a spoonful of ground flax seed

Flaxseed is rich in soluble fiber. One reader has found a way to utilize this property to prevent constipation:

“I purchase flaxseed in bulk at a health food store for about $1.50 per pound. I put three quarts of water on to boil, add two tablespoons of flax seed and simmer for fifteen minutes. Then I cool it and strain it into containers. (It makes just over two quarts.) With two ounces in my orange juice every morning, I am more than satisfied.”

Other readers have also pointed out that flaxseed is an ingredient in Uncle Sam’s Laxative Cereal, which may also be a helpful approach to constipation.

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  1. Carey

    Can you post this recipe, including the liquid, eggs or other binders?

  2. HM

    Aurica, do you mean you substitute 2 cups of white flour with a MIX of 1 1/4 cups of oatmeal and flaxseed, or 1 1/4 cups of each? What temperature do you bake the muffins, and for how long? Sorry, I just hate to cook so don’t know about this stuff.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  3. mary

    S S- This is my experience, hope it makes sense and helps you. If it is off base perhaps Joe and Terry will correct.
    In my opinion medicines are to be avoided whenever possible when natural is available–[and works]. Years ago I regularly ground about 1 Tablespoon flaxseeds every nite in a coffee grinder. Poured it into a bit of water, swallowed it down– then followed with a full glass of water.
    Some use juice.
    I think it helped my skin, and my joints in addition to the constipation.
    Can it hurt you asked. I personally do not see how, it is a food. Along those lines–I would grind some in the morning to top cereal, oatmeal, yogurt. It is yummy. I also add a few chopped raw almonds and 1 walnut -both halves. Later, grind more to top salad of the day.
    I have stopped putting it on cooked food because I feel ‘raw’ is the healthiest. Many people sprinkle it on steamed veggies like cauliflower and broccoli. One friend keeps it in her sugar jar on the table and puts it on everything all day.
    Grinding as needed for use has got to be the best way to get the nutrients in addition to the fiber. Why pass that up! A cheap coffee grinder does the trick. Years ago when I was baking whole grain breads, I would take grain to someone to grind 10#. Would use some, freeze the rest. But not for long – only 1 week to 2, as I read years ago that once the wheat kernel is split the nutrients are gone withing either 48 or 72 hours. Made sense to me. So that buying whole wheat flour in the grocery meant it was useless nutritionally. I feel strongly about grinding as needed for that reason. Freshest, most nutritious.
    For ease sometimes, mostly when traveling or lazy I do take the capsules. They do seem to work but not as efficiently for constipation in my opinion. However capsules do have other additional benefits.
    And then there is the flaxseed OIL. Very fragile, kept in freezer, but used on salads. Or some people with joint problems just take a spoonful a day. Not the best tasting I have found, but might be delicious for someone else. The expense and the freezer need have stopped me using.
    Either here or other article some people said they experienced cramping. I believe if you begin slowly and perhaps even consume the ground flax with other foods this may be avoided………..For starting out.
    Ground flax is sold everywhere, but even if kept in the freezer I do not find this a good thing. Really–who knows how long since it was ground?
    Our grocery carries bulk organic seeds. They are a bit more expensive, but weigh so little it seems worth it.
    Ok then, that is all I know, hope it is some helpful information. And thank you for reminding me to get back on track, I needed a reminder.
    PS– Have you checked out probiotic capsules? Read about them in the 70’s and friends all told me it was ‘snake oil’. More in the 80’s–still worried and no Peoples Pharmacy website yet for me to check with. Finally just KNEW they had to be good. And they also help me. I get them at Whole Foods where they are refrigerated: not sure if the shelf stable ones are any good or not. Do not need the most expensive. For example if you take vitamins you may not want to pay more for vitamins ‘included’. I forgot the exact lowest number of billions of bacteria, or the number of strains necessary–just get high numbers of both. AND that you will use them all b4 the expiration date. Refrigerate. Again begin slowly. Might be best to start with flax, let intestines adjust [I never needed that adjustment, but some have]— then add the probiotics.
    Cannot tell you about acidophilis, but also read it helps.
    Good luck and take good care…………
    Cheers to good health and the Peoples Pharmacy!

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