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Turmeric Eases Neck Pain

Q. Turmeric is excellent for nerve damage. I had a pinched nerve in my neck. I went to the E.R. but the doctors told me they have no painkiller for nerves. Instead they gave me a high-powered pain pill.

Those pain pills almost killed me: I had a reaction to them that set the nerve on fire. The pain was so great I cried all the time. I couldn't sleep for more than a few minutes here and there for 14 days. Once I stopped the pain pills, the pain eased up somewhat.

I called the health food store and asked if there was any thing to help the pain in my neck. Turmeric was recommended, so I got a bottle and with the very first pill I could feel the pain going away.

The turmeric I take is in a combination formula. I use Solaray Turmeric Special Formula. It combines turmeric with bromelain and boswellia and I have gotten good relief from it 5 years.

A. Bromelain, boswellia and turmeric are all traditional Indian Ayurvedic botanical medicines with strong anti-inflammatory activity. Bromelain is an enzyme derived from pineapple. Boswellia comes from a tree resin similar to frankincense. Turmeric is the yellow spice in curry powder and yellow mustard.

We have heard from other readers that this combination is especially helpful for nerve pain. Their stories and more information about the herbs can be found online at:

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Found the articles very interesting.


Thanks for sharing, I had horrible neck pain almost 1 and half month ago. It was so terrible that my wife had to call 911 because my left arm was totally numb and in extreme radiating pain from neck to left thumb. I went to hospital and after some test they recomended a CT Scan, they diagnose c5-c6 herniated with DDD. I was taking Teva pregabalin (Lycra) for nerve pain but it does not last more then 6 hours and I had to reapt again and it started blurry vision and chest discomfort for me.

Then I decided to take turmeric a teaspoon in milk with little black pepper. Additionally I started Hypericum 1M (homeo medicine)

Thanks GOD I dont have pain now and numbness is going away gradually.

Horrible experience. May GOD protect everyone from this neck and back pain.

how much lecithin did you take each day? I bought the granules and the label says 1 1/2 tablespoon daily – just wondering if I should do that or up it to get the pain to subside?

There are many formulas with turmeric and bromelain…no need to rely on Solaray.
You could also buy organic turmeric in bulk, then just make a tea with it.
Mix about a heaping teaspoon in a mug of warm coconut milk and sweeten with honey or Stevia… just delicious! This is called Golden Milk in India. :)

God bless you. Your comment sounded so sad, serious like mine, and I’m finding
that lecithin is helping, but gradually. I can’t sleep lying down either, but sleep very painfully. Obviously I couldn’t sleep standing. It’s funny isn’t it, yet so frustrating.
I’ve Lecithin in granules, so I take about 4 spoons a day. Pain relief lasts about 3
hours, so it’s a constant struggle.
My pain is of shingles, where the virus lives on the nerve ends.
Take care,

I’ve found turmeric to be most helpful for pain associated with multiple sclerosis. I gave up on all the medications prescribed for MS pain – none gave any relief. I’ve taken 2 capsules of turmeric daily for almost 2 years and have had dramatic relief from pain in feet and legs.

How much turmeric do you recommend for arthritic neck pain? I am starting to take zyflamend which has 110 of turmeric per daily dose.

Thank you for your comments and the article. I have had horrible neck pain for 2 years. Two MRI’s and several doctors, pain pills. Nothing has worked. I’m very anxious to try these out. THANK YOU!

Are there any side effects from taking Solaray Turmeric Special Formula?

In Feb. I had a pinched nerve going from my spine down my right arm to my hand. It was so bad I couldn’t sleep lying down. Then I heard a very good veterinarian stating that he gave lecithin to a dog with a nerve problem in his back.
I immediately started taking it, and about 6-7 weeks later realized I could lie down normally. About
a week later I called him on the radio to thank him. He said that it calms irritated nerves, and works so frequently that he tries it often. — It worked on me!

My mother has suffered with Trigeminal Neuralgia for 16 years, would this be something suitable for her nerve pain?

My daughter has suffered from central pain syndrome following a very massive stroke 3 years ago. Her whole left side was affected and continues to cause her intermittent very strong pain. The MD claims it is from the stroke and there is no relief from it other than seizure medication. Do you think turmeric help her? Does any one else suffer from this after effect ??

Turmeric can be eaten from the spice rack if one puts it in tomato juice to disguise the strong taste. My husband and I have it every night at the end of our supper because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

I went to GNC after reading the article about taking turmeric for nerve inflammation and they had two products: Joint Formula ( which contains turmeric and boswellia ) and Bromelain. I now take these for trigeminal neuralgia along with gabapentin and my symptoms are in remission.

Found & ordered the Solaray Turmeric Special Formula on line, cheapest price I found was from My Vita Net 1-800-807-8080 $12.29 for 60 caps. Can’t wait to see if it helps my nerve pain!!

Tumeric is also found in yellow mustard. One might try that. I take a tsp at night to help with restless legs. The Solaray vitamins can be found by doing a Google search.

For post herpetic nerve pain ( can be from shingles) i used 1000 mg. of the amino acid Lysine. On an empty stomach three times a day. And if the pain returns, avoid nuts and chocolate and, of course, peanuts, which aggravate it.

Will turmeric extract help or does it have to be with the other ingredients. Also will it help with carpel tunnel syndrome???

I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on both hands and took Turmeric Golden Paste ( please Google it how to prepare ) for 6 weeks ( 2 times a day ) and all pain gone

My husband is a WWII veteran and after serving in the battle of the bulge in Bastogne, Belgium he suffered frozen feet. And as he gets older, it seems to be getting worse and worse. The doctors told him there was nothing they could do for the pain of frozen feet. They say he suffered nerve damage up to his ankles. So I am wondering if the tumeric used for nerve pain in her neck would also be helpful for nerve pain suffered from frozen feet. Or am wondering if you have had any other questions or comments for other people about this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The most discouraging part of finding a possible cure worth trying is being unable to find the product recommended. The Solaray Turmeric Special Formula is no exception. Do you think the availability could be checked before the recommendation makes it to print?

would this relieve PHN?

I second the Turmeric/neck pain nerve pain.
Slipped and fell and hurt neck few years ago, only thing that helped was Swanson Vitamins “Mobility Essentials” which had turmeric, bromelain in it.
It was really amazing, such a deep and long lived pain and this was the only thing that did anything.
Winchester VA

Need to know WHERE to the “Solaray” Tumeric Special Formula. Seems like I can at last get a bit of relief!!!!
Thanks for any help!!!! Don

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