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Vinegar Vanquishes Body Odor

Using vinegar to fight body odor is an old fashioned home remedy. The theory is that changing the pH of the armpit discourages the bacteria that cause odor.

No doubt you have seen the television commercial that ends with the tagline, “What’s in your wallet?” They are advertising a credit card. We have a different question? “What’s in your armpit?” If you use an antiperspirant, you have aluminum in your armpits. That’s guaranteed. The FDA requires all antiperspirants to contain substantial amounts of aluminum. Is there another way to control body odor?

Vinegar for BO?

Q. I recently saw on the Dr. Oz show that vinegar can be used to control underarm odor. They said it changes the pH of the skin which the odor-causing bacteria cannot thrive on. The vinegar dissipates so you will not smell like vinegar.

A. We first heard about vinegar for body odor prevention more than fifteen years ago when we received the following question:

“My friend uses vinegar with water under her arms and says it keeps her dry and odor-free all day long, better than deodorant.

“I want to try it, but first I want to know if it is safe to use under your arms. Is vinegar all right for this use?”

We advised:

“Some people soak their feet in a dilute vinegar (one part water to two parts vinegar) solution to deter foot fungus. Perhaps the acid environment also discourages the bacteria that contribute to body odor.

“As long as skin is unbroken (do NOT try this after shaving), we doubt that diluted vinegar would cause trouble. Nevertheless, test a small patch of skin first to make sure you will not react badly.”

Readers Share Their Vinegar Stories:

This reader calls vinegar a “miracle”:

“Thank you so much for writing about using vinegar and water on underarms. I have had a problem with smelly underarms most of my life and have tried almost every product on the market. Nothing really stopped the odor.

“When I read about vinegar, I gave it a try. It has been a miracle. I can now go out in the heat, exercise and go through the day without smelling at all. It is amazing and cheap.”

Antiperspirants and breast cancer:

“I had chemo treatment for breast cancer in 2002 and found that all antiperspirants caused redness and irritation. My doctor advised me not to use any deodorant, but that did not suit me. I tried plain white vinegar, and it worked so well I’ve kept it up ever since.”

Eliminated the stink without the sticky:

“I was skeptical about using vinegar on my underarms, but I have lost faith in commercial deodorants. They leave me feeling sticky and messy. White vinegar got rid of the stink without making me sticky. It’s amazing!”

T.E.R. uses a washcloth to apply vinegar:

“I wanted to stop using any product with aluminum. I tried several all natural organic deodorants but they didn’t work.

“I had read about using vinegar for foot odor so I thought I would try it on my underarms. I just pour some vinegar straight onto a dry wash cloth and wipe my underarms with it. Works better than any deodorant I have ever used! I use it every morning and zero odor all day! I’ll never go back to store bought deodorant! Never!”

Vinegar doesn’t work for everyone:

Nothing works for everyone. What we mean is that whether it is a commercial product or a home remedy, some people will love it, some will like it and some will find it worthless. That’s why it’s basically trial and error. There are no guarantees.

Sally reports:

“I have tried applying vinegar but it never worked. Then I tried baking soda. That smelled even worse. I am totally devastated. I want this over with so I can enjoy people’s company because now I avoid people and I have no boyfriend. I think the smell is a contributor. HELP”

Here are some stories about alternatives:

Lemon juice but not when you shave underarms!

“Hello everyone. I have been using LEMON JUICE as a natural deodorant for the past five years. One of my friends was given this tip by her doctor and she passed it on to two of her friends. We three have been using it and it works perfectly!

“We just buy lemons, cut a piece and squeeze the juice under our arms and off we go! It works even in the hot and humid weather of Hawaii.

“Only downside is that you need to have a steady stream of lemons–and it stings when you shave–(just shave at night)–but it works really, really well. Give it a whirl.”


J.H. says Milk of Magnesia came to the rescue:

“Vinegar for underarm odor didn’t work for me, but Milk of Magnesia applied to the underarm area works perfectly. Also it doesn’t sting even when used after shaving.”

Kim says Milk of Magnesia is a miracle:

“I tried the Milk of Magnesia. It is a miracle! Works perfectly! The vinegar left me smelling like sauerkraut and really didn’t work (sorry).”

Jeckle used a combination to solve the body odor problem:

“Vinegar alone didn’t work for me. So yesterday I went to the store and bought Listerine and MILK OF MAGNESIA. After a shower I applied undiluted apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball. I let my armpits dry. Then I applied undiluted Listerine and let it dry. Then I applied MILK OF MAGNESIA.

“It’s been way over 12 hours and I DO NOT SMELL!!! This is truly a miracle! I can’t believe this worked for me. I’ve had smelly under arms for about 35 years. I wish I would have found out about this before. But better late than never. Now I can have more confidence and wear cute tops and not worry about body odor. 
Hope this helps!”

Keep It Simple with MoM:

Whew… that is a lot of effort and time devoted to overcoming underarm odor. Most folks really want something quick and easy. Here are a couple of recent posts to our website from folks who used our MoM Roll-on Deodorant:

M.R. is enthusiastic:

“I love People’s Pharmacy Milk of Magnesia deodorant! And it doesn’t take much to be effective. I just roll on a small amount and rub it around my armpits with my finger (it rinses off easily), so I never have any “damp feeling” to contend with. Works like a charm, and protects me for at least two days.”

N.R. loves MoM Roll-On:

“Traditional deodorants irritated my underarms, so I switched to crystal deodorant over 10 years ago. Last winter, I developed an irritation in my armpits and tried not using deodorant at all. The irritation went away but now there were other obvious issues.

“I read about milk of magnesia on your website and tried it. It’s wonderful! I bought a bottle at the store and dabbed it on each morning. When I finished the bottle, I ordered the roll-on from People’s Pharmacy and love that. So much easier to get ready in the morning! Thank you for that great product – and for all your helpful information!!”

What’s in Your Armpit Now?

Whatever you choose, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, Listerine or MoM (milk of magnesia), make sure that it is not irritating to delicate skin. The underarms are quite sensitive. You want something that is gentle, effective and nontoxic.

Unscented 2 oz Aluminum-Free MoM Roll-on is now back in stock. We have a hard time keeping it on the shelf!

Women’s MoM Aluminum-Free Roll-on has a light floral fragrance.

Men’s MoM Aluminum-Free Roll-on is misnamed! It is also very popular with women and teenagers of both sexes. It has a fresh herbal fragrance.

Let us know what has worked well for you by commenting below. We would love to hear your story.

Revised 4/5/18

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This was great information. Thanks.

I started avoiding aluminum over 50 years ago and tried filling a spray bottle with alcohol instead. I figured it would kill the bacteria. I don’t need it daily but use it whenever I notice an odor. I used to add a couple drops of Canoe to my spray bottle but found that unnecessary after a couple of years. Haven’t used a commercial product since then. As an aside, it’s amazing how strong perfumes are. A couple of drops diluted with alcohol maintained its strength.

I am excited to try MoM, though I’m 90% happy with my method, which I stumbled on by mistake.
While away from home, with no deodorant, I used the hand sanitizer with aloe vera that I always carry, and it has worked extremely well. It kills the bacteria that cause odor and doesn’t irritate my skin. And, since I always have some with me, I can dab on some more late in the day if I need it.

I just use a salt stick I got from the health food store. It works great.

I have been using 99% isopropyl alcohol for 25 years as a solution to having itchy underarms from the commercial antiperspirant. It has worked like a charm. Occasionally I will re-wipe the “pits” but that is rare. I have never had a problem with dry underarms. I apply it with a wet paper towel and wipe it three or four times and forgetaboutit. No more itch.

Since underarm odor is about bacteria, vinegar is a natural answer. Am using it–I keep a spray bottle in the bathroom–for underarms, to clean the washbowl. as a rinse after shampoo, and so on. In the kitchen a vinegar/water is the wash for fruits & vegetables. (You should see how much sand there is on grapes or grapefruit, etc. ) To get that sunscreen stain out of clothes, soak in a solution of water, dish soap and vinegar, then wash in cold water. What a miracle product!

I used apple cider vinegar for a while. At first I was amazed at how well it worked. But after a few months I developed the worst body odor I’d ever had. I figured the vinegar didn’t kill off all the bacteria and the ones that survived were the odiferous ones and they were multiplying rapidly without competition from the ones that had been killed off. I was afraid the terrible odor wouldn’t go away, but when I stopped using the vinegar and resumed the roll-on milk of magnesia my bacteria got back into balance. The MOM works better for me if I put on some cornstarch baby powder after it dries.

..oh, i am a firm believer in vinegar. .and have been for 20 years..I drink it shrinks your does wonders for your skin too..I spray down from head to toe, even makes your hair shine..after getting out of the shower..liberally..then what I normally does wonders for your skin..and quite frankly, a big turn on to me..i like the smell after it dries with the cologne I use and makes me feel and look even sexier..I’m a 40 something year old man and people say I have the skin shine gloss of a 20 year tightens it too i think..

About 6 months ago I started using Magnesium Oil as a deodorant. Works great, but don’t use after shaving. Lots of other benefits from it as well.

A few years ago I found myself in a warm, stuffy museum and realized I had forgotten to use deodorant that morning and that it was becoming more and more evident. I remembered that I had some hand sanitizer in my purse and applied that. It worked perfectly. It dries almost immediately and lasts all day. I have been using it as my deodorant ever since and would never consider using anything else.

Why use vinegar when it’s so simple to use coconut oil? I’ve been using it for years. So much better than any commercial product (and it can last for days). This is not my idea, but rather the collective wisdom of coconut oil users from around the world! Rub some of the coconut paste, in odor regions, and nature will do a magnificent job for you!

Listerine works well to control my body odor during the colder months, but is no match for the hot and humid Central Virginia summer. Yesterday I tried vinegar after reading about it, and it worked amazingly well. After I applied it, I ran errands in 90-degree heat (75% humidity) and then worked in the yard for an hour. Although I was soaked with sweat, there was no odor.

This morning I used it before a 45-minute run and a half-hour workout with weights and again, no odor (I am used to being pretty rank after a workout). It is amazing. Thank you for the suggestion!

I use white vinegar deluded with the same amount of water and put it in a small plastic bottle. I dab it under my arms each morning with a cotton ball. Then I take a small amount of Johnson’s powdered cornstarch (no aluminum) and pat it under my arms. This keeps me odor free with only an occasional wetness with hard exercising. I have done this for at least two years, and I never went back to anything else. It works for me!! Don’t use the vinegar after you shave.

Some years back I ordered Milk of Magnesia roll-on, and it worked pretty well, not great but okay. Then I began to notice my breasts were itchy. The itch grew worse and worse over the weeks. Closer inspection of my black bra showed that it was full of flaky white stuff: dried-up MoM was sloughing off into the cups and making my breasts itchy. I quit using MoM when I realized I was allergic to it.

My husband and I started using Moms roll on deodorant after I saw it on People’s Pharmacy. We were concerned about the aluminum in the antiperspirants that we were using due to the possibility of Alzheimer and breast cancer. It has worked great for us and we will continue to use. Thanks for putting it in the handy to use roll on bottles.

Isn’t female perspiration much higher ph (more alkaline, less acidic) than male perspiration? If so, I wonder if the acidic vinegar might be a nonstarter for men’s underarm odor.

This is about deordant, etc. but Just want to say: Be sure to buy baking powder that does not contain aluminum. The label should say.

I love your MOM roll-on deodorant. All my adult life, regular deodorant/antiperspirants left me with a skunky smell at the end of the day. Now I am odor free. If the MOM wears off, any trace of odor is minor and much less unpleasant than before.

I want to caution people who want to use the “natural” crystal deodorant stones. I heard they may contain aluminum, so I bought one at a local reputable health food store, took it to an environmental testing lab, and had it test for aluminum. The lab results were that is contaoined over 70% aluminum. Yes, it works, but you may be poisonoing yourself with more aluminum than is in commercial deodorants.

I’m going to give vinegar a try. My hub no longer needs deodorant for some reason, but I do. He was previously using Everclear, a very high-proof clear grain (drinking) alcohol when he did seek natural methods. It worked for him extremely well, but when I tried it, it felt it was going to dissolve my skin. Definitely too strong for me.

Have never used deodorant. Since i have been a teen, I have used nothing but alcohol. Just buy a spray bottle and fill it up and spray each day. I have never had a odor problem since I was a teen. And I am 63 today! About 15 years ago I started noticing some dryness under my arms so I added baby oil to the alcohol. Each time i go to spray my underarms I shake the bottle and spray. No more dryness and it is not greasy. I add just enough to add a little moisture.

So much better than using all the chemicals that are in store bought deodorant. Not to mention the savings on your pocketbook.

My husband had used isopropyl alcohol as an underarm deodorant for at least 65 years and when we married I too began using it. All I can say is, it works! We put it it a small spray bottle and a few sprays do the trick–cheap, easy, and readily available. I’ve passed this hint to many others and so far all are equally pleased. As with other remedies mentioned here, do not apply immediately after shaving.

I bought zinc powder to create home made sunscreen. I add it to body lotion along with some Thayer (alcohol free) witch hazel and coconut oil. I realized a form of zinc was the active ingredient in head and shoulders, so thinking it might have anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties, I tried it under my arms. It worked very well. I’ve been able to stop using store bought deodorant for the last several years.

My husband has started using Tea Tree Essential Oil as underarm deodorant this summer. It’s still early days, but this summer is an especially hot and humid one, and he does a lot of outdoor work. It takes just a few drops of the oil, and the fragrance disappears as it dries, within a couple minutes. Works like a charm. Also the oil works to help clear sinuses by putting a few drops in shower. When the warm water goes on, the oil is inhaled during the whole shower!

I have been using MOM for several years now and it works great. I buy a bottle, put some in a small container and squirt some into the palm of my hand and rub it on. I wonder if the aluminum will ever harm me? I’m 70 and had a problem with deodorants causing irritations and not lasting long. I can now go a day sometimes without having to shower.

Try rubbing alcohol. Simple and effective. Don’t think you’ll need anything more than that.

I wanted to stop using any product with aluminum. I tried several all natural organic deodorants but they didn’t work. I had read about using vinegar for foot odor so I thought I would try it on my underarms. I just pour some vinegar straight onto a dry wash cloth and wipe my underarms with it. Works better than any deordorant I have ever used! I use it every morning and zero odor all day! I’ll never go back to toxic store bought deodorant! Never!

Well, I am one of those people who have to wear 2 different types of deodorant at the same time or WHOA! Then i have to switch them up every few months or they will stop working! A coworker mentioned using apple cider vinegar and water as deodorant so I tried it. I will never use commercial deodorant again. It works great for me! After it dries it does not leave an odor or no residue on my skin or clothes. Don’t knock it until you try it..

I like the idea of using apple cider for body odor. But does it also stop perspiration?

Several years ago, I started getting irritation to any deoderant I used. Some even took the skin off under my arms. I had some Gold Bond medicated powder and used it to sooth my sore underarms. It works very well to keep me from being smelly. That is all I use now.

Sunnie D.

Do you use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar?

I use apple cider vinegar diltued with water in a spray bottle

Hey, so the last week my right armpit has been BAD. I’m talking like deodorant does nothing for it. It was so bad that my shirts would still stink out of the washer. I grabbed the only vinegar I had, balsamic lol, saturated a paper towel with it and wiped my armpit like a madman. My armpit smells like a salad, but the awful odor is gone. I’ll remember this trick.

My child is ten years old bad under arm odor can u help me

Am Ama I smell so bad in my armpit even when I have showered and applied antiperspirant deodorant.its embarrassing in the office. When I enter my colleagues sneeze an cough and some act as if they have been choked. Am loosing friends and work.tnx.

is acidophilus available here n philippines,tnx

MoM works great as an underarm deodorant. Also use it under the breast and under the belly fold for fungal control.

A friend told me she used white vinegar as a deodorant . I was shocked! My first question was, “don’t you smell like vinegar, like a pickle?” She said “No.”
So, I tried it. That was in 2006 and I have used it daily since then. It does work.

Vinegar will also take dry skin off your feet. Just after showering, rub your feet with a small amount of vinegar and as you rub it in, you can feel the dried skin coming off your foot.

I just saw this — an article about a live-bacteria spray you use on your body to restore natural bacteria. It is supposed to keep you clean, so it may overcome body odor when that is due to skin being colonized by bad bacteria. The founder of the company is an MIT grad and a chemical engineer. What do you think, Joe and Terry?

Haven’t seen the research. We’ll look for it.

I have some Jean Nate After Bath Splash on hand. One day it occurred to me to try it under my arms since it contains alcohol. It worked great, and I have been using it daily for a few weeks with no odor even after aerobic exercise.

About foot odor, it has been reported that dryer sheets in the shoes will keep them smelling fresh.

I mentioned this before and am still very, very happy with the results
using 50/50 water and WHITE vinegar (apple cider vinegar was too
sticky for me). No need to use soap for a few days, just keep applying
the vinegar solution every day. MOM did not last all day for me.
When traveling I take a small jar of vinegar with me and use a wet
cotton pad with the undiluted vinegar. Never had any irritation.
For smelly feet, perhaps the corn meal mush soak would work, it
kills certain fungus as mentioned on the PP for nail fungus.
Keep trying, be creative. How about aloe vera?

Early this summer I discovered that I didn’t need a deodorant at all any more! I still do perspire a bit, but not excessively, and there is no odor. It happened that I needed to see my doctor in mid-summer for a routine procedure, so I used the opportunity to ask her about this. She said that as we get older (I’m 68) we lose estrogen, which means our perspiration doesn’t smell as strongly, and that the underarm glands can also shrink, meaning less perspiration overall. She asked if I drank a lot of water. For the past 8 years or so, I’ve been drinking three 10-oz glasses (ordinary tap water from our well) as part of my daily routine, more on hot summer days when I’m working outside. Not excessive. She said that the water dilutes the perspiration, another reason why the odor is almost nonexistent. For the record, though, I’ll add that I still do use my usual antiperspirant when I’m going out for some special activity (meaning, say, dinner and dance, but NOT just for the grocery store and local errands).

I realize this might not be true for every older woman; but if you spend most of your day at home, you might want to try going without either deodorant or antiperspirant for a day or two and see if they have become (almost) superfluous in your life, too. Just another advantage of being older!

my daughter had very smelly feet when she was a child. We discovered it was a milk allergy. Try cutting back on milk and cheese or giving it up altogether.

I gave up on deodorants years ago, because no matter what I tried, by the end of the day I had a funky chemical smell that was just as offensive to me as BO. I have had great success with rubbing alcohol. After my shower, I put a small amount in the cup of my hand and rub it in. It dries quickly, or you can wipe it dry. It never irritates my skin, even after shaving. I also love Shower to Shower deodorant body powder and use that because it smells great and feels good.

Wanting to eliminate aluminum from my personal care products, I at first made a homemade deodorant from a “recipe” I found online, using coconut oil, vitamin E, baking soda, arrow root powder (which I couldn’t find, so I used cornstarch), and tea tree oil. I REALLY didn’t like the smell of the tea tree oil, so I ended up using just coconut oil, which worked okay. But I forgot it once when we were RVing, but I saw an aluminum-free “organic” deodorant by Arm & Hammer in a store that weekend, and bought it. I’ve used that ever since. It may take a swipe or two more than other products, but it’s easy to put on in the morning and works great for me.

During breast cancer treatment I was told to use special deodorants without aluminum. They were only fair for controlling odor and perspiration. I switched to MOM with great success. I will try vinegar and lemon juice to see if they will work for me.

Sometimes body odor whether from feet or underarms is from toxins in or on your body. You may need to detox a candida environment (a common fungal problem) in your gut ( which ,when bad enough shows up as a red itchy or painful rash on your skin) by using probiotics and other herbs and/or try taking Chlorophyll gel caps to gently detox those heavy metals which support candida growth. The smell is telling you something is out of balance in your body. Correct the problem at the root.

For many years I have kept a small spray bottle of alcohol in the bathroom and each morning I very lightly spray it under each arm. If I get careless and use too much it irritates my skin. A tiny bit of hand cream cures this immediately for me.

Listerine has also been kept in the bathroom in a small spray bottle. I use it to sanitize my hands. It also makes the skin on my hands very soft. This, too, is a long time practice for me.

I finally found the answer!! Let me first say, I tried everything, from homemade stuff, to over the counter, to prescription. It wasn’t until I noticed that the active ingredient in Head and Shoulders shampoo cured my smelly scalp that I thought why wouldn’t it cure my underarm odor, they are both caused by a stubborn bacteria! So, one day I rubbed some of the shampoo under my arms like it was lotion and went to work. At the end of a stressful day, there was No odor!! Be careful to use only a drop of the shampoo under each arm. I think I used too much the first time because my skin was stinging, but it was ok with just a drop the second day. The active ingredient in Head & Shoulders is called 1% Pyrithione Zinc and you can buy any off brand of Head and Shoulders and get the same result. One stressful day, I noticed I had wet pits, but absolutely no stink!! I’ve been waiting my whole life for this and I discovered it myself. Don’t waste anymore time or $$ on deodorants and other recipes that do not work. I feel its my duty to tell everyone who suffers as I did what I found.

Are you really sure about this?
Because I almost tried everything from different brand of deodorants and natural home remedies but sad to say nothing works.

I don’t know what to go with vinegar or milk but if I were to go with milk were would I buy it from

I really appreciate the advice and that I have a list of natural remedies to chose for underarm odor. Thank you so much. I’m sure something that was suggested works!


I was wondering if someone could get in touch with me. I suffer from foot ordor, I currently work within the sales department of a small family run business. I have contact with customers on a daily basis, recently I have received many complaints not only from colleagues but feedback from customers of a bad smell, described as a smell of sweat and peanuts. I know deep down its my feet, i have tried several remedies from the internet like washing my feet in vinegar etc. This is now becoming an issue as the smell is having an impact on me, as a child I suffered from body ordor namely under arm, however as I have grown up I have managed to control this issue. Could someone please contact me via my mobile or email to discuss some help/advice. My line manager has recently spoken to me about this issue and he has given me a warning to adress this matter.

Many Thanks


HI Zedda, try buying zinc powder from Amazona nd adding it to unscented body lotion such as Lubriderm. You might also add witch hazel, preferably alcohol free such as Thayers from a health food store. I use it on my feet to prevent recurrence of athletes foot. It works very well for foot odor. I noticed some odor when I stopped using it for a while. I haven’t used soap on my feet in several years, also, no more issue with athletes foot. Zinc used to be the active ingredient in Desenex, although I know that’s not your issue.

I went to a dermatologist because I had severe skin cracking on my feet and had an odor problem. The doctor had me throw all of my socks and shoes away. He instructed me to wear clean white socks and to bleach them every time I washed them. He then told me to rub benzoyl peroxide cream into my feet each night without my socks on, and repeat in the morning. (Just go to any dollar store, and buy the generic cream that teens use for acne.) To this day my feet never stink.

I had a similar problem many years ago. I finally got so disgusted with the situation and not finding any OTC products that would get rid of it, that I started spraying my feet with Lysol every morning. Sounds extreme, I know, but it worked. Although I can’t remember how long it took, the odor eventually went away completely and has never returned.

I’ve been battling a serious case of athlete’s foot, trying many of the remedies suggested on the People’s Pharmacy including vinegar, Listerine, Vicks Vap-o-Rub, and fastidious vigilance about drying my feet well after showering, and wearing clean, dry socks (I change them several times a day because I am physically active). But I wanted to treat my shoes as well because the bacteria live there and are active for a long time. This week I purchased a UV shoe sanitizer – a set of UV light bulbs especially designed to fit inside a pair of shoes. You place each light (which is inside a plastic cage that protects the light bulb) into a shoe, place each shoe inside one of the light-safe bags that are provided with the light set, and press the button to activate the UV light. The treatment takes 15 minutes, and the indicator light goes off when the time is up. There are safeguards that prevent the lights from going on if body heat is detected, so you will not be exposed to the UV light if you go near the shoe bags during the treatment time. I’ve only been using the shoe sanitizer for four days, and I’ve treated my most frequently used shoes (gym shoes and dance shoes) twice before wearing them. But I feel better knowing that I’m treating the shoes as well as my feet. If you buy a shoe sanitizer, spend a bit extra to buy the higher priced ones ($100 and up). The safeguards and better quality construction are worth the initial investment. Good luck with treating your problem.

Try rubbing alcohol. I bought a small spray bottle at Walgreens. I use it as a deodorant AND as a foot spray. I do not even dilute it. Sure works for me!

Hi Zedda, I also had that problem, foot smell can be extremely embarrassing and annoying. I suffered with extreme sweating and the smell issues when I was a teenager and could only overcome with a lot of patience and dedication to my oak bark treatment. I would mix oak bark in hot water and let it sit there till the water is cool enough to put my feet in it, then I would just let my feet soak in it for at least 30 minutes. Very often I would just put my feet in the oak bark water for couple hours. I did it so for a couple months, washed my feet as often as I could, always washed my socks after one wear, tried to keep my shoes clean. After that I never had issues with the strong smell, it might sweat and smell a little but only when I walk for several miles. I hope it helps and remember that you need to do it every day.

You may find foot soaks using black tea to be of help. You might also try using deodorant or antiperspirant on the soles of your feet. Laundering or throwing out old shoes might also be a good idea, as they may be harboring smelly bacteria.
Take a look at these links for more information:

Where can i buy the milk of magnesia deo here in starosa laguna??tnx..

I will try these

I have been having this body odor, for liked 8 or 10 years it liked I can take a shower and I put perfume or spray on, it’s liked I can smelled the perfume and something else liked funk or bad odor I know my body and my hair be having a smelled to it especially when it’s get cold liked bleached, but every time I go to any doctors they said they don’t smelled anything but again I know my body! My friend or family said I don’t smelled I am just thinking too much but their face expression when they are near by me is different, please help me even when I don’t sweat the odor is so strong I have no social life, it’s liked it’s coming from my pores or something caused I don’t know where.

If the odor is coming from your pores, then consider your diet as a factor. Certain foods can make your body smell. And try using the toilet more often if you don’t go regularly.

Try Acidophilus tablets from Walmart or the pharmacy. They work great. I hope it helps. An aunt of mine had such horrible BO that I couldn’t stand to be near her. A nurse recommended Acidophilus and it cleared the problem up quickly.

I have this BO 8 yrs from now. It sucks that’s what i always say. But now I have a job so I really need to check for possible solution and I’m willing to try everything I read here. Best of Luck!

Try Acidolpholis tablets from Walmart or the pharmacy they are great for BO.

I just want to know if I apply vinegar on my armpit was after I took a bath ? or what ?


Maybe you should see a dermatologist or even your regular doctor

Vinegar works!
Use White vinegar which is better than organic apple cider vinegar in my opinion.
For the absolute best results, take shower at night, let armpits dry then wet your armpits with the vinegar. This method gives you the longest protection.

Vinegar does NOT protect against perspiration!!!!

So you say vinegar does not work… A couple of things. First did you wash your armpits? Vinegar will not remove all the stink if your armpits stank before applying it. Drink a lot of water and once again ELIMINATE ALL PROCESSED FOODS FROM YOUR DIET!
If your work is physical and you sweat all day, vinegar will not protect you the same way a antisudorific will!

I will try all 1 at the time. 3 days each and see what works. My dad and now another family member and I share this terrible odor. Ivory bar soap or scent free soap my husband uses before hunting helps for 3 or 4 hours. I’ll update after trying vinegar, then MOM and lemon juice separately. PLEASE let it work!

For teens or anyone who’s depressed about having body odour…one thing to say….
Your body odour is NOT the most important thing in the world. It just seems that way! If you are anxious and self conscious it will get worse so just relax. If it’s really getting you down see a therapist. Remember your body odour is just a small part of who you are. Also remember that a large part of having very strong, distinctive BO is often genetic. Normal people don’t accept discrimination on genetic grounds (e.g. your gender or race) so anyone giving you a hard time about it is the type of person who should be bracketed with sexists or racists.

As for how to improve your odour – Relax, be yourself, eat organic (no steroids), plenty of fruit and veg, avoid alcohol, drink apple cider vinegar, + treat underarms with acidic type natural products but everyone’s different, find what works for you. I sometimes do the above, but most of the time I just don’t care what other people think

I’ve tried everything for my stinky, cat urine smelling armpits. Nothing worked until I started using Dial Gold Antibacterial body wash. I use it every day- sometimes twice a day and have no more bad smell. Wash with it, then apply deodorant after your shower and you’ll be fresh all day.

I have this body odor too and it’s very terrible.
I’ve tried many kinds of solutions but they seem to not be working.
I wonder if there is any kind of soap out there that help fight body bacteria?
Please help.

I used 2 have a very bad body odour, so I tried lime juice but it didn’t give me what I wanted. Now I am using white vinegar and it is really working.

Hey I am a young teen and I was wondering if a citrusy BO was a symptom for diabetes type one or two??

I have tried applying vinegar but it never worked. Then I tried baking soda that smelled even worse. I am afraid to try magnesium. I am totally devastated. I want this over with so I can enjoy people’s company coz now I avoid people and I have no boyfriend. I think the smell is a contributor. HELP

I’ve had armpit odor for the past 12years I’ve tried lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda if not all, most of the deodorants on the market, went to the doctor and they recommend I try drysol, can some please tell what to try next, it’s so embarrassing.

Try Acidophilus tablets from the pharmacy for strong body odor.

I was a little skeptic about using vinegar for my underarms. I was looking for natural/ homemade antiperspirants/ deodorant because I’ve lost faith in all the manufactured ones. They leave a messy sticky feeling that I find very uncomfortable especially bcoz I sweat a lot, hence the odor.
I tried both lemon & its juice but I couldn’t get rid of that sweat smell for long. Then I tried baking soda which burns a Lil & I ended up with a lot of dead skin that was blackening even though it took care of the odor.
That’s when I decided to give the white vinegar a try. I must say, its the best natural deodorant I have come across yet. I never have to worry about that stinky sticky feeling ever again. I go all day still smelling fresh. Its amazing!!!

I’ve had similar experiences trying everything and ending in disappointment. I’d scrub till my armpits bleed and then within minutes of my shower I would stink again. I tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING.
By chance, I found what worked for me. It was the zinc cream for baby rash, etc. They sell a big jar of it cheap at stores like walmart. Just apply a thin layer. Really thin, like invisible. Rub it in. You don’t need gobs of it – that will just feel gross and won’t work any better.
I don’t know if it will work for you, but I thought I’d pass it on.
Best of luck.

Sorry to say I have not found anything that works all day. Before I shower in the morning I use witch hazel. Then after I shower I use a tea tree oil deodorant which I reapply throughout the day. This works as long as it does not get really hot or I do not do anything really strenuous. Still looking.

I did all of that too including drinking liquid chlorophyll, lime water, taking magnesium and zinc and still nothing. Did you ever find anything that works?

I have irritated underarms over the years with odor.. I just want some helpful advice to how can this be eliminated?.. My girl left me because of this.. and I don’t even get closer to the girls I want because of my underarm odor… please help me… thanks
PEOPLE’S PHARMACY RESPONSE: Some people find that baking soda helps; others like milk of magnesia. In some cases, a bad odor results from bacteria that need to be treated with an antibacterial topical cream by prescription from the doctor.

I cannot thank all of the contributors enough for their comments! I was completely at my wits’ end with my armpit odor. I shower daily (sometimes twice) and the odor would be back within minutes after stepping out of the shower. I rubbed with a soapy loofah till my skin was raw. I decided to try the vinegar first but I couldn’t stand the smell. The next day I tried undiluted lemon juice straight from the bottle. I was completely floored—I smelled like a flower and didn’t need to use deodorant. I dabbed a little of my favorite perfume on after the lemon had dried and haven’t needed to use deodorant since.
I even went without a shower one day and smelled great the next day. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU all!

I live in Central Florida where it’s super hot 6 months of the year. I must stay dry. I wonder which would be best for me?

I use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and MOM for my underarm deordorant and it works great. I put the alcohol on with my fingers – it dries fast and then apply the MOM. I find the two together work better than MOM alone.

I have tried vinegar, milk of magnesia, baking soda, witch hazel, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and many many natural deodorants. NONE of these has worked for me.

I use MOM when I shower but I use apple cider vinegar every day. I take a cotton ball, dip it into the vinegar and wipe under my arm. It works great! I also use it for the little “skin tabs” one gets as they age. I had one on my eyelid which is almost gone. (Be sure to keep your eye closed). Vinegar is good for lots of things and through Peoples Pharmacy, I have learned more. Thank you.

I use vinegar for around-the-house cleaning and I love it, so when I heard it could be used instead of deodorant, I thought it was a great idea. I went out shopping that day and was in a dressing room when I realized it did. not. work. At all. Not only did the vinegar smell not dissipate, I was really stinky, only a couple of hours after my shower. I smelled like a sweaty pickle. I’ve also tried crystal deodorants, Listerine, lemon juice, and MOM, with zero success. I really don’t like using strong chemical antiperspirants, but I just can’t find an alternative!

Don’t be afraid to try the Milk of Magnesium. Try it, you have nothing to lose except the odor problem. Check on the net about Acidophilus tablets. They help with body odor as well. You can get them at the supermarket or pharmacy.

I would like to comment on underarm odor. Odor that smells citrusy can be a symptom of diabetes. My underarm odor changed to a stinky lime smell a little over a year ago. Since I had read that changes in body odor could signal disease, I went to the doctor. Sure enough, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Now that my blood sugars are back in the normal range, the odor has disappeared.

I tried MOM for a while and it worked fairly well but was messy and I didn’t like the feel of it. Lately I’ve tried rubbing alcohol which kills bacteria and it worked really well but I was not sure using it daily would be good for my skin so I now am trying vodka! It also kills bacteria. The smell is milder than the rubbing alcohol and is gone by the time it has dried which is very quickly. The vodka works as well as the rubbing alcohol. I hope there is no harm in using the vodka because so far I am very impressed.

Just wanted to comment to charle s., who uses Hibiclens: be very careful not to get it in your eyes; it will cause eye opacities and can lead to blindness.
An old wound care nurse

I tried the MoM and it did not seem to deter odor at all and did absolutely nothing for wetness. I imagine that different products will work for different people, depending on the chemical/bacterial/Ph makeup of one’s skin.I will try the vinegar next. I always have that on hand.

I’ve seen the vinegar and MOM and lemon juice remedies for underarm odor.
For years, I’ve use Hibiclens – at the end of my shower, I wash my underarms and feel with Hibiclens – have had no underarm or foot odor aince I’ve been using the Hibiclens.

I bought a lump of Milk of Magnesia and used it for a week. One day I went shopping and OMG I stunk so badly. But I had driven so far. I stayed away from people in the store and apologized to some when they got too close, and told them not to use trust milk of magnesia. I could not even try on clothes because I stunk so badly. I soon drove the hundred miles back home and felt I had learned a big lesson that day.
How does one buy a “lump” of milk of magnesia? Milk of magnesia is available as a liquid laxative or in a roll-on deodorant from People’s Pharmacy. We cannot imagine a solid form of MoM.

I HAVE A very strong odor under my arms. Milk of Magnesia ( I got the info. here) works very well for most of the day. Thanks

I use diluted apple cider vinegar after every shower . It keeps my hair shiny too.

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