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A Cure for Asthma? What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You–and Why

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This book challenges conventional wisdom about the causes and treatments of asthma. Could hard-to-treat asthma be triggered by a persistent infection? Dr. David Hahn presents the scientific evidence.

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A Cure for Asthma? offers a revolutionary hypothesis about the underlying cause of some cases of asthma. In an uncertain number of asthma patients, a smoldering infection that is difficult to diagnose can trigger inflammation, allergic responses and wheezing characteristic of asthma. Many of these asthma patients find their condition hard to manage with conventional asthma treatments.

Will Antibiotics Help?

What if it could be cured once and for all with antibiotic therapy? David L. Hahn, MD, MS, has decades of experience. He is a past Clinical Professor and current Director of the Wisconsin Research and Education Network (WREN) in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

In this book, he provides the scientific evidence that supports his hypothesis and presents compelling stories from patients who experienced dramatic improvement after going through his treatment regimen. This book offers asthma patients and their families vital information that they can’t find anywhere else, because their doctors probably don’t know of it. Essential reading for anyone with asthma!

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Product Reviews

  1. UPDATE - This worked for me.


    I read the book about 2-3 years ago and didn’t act on it. It all made sense and sounded like me but fear and disbelief kept me in limbo.
    In October, 2018 I wrote a review of this book. I drove from Texas to a doctor in Ohio who uses a similar protocol to what Dr. Hahn describes. 7 months later I am off of all asthma medications except 1 (I was on 5) and haven’t used inhalers, nebulizers or steroids in MONTHS. Prior to this I had multiple hospitalizations and was on steroids monthly with severe, uncontrolled asthma.
    I am getting my life back. I highly encourage you to look into this treatment and see if you are a candidate for it. It will change your life.


    Conroe, Texas

    This book is excellent. I have it in Kindle and paperback formats. The research is exhaustive and there is now even more information about it on the internet. I have read it three (3) times since I found out about it 2 years ago. I am finally going to a doctor in Ohio to see if I qualify for the treatment – based on all I have read and my severe, uncontrolled asthma history I believe I do. I am praying it is a life-changer for me. If you or someone you know has severe asthma – READ THIS BOOK. And don’t wait like I have done – if it sounds like you just go find out!

  3. Excellent book

    WW, WA

    I am thankful for Peoples Pharmacy to let us know about Dr. Hahn’s book. I read it twice and then emailed Dr. Hahn asking for a doctor close to me that is knowledgeable with the Azithromycin protocol. He gave me a couple of names, but I soon found out that my own allergy/asthma doctor was more than willing to prescribe the antibiotic. He actually gave me a prescription for several months already since he is relocating. I have a severe type of asthma and it might take time to feel better, but I am hopeful.

  4. Positively Riveting--

    Bethlehem PA

    As I stated reading it was like the book was speaking to me–if only I had found it sooner–but am thankful for discovering the info now–cannot wait to share it with my latest pulmonologist. That in itself is a story—

  5. Glad I found this Book!


    I am currently on Xolair injections for the last 4 months for my allergy induced asthma. I still take my Qvar and Breo inhalers daily. I can say I am somewhat better. I don’t think it has cured me it lowers my extremely high IGE level which keeps me from reacting to allergens (mold, grass, trees, etc). Xolair has the big drawback of possibility of anaphalaxis, it must be given in the Drs. office and you must have your Epipen at all times. It’s never happened so far, and it is also very expensive. Luckily for now my insurance covers it.

    I brought up taking the Azithromycin protocol and my pulmonologist scoffed at the idea and said “the research is weak” and also said he had tried it on a few patients and it didn’t work. I told him that if the Xolair didn’t work better at the end of 6 months, I would really like to try the antibiotic regimen, because when you live with a chronic lung disease every day you will try anything that may actually get rid of it entirely. I may have to travel to Mexico to get it, we’ll see. I’m glad I found this book.

  6. Diane

    I took azithromycin for a flu like symptom several years ago. It didn’t quite go away so I had a second round of the antibiotic . After that, I never had an asthma problem again. I suffered for over 20 years. Its a miracle for me.

  7. Looking For Answers

    Sue Ferguson
    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

    I have had a cough in mornings/ evenings for many years been thru all of test lungs, breath test, stomach, throat, xray, etc. Doctors have everything fine. Most cough has some times fem, but not all the time, So my husband Steve bought this book to see if he can help me find a answer. He is just starting to read it I do hope we can find an answer.

  8. A very important book

    Sarah D
    Malibu, California

    All physicians should read A Cure for Asthma?

  9. For those who found a Dr. who provided Dr. Hahn's treatment to you

    New Berlin, WI

    Like so many others it seems, I too , am looking for a Dr. that will be open minded enough to provide me with Dr. Hahn’s treatment to see if I can get off my inhalers and cure my “asthma”.. If you yourself have found such a Dr. and he or she is in the Wisconsin area, please let us all know who this person is , so we can go see them. I am willing to travel fairly far to see some Dr. who will try this out with me.. Thanks so much!!! Sincerely, Elvera

  10. This book is a life saver!


    This book is a life saver!
    Every home should have a copy – just in case.
    Thanks to Dr. Hahn and Peoples Pharmacy.

  11. This treatment really works!

    Kansas City

    Luckily I found the http://www.asthmastory.com website back in December 2008. I took this information to our asthma specialist, and he agreed to treat my son with Azythromycin. It worked! After 12 grueling years dealing with asthma, my son no longer has asthma. He has been asthma free since 2009. I have now purchased and passed out seven of these books. I am now purchasing two more books – one for me to keep and one for our asthma specialist who will be seeing my grandson for this same issue – asthma. If your doctor won’t treat with this antibiotic regimen, search for a doctor until you find one that will. Do not give up! This treatment will work.

  12. Dr. Hahn's book is excellent.

    Julian F.
    Spartanburg, SC

    Azythromycin has made a great improvement in my ability to breathe and has eliminated my cough. Thanks. J. Foster. Spartanburg, SC

  13. A Cure for Asthma

    Gary S.
    Roanoke, VA

    09/10/2015. Over a year ago, I had developed a persistent cough which was unusual for me. Here in the Roanoke valley, notorious for allergy problems, I had never had a problem with coughing like this. After reading Dr. Hahn’s book, I went to a pulmonologist for testing. I was given a Rx for Pulmicort. After 3 months, the symptoms persisted. My primary doctor agreed to give me a Rx for a week of azthyromycin. Of course, that had no effect. I play clarinet for fun. When I play, it puts pressure on my lungs and I cough. Just think of trying to play and cough at the same time.
    Any way. Still wanting to find a doctor who would follow Dr Hahn’s procedure.


    Denise R. Sept, 2015.
    New South Wales. Australia

    Excellent book. However, was told by the local G.P. that this antibiotic could not be prescribed unless the patient had aides. I have been on so many antibiotic over the last 3 years, plus many different inhalers, which just made me worse.


    Pat D
    Cedar Rapids, IA

    I love this book! It’s so spot on. But… BIG PROBLEM… I can’t find a Dr to follow the protocol! None of the Dr I’ve approached (including my family Dr) will even look at the book. I contacted Dr Hahn through the book since I live in the Midwest, but he only does research now. This book is groundbreaking and gives me hope that I can have a normal life again. Now if I can just find a Dr to follow Dr Hahn’s lead.



    Why am I not able to print these valuable comments? If you can, please make this possible. Thank you.

  17. Thanks for this book

    Franklin, Ohio

    About fourteen years ago I encountered some sort of lung infection with afternoon fever, coughing, major weakness and trouble getting my breath. Doctors were sure it was my heart. Had tests, even a heart cath. Nothing showed up. Nothing showed up in x-rays, but I was so sick. During one point I had to lie flat to breath, couldn’t even breathe sitting up. Over the years I get some better, but the slightest thing will set off fever and breathing problems again. A blood test taken a few years after initial infection showed that at one point I had chlamydia pneumoniae, but they said not now, only asthma/copd. Hope I can find someone who might address this problem this new way. I feel like I am living in a very small box. Thanks for this book.

  18. A Cure for Asthma? What your Doctor isn't telling you and why.

    Lloyd A.

    Amazing discovery. I have had a persistent dry cough for going on five years. It’s a wonder I have any lungs left at all or haven’t suffered some aneurysm. Actually, I did have an AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm or Aortic Dissection) so I am lucky to be alive on two counts. Part of my problem was convincing someone in the medical establishment to even entertain the fact that I may be suffering from a long term infection. At the point I am now I still feel my family physician stands unconvinced of that possibility. It’s been a long haul but armed with Dr. Hahn’s book, his research and my experience I am confident progress can be realized. I Thank you Dr. Hahn.


    Fred B.

    The Holy Bible is my number 1 book, and Dr. Hahn explained everything perfectly,
    from the cause to the cure.
    I can’t thank everyone that was involved with this book, and Thanks to Joe and Terry
    for your part in it too.

  20. Excellent


    Thanks Dr. Hahn. Spirometry results after azthyromycin treatment increased by over 10 % as measured using FEV1 and most significantly ==small airway measures up from 60% to 80%. PLease do not ignore small airway measurements-effort excellent before and after.


    FLEM D.

    I read A CURE FOR ASTHMA?, three (3) times, and to make a fifteen (15) week story short, I am symptom free!

    l literally may owe my good health to Dr. David Hahn and THE PEOPLES’ PHARMACY PRESS.

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