food properly and also, a body needs to acclimate to a high fiber diet. Yes, yogurt helps, also Floragen (not sure about spelling) available at Walgreens and kept under refrigeration in pharmacy but no prescription needed). This starts a new colony of healthful bacteria which aids in digestion. Results in a week or two.

  8. Bettye Davis

    My diet is mostly fruits and vegetables, and most vegetables seem to give me gas, escape with no warning, no pain, no discomfort. At times, worse than others.
    I use soy milk instead of cow’s milk–and have done that for years.
    Now, I’m taking BiosLife for cholesterol and can’t tell if that has made it worse.

  9. alxzba

    on flatulence and odor — several years ago my GI doc diagnosed esophageal ulcers as a result of reflux, and prescribed a series of anti-reflux meds, including the purple pill — all of which, especially the purple one, produced GI upset plus a great excess of gas and odor. I have settled with minimum OTC Famotidine, 3x/day 30 minutes prior to meals, plus occasional equivalent of Gaviscon Extra antacid when needed. The excess gas continues as well as the odor, neither as severe as with the more potent medication. This gives me some degree of concern — is the medication in conflict with ‘normal’ digestion/body functions and if so, what are the physiological consequences? GI docs seem to not know and in my experience don’t seem to be concerned enough to research the answer (time, interest, etc). Conclusion: based on experience, anyone noticing GI abnormal gas/smell might include medications in their analysis as well as diet.

  10. Julia Hunter

    Thank you for the information on the tannins in tea blocking the absortion of iron before donating blood!! I am a tea lover, but thought it was the caffeine that was the problem, so I switched to decaf before giving, but still my iron level was too low!! I even ate an iron rich diet before, but it turned out I was crossing out my own efforts by still drinking the decaf tea. I stopped drinking tea a few days beforehand (even though it was difficult!!), then took a Tablespoon of the blackstrap molasses each day a few days before donating also. I am proud to say it worked!! I gave blood this morning with a sufficent iron count. No more frustration! —— My mother also tried the Ivory soap under the sheets for her legs and said it worked for her too–she couldn’t believe the difference. She also says, “THANKS.” We both are fans of your article– Keep up the good work!!! Julia

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