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Why Does My Shoulder Still Hurt So Much After a Flu Shot?

People have experienced long lasting severe shoulder pain and reduced range of motion after a flu shot. Did you know there is compensation for the injury?

Last year we learned a new acronym from our readers: SIRVA. It stands for Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration.

This is the first message we received:

“It has been seven weeks since I had my annual flu shot, and my arm is still sore at the injection site.

I do not think I have a Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA) from having the vaccine injected into the wrong area.

Nonetheless, the shoulder feels like I received the shot two days ago.

There appears to be anecdotal information that the new quad vaccine has left many recipients with sore arms for an extended period. Have you read any reports that this sore arm issue is widespread this year?

Is Shoulder Pain After a Flu Shot Something New?

At first we were surprised by this case report. In 40 years of reporting about adverse drug reactions we had never run into a report of SIRVA before. That may because we just never asked the question before. But starting last fall, we began hearing from a lot of other people who also reported trouble with sore arms after flu shot vaccinations last year.

In many cases, the presumption was that the pain, weakness and limited range of shoulder motion were due to injury to the tendons, ligaments or bursa of the shoulder from the injection itself. Tendon or ligament-related pain can be incredibility debilitating and can last a very long time.

Flu Shot Stories:

One reader wrote:

It has been almost one year since I had a flu shot at my local drugstore. I am unable to raise my left arm and any movement causes severe pain.

I wake up at night when I move in bed and am not guarding my arm. The pain is excruciating. I first thought it was tendinitis, but then realized this had been going on since right after I got the flu shot last year.

We have now gotten the first case report from this year’s flu season, though the vaccination period is barely underway:

On August 10, 2015, I got a flu shot at CVS for a new job. Initially I wanted to get it from my physician or the Occupational Health location where I got my TB shot, but neither had it in stock this early in the flu season. The pharmacist wiped the top of my shoulder with alcohol, then a little higher. When he injected, I saw him go in on the highest point of my deltoid. I felt pain with the injection.

Afterward, I asked why he injected so high. He said the vaccine needs to go into the deltoid. I think it needs to go into the meatiest part. That’s always been my experience and I’ve had many flu shots because I work in health care.

I felt pain driving home and by early evening I was taking a pain reliever. The pain was so severe I could not sleep on my left side (the arm that was injected).

Two days later I returned and told the pharmacist that he injured me and he needs to understand and document that. If it didn’t feel better, I was going to see my physician. After another week, I had to do just that. She referred me to an orthopedist to look into it further.

I am convinced this is a very real problem. There should be better protocols for anyone administering shots in the arm so they stay away from the top of the shoulder, especially the attachment point of the deltoid. This is incredibly painful, to the point of nausea. I also have poor range of motion and am unable to lift with that arm. It is a serious injury.

Education, awareness and compensation for the injured are all necessary. What more can we do to get the word out?”

Did You Know There is Compensation for Vaccine Injuries?

According to The Wall Street Journal (Aug. 24, 2015), compensation for SIRVA is on the rise. The cases are handled through vaccine court. Here is an overview of what the WSJ reported:

Since 2011, the government has paid about $18 million to 112 Sirva victims–more than half of those in the past year. Twenty cases are pending, and dozens are fielded by lawyers every month, a rise attributed to the growing number of immunizations and increased awareness of Sirva in part due to attorneys devoted to vaccine-related claims.

The money comes from a trust set up in 1988 under a program to shield vaccine manufacturers from liability. It is funded by a small surcharge on vaccines. Since 1988, some $3.2 billion has been paid for a range of injuries related to vaccinations, including arthritis, encephalitis, polio and even death, according to HRSA. The government says victims compensated represent just one of every one million inoculations.”

We’re not entirely convinced that all the shoulder injuries are because of poor injection technique. Some may also be related to the vaccine itself, but that remains uncertain. The FDA and public health officials are so enthusiastic about flu shots that they seem somewhat reluctant to investigate potential problems. It is easier to blame pharmacists and nurses for improper technique.

We certainly believe that anyone administering a flu shot should be adequately trained. Bad technique almost certainly has contributed to some of the problems that have been reported. But we also would like to see the FDA and the CDC investigate the possibility that the flu shot itself may be doing damage. What’s up with the new quad (four) shot vaccine anyway?

More Stories from Readers:

This came from C.O.L.

I had a flu shot last year. It was the first one ever and last one. I was injected high on the arm. That was the first mistake as I am a thin female (see CDC website).

Within an hour my arm was very painful. Everyone said it would be fine in a day or two. Five months later I am still dealing with it. With PT and home exercise its finally improving but I still cannot sleep on that side.

I have tried filling out the adverse effect form [FDA and CDC offer a place to report bad reactions] and every time I get to the fifth page and submit, it comes up an error. This is extremely frustrating. It would have been a lot easier to have gotten the flu!!!

Debbie shared:

“I started getting annual flu shots over 15 years ago when my parents first went into a retirement home. I had never had a problem until this year. I received my shot last October and still experience considerable discomfort and ‘pinching’ over 5 months later. There has been very minimal improvement. I had never heard of SIRVA before. I strongly believe that is what I have experienced.”

Sarah the nurse offers this:

I can’t believe how many people have the same complaint. I was curious what would come up on Google when I searched shoulder pain related to flu shot.

I never chose to get flu shots on my own. I didn’t believe in them. Since being accepted into a nursing program, it is a mandatory thing. I am so irate because this mandatory thing goes against my beliefs to begin with and then this happens! Shoulder pain that is limiting my mobility. My symptoms are a sore deltoid, limited motion at the shoulder joint and now what feels like tendonitis in my wrist.

Good thing I got this in my left arm since I’m right handed. Ugh! Something needs to be done to protect us in the medical field from these mandated flu shots. A strong immune system will likely protect us better than a shot.

H.I.S. from the UK shared this:

I received the flu vaccine in September 2014. I was given the jab while seated, but with the practice nurse standing. Unfortunately, it was into my left, dominant arm.

A large, tender lump appeared under the skin after a day or two and, although it has decreased in size, it is still there. Following this jab, I have experienced increasingly painful, restricted arm movement. It has significantly affected my daily activities.

My GP has only said that I must have had an allergic reaction to the vaccine and that the lump is scar tissue. I have been offered no treatment on the NHS, so I have now resorted to paying for private physiotherapy to try and undo some of the damage and prevent further damage.”

What’s Your Experience?

We would like to know how you have made out with a flu shot? Did it protect you from influenza?  Or did you come down with the flu anyway? Last year’s shot wasn’t that great. Was it pain free or did you experience should pain? Please share your story below and vote on this article at the top of the page.

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I never believed in shots but heard so much about older people dying of flu complications that I decided to get vaccinated just before Thanksgiving. What a mistake. My arm hurt, then the pain went to my left chest, then to the crease of my left leg. Now my arm is so painful I can hardly lift it. I couldn’t believe the flu shot could be the reason but my experience is validated by others now. It’s February 7th, and it hurts worse than it did in the beginning.

I got the flu shot over a month ago at the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City and my arm still hurts it is difficult to sleep and I get tingling down my left arm to the wrist and hand. I am a driver for the VA and this shot is a requirement for employment. At this point I would rather be unemployed than in this pain.

Had flu shot by pharmacist at Rite-Aid, Really hurt when she gave it, Sept. 2018, now 1 month later can barely use my left arm, have been reading she could have hit a nerve, any idea will this go away.

I received my annual flu shot at a big-chain pharmacy, as I do every year. However, this year I have had pain in my left arm for four weeks now after the injection . Sleeping is a problem, as I like to sleep on my left side. I cannot do that now. Playing golf is very painful, and it’s a game I enjoy. I find that working out at the gym does help to a certain extent. I hope in time the pain subsides, and I get back to normal I will not be getting a flu shot ever again.I’d rather get the flu. .

on 10/1/18 I had my flu shot and a pneumonia shot the same time, one in each arm. The nurse went extremely high on my right shoulder, and that is where the flu vaccine was given. Today is the 4th, and my right arm hurts so badly that I cannot even open a door. I cannot lift my arm up without flinching. I have had a flu shot every year now for the last 5 years and never have I had this reaction. I am going to wait a few more days and hope that this goes away. Otherwise I will file a report. Something is different, and I am hoping it hasn’t caused any serious damage.

The exact same thing for me. I can not believe how many people have the same problem. I have never had this problem before.

I had my flu shot and pneumonia shot in the same arm on October 5 2016. The pharmacy tech only spaced the shot two inches apart.
My arm swelled almost to my wrist and it turned red. I went back to Walmart and they gave me at no charge benedyrl. It took almost a week for the swelling to go away. I had a huge knot at the injection site. It took it over nine months to go away. It has continued to eat away at my muscle until it feels like it us to the bone. It is hurting tonight 10/3/18 so bad that I started looking. My shoulder has hurt bsfly and lit range of motion, but I had not realized it could be from the shots.
I am going to file a report. Way too many people hurting here with same complaint.

I had my flu shot 3 weeks ago . The injection didn’t bother me but the day after I’ve been having pain from my shoulder down to my elbow I also had injected my dinoman arm my left arm and I like sleeping on my left side I can’t even do that but the pain just not go away

i normally do not get the flu shot, but I was training an intern and thought i would let him give me a flu shot. I am a Pharmacist and we are pushed to give vaccine quotas and with a intern it makes the demand less burdensome. I told him to give the shot in the thickest portion of the deltoid, but he was trained as many to give the shot in the triangle at the high part of the upper arm. The shot did not cause discomfort initially, but over the course of the year, i have experiencing more pain. At first it was mainly at night, now it i experience pain throughout the day. The pain and discomfort is in the arm and not at my joints, and unfortunately my range of motion is continually being diminished. I am required to meet a specific quota of Flu shots this year and I am asked quite often “Did you get yours?” i tell them I had a bad reaction and it is no longer recommended for me. I hope that it is technique and the cause is the Flu shot itself. Oh by the way, I also became ill last year with a virus that had all the earmarks of the flu, but it was very short lived. I only missed one day of work and only experienced a single real debilitating day.

I had a flu shot seven days ago. I got a little local drugstore where I always get it every year. I am insured so not only is it still painful but it was also more expensive than last year they said it was a four way. I cannot sleep on my left side without incredible pain. I can’t lift up my left arm past my shoulder And I thought I was going crazy until I found this website.

I just received my flu shot last Wednesday on my left arm upper arm area I was told I would have pain for up to 4 days and to move my arm. It’s day 9 and the pain is worse I can barely move my arm with light pain. I am angry and hope this doesn’t continue very long however reading other stories I’m not so sure. I enjoy working out and now am I going to have to stop lifting weights I can’t believe a simple shot can take away your mobility.

I received my flu shot on Aug 24th from the pharmacy at Publix. The pharmacist gave me the shot high up on my arm, and I didn’t feel it but immediately my arm started to feel sore. I thought this was normal but it will be two weeks on Friday, and I am in a lot of pain. I cannot sleep on that side, and I cannot lift up my arm without pain. It is very weak. There is an issue with this vaccine if all of these people are having the same problems. I am a dance teacher, and I need full movement of my arm

Extreme pain, restricted movement, wheezing,lack of concentration.

I happened on this article because my daughter asked me to get a TDAP shot before our visit with our new grandchild. I have had flu shots twice. On both occasions I had severe shoulder pain and my arm became numb for about two days. Both the pain and the numbness resolved after a few days. However, my Doctor no longer recommends I get flu shots as she is concerned that I could develop Guillain Barre.

I am in the high risk category due to age and other medical conditions. Reading up on TDAP and Flu shots it seems that any injection can cause severe arm pain (the kind where you cannot use your arm at all). I’ve not heard or read of others who developed numbness. Anyone else out there have a similar reaction?

Mar 10, 2018 I received a vaccination with pretty bad shoulder pain that just persisted. By day 2-3 I knew it wasn’t normal. 3 doctors later no one believed me. After searching online I realised I wasn’t going crazy, it was definitely the vaccination. About a month ago, 4 weeks in, my pain was as bad as though it was still day 3, no resolution at all. I read comments on here, noticing that comment after comment is talk about how there has been absolutely no improvement even months or years later.

That night, I cried myself to sleep wondering what life would be like, living with that shoulder pain for years. Well fast forward to now, I am almost pain free – definitely don’t think about it at all anymore. The pain is only there if I look for it, and doing a very particular, odd and exaggerated movement of my shoulder which is never actually functionally necessary and even then the pain is minor. So I am ecstatic about it. It took 7-8 weeks to resolve. I went to a fabulous physiotherapist who worked out the scar tissue, I did diligently exercises twice daily and applied a cold pack but things improved the most honestly when I went to mexico for a week.

Maybe the heat and humidity was what helped. Who knows. A colleague of mine had this as well and is a body builder, I feel strongly that her persistent exercising probably greatly contributed to her full recovery too. Just wanted to leave a positive comment about the pain actually resolving in case there is someone out there reading like I did a month ago, getting incredibly discouraged…. Well there is hope!

I had the flu shot in October, 2017. I went to a pharmacy, and while I sat the pharmacist administered the shot standing up. Within 48 hours I lost all range of motion and was in terrible pain. I called the pharmacy and they knew nothing about correlation to the flu shot and shoulder pain. I asked a few medical doctors, who thought a nerve was hit. I then went to a chiropractor who checked on flu shots and shoulder injuries and discovered SIRVA. I filled out the forms, which took forever, as I had to find out the lot # and manufacturer of the serum (which is still in my bursa). Every time I started filling out the form, I had to begin again to find the needed information.

I had an MRI, which shows a torn rotator cuff and partial bicep tear. I have seen an orthopedic surgeon and will need surgery. I have been through PT and acupuncture but am living with chronic pain. I am a yoga and group fitness instructor. I have continued to work, and I think because of that I have not lost full use of my arm. Once I have the surgery, I will probably have to stop working unless people are OK with a one-armed teacher. I won’t be able to drive for some time. My daughter, her husband, and 4 yo old twins just moved from the east coast so I could help them out. Am so disappointed that I can’t do that.

I did retain a local lawyer, but she has not followed up with questions I’ve asked her. Today, 4/23/18, it will be 6 months since I’ve had the shot and can begin the settlement case. Am going to look for a new lawyer, too.

I wrote to this blog last April and wanted to send an update. The shoulder surgeon had me take a second MRI. It showed a full tear of the rotator cuff. I had surgery 6 weeks ago. The surgery was out-patient. I had to be on opioids round the clock to stay ahead of the pain for about 3-4 days. I began PT a week and a half after surgery. I had PT twice a week for 6 weeks, and am now once a week. Our local TV station reported on the importance of the flu shot. I decided to make my story public and was interviewed by the news. They also interviewed an infection disease doctor (who never heard of SIRVA) and a nurse who said I was the first person in over 10 years to have SIRVA. My goal was to educate the medical field and the public about the shot. My video went viral. There were a lot of embellishments to what I said ~ being hospitalized, woman almost loses her arm to flu shot ~ but about 90% of the people realized they probably had SIRVA and no one knew about it. About 5% of the people reaffirmed why they’ll never have a flu shot.

I had the flu shot in oct 2017. I have extremely bad pain in my left arm. I do not know what to do. My Dr. suggested physical therapy.

I started having pain in my left arm 2 years ago after getting a pneumonia shot. I thought it would go away, but never did. I had to have the second pneumonia shot for a booster. Again my shoulder kept hurting. I went to my doctor because I couldn’t sleep on my left side, and using my arm in certain positions was very painful. He gave me 2 cortisone shots and then set up an MRI. They reported I had a tear in my shoulder and am waiting to hear from an orthapedic surgeon now. All this started with that pneumonia shot, but they don’t believe me.

Since my flu shot last October I have experienced the following: a large black and blue mark in the area of the injection; hand/arm trembling, as well as tenderness and inflammatory sensation around my upper arm and shoulder, which wakes me up at night. I do have a mild case of Dupuytren’s disease.
I went to a neurologist for the trembling that at times is very bad and was told that I do not have Parkinson’s disease. As the mysterious trembling increases, I am more and more convinced that it was caused by the flu shot. Before going back to the doctor, I would like to hear your opinion. Thank you

Flu vaccination 10/18/2017 – normal pain for 2 days. Extreme soreness in my left upper arm and shoulder since 10/20/17 – 6 months later and it still hurts like the devil. Limited range of motion. Putting on and taking off clothes is an ordeal. I am so thankful I took the shot in my left arm. I’m right handed and this much pain on my right side would be more debilitating than it is on my left side. The pain is excruciating. I’ve been to a Neurologist to rule out the symptoms aren’t coming from a different area like my neck. I’ve had an MRI and I have more test (Myelogram) this Friday to help me figure out what’s going on. I’ve always thought the flu shot caused all this, but I am going through the process to find relief. After reading these thoughts others have shared, I’m leaning more and more toward the cause being the flu vaccination. I’ll let everyone know more when I see my doctor next week. I pray for each of you – this is the worse pain I’ve ever had and the longest ongoing! If anyone who has commented finds relief, please share with the rest of us. We all want this pain to stop!

Got a flu shot in 2003. Massive swelling in muscles and joints. I have not bent my fingers or turned my neck for 15 years. I was told to be VERY patient.

I received the flu shot last October, 2017, because it is mandatory in my nursing college. The shot was given in my left deltoid. Since that time I experienced extreme pain in my left arm, and the pain radiated up into my neck,making it hard to sleep for about 2 weeks. The neck pain has since subsided; however, I still continue to have extreme pain in my left arm.

Not only do I experience this pain, but I also have limited range of motion and decreased strength! For instance, I can’t even hold my 6 month-old nephew very long without feeling week in that arm, and experiencing pain. The nurse injected it correctly, but I know it was the vaccine that has caused this damage!

Also, several others in my nursing student cohort are experiencing similar symptoms. My neighbor works in a medical facility where flu vaccines are mandatory, as well, and she told me that her coworker experienced severe pain in her arm which radiated up into her neck. Honestly, I do not consider these incidences as mere coincidence but, a severe adverse reaction caused by the chemicals in the vaccine!

On January 3, 2018, I received a Afluria Quad 2017-2018 Syringe flu shot at Costco in Salinas, CA. This was a very bad idea! I normally go to my doctor for my shot, but she had already run out since I decided on it so late. Since my shot at Costco, my left arm has not been the same. I now have limited range of motion, I’m taking pain killers, I wake up throughout the night due to pain and discomfort, and this has never happened to me before. I don’t know what to do. I found this forum and saw the other stories similar to mine and I too think it’s important to share what happened to me. Thank you.

Would like to add to my previous post:

I received the fluzone high dose for seniors.

I have reduced range of motion in my arm.

Restless sleep from the pain.

Got flu shot Jan 26, 2018. Told the pharmacist the injection hurt! My upper arm is still sore after six weeks. Plan to go to a physical therapist to see if there is another cause for my pain.

I had flu B Dec 27, before I got the flu shot. Prescribed

I had my flu vaccine 23rd September, 2017. It’s now March 2018 and still have horrendous pain in my shoulders, muscles and joints. Have seen three doctors but still in pain. This came on within hours of having the vaccine. I’m finding life very difficult as it’s restricting movement of all kinds. Glad to know it’s not all in my head. Let’s hope we all get sorted ASAP.

I had my annual flu shot in October 2017. Not my first one and never any problems prior to this one. Injection site was red, slightly swollen for a couple of days…sometimes typical, so I didn’t think much about it. However, my upper arm and shoulder is STILL hurting to this date February 28, 2018. I have to stop and rest it when styling my hair. The pain often wakes me at night. Will it eventually get back to normal?

Had flu shot just after Thanksgiving 2017. My arm still hurts 27 Feb, 2018. Have fatty lump in bend of
elbow and under arm. There are a lot of us with pain but does anyone know what the cure is?

My flu shot was administered to me during the first week of November 2017
By my regular physician in Toronto, Canada. It wS given in my left arm . I am left handed. It is now feb. 14, 2018 and my arm is still in pain. I could not lift it for 2months, sleeping was a problem. Eating and dressing almost impossible . I was crying out involuntarily. With every movement. I am still aware of the
Pain. It is over 3months.
Good news—- I have not had the flu——-yet.
Rochelle zabitsky

I too, also. Got a 3-yr Quadrivalent flu shot on Nov. 16 2017. And here it is February 3, 2018 and have severe pain in my left shoulder. It is more when I sleep and relaxing and winding down at night. I’m a stomach and side sleeper. At first I though it was me sleeping that way, but then when I wake up to go to the bathroom or roll over I have to assist raising my left arm because it hurts so bad. I’ve been getting the flu shot since 2012 and never had any trouble with it until now.

I, too got a flu shot on 11/7/17. I don’t know what kind, but I don’t think it was a 3-yr one. Anyway, here it is 2/20/18 and I have severe pain in my left shoulder. Like you, I notice it more towards evening, although I’ve woke up in the morning with so much pain I’ve had to sleep on a heating pad. I used to sleep on my left side & I definitely can’t do that anymore! Even when I lay on my right side it hurts my left shoulder because it feels it’s pulling the muscles towards the bed. I have to lay on my back, which I hate, because I’ve always had bad dreams when I sleep on my back. I notice during the early evening, more so than during the day, that lifting my arm straight out is painful & hard to do. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

I had the flu shot about a month ago my arm was sore. I thought that it was normal. Now my arm hurts all day long and I can’t sleep at night because of the pain. I am going to call the doctor and set an appointment. So glad I read all these reports. There has to be something we can do. I have never had a flu short before and I will never take one again. It is hard to function at work because of the pain.

Same has I had my flu jab. November 2017 now Feb 2018. In pain can’t lift my arm up. Now can’t sleep with pain can’t do my job properly at work really getting me down now don’t know what to do may be take this further any idea please.

My flu shot was administered by Walgreens 4 months ago. The pharmacist standing, jabbed my left arm with the shot while I was sitting. I was so shocked at how rough she was I stood up and left without a word or a bandaid. The site was sore for a few days and achy, which I’ve felt before. But a week after til now, 4 months later, I have excruciating pain with certain movements like crossing my arms, while sleeping if I raise it, I can’t sleep on that side, a swinging side movement. These movements are so painful it causes nausea and it takes a few moments to gather myself from the effects of the pain. The Dr didn’t say much and the pharmacist of CVS thinks I have a bone bruise from the abrupt stab. And if this isn’t enough, I got the flu three times since the shot. Feeling very frustrating.

I, too, received my annual flu shot in October 2017. I have been getting the flu shot for the past 20 years without a problem. This year the shot was given to me high on my left shoulder area. Ever since then, I have had an achy soreness high up on my left arm. I usually sleep on my left side, but now if I turn to that side at night, I wake up due to the pain. I sleep with a small pillow under that arm and often take Advil to quiet it down. It is not excruciating and not constant, but when it starts to ache, it is extremely annoying. I also feel a bit of weakness in that arm.

I had my flu jab in October2017. It has been very pain full went to GP given cream to rub on (useless). Surely it can’t be all in our heads, take very strong pain relief but does not help arm.

So helpful to find I am not making this up . Left arm is extremely painful. Especially my shoulder. Have never had an adverse reaction to a flu shot before.

I totally understand how you feel. I have little relief from the shoulder pain. The pain often radiates to my neck and down my arm resulting in excurciating pain.
Im miserable often loosing sleep. Whats bad is I need to be up sometimes earlybto take care of my Momma or pick up a 14 yr old at the bus.
Love n Light, SG

I had a shingles vaccine September 8, 2016. Soon after I not only had a shingles reaction but a very painful shoulder. I’ve been to 4 orthopedist, 3 pain doctors. And PT 2 times 3 times a week for 3 months. I am in pain but not like I was a year ago.
I did report to the CDC my reaction.

I continue to have a problem and continue to make my shoulder better.
Carol S

We moved to the states summer of 2016. My daughter recommended we all get the flu shot since we will be experiencing our first winter. I got my flu shot on my left arm around. That night, I experienced awful pain on my arm to the point where I couldn’t lift it up. I had difficulty moving my arm and I couldn’t sleep on my left side.

I did visit my doctor and she had an x-ray done on it but the result came up nothing. It has been more than a year now but I am still having severe pain on my left arm. The pain is really bad when I raise my arm and I can no longer use my left hand to scratch my back because it my arm hurts. I would wake up in the middle of the night due to the pain. The good thing is that we survive our first winter without having the flu. The bad thing is that I now have this constant pain on my arm and it doesn’t seem like there is any remedy for it.

I agree with the others who mentioned that it would have been tolerable getting the flu instead of having to endure this pain probably forever. Never getting the flu shot ever again.

I’m not getting another flu shot either! I’m really getting tired of being ‘brushed off’ by doctors due to recommended medical procedures. Now I have arm pain and the best my doc comes up with is Fybro.

I had the flu shot in mid-October, and my left deltoid hurts 2 months later. It seems OK until I raise my arm a certain way, and then it hurts quite a bit.

I am a health professional (RN) and am required to get the shot, but I am not sure I want to do it again. I am reserving judgement to see how long this pain will last.

I had the more potent flu shot in September, and now in December still have shoulder pain. PT, heat, cold, cortisone shot, massage, etc., have provided no relief. x-Ray and MRI say nothing. Does anyone know of a remedy that actually has worked?

Received flu shot during annual visit with PC about 2 months ago, administered as in previous years by his nurse. Didn’t hurt and with very little soreness afterwards. At about two weeks after, I notice when I moved my arm in an abnormal position and especially under stress it would hurt severely and ache for about two minutes. The symptoms persist.

Me too !! I had mine high on the shoulder and felt like he hit the bone and I winced in pain. Sure enough the next day my left shoulder started throbbing and now I can’t sleep at night very well and can’t lift my arm without feeling excruitiating pain. Now that I know that I’m not alone am going back to the pharmacy and let them know what happened and get this DOCUMENTED.

I received my vaccine shot in late October and it is bothering me now…what is strange was when administered I didn’t feel anything. I was so surprised it didn’t hurt or sting at all. It was only after that it hurt that night and now it is a slightly sore every morning. It doesn’t completely resolve and still feel the soreness tonight

I too had the flu shot about 5 weeks ago in my right arm. It has been aching ever since. I asked the nurse that gave the shot about the pain and she said it was likely psychosomatic. All I know is in the past, this has never happened before when I received a flu shot. I do not know what to do.

Four weeks ago had flu shot in right arm / pneumonia shot in left. Both given very high near shoulder (at least 3/4″ than I remember from previous ones). Left arm hurt worse for 2 days then gradually improved. Right arm movements are slower and arm sore in shoulder area, painful to touch/rub.

This is so alarming. I had a forced flu shot 12 days ago. Had them use the left deltoid as I am right handed. I would say approx 4-5 days later I started having pain not directly at the injection site but up near the shoulder area and it feels as though it is pinching and burning.

Every 7 seconds there is a twinge of pain and the pain is also down the outside of my upper arm. I am also experiencing pain in my left neck area.

I got my flu shot (Flucelvax quad) on 11/1/17 at CVS. The initial injection was painless, and I didn’t have much at all right afterwards, but starting about 10 days ago I got what I thought was a bad cold. My left arm at the injection site started hurting (sort of a burning ache) intermittently, and I’m having minor problems with that wrist that I’m not sure are related, The ‘cold’ seems to have cleared up for the most part. No other symptoms (arm has full range of motion if a bit stiff at times; not red, swollen and pressing on/kneading the skin doesn’t hurt at all). Stretching the shoulder does help (I don’t notice any discomfort when I’m working). Never had anything like this happen with a flu shot before.

I received my flu shot in October, 2017. Its now November 29th, 2017, and I’m having severe pain in my right arm, which is my dominant side. It feels like someone stabbed me in my arm, and they’re turning the knife in my bone. I am in the nursing field at a skilled nursing/rehab center. I am a Restorative Tech, and my job consists of performing range of motion on our Residents. I cannot peform my job to the fullest due to the pain in my right arm. The pain of performing passive range of motion on others almost kills me. Also terribly painful is putting splints, braces on contracted residents. I need help.

Had a flu shot 3 weeks ago and still intense pain when I try to lift that arm.

I had my shot on 10/05/2017, and until today I am having a very painful left arm with limited movement range. I cannot lift with that arm. I am certain it was caused by either the flu shot itself or how it was administered.

I received my FLu shot on October 25th at the local big-name pharmacy, and I have had severe pain and limited movement in my left arm ever since. When I first received the shot it was 8pm at night, and I recall getting an unusual pain that radiated in my arm and into my neck. For the last several weeks it has stayed in my upper arm and occasionally radiates down into my hand, it almost feels like it morphs. I have noticed strange itchiness at the site and just have not felt great since receiving the shot. Certain very simple every day movements are impossible and are severely painful. I have had previous flu shots and have NEVER experienced this before. I don’t know if it was a bad batch of flu shots. I got the batch number and the manufacturer name from Wegmans. I think we should ALL check if there is a common thread or just poor administration of the shot by the person. Like many off you I work out daily and moving my arm just to run is impossible. I reported this to store’s pharmacist, and she said they have NEVER heard of such a thing. That’s curious since I am finding many of you who HAVE experienced the same thing.

Me, thought it went away but it’s back, very painful and limited movement!
My shot was 14 days ago !

I had my flu shot administered October 6, 2017 and continue to have soreness and restricted movement as well. It hurts very bad while sleeping.

It’s been 3 weeks since my shot and trying to not be “a big baby,” I keep wondering why my shoulder is so sore. It feels like it’s toward the back when I try to massage that area… up by the bone. I have pain when I lift it and ESPECIALLY IN BED! I don’t lie on it but I can barely lift my arm without pain. I’ve gotten a flu shot every year but never had this type of lingering pain. It just doesn’t seem to go away! I’m glad it’s my left arm as that’s not my dominant side but still it’s making doing things difficult. I’m a very active person and this is slowing me down. I’m wondering does it eventually heal? Maybe it takes months? I’d like some sort of hope, even if it’s a long time. That’d be better than thinking this is permanent!

I had my flu shot on 10/24/17. My arm been in pain ever since I can sleep at night. My Dr prescribed me some strong medication so I can sleep at night. It has been a month with this pain. My Dr is sending me for some test.

Karen and Jo – I’m having the same experience with pain and lack of full motion to do some simple tasks – since September! Tonight after turning to use my arm to pick up something off the table to my side and having pain and inability to complete the motion, I googled ‘flu shot arm pain’ and found this webpage. Now I see, this isn’t just my experience.

Same thing here…flu shot 3 weeks ago…reachign my left arm to side table and fee like I have loss of strength and vey weak. I stumbled on the idea of having my flu shot in that arm…and googled it and found it is a real thing!! NOW WHAT DO WE ALL DO?????

I got an influenza vaccine at my PCP’s office on 10/18/17 and my arm has hurt tremendously ever since. I was sitting; the nurse was standing. I have spoken to the nurse who injected me and she states this has never happened before.

No help was provided as the physician was out of the country when I called. I am sure it is SIRVA. My arm hurts all the time, radiating down my arm into the little finger with movement, and wakes me up if I roll onto my side at night. I keep hoping it will just go away, but so far it has not.

Wow! I have been searching the internet since 2015 flu shot to see if any others had reaction to the shot..I just came across this arrival 2017!!! I had such severe arm pain that spread into my legs, and soon my entire body!

Muscle pain was unbearable and I also had a hard limp where the injection was! This pain has not gone away and I have not received a flu shot since, and will never again get one… I warn people all the time about flu shots! I wish I had never got one!

I am 43 and received my flu shot 3 weeks ago from a Doctor. I am still experiencing the sore and pain on my injection area. It was the first time I experienced it.

I too had the flu shot 9/13/17 and have had pain the the injection area ever since.
I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one.

I had my annual flu shot about 5 weeks ago at our local Target where we have always received our shots in the past. Just a few hours later that afternoon my arm and shoulder became much more painful than I have ever experienced in the past.

I also received the shot several inches higher than I ever had it placed before, well above the fleshy part of my arm and right on the bone it seemed. When I questioned why it was placed so high the reply was that the location did not matter. It is still very painful, with a limited range of motion and hurts to raise my arm, as I am a very active person this is beginning to really get me down.

I just received flu shot a few weeks ago and my left shoulder and arm still hurt. It hurts to lift my left arm. I feel the pain in my elbow and down my arm. I have gotten flu shots before and never experienced this before.

I got the shot Oct. 28,2017, and my shoulder still hurts. Sometimes the pain is in my lower part of my arm also. I have never had a shot that left lingering pain in my arm.

I too am having soreness in my left shoulder after having a flu shot about a month ago. Pain when raising my arm.

I had a flu shot 3 weeks ago at Walgreens. She did inject it up higher than a usual flu shot. My arm was sore, and then it went to my shoulder. I can hardly do anything with that arm without pain. Now my neck is sore. How long will this last???????? Sleepless in Florida

I’m having the same problem with my left shoulder – pain, range of motion issues – a week after a tetanus booster in my left deltoid. Worried. It seems to have referred from the injection site, which is still sore, to my rotator cuff area.

I received the senior flu shot 3 weeks ago, mgr of walgreens administered it. gave me the shot almost straight down thru rt shoulder. I have been in excruciating pain and immobility ever since. been to two doctors and a physical therapist. no relief yet. helppppppp

I have been getting a flu shot every year for probably 15-20 years or more and have never got the flu since then and never had any problem at all. I have always been a big proponent of the flu shot. I just got this year’s shot yesterday and I have a large lump on my arm that itches and is painful. It is also very high on my arm as most other people are saying. I’m a little worried at some of the side effects that I am reading about. I don’t know if it makes any difference but I always went to Walgreens for the shot before, but this time I went to Publix since they offered a $10 gift certificate if you get your shot there. I don’t remember ever getting the shot so high up on my arm and also this is the first time it was a little painful. Anyway, that has been my experience.

My partner had the flu jab at the end of 2016 , recommended by his doctor for health reasons. His arm by the end of the night had started to swell really badly. He was told ” that this can happen”, ” give it a few days”.

But it didn’t get any better. 10 months later ,he can’t sleep , the pain is so unbearable at times and is bringing him down emountialy and physically. He found himself crying in frustion in front of the doctor.

We explained we discovered this web site , could not believe other people had the same symptoms , could it be Sirva ? Which he refused to except. Physio didn’t work. It’s like shut up and go away and take painkillers! Which only last so long , He wants to no what is wrong with him and who can fix it and when will He get better.

Is their a test to prove or disprove sirva .we managed to get the doctor to put him on a waiting list for some sort of scan .( 7 month waiting list)! What’s a disprate man to do until then.

I got a flu shot yesterday, today I have a lot of pain in my shoulder and neck. Didn’t realize it was from the shot till I touched my arm And it was sore. I guess I should call the office and tell them?

I have been getting a flu shot for several years, and last year 2016 for the first time ever, was the most painful. I had gotten it from shop right in Bound Brook, NJ. I had pain in my right arm for a good six months before it finally cleared up. I just don’t understand why that shot bothered me for so long. Could it be something in the shot itself?? It was scary and painful. I am a 55 year old female.

I had the flu shot on September 22 2017. Today is October 16 and still the shoulder pain wakes me up and can’t sleep on the left side. My doctor told me I am the first to report this injury out of hundreds shots given every year. I am taking a pain killer and doing therapy but the pain doesn’t go away.

I’m a nurse and received the “mandatory” flu shot from a co-worker. When she administered this last year I and a couple other nurses thought she gave it higher than we thought we would give it. This year was the same. Less than 3 hours later I was in a great deal of discomfort with limited range of motion. The tendonitis/bursitis I developed after extensive yard work last spring felt like it got reignited! Constant ache, pinching with movement, tender to external pressure.
I’m only 5 days into this but I hope this resolves soon. I believe it is the result of poor technique but could it be the flu formulary instead?

I received flu shot yesterday and it was high on my left arm. It’s hurt alot since then. Couldn’t hardly sleep last night. I sure hope this doesn’t continue. Took Tylenol for pain. Did help a little.

I had the flu jab and my left arm hurts right up the shoulder, hurts when I lift my arm not getting better. The nurse who did it did it too high up the arm.

Asking if my doctor can do it next year. Glad I’m not on my own that many people feel the same as me.

I will never get a flu shot again

I use a catheter to urinate but right after the 2017 flu shot I wake up the middle of the night with an urgency to urinate but not a total voiding.This occurs every 15 mins. and I need a heavy duty depends not to leak. I am eighty seven yrs. old and am losing a lot of sleep.

I finally do a full catheterization just to get back to sleep. I also got severe pain in my right shoulder where the injection was for the first time in my life.

My 81 yrs old Mother got her flu shot last Thursday (Oct 5, 2017) and is now complaining of shoulder and arm pain. This the first time she has ever had any problems.

My 6 year old daughter got the flu shot on Tuesday. Her little arm is swollen, bright red, itchy, hot to touch. Very uncomfortable. I feel so bad. I didn’t want to get it. I should have listened to myself instead of the asthma dr advice.

I just got the flu shot yesterday and my arm was shaking and it was still shaking after the flu shot it hurts like a normal flu shot would but for some reason before the flu shot i fell to the ground and I hurt my big toe and now it’s been hurting and the skin that’s on the nail has turned into a light green and now a day after my flu shot I am typing this right now while I am already ready for school and waiting to go to school my leg started hurting into serve pain it still is I told my mom she said tell the nurse in school I will

I received the quad flu vaccine 2 days past. My left arm is in severe pain! Never has a flu shot left a lingering pain before.

I have had the Flu shot with no problems for many years. Until this year 2017. At this time I also had the shingles vaccine. Some weeks later (aprox. 6) I noticed the pain and spoke to my doctor about it. She sent me for a test to see if it was the nasty Poly Myalgia Rheumatica, a condition that my mother had for years. I didn’t get an answer so guessed that it was negative. Later I asked her, and she said no – if I had that, it would be in both my arms.

It was the nurse at the surgery who gave me the inoculations, and while I did not watch her give it to me – I am very sure that it was near the top of my arm.

I received my flu shot at work by independent contractor that came through. Gave it up high in the arm in October 2016. I am now on my third month of physical therapy due to rotary cuff tendonitis.
The pain became worse to the point ​that I couldn’t use my right arm at all. It almost caused my shoulder to lock up. I also have pain that radiates down my arm and affects my hand and up my neck.

It’s a relief to see I’m not on my own! Though it’s a bit worrying there seems no solution, and maybe it doesn’t get better… I had a flu shot around 6 months ago at CVC. I don’t remember it being applied high on my arm, though I have a vague recollection it was a little unusual. I didn’t experience unusual pain, but some degree of pain has stayed with me since then, and it appears to be getting worse even months after the shot. Like others, I have issues raising my arm and it is painful when I lift and pull it back (as I do when putting on my suit jacket). I notice it when sleeping, though that is maybe getting better rather than worse. It also feels to me as if my muscle tone is degrading in that one spot. I am in my late 50s but I run or ride everyday and I’m pretty active. I would be really keen to hear from anyone who has experienced this for more than a month or two, and has then had it go away.

Michael- I had my flu shot 4 weeks ago and have since been on a steroid pack, and my doctor started me on Celebrex for the pain in my shoulder. He thinks the needle hit my tendon. I’ve been experiencing most of the pain at night as well. Did your shoulder heal? I am also very active. And have been able to exercise. But certain motions cause my should to pop or feel sore.

I received a flu shot from my doctor’ office in December 2016. My left shoulder has been hurting every since. I called him 3 weeks later & told him about the pain. I was told take some ibuprofen 3 tumes a day for 2 weeks & the pain should go away. it’s now April 2017 & the pain is still there. Sometimes, the pain throbs so bad, I need to a pain reliever. It’s sore to touch the spot where I received the shot, can’t sleep on my left side for more than 5-10 minutes. range of motion is limited & arm is ALWAYS site & hurting. My doctor said it appears I’m allergic to the flu shot & don’t get it again…. He didn’t have to tell me that!!

I received a flu shot from my doctor’ office in December 2016. My left shoulder has been hurting every since. I called him 3 weeks later & told him about the pain. I was told take some ibuprofen 3 tumes a day for 2 weeks & the pain should go away. it’s now April 2017 & the pain is still there. Sometimes, the pain throbs so bad. I need s pain relief. it’s site to touch the spot, can’t sleep on my left side for more than 5-10 minutes. range of motion is limited & arm is ALWAYS site & hurting.

I currently work at a Hospital. I had to get a flu shot this year in January. I wasnt too aware of where she injected the shot but shortly after my srm became real sore. The soreness went away but not completely after a few weeks but then it slowly came back and as of now everyday it feels like its getting more sore, stiff day by day. It hurts to lift my arm.

I was checking on line about arm and shoulder muscle pain and come to see all the people that complained about their pain starting after getting their flu shot. I have NEVER got one before and this time about five months ago I got one. Big mistake, I have been having muscle pain on my right hand since then, cann’t hardly move arm back. Will have to check more on this now that I see how many other people had the same problem.

I received my flu shot at my doctor’s office in early November 2016. While receiving it I felt the most severe pain. I have gotten the flu shot almost every year for the past 20+ years, and I have never felt that much pain. I did feel that it was injected too high on my arm. For several days I could not lift my arm. A month went by and I visited my doctor to report the pain and limited range I was still experiencing. She suggested physical therapy, however, I am 35 miles from a physical therapist, so I have been doing exercises on my own. Now it is mid March and I am still experiencing pain, especially during the night after I have been inactive or perhaps slept incorrectly on my arm. I have found ibuprofen helps but I do not want to take that daily as I have stomach issues. I rely on Salonpas to help in the night. I hope this pain eventually goes away and I can fully use my left arm again. I am still using my adapted dressing habits as I cannot take off or put on my clothes as I did before. I will not be getting the flu shot again next fall. I am wondering if there is a nasal alternative.

I received a TDAP shot October 2015 from a Walgreens pharmacist. My arm immediately swelled like an egg and burned and itched. It slowly went down after about three weeks but then I began to lose range of motion. I kept thinking it would get better the next day… and the next day… and here I sit over a year later and although I can wash my hair now, I still cannot sleep on that side, fold clothes, lift or exercise, etc. I reached out to a vaccine lawyer and filed a claim with VAERS but the lawyer said because I have a history of neck pain and because I waited 10 weeks to see an orthopedic doctor, I have no claim. This has been a living nightmare – an extremely painful one. This is just wrong! I am a small framed woman, age 45, who apparently received the wrong size needle and an injection too high up on my arm since I literally unbuttoned my shirt and pulled the shoulder down (mistake). Go to a doctor and remove your shirt entirely.

My mother volunteered at the hospital for 15 years and had to get a flu shot every year. It was “mandatory”. She never had any problems with it. This year she got the shot from her Dr’s office, and 1 hour later she was complaining about the pain in her arm; that it was excruciating. Initially I read the articles about 1 – 2 days of possible pain, then I stumbled onto this page. OMG, I’m horrified. I have never gotten a flu shot, nor do I ever intend to, and now this reaffirms my choice. And “choice” is what it should be for everyone, not “mandatory” for some.

I received the flu shot at school designated for all teachers to receive it when you sign up for it. I have been teaching for over 10 years, and I have received it every year. This year was the first time to have a long-lasting pain that I still struggle with today. I have very little motion and sometimes I can’t raise my arm pass my shoulder. I have had a steroid shot, massages, and using essential oils everyday along with poppin’ Aleve and alternating with Tylenol. There is no relief. I wake up every morning with a throbbing, stabbing, and numbing sensation that it has extended to my neck area that makes it difficult to do easy tasks, such as changing a shirt or brushing my air. I feel as if I losing muscle tone since I am active in running and playing tennis at the age of 49. The pain hurts when I try to do those things that I wonder if I am having an onset of a heart attack. I even went to physical therapy, but could not afford paying forty dollars every time for twice a week for six weeks. If anyone has suggestions on what to do to get relief I am all ears. I just want my arm to feel normal.

I too do not believe in the flu shot but the doctors really want you to have it and post all kinds of data on the death and complications that arise from the flu. I had also seen many of my family members suffer from the flu so I caved and accepted the flu shot. My “gut feeling” was not to receive it since the nurse seem “weird” … I am extremely upset that I received the flu shot since the flu would have been better then the pain in my shoulder. The pain is intense with limited motion and the worst part is that it seems to be worsening. Scared that the pain will not go away and I will not regain my previous mobility. I will never accept the flu shot again.

I got my flu shot three weeks ago at CVS, I thought he did the shot too high on my shoulder now my arm hurts so bad it wakes me up at night. I thought I had injured it at work the same day but after doing some research (4 o’clock in the morning because the pain woke me up) I see that is not the case.

I had a flu shot at my doctor’s office last October. The nurse jabbed me high up on my arm and hit the muscle. She adamantly told me how I flinched. I told her I didn’t and explained she jabbed me in the muscle. Her attitude was aggravating to say the least. My arm has been sore ever since, even getting pain down my arm into my hand. As of the beginning of January, I have been going to physical therapy which has helped my strength but the pain won’t go away! I want to get back to yoga but haven’t been able to ever since the flu shot. Yoga was my last option of any kind of exercise for me since I have two artificial hips and now my exercise regiment, outside of walking, is gone. I’d like to think the pain will eventually go away. I take ibuprofen and even put pain relieving cream on it which both are temporary fixes.

I already got two shots in June and then I got another one and the guy gabbed into my arm and when I got the first two in June it didn’t hurt and this time it hurt and I think he hit my muscle. And now I can’t move it like I can with my right arm and I can’t sleep on it.

This absolutely bites! I’ve had bad should aches and pains since I’ve bad my flu shot a month ago! Is there anything that can be done about this?

I have had pain for weeks following the Flu Jab, haven’t been to GP about it. And after reading the other comments probably wont bother as there appears to be a dismissal approach/ attitude to this problem by the medical profession, both in the UK and USA.

I’m in the UK,had shoulder pain since November 2015 ,following flu jab in left arm,then pneumonia jab in right arm one week later,still have pain and limited movement after 14 months,no answer from doctor ,although some physio did help a little.
Will never have these vaccines again!
Not sure what long term damage has been done.

Had the flu shot in October of last year now it’s January can’t raise my arm pain is so severe and shooting pain down my arm. Have tingling in arm and numbness it hurts. Try to massage it but doesn’t help. So tired of the pain.

I can’t believe that so many people have written in about problems with the flu shot! The general public should really be aware of this!
I had a flu shot in my left arm at my physician’s office on 12/5/16.
The pain started about 3 hours later and has only gotten worse with time! It hurts so much to move my arm back or extend it out to put on a coat! The pain is excruciating at times! If I am not moving the arm, I don’t notice much pain at all! It is so hard to sleep and find a comfortable position! The pain wakes me up many times at night! I had no trouble at all with this arm or any movement before the flu shot!
I will never get another one!
I’d rather take my chances with the flu! I have an appointment with an orthopedist tomorrow!

I had a flu shot on November 15, 2016 at Walgreens. I thought the pharmacist gave me the shot too high on my arm, but he said that is where you give them. Within less than 2 hours my arm was in such pain I could not move it. I called the pharmacy, and they said to take some ibuprofen. This went on for days until I went to the doctor. Had a pain shot in the hip and steroids. Within a week the pain came back. I then went to an Orthopedic clinic. I was given an MRI and learned that the shot had gone into my bursa, which was causing my pain. I had a steroid shot in the shoulder and therapy. It has been two months now, and the pain is starting to come back. I am going to my doctor again.

Had the same terrible reaction to the flu shot. Nov. 23 and almost 2 months later bruising has not went away and swelling is the same. Intense pain in the muscle

Got the flu shot in October at CVS. My arm is still hurting. Have a hard time at night sleeping, can’t lift my 15 month old twins without hurting. Really makes me mad! There are civil law suits apparently and I might go that route eventually.

Just want to add my two cents:
I too am experiencing the same pain at the injection site of my flu shot from October of this year. I’ve been getting a flu shot for many years, and this is the second time that I have had a problem. Last year I had pain for about a month or so but it gradually subsided, and I believed that it was from improperly administering the shot at the drugstore, and I still do.

This year I made sure that I got the shot from a different pharmacist that I had gone to in the past. Well, when he gave the shot I noticed right away that he was too high up on my shoulder, and it hurt more than usual going in. It’s been three months now and still hurts, especially when awakening at night. I’m hoping it goes away in time.

I won’t stop getting flu shot but now will make sure that the shot that is administered properly, and I will mark the right spot with my hand. I don’t believe that all the people giving the shots are properly trained or take enough caution. In the meantime my shoulder is still hurting, and I will try somewhere else next year.

I had no idea that this was a thing. I started researching my sore painful arm after I have received a Dtap vaccine at my doctors office. I have thin arms and they gave me the injection high up on my arm. It burned so bad going in I grabbed my arm and complained but thought nothing of it until, now, three weeks later I can’t sleep good because my arm hurts. Its a constant. I like to go to the gym and its affecting my work out. I am pretty disappointed that a nurse could mess up my shoulder by a poor administration of a vaccine. I am even more concerned that the pain could be long term after reading more about it. If it does not subside I plan to go back to the doc. I just want to get back to my healthy lifestyle.

Got my shot September my arm still hurts and can not raise it high… Help what to do……

Got a flu shot at my doctor’s office mostly because I wanted my college-aged son to get one before going back to school from Christmas break. I was seated, nurse was standing, shot in my upper arm near the shoulder joint. (Would not have thought any of that was significant but after reading other post, I can see that it may be.) Injection did not hurt at all but within a few hours my shoulder was killing me. Haven’t been able to sleep on that side since the vaccine. My shoulder is just aching. I am going to try swimming, a regular activity for me, this morning to see if I can work it out.

I am 59 years old, I got my flu shot (quad) on 12/9/2016 at a Walgreens Health Clinic
I noticed that when she gave it to me it sorta burned going in. My arm was a little tender the next couple of days but after that I have had severe pain since. I am living on Aleve
my are motive is very limited. If I don’t take Aleve I am in horrible pain. I went back to Walgreens after 2 weeks of pain to ask her about it and she pretty much just said try heat or ice when I ask which her response was whichever makes it feel better and that was it. When I was in Walgreens getting some more Aleve I mentioned it to the store manager and his response was yea that’s why I don’t get the flu shot. I am not sure how long I can keep taking Aleve every 12 hours. I wish I could read that the pain would finally stop it’s hard to believe that a flu shot would cause this much pain for such a long period of time.

I have since been on 2 doses of steroids, and now that I have finished them, my arm is still hurting with limited motion. This is horrible and I am more than tired of it.

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