Put orange juice (8 oz? unspecified) and a diced banana or peach into a 16 oz jar, cap tightly and shake. Then add 1/3 cup raw rolled oats and 1 Tablespoon ground flax meal. Cap once again, shake, let sit for 15 or 20 minutes. The smoothie can be frozen and will stay cool for hours after coming out of the freezer. Julius reports that consuming this smoothie 5 days a week for a year lowered his cholesterol by 40 points.

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  1. JD

    Cholesterol-What works or NOT.
    I was prescribed Niaspan ER (slow release niacin) for lowering my LDL, raising my HDL cholesterol, over a year ago. When I first took Niaspan, I had the worst hot flushes, felt faint, increased heart rate, and almost past out. I learned you ONLY take this at night with aspirin before going to bed.
    My LDL is now higher, a year later. The Dr. has changed me over to Lipitor, which I REALLY don’t want to take. I’ve heard enough about it. I’ve gone to an AYURVEDIC practitioner (herbal Indian medicine, 5,000 years old) and was given something to take, Cholestar, by Apex Energetics. I will get another blood test in a month to determine any changes in the levels. If no changes, then I’ll try the Lipitor, as a last resort. Total cholesterol is 251. LDL is 166, should be 100 or less, HDL is 63, needs to be >39, Trigl. 111, within normal range.
    I request having copies of all medical tests done and keep those in my home file. I just request a copy of all lab test results. I also request a new Dr. make copies of mine for their records and return my originals. Anything you don’t understand on the copies, ask for an explanation. I always have them available if I need them without having to go through the Dr. for a second opinion. It keeps my life simple and I always know what is going on.
    I’m going to use the Muffin recipe and see what happens. With all the good fruits and spices in it, what a Great Tasting way to reduce LDL.
    I’m not a person to take pharmaceutical drugs if I don’t have to, plus I’ve been having leg cramps with this stuff which have gotten worse over time. I understand the cramps could be side effects from the medication.
    I also have osteoporosis and was given a generic Fosomax to take but am switching to Biostrong, Strontium Piperine, which is used in England for osteoporosis and apparently very effective. I’m taking 2 capsules of calcium with VitD3 and 1 extra vitD3 a day, to build up my bones.
    Because Western medical doctors as a standing rule, don’t talk to or generally consult with Eastern practicing medical doctors, there is not much point in my trying to get the two heads together to determine what is best for me, the patient. So I’m using myself as the experimental agent to see what works for me.
    My personal mindset, our Western medicine is the ‘new kid’ on the block when it comes to healing. If other practitioners have had long term success using herbal cures, particular foods, etc, I’d just simply prefer to do it the ‘old fashioned’ tried and true way or use the ‘ancient’ method, rather than using the ‘latest and greatest new drug’ with all the side effects.
    Thanks for the recipe and it will be at the top of my list, along with the smoothie recipe.

  2. jtl

    How does one figure their cholesterol? My Dr says he wants mine under 100… then he gives me the report & there is 3 (or more) different numbers. I don’t take any medication for cholesterol… last time the Dr said it was 107 & he would live with that. I have diabetes and was on medication… I started taking cinnamon (I did the capsules) and fish oil. The Dr was amazed I got the diabetes under control. He didn’t think my method would work but he said whatever I was doing to keep doing it.

  3. mp

    I use Carlson’s – I believe it is one of the better ones.

  4. ods

    Would the person recommending the Fish Oil method (for cholesterol) specify which brand s/he was using — one that presumably does not have the “impurities”? Which brand or online vendor has the so-called 60% dose?

  5. cbm

    I saw the recipe for the oat bran muffins. How many do you eat a day to lower your cholesterol?

  6. EL

    Just read the recipe for oat bran muffins. Seeing the size of the measured ingredients, how many muffins does this recipe make?

  7. amd

    I came across an article in my herb magazine about guggul for lowering cholesterol. I started taking 1500mg/day and within 3 months brought my cholesterol levels down 60 points along with my triglycerides by the same amount. My HDL levels rose to 77. All this without changing my diet. In the same article I read about arjuna which is used as a heart herb. I have had excellent results with guggul without any side effects. I also understand that it is used in some of the statin drugs?

  8. rfr

    After reading about red yeast rice from your column, I started taking it. My cholesterol is 231 and after 3 months it went down to 190. I took red yeast rice with niacin and I told it to my doctor and she said the niacin helps to lower the cholesterol. But niacin made me itch so I am looking for a flush free or controlled release niacin.

  9. BE

    Where do I find the recipe for the oat bran muffins? Thanks.
    Kit’s Cholesterol Reducing Pumpkin Oat Bran Muffins
    Preheat oven to 400.
    Put cupcake liners in muffin pan and spray with non-stick spray (Pam); recipe makes approximately 14-15 muffins
    In medium sized bowl, combine 2/3 cup brown sugar (packed), 1 1/2 cups oat bran cereal, 1 cup pumpkin, ½ cup applesauce, 2 large eggs, 4 tablespoons canola oil, ½ cup raisins, 1 peeled and diced Granny Smith apple. Stir all ingredients together and let stand for about 5 minutes to allow oat bran to soften.
    In small bowl, combine the following ingredients: 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour, ½ cup ground flaxseed meal, 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder, 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda, 1-2 tablespoons ground cinnamon, ¾ teaspoon ground nutmeg, ¾ teaspoon allspice, ½ teaspoon cloves & ginger. (Spice amount can be adjusted according to taste). Stir dry ingredients together until well blended.
    Stir dry ingredients into pumpkin-oat bran mixture and blend well. Fill muffin liners with batter.
    Bake until tester comes out clean, approximately 12-15 minutes. Remove from the oven and fold a kitchen towel in half and cover muffins and allow them to steam gently. When cool, remove and store in Zip-Lock bag.

  10. EF

    I have had muscle pain, joint pain, and the latest is severe pain in my hands. I now have lumps in my hands that I think are due to taking Lipitor. I have stopped taking Lipitor, but my cholesterol is now over 300 AGAIN! Help!

  11. m w

    I am shocked at peoples cholesterol counts–my doctor panics if mine is an average of 8, and I have had a bad muscle reaction from statins and am having treatment. I refuse to take them but am worried about my cholesterol. What do you advise?

  12. JG

    I have been baking oat bran muffins from the book
    THE CHOLESTEROL CURE, and my cholesterol has gone down from over 300 to 150. Don’t remember how long it took, because I have been doing this for a very long time, but my doctor was amazed and asked what I was doing.

  13. Jdp

    I had cholesterol up to 285! I read about and started taking a high quality (60%) Fish Oil (Omega-3), 4 grams (4 capsules) each day.
    After 3 months down to 225! 60 points in 90 days. After 3 years now at a healthy 195 (I just need to exercise regularly).
    Caution: Most Drug store Fish Oil is far below the 60% Omega-3 (40% EPA – 20% DHA). You’ll have to shop on-line for a good pharmaceutical grade.
    Otherwise, you’re getting a lot of impurities in lower grade Fish Oil capsules (Mercury, PCB’s, and other toxins.) Yes they’re within FDA tolerances for those toxins; however . . . . .

  14. Jimbo

    The smoothie sounds great and has many healthful qualities. However, it is probably the oatmeal that is lowering the cholesterol. I have been doing the morning 1/3 cup of old fashioned cooked oatmeal for about two years, and the “bad stuff” dropped well over 40 points.

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