Q. I was fascinated to read that women’s sexual desire increases after they take testosterone under the tongue. Could you get the same effect by eating “mountain oysters” (cattle testicles) or would the cooking process and digestive juices destroy the testosterone you might get?

A. We could not find any scientific studies devoted to this intriguing subject. Both men and women absorb testosterone when it is prescribed as a pill or rubbed on the body as a cream or gel. There are also testosterone patches that work by allowing controlled doses to pass through the skin.

Testosterone does appear to increase libido for both men and women but at a price. Men may experience prostate problems that can lead to difficulty with urination. Breast enlargement is another potential side effect. There are also concerns about a negative impact on lipid levels and an increased risk of heart disease.

Women may also experience side effects from testosterone treatment. The skin may become oily and acne can develop. Hair loss is not an uncommon complaint. Hoarseness can occur and may not disappear when the drug is discontinued. The question of whether testosterone therapy may increase the risk of cancer remains controversial.

We doubt that you would get a pharmacological dose of the hormone from cooked “mountain oysters” so we doubt that this would pose a problem or be of any great benefit.

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  1. Raaja

    Eating lamb testicles is preferable to any other treatment since science hasn’t discovered everything, and selecting only one hormone and leaving all other undiscovered isn’t advisable!

  2. debbie

    After giving my chihuahua freeze-dried “turkey fries” I noticed a change in his behavior! He became a bit aggressive, he was pawing at me then running around a little crazier than normal. Then he grabbed on and humped my arm! NEVER did that ever before! And when I got up he came running after me and nipped at my ankle which also never happened before. He is neutered and 4 yrs. old. W0W! Those things DO have an effect! He only had one.

  3. Qadir K.

    Plz can any one suggest to me eating dose of Testicles ??

  4. Low T

    Testosterone therapy is no joke – it seems to cause as many problems as it fixes in some people, but in others they have no issues at all. There must be some sort of genetic component to it. Glad to hear that you didn’t have to eat any gonads though!

  5. a.s.

    I started testosterone supplementation in early 2005 (testim gel). Almost immediately I went from high-normal blood pressure to high, and started treatment for that. Then my cholesterol level went way high and I started treatment for that, which was very effective, but the damage had been done. I had my heart attack and got a stent.
    Then a couple of years later my prescription plan decided it didn’t like the 2-part cholesterol drug but would approve something else, and I said: ENUFF IS ENUFF AND THEN SOME. So I started high dosage niacin (500mg 3x/day) red yeast rice (600mg 3x/day) and fish oil (1200mg 3x/day) and haven’t had any cholesterol issues since. My Dr. is happy, so I’m happy.

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