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Coumadin Interactions

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Download this guide to foods and drugs that are dangerous when combined with this blood thinner. Learn how to balance vitamin K intake.

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Find out which foods and drugs are dangerous when combined with this blood thinner. Learn how to balance vitamin K intake so that it remains stable over the week and does not fluctuate wildly from day to day. You don’t have to give up vegetables completely, but you do need to know how they stack up!

Product Reviews

  1. Andrew
    Bryan, Texas

    My first Afib attack was 26 years ago and have been on warfarin since then. Warfarin has saved my life twice. I had a heart attack and because of warfarin-no damage. Later I had a stroke and again no damage. The INR tests are a pain but are rewarding. You may have found out that warfarin’s price is somewhat lower than the other choices. Like someone earlier said, warfarin has been tested for years, and you know what to do to adjust it. I take 4 mg every other day, and when I eat “K” food, I lower my dose to 2 mg that day. I just now found out about garlic and ginger but I have been eating that for years, and no one has ever said anything about it being bad, so onward I go. I am the first male in my family to survive a heart attack and I thank warfarin for that. You just have to know when to cut back on your dosage of warfarin when you eat spinach or other greens that day. Now if you eat spinach each day, then your INR’s will stay the same. The only hard part is eating out at someone else’s home. I have to ask what is in the salad? I do not eat cranberries! I am 76 and still kicking.

  2. I totally agree on this Warfarin problem. I have so much pain in most areas of my body and cannot find any help that won’t interfere with Warfarin. Am at my wits’ end trying to live each day with this issue. I believe the only logical answer is to try to adjust Warfarin to allow NSAID use! Cannot endure constant daily pain!
    Then there’s the food problem, too. So many of us are dealing with these issues because of Warfarin.

  3. John jacab
    Louisville ky 40215

    I’m on warfarin. Why can’t I do my own testing like diabetics do? I know how to adjust my disease. I have been having it done for yrs.

  4. RE: INR levels with the use of "Tylenol/Arthritis"

    R. Plummer

    I also take Warfarin after diagnosis and treatment (autologous stem cell transplant for stage III Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I developed DVTs in my legs and started Warfarin. After several years of taking Tramadol I was blocked from taking it by the VA. Now the only pain option I have is Tylenol. The latest Tylenol for Arthritis came out and I finally found “some” relief for all my pain. However, my latest INR test came out high at 3.1 when I normally show at 2.3 or 2.4. So now I believe that this may also be off my list of meds to take for chronic pain. The doctor will tell me next week. Perhaps, just taking less of the Warfarin will do if I maintain a regular regimen of the Tylenol Arthritis.

  5. Which is better for me

    New Jersey

    I was put on Warfarin due to PE’s and DVT in leg. I was off for four and half years, then blood clot in leg warranted a vena cava filter and back on Warfarin. With my cardiologist’s input, I thought I would switch
    to Xaerelto. It was my decision. As the month’s went on, I started with all these “less severe” side effects.
    Then when I was in emergency twice within five days for esophagitis and then acute UTI….I said, enough.
    Back on Warfarin! I had too many side effects with Xarelto….

  6. Trash Can the Warfarin

    Dudley S

    I hate this Damn Warfarin! There are so many foods and other medicines you cannot eat or take! Now the main Arteries in my legs are blocked and it is because of this! It seems that Vit. K2, which I cannot take, is a very important Vit. one that directs Calcium to where it should go, your Bones but instead it going to my Arteries and now they want to rip them out of my leg and put in a man made plastic artery! The operation is very dangerous with only about a 50% survival rate and on top of that this Plastic Artery is only good for a Max. of 6 years!

    After reading many articles I think one would be much better off to just take Aspirin instead of warfarin.

    I have killed 6 mouse and 2 squirrels with it by just taking one of my pills and crushing it up with a couple of pieces of dry cat food! That is why you have to be tested every month for if you take too much it will kill you too!

    If they can send a Man to the Moon why in the Hell can they not find something better than Warfarin or this other New Crap that cannot be tested to see what it is doing!


    David Graham

    I was started on Coumadin some 15+ years ago because of a stroke and pulmonary embolism deriving from a blood clot in my leg. Some time later (weeks or months?) my prescriptions were changed to warfarin sodium. In both cases, warfarin of course requires frequent testing either by finger prick or by blood samples (the needle in the arm trick). In the past 15 years I’ve been tested at least monthly or every six weeks and I’ve had no problems. Even needle phobia has abated to almost nothing and can look forward to the outpatient lab visits. I have been occasionally tempted by Pradaxa and Eliquis advertising but I wonder about the lack of regular testing and my geriatrician shows no inclination to switch drugs.

  8. Jackie

    I have been taking Warfarin since my quadruple heart surgery in 2014. It is very difficult to keep my INR in the range between 2 – 3. Depending how many greens I have per day, the other medications I take and now have been prescribed Hydrocodone with Tylenol; 1/4 tablet 3x a day for pain. This has interfered with my INR ratio. I am afraid to switch to another medication because of the side effects I see on the commercials advertising them on TV. It is a real quandary, with no satisfactory, safe answer.

  9. anti-inflammatory medicine

    troy, pa

    i am a patient who takes coumadin because of afib. i was just going over your website concerning the effects of coumadin and tylenol together. i have pain that bothers me at night. i, too, cannot take tylenol. several years ago my health care provider told me i could take tylenol for my rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. at that time, after taking tylenol for a short time, my INR number went to 7.5 from my usual 2.00 to 2.50. unfortunately i have had to learn to deal with the pain in lieu of putting myself in danger.

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