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Q. Is it true that Preparation H helps wrinkles on the face?

A. Decades ago Hollywood starlets were reputed to use the hemorrhoid cream Preparation H on their faces to smooth out wrinkles. The shark liver oil and live yeast cell derivative (LYCD) the product contained might even have had some benefit.

We’ll never know for sure. Preparation H has been reformulated. It no longer contains LYCD because the manufacturer could not produce studies demonstrating that LYCD would benefit healing of hemorrhoids. As a result, the FDA disallowed it. Any old reports about its power against wrinkles and other skin problems might not be relevant now.

In Canada, however, Preparation H may still contain LYCD, known there as BioDyne. Purchasing it online requires reading the ingredients list carefully, as not all Prep H sold in Canada contains BioDyne.

Susan told us:

“I have not used the “old formula” of Preparation H for myself; however, I have used it on my horses and always included it in my first-aid supplies at the barn.

“My mare once snagged her neck badly on a small-diameter cedar-tree limb that was incompletely cut and sticking out on a fence post. It was quite deep. After I filled the wound completely with the Prep. H just a few times, it healed completely, leaving no indication of the wound — no scar or anything.

“I was disappointed to read years ago about the formulation being changed to eliminate the shark liver oil and the LYCD. The new product did not heal as well as the old.”

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  1. mary

    why do they say don’t use preparation h if you have high blood pressure?

    • The People's Pharmacy

      The compound in Preparation H that constricts blood vessels can cause blood pressure to rise.

  2. Gloria
    South Africa

    I am 60 and started using the Prep H above my lip area since I have fairly deep lines there including on the cheek bone area below the eyes since I tend to have baggy eyes due to hayfever and have found my skin is definately a lot smoother. I apply it in the evening and rub in in till in smooth.

    Well I dont know if there is LYCD in it but will carry on using it. Anyone here found a product with the LYCD content?

  3. m

    I am also from south africa and bought prep h today. Just want to know if you still using it, and if any side effects. Also, how long do I need to use if for? On a perm basis or only for occasions?

  4. sanna

    Should you use the cream or the gel preparation h or does it matter? I was told by a friend she said the clear gel I do not have hemorrhoids so I do not know the difference. I am in my 50’s and never had to use it thanks for any info..:)

  5. SC

    Do not get the ointment it stinks really bad and is very greasy. The cream is white and has no smell.

  6. Rob

    These stories are all very intriguing and interesting, but isn’t anyone concerned about the OTHER ingredients in Preparation H — especially if they’re putting it anywhere near their eyes?
    Ingredients like “White Petrolatum USP” (petroleum oil — petroleum as in ‘gasoline’), Propyl Gallate, Propylene Glycol, Edetate Disodium, Glyceryl Stearate, Laureth 23, etc., etc.?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Cary

      Yes it’s fine. It’s safe.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m going to try this but does anyone know the effect for someone who has HBP?

  8. Jessicca

    Thanks for all the info guys!! I really appreciate it!

  9. Rebecca

    I must say it is amazing how redundant the questions are, as far as the difference in the US Preparation H and the Canadian. Most just need to read EVERY comment and the answers are THERE.
    I have spoken to several people over the years who use Prep H with bio-dyne, and swear by it for wrinkles and eye puffiness.
    Info about the original product is found on Wiki.
    However, even though everyone is suggesting, just do a search for Canadian pharmacies and purchase there. Ive been searching online for an hour, and even when they are saying it has the actual ingredient, when you read the fine -ingredient- print, its not there.
    I wish someone would please email me where you are buying the “real thing.”

    • Cary

      Rebecca I am in Halifax. I just bought 2 new tubes both with Bio Dyne-and it is listed.

    • Donna
      United States

      Ebay….. bought it last month 12/20015 with Bio-Dyne in it (cream 25g) total price with shipping was about $18.00 you have to look for the best price on Ebay prices change daily as more people sell….. from Canada. The first time I put it on seems like the small wrinkles on the right side of my cheek went away except for one deeper line a few weeks later that deeper line is almost gone. The left side of my cheek still has wrinkles (don’t no if this has anything to do with me always sleeping on that side or not, they do soften after I apply it.) Now the only thing I have been noticing and it might not have anything to do with the product is my hair has gotten wiry.

  10. JB

    I will be 37 this year and the past 6 months I have noticed the skin under my eyes was always puffy and lines were forming around my eyes and on the top of my cheek bones. I have been using prep H every morning for a month now and apply it all over my face and neck and I have to say I look 10 years younger :) the lines are gone the puffiness is gone. It worked pretty much instantly.
    If you are thinking about trying it you need to buy the cream as it contains LYCD (Live Yeast Cell Derivative) and it is only in Canada. This ingredient was removed from Prep H sold in the states as it is the main ingredient cosmetic companies put in the expensive anti wrinkle creams. The cooling gel wont work as it does not contain this ingredient. I live in Canada and a tube costs about $10. I have thrown out the hundreds of dollars worth of wrinkle cream and stocked up on Prep H. Also it is good on the hands keeps the wrinkles and age spots away :).

  11. Tmb

    I will be trying this out for the first time shortly. I hope the US suppositories work just as well as said above. I’m only 27 but I have horrible laugh lines on my face esp my forehead. Wish me luck! :)

  12. SF

    I remembered that preparation H suppositories contain shark oil and since I had some in my medicine cabinet, I decided to try them. They work beautifully and are not greasy, so can be worn under makeup. Using them twice a day seems to keep the wrinkles away. I just store them in my medicine cabinet and peel back the foil wrapper to put on like chap stick. Works like magic!

  13. pg

    Yes, the current fromula works and so does the Prep H cream, both sold at any US store. The advantage of the cream is that you can use it under your makeup with no shine or greasiness.

  14. ginger

    Hi to everyone. Ok I have read each and every comment on this page. I have heard about ph helping out for puffiness under the eyes but not about the wrinkles. I am 43 and I have a few wrinkles and I am going to try it and give honest results!
    SO see you in a few days!

  15. pd

    Hi carla my name is tricia I’m getting married sat 28 2012 at 2pm
    Is the ph ur using bought here us is it a ointment or cream plz respond ASAP so I buy the right stuff plz

  16. db

    I had a friend tell me about using prep h so I gave it a try, but only on 1/2 of my face. I used a generic US version. After using it in the AM and at bed time for 4 days I can see an obvious difference. Then I took a picture so I could see without my glasses. My face has toned a lot on the PH side and that side of my mouth has smoothed out as well as around my eyes. So I put it on my hands. Then I found this site :). It may take longer but I’m staying with the US version since it worked for me. I just hope my face evens out soon, I’m kinda uneven for now.

  17. Stephanie

    I ordered the Canadian prep h and have been using it for two weeks under my eyes, sadly I see no difference at all with fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, etc. very disappointed!

  18. GC1

    Okay, so the Prep H also raises the Blood Pressure…I purchased and now want to give it a try can you tell me if applying this to your face hands and neck raise your BP?…
    People’s Pharmacy response: It might. Although that skin is less permeable than the tender tissue for which it is intended, it is a much bigger surface area.

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