Dr. Barry Sears

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Dr. Barry Sears
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Delicious meals merge the known benefits of the Mediterranean diet with those of the Zone diet.

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The Zone diet popularized by Dr. Barry Sears was one of the earliest to emphasize the importance of balancing protein, fat and carbohydrate consumption at every meal. Dr. Sears pioneered the idea that the food we eat is more powerful than any drug in controlling the activity of multiple hormones in our bodies.

Many studies have pointed to the value of a Mediterranean diet for reducing heart disease, stroke, dementia and other chronic diseases. How does a Mediterranean diet affect inflammation? And what is a real Mediterranean diet? There are lots of countries around the Mediterranean sea, and typical meals and favorite foods vary from one to another.

One thing the entire region has in common is a preference for vegetables and fruits rich in phytonutrients that give them strong flavors and bright colors. How do our bodies react to the colors on our plates and the flavors on our tongues? Minimizing white foods (flour, sugar, etc.) as much as we can may help control blood sugar and reduce inflammation, so long as we pay attention to the Zone way of eating.

Find out about the power of polyphenols from plant foods and the importance of omega 3 fats to maintain good health for life. According to Dr. Sears, all we need is to use a hand, an eye and a watch to set ourselves up for success on the Mediterranean Zone.

This Week’s Guest:

Barry Sears, PhD, is a biochemist who has become an authority on the dietary control of hormone response. He popularized the concept of The Zone as an anti-inflammatory diet, and he is president of the nonprofit Inflammation Research Foundation. He has written 13 books, including The Zone, Mastering the Zone, The OmegaRx Zone, The Anti-Inflammation Zone, and his most recent, The Mediterranean Zone.

Air Date:April 18, 2015

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