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Tramadol Side Effects and Withdrawal are Daunting

When choosing a pain reliever, prescribers do well to keep tramadol side effects and withdrawal syndrome in mind.

Doctors love tramadol (Ultram, Ultracet) because it is perceived as safer than narcotics like hydrocodone (Lortab, Norco, Vicodin, etc.) or oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet, etc). In case you had not noticed, opioids have been getting a lot of bad press for their addictive potential. As a result, many prescribers are turning to tramadol to ease patients’ pain. We fear that most are unaware of the withdrawal reaction that can occur when people try to stop tramadol suddenly.

Tramadol Withdrawal:

There is a sanitized term for this extremely disorienting condition: “discontinuation syndrome.” It does not begin to describe what some people go through when trying to stop tramadol. At last count there are over 600 comments about this problem associated with this article. Some are truly hair raising. To read them all, click on the box at the bottom of this page labeled “Older Comments.” But first, the question that started this thread:

Q. I have been taking Ultracet (tramadol) for several years for back pain. I was taking 100 mg three times a day as prescribed. The pain is better and I tried stopping the tramadol and had a terrible reaction.

I went to my internist who advised that I stop taking the tramadol over a period of time. I am now taking 50 mg three times a day but cannot get any lower than that without experiencing nerve twitches in my legs and intense jitteriness that interferes with my sleep.

Have you heard of similar problems and do you know of any way to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms without getting hooked on another medication?

A. Tramadol (Ultram, Ultracet, Rybix ODT, Ryzolt) is a strong pain reliever that was originally thought to have opioid-like activity without the same potential to cause addiction as morphine or similar narcotics. To quote the “experts,” tramadol was thought to have a “low potential for abuse.” In other words, it wasn’t supposed to cause physical dependence or produce a “withdrawal syndrome.”

It turns out the drug is a lot more complicated than many experts first believed. In addition to its analgesic action via opioid receptors in the brain, tramadol exerts a profound effect on other neurochemistry. That means that brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine are profoundly impacted by tramadol.

Many antidepressants also affect the reuptake of the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. For years clinicians thought there would be no consequences after altering brain chemistry with drugs such as desvenlafaxine (Pristiq), duloxetine (Cymbalta) or venlafaxine (Effexor). Sudden discontinuation of such drugs can bring on a host of symptoms. Here is a link with over 1,300 comments regarding Cymbalta complications:

Remember that tramadol not only affects neurotransmitters. It is a synthetic cousin of codeine and binds to opioid receptors. That means it is weaker than narcotics like hydrocodone or oxycodone. But it works in part to ease pain by binding to opioid receptors in the brain. Many physicians were convinced that it would not cause dependence the way strong opioids might. In other words, no worries about abuse and no DEA (drug enforcement administration) agent looking over your shoulder.

The Double Whammy:

The problem is that patients may be vulnerable to a double whammy. Stopping tramadol suddenly may affect the brain and nervous system via multiple pathways. First, you have the opioid issue. But there could also be the serotonin and norepinephrine pathways. Here is what we have discovered when it comes to that sanitized phrase “discontinuation syndrome”:

Tramadol Withdrawal Symptoms:

  • Anxiety, mood swings, irritability
  • Brain zaps (shock-like sensations), tingling
  • Sweating, chills, goose bumps, shivering
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia, sleeping difficulties, nightmares
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations, unusual thoughts
  • Aggresiveness

Some of the symptoms of tramadol withdrawal may persist longer than many health professionals realize. There is no one-size-fits-all program for tapering off tramadol. People vary greatly in the way their bodies adapt and recover. It may take several months to gradually wean off from tramadol. You should not attempt this on your own. A health professional who understands the complexity of the drug may be essential.

Stories from Readers:

Arika in Washington is going through prolonged withdrawal:

“I was on tramadol for about five years. By the end of that time I was only taking 50 mg per day. I’ve been off of it for about a month and I’ve had several nightmarish weeks. One week, the anxiety and panic was hellish.  The next week I had to deal with extreme fatigue and muscle pain.

“I think I’m past the worst but am still being plagued by anxiety, panic, muscle weakness and fatigue (which gets worse after eating and exercise). Then there’s tingling and numbness all over my body.”

“I’m not seeing a light at the end of my journey – just making it through a day feels like a battle.”

Sweety in Bangalore shared this story:

“My mother-in-law has osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and spondylosis. Her rheumatologist started her on tramadol. She took this medicine for nearly a year.

“Then her doctor changed her pain medicine in one day. After stopping the tramadol she experienced withdrawal symptoms: extreme pain, seizures and electric shock-like sensations. She got no sleep because of the symptoms.

“She also received anti anxiety drugs given by her doctor. The tramadol was not tapered.  She is going through bad withdrawal.”

Shae in the Cayman Islands reports:

“I took it [tramadol] for 6 weeks, 4 x per day at 50MG per dose. I stopped cold turkey and I’m on my fourth day of withdrawal symptoms.

” I have blurred vision, severe abdominal cramps and pain breathing. I am disoriented, have body aches, swelling of my feet, electric shocks in my hands and feet, back pain, chills, depression and flu-like symptoms.”

Many of the withdrawal symptoms associated with tramadol are reminiscent of those linked to sudden discontinuation of antidepressants like sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil) or venlafaxine (Effexor). Symptoms can include dizziness that will not quit, brain “zaps” or “shivers” that are a bit like electrical shock-like sensations, sweating, insomnia, headaches and difficulty concentrating. Read stories from readers who tried to get off antidepressants like duloxetine (Cymbalta) at this link.

Where is the FDA?

The FDA has not provided physicians with clear guidelines on how to phase off such drugs. We frequently see recommendations like “gradual withdrawal,” but no one bothers to provide clear instructions about what that really means. We’re really sorry that we don’t have any great insight on this process either. Readers have shared their own solutions at this link.

Although many people can relieve their acute or chronic pain with tramadol, here are some symptoms to be aware of while taking this medication.

Tramadol Side Effects:

  • Nausea, vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue
  • Restless legs
  • itching
  • Dry mouth
  • Sweating, flushing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping, insomnia
  • Skin rash
  • Serotonin syndrome

Serotonin Syndrome Can Be Life Threatening:

Please note serotonin syndrome above. This can be a life-threatening situation and can be precipitated if tramadol is combined with other medications such as “triptans” prescribed for migraine headaches or antidepressants that affect serotonin. ALWAYS check with a pharmacist about the drug interactions before combining tramadol with any other medication. To learn more about serotonin syndrome, click here and here!

Share your own tramadol story below in the comment section. Have you suffered from tramadol side effects or tramadol withdrawal? Was tramadol the right solution for you? If you found this article helpful please vote on this article by clicking the 5 stars at the top of the page.

Revised: 3-1-17

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I have been on Tramadol ER 300mg for about 3 years now. I have chronic pain spanning more than 40 years due to severe degenerative disc disease throughout my spine, with stenosis and spondylosis. After taking opioids, and later tramadol every 4-6 hours, I was frustrated with “chasing the pain.” Once my pain specialist switched me to the extended-release form I felt like a new person.

I know the maximum dose per day and would never exceed it. I am also on an antidepressant to treat depression that dates back to my childhood, long before I took any pain medications. My psychiatrist is convinced it is the effects of chronic pain that contributes to my depression, not the pain meds.

I would like to make a few important comments based on my experience and education (I was a Physical Therapist for 30 years.
1. Chronic pain is best treated by pain management specialists – NOT primary care physicians or orthopedists. Pain specialists have a wide range of possible treatments and are trained to spot “drug seeking abusers.” I have a signed contract not to obtain pain meds from anywhere else and to undergo periodic urine tests. Also cannot get more than a one-month supply of pain meds at a time.
2. In this day and age all my doctors know every prescription medicine and over-the-counter meds and supplements I take. I carry a complete list to every doctor I see. Be proactive, and take responsibility rather than “assuming” your doctors know what you take. And ask your pharmacist about interactions every time something is added – supplements and OTC drugs included. That is his/her specialty.
3. NEVER stop a medication abruptly unless it is life threatening. ALWAYS ask your doctor for a plan to taper off, and call with any adverse effects.

WE are responsible for taking charge. Doctors are no longer “Demi-gods” who know all or take the time to tell all. If your doctor isn’t willing to listen and answer questions and take you seriously – find another doctor! A hassle, yes, but well worth it. I am tired of hearing peoples’ horror stories after taking themselves off medication abruptly without consulting the doctor!

I just took 3 of the 50 mg. tablets on the day after knee surgery, 3 in 18 hours. I hardly slept for the next 2 nights, maybe 3 hours each. I would wake with little electric shocks going through my body. I had no appetite for 2 days. I could not defecate but had lots of stomach pain. I decided I would rather have post-surgical knee pain than all of this. It took about 36 hours after the last pill to be able to go to the bathroom normally. I could sleep after about 24 hours. They also like to pretend that none of these medications cause dependance or habituation. Why ?

Been on Tramadol 50 mg 3 times a day for 6 weeks after knee surgery. Not knowing any better I went off suddenly. What is anybody’s guess as to how long this withdrawal will last? Please comment.

I have been on tramadol for 25 years- unreal! The last 6 years after a car accident I have taken 6 -50mg a day=300. It is not helping anymore with back pain, and I refuse to increase because I don’t feel well even though being monitored this whole time. I want to get off Tramadol. I started 1/2 pill less, and it will be 2 weeks. At 2 weeks will go to 1 pill (in 2 days). I hope that doing it this slowly will not be as horrible with the above stories. I live alone and do not have anyone to support me. Wish me luck!

I have been on tramadol for almost a year and I have a procedure coming up so I thought “Why not just stop all of my meds while prepping for it.” I logged online to see if I was having withdrawal from it because I was told it’s not habit forming by my former PA. I thought I was coming down with the flu. Body aches, sweating, diarrhea, nausa, dizzy. I had to have my husband bring me some so I would feel better and make it through the day. I see a new Dr. soon so hopefully we can find something else, or I stay on it. This is horrible.

Hi David,
I really don’t know what to tell you.I don’t know how your body and mind will react after being on them for so long.I only know from my own experience(related in this forum) of going cold turkey after 15 years on this drug. I am 5 months clean now and it gets better each day. No thoughts of ever taking it again. I still have back pain but it is much more bearable than being in either in a state of constant withdrawal or taking increasing amounts of tramal.I tried tapering but always felt so bad i would relapse so cold turkey was the only way for me. Acute withdrawals are bad and paws are the pits but if you can hang in there it’s worth it. People recommend suboxone while tapering and this forum has many stories that may help.I am 65 and never thought i would get off them .All the best and keep us informed.

Let me first say that when I had to go on pain medication I was adamant about not wanting to get hooked on them. I was assured that tramadol was not habit forming! I’ve been on tramadol since the summer of 1995 before my 1st of 4 back surgeries. I take 8 50MG tablets a day, and that’s down from 12 a day! I have chronic pain from arthritis in my back, feet, hands and neck. I started early on trying to get off tramadol by using Tylenol and glucosamine triplex. I started to wean of the tramadol but quickly realized that my body would not function, and the withdrawal was hell.

So here I am going on 24 years, and even dropping 1 pill a day I started after just a few days having restless legs, insomnia, lack of motivation, and on and on with all different sorts of withdrawal symptoms. I’ve even tried alternating days of my regular schedule, and that turned into a nightmare (literally). I moved to another state and got new doctors. All 3 of them said there was little I could do at this point. My cardiologist (3 heart attacks also) said it would be very stressful on my heart to go through withdrawal. I’ve been on disability since I started having dementia along with my heart disease and chronic pain. My primary physician said since I’m 60 it’s highly improbable that I could ever get off of them. So I’ve said all that to say I’m screwed!

One year Tramadol free today. A very long haul but I’m pleased that I’ve made it. It’s not been a problem to not take it. I don’t miss it or have a desire to take it, just still have horrible sleep issues. Some nights it takes me hours to sleep, and then I wake up wide awake after only a few hours sleep. I just hope that some day this, too, shall go away.

Please stay strong, everyone!

Dennis D
I was on 300 mg tramadol from July 2010 to Dec 2018. Withdrawal was classic and, as expected, severe. Do not go cold turkey. Take the time to taper off or be prepared for some serious misery.

I wonder if I will ever be “happy” again. I initially lost 5 pounds due to diarrhea and nausea. I then gained 16 pounds due to consuming comfort food as I tried to find a better mental state and fight chronic pain. I am two months clean and feel I am barely on track to feeling better. Tramadol reduced my chronic pain which now has to be addressed by some other means.

The reason I wanted off tramadol was it was affecting my cognitive process causing me to make a lot of bad financial decisions. The reason I want back on it is it mellowed my personal relationships with family and friends, in other words, I was a lot more tolerant with others. Still looking for an alternative. Considering THC.

I’ve had 3 back surgeries starting in 2001. I think I’ve been on tramadol about 14 years. 100 mg x 2/day. Trying to move forced me to find out how difficult it is to get a new doc to keep the script going. That’s why i decided to get off. after reading the comments, I’m blown away. I started about 6 weeks ago. dropped to 150mg/ day for a few weeks. then to 100mg/day for a couple weeks – now I;m at 50mg/day (about 2 weeks now).
my symptoms are: lots of sneezing, stomach aches and bloating, get tired real easy. I hate this drug and I will beat it. I’ll go down to 25mg/day soon. this sucks! my question is this: will the reduction from 25 to zero going to be much worse than the other incremental reductions?

Hi Henry,
Your time on Tramadol sounds similar to mine.200 mg/ day for 15 years with occasional top-up when feeling bad. I am 4 months clean after going cold turkey, which was most unpleasant, and the symptoms of which you will find documented fully in this forum. After the acute withdrawals PAWS set in which were dreadful for a couple of months but which have eased with the help of a low dose of anti-depressant to restore dopamine, etc., levels which were depleted due to reliance on Tramadol. Sleep patterns have improved, and fatigue is really the only remaining issue along with some degree of anhedonia. Stomach troubles are still there but much improved. You have done well to be down to 25mg/day, and hopefully going to zero will not be to bad. Hang in there, as being off this horrible drug is so worth it. I used to live in a state of constant mild withdrawal as the only alternative was to increase the dose which some do and end up on extreme doses. Then they have to source it illegally which is expensive and risky. It has also been made much harder to get a prescription here in Australia, as awareness of its addictive nature and hideous and protacted withdrawal becomes more evident. All the best, and let us know how it goes.

I am officially 6 months Tramadol-free today.

All is good, except my sleep cycle is STILL screwed up. Sleep is the hardest thing for me to come by. I do a bit better by taking my MP3 player to bed and listening to tunes until I nod off. I generally wake up within 15-30 minutes and then shut off the MP3 player and then drift back off to sleep.

Otherwise I’m so glad to be free of that monkey on my back. Hope all is going well for everyone else.

Hi Virginia,

Good to hear from you and that you’re still “clean”. Four months now for me and feeling much better.PAWS was atrocious for a couple of months.Eventually had to go on an antidepressant. Extreme fatigue and Anhedonia were killing me. The AD improved things to where i could function and nnow feel i am out of the woods. No thoughts of Tramal.Mornings on waking are somewhat bizarre .Seem unable to control my thoughts but i think that is more depression related.All in all much better off them. All the best.

I’ve been on Tramadol for 13+ years administered by the Veterans Adminitration for service connected medical issues. As of January 2019, I’ve become plagued with severe constipation and dizziness. My V.A. doctor immediately cut my dosage from 100mg x2, 3 times per day. That’s when the stuff hit the fan! I had the sensation that my calves and feet were frozen in blocks of ice, shivering, restless leg, tingling, sweats, inability to sleep for very long, leg cramps, stomach pain, intense jitteryness, headaches, and dissociation began to unerve me! 5 days now, and not knowing what/why this was happening began to cause despair.

Now I know and am able to deal with it! What a horrible drug this is, and worst of all, it wasn’t controlling pain very well anymore! In the past, I had missed dosage and began experiencing some of these nightmare symptoms. So I decided I wanted OFF this garbage! I’ve been tapering off very slowly for 3 months now and stay on that dose until the symptoms subside. Mostly around 2 months, so now I’m at the 1/4 tab dose 2 times a day: Hell has arrived! The lower the dose, the nastier the horrible symptoms become! I WILL beat this garbage and start lobbying for re-evaluation of this tramadol tra$h! Not habit forming? Sure! A lie for $. Stay away from this nightmare concoction! Knowing really helps.

I took 20 50mg tramadol Friday into Saturday after hernia surgery. When am I out of the woods for having a seizure or serotonin syndrom

2 or 20? I hope not 20. Different time lengths for different folks I think. I hope you are doing ok.

I am in my 4th week of quitting tramal cold turkey after 15 years of between 200 and 400 mg per day. I would not recommend this to anyone but it was the only way for me as i had tried tapering many times only to relapse when withdrawals became to debilitating to function. I am now retired with children grown and did not want to die addicted to this hideous drug .I experienced all acute symptoms, most of which have now almost gone. Sleep is easier and RLS intermittent. Main problems are exhaustion , lack of enjoyment and enthusiasm along with stomach trouble and low appetite but i believe these are all PAWS symptoms which will end someday. I can only hope that i can return to feeling normal again and that the damage caused can be repaired. Good luck and God bless all in the grip of this insidious drug.

My first contribution to this thread was on September 5, 2015. Never would I have thought I would be back typing an update over 3 years later. I thought I would have learned my lesson then but have gone through 6 or 7 Tramadol withdrawals since then. Hopefully, I am at the end of my last one now, as I finally had surgery to correct the issue I was taking them for.

Today is the 6th full day without Tramadol which was prescribed after my surgery. I still feel like garbage. My sleep is still off. I am freezing to the bone and have flu-like symptoms. My emotions are more stable, though. I was advised this time to taper off but made the decision that I’d rather suffer full withdrawal for 5 days (what I figured it would be) than to taper down and feel like half crap for 10 days. Hopefully today is the last day of this nightmare, and I will be back to normal. Prior to the August prescription, I had not taken Tramadol since August, 2017 when I “swore” it off after a nasty withdrawal. Good luck to all.

Hoping that things start going back to normal. I’m approaching 90 days Tramadol free. I suffer sleep issues but otherwise feel better than I have in years.

Good luck in staying off Tramadol.

I have Fibromyalgia and have been on Tramadol for about 5 years. I take the lowest doses but only once per day in the morning to get my day started. I was prescribed 50mg tablets which I break in half, only taking 25mg, instead. I am very cautious with anything prescribed. Tramadol gives me all the side-effects listed while being on the drug. Especially nightmares and unusual vivid weird dreams, & anxious feelings in my chest and anxious thinking and triggers some panic attacks.

I stopped cold turkey and it’s my 7th day off them. Yesterday I started getting the increasing pain over my body and woke up having a difficult time getting out of bed, I feel like I have been ran over by a big rig. I am bearing this out as much as possible. I have no seizures symptoms but the pain is exhausting. I am not a doctor. Everyone is different so there will be various types of symptoms, each different. I believe our bodies are reacting to the changes, and getting off it is better than staying on the drug.

Weaning slowly is best, and I feel that each person has to decide which is best, like: lowering the doses for awhile then slowly & or intermediately skip doses, then cut doses in half, and stay on half doses for awhile, then start skipping doses until you conquer these issues of removing them from your body. If your symptoms are severe like seizures you really need a Doctor right away etc. Find a doctor who is going to listen to you and be concerned about your symptoms. Take Epsom Salt hot baths, which really helps in my muscle pains and other syptoms. Get rest as much as possible. Turn on sweet nature music. Take relaxing strolls in the park. Have short and sweet conversations that are peaceful. Pain is exhausting and mentally overwhelming. Stay away from any intense problem-solving until you get a grip on your health because stress seems to exacerbate the pain in your body. I hope the best for everyone facing these issues.

I was on Tramadol before being fused L5/S1. Went cold turkey (no titration) before surgery and did have some mild flu symptoms but maybe a day or two was all. Surgery was, and is, considered a success. But I started working full-time, and sitting in a stressful office for 8 hours took its toll. So I went back on Tramadol along with Lyrica, Etodolac and eventually Lortab. Did switch (insurance reasons) from Lyrica to Gabapentin but doc had me titrate down before switching and had no real issues with the switch. I have never exceeded my doc’s dosage on any of my meds. Never had a desire to and am also subject to urine tests with loss of scripts if urine test failed so it would never have been an option.

5 years ago I had enough of the office and quit. Started doing a variety of sewing related services which included upholstering in restaurants. Major abuse on my back so I ended up taking 300 mg of Tramadol. Qualified for Soc. Security in July so finished my last restaurant job at the beginning of May and said “No more upholstery”. I could not believe the immediate difference in my back issues.

Understanding the importance of titrating down on meds, I started on Gabapentin first. By the end of May, Gabapentin was off my list to take daily. Then cut back to one Etodolac a day versus the two I’d been taking. Within another week, I was no longer taking any Etodolac. Started tapering down on the Lortab, and I now may take one or two a month but that is it. Usually reserve them for the first day I quit taking a medicine completely, just to keep pain at bay.

So, after the neighborhood settled down from the 4th of July, I decided it was time to give the Tramadol a whirl. This is the one I really wanted to discontinue because our doc really has to jump through hoops with our insurance company to keep us on it. I went from 300 mg daily to 200 mg daily and saw no difference in pain. I may take one ibuprofin a day but many days I take nothing.

However, I immediately felt my head go into a vise grip symptom, followed by runny nose, watery eyes, not being able to fall asleep at night and such anger over some dumb stuff. Kept taking 200 mg, though, and within a week all was good, except for sleep. Cut back to 100 mg and saw all of the above symptoms return but so much worse. Took me a few days to figure out this was withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, I’m experiencing some stomach cramping, diarrhea, restless leg/arm issues and probably a few other things that I’m forgetting. Once I determined that all of this was withdrawal, I said to heck with it and threw out the remainder of the bottle. Today is my second day with no Tramadol at all or any other prescription meds.

What seems to help me deal with these issues the most is hard, really hard exercise — like 5 miles at a fast pace on stationary bike. Once I recover from that and shower I feel fairly civilized unless something dumb sets me off. Now that I know that is withdrawal stuff, it’s easier to not lose my temper. The worst was not knowing what was going on. I also get some relief from the yoga I do.

Bottom line for me is that I will never, ever take Tramadol again. Relief for back pain, combined with the other drugs, was very effective. But now that the FDA understands this is not a wonder drug, it has become difficult for scripts and having experienced the withdrawals, I understand the rationale behind it. I will alter my behavior as far as not exacerbating my back condition before seeking any scripts.

Hi Brendon

Hope you are still hanging in there. I have been officially opioid-free for 90+ days now. At this point, I seldom even think about taking/not taking Tramadol.

I haven’t had any PAWS related issues for 6 weeks or more. If I had to list an issue still remaining, I would have to say that I still struggle with energy issues. By 8-8:30 tops, I’m toast in my chair as opposed to still working until 10 or later. I’m hopeful that will change with time.

Otherwise, I’m really starting to feel my old Tramadol-free self. Much better outlook on life, and overall I would say much happier. Especially since I don’t have to worry about the FDA yanking the Tramadol rug out from under me.

I hope that I am providing some encouragement to others trying to break free from Tramadol. While the first 5 or 6 weeks were not much fun, thinks have become pretty easy as of late. It is possible to break free from this insidious drug. Just believe in yourself and take it minute by minute.

Stay strong everyone!

I’m now somewhere between Days 11 and 12 with no Tramadol, or any other prescription drugs. It’s been very rough at times, but not nearly as bad as some folks have posted so I’m considering myself very fortunate. I successfully quit smoking cigarettes some 23 years ago and I think that I incorporated some of my successful behaviors with my Tramadol withdrawals and that seemed to help immensely.

Today is the first day that I haven’t sneezed incessantly. Man is that irritating, the constant sneezing that is. I’m pretty much through the unexpected and uncontrollable periods of rage. Had a brief one yesterday but nothing like the first ones that made me fear that my sanity had snapped. Restless leg issues are gone, nausea gone, stomach cramping gone, chills gone.

Sleeping is still a dicey issue. I get so freaking tired but then go to bed and some nights I just cannot shut my brain off. We’ve been listening to a rock station that lists itself as conducive to sleep/dreams/mellowness the last hour or so before bed and that seems to be a huge help. Also, I don’t drink caffeine in the afternoons or evenings. I also am trying to not do any work in the evenings as that keeps my brain in high gear.

Right now, probably the worst issue is that I just have no get up and go — just don’t have it period. I’m kind of a strange duck, I guess, as I didn’t get a great burst of energy from Tramadol. It relieved my back pain — period. Actually I was hoping to regain energy from discontinuing Tramadol but it’s been quite the reverse. I’m getting about a third of the work done that I normally do and that is great effort to get that much done. I’m just absolutely toast by mid morning. Try to keep pecking away at stuff in the afternoons but I’m just not worrying if I don’t get everything on my “to do” list done each day. Hoping that this will leave some day in the not so distant future.

The thing that helps me the most is the knowledge that, just like with smoking, it is easier to ride out the unpleasant withdrawal effects and know that this too shall pass.

I had an unopened bottle of Tramadol that I took to our low income clinic this morning. I should have thrown it away but I figured that someone would still want to take it. Just glad to have it out of our house.

To anyone who comes along and reads my original post and my follow up post; please believe me that it will get easier. Somewhere after day 7, I started to see more positive than negative withdrawal symptoms. Today, I’m mostly down to just the absolute exhaustion and pure lack of energy, drive, enthusiasm, whatever you want to call it. Just absolutely drained and totally devoid of my get up and go. Otherwise, I feel more “normal” than I’ve felt in years.

Please do not give up the fight, do not cave and start taking Tramadol again. It truly will get better — just a rocky 10 days or so. Please stay strong everyone!!

Well, I am the office manager of Lake Bronson Club in Washington State. I have been prescribed Tramadol for eight years now and they work great for me.

I never plan on stop taking them so I am not worried about withdrawal. As I am getting older and in more pain I need larger dosages. Why would I want to stop taking this medication? The pain is never going to go away, lets face it, and I have.

Wayne, they worked great for me too. Then I stopped doing physically taxing work and suddenly found myself feeling overmedicated.

I would seriously encourage you to schedule an appointment with your PCP and explore other pain medicine options. These withdrawals are nothing to mess around with. I quit smoking pot years ago (no issues), alcohol (never much of a drinker) and cigarettes (one of the hardest things ever) but they all pale in comparison to what I’ve gone through and continue to go through with the Tramadol. It is just NOT worth it!

I was put on Tramadol 50mg at 3X’s a day for severe muscle inflammation and Baclofen 20mg at 3X’s a day for muscle spasms. I have been on them going on 2 1/2 -3 years. I don’t abuse these drugs.

As of 2 days ago, I finished my Tramadols and I can’t see the doctor until tomorrow. So, that will be going on day 4 without them. And, already, I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms. My head feels funny, I’m tired but I can’t sleep, my entire body aches and my stomach feels a little jumpy.

So, even if you don’t abuse Tramadol, you still suffer withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop them. But, they help with my chronic pain. So, I have to take them for now.

But, reading these withdrawal symptoms of all these people make me apprehensive about ever stopping them in the future. Gradually weaning at a very slow rate seems the best way but still. I hate withdrawal symptoms. I experienced them when the doctor who performed my colon surgery over 10 years ago refused to write me another Percocet prescription so I could wean off them.

My head felt like it was in a vice and would explode any minute. I had shoulder and muscle twitches, too. I just don’t want to go through that again.

I have been on Tramadol for over 2 1/2 years for chronic pain, The last 12 months I was taking 300-400mg a day. I finally had surgery and then I had no more pain and about 5 weeks later decided to wean off it. Neither my doctor or surgeon have ever mentioned getting me off this drug. I cut out 100 mg and 4 days later withdrawals kicked. They were bad. Hot and cold sweats for 2 days, restless limbs the next 2, vomiting & diarrhea the next 2, anxiety then mood swings (although I didn’t pick up on that one at the time) at least I only seemed to get a couple of symptoms at at a time.

I put up with it for a week and a half and decided dropping 100mg was obviously way too much. I honestly didn’t think I would have a problem coming off it. After that i dropped 25mg a week. Still got withdrawal symptoms but I could manage them. Once I reached 100mg (50 mg twice daily) and day 4 on that dose my withdrawal symptoms increased, restless limbs and mood swings are the worst with occasional stomach aches. I stayed on that dose for 5 weeks.

I did see my doctor because I wanted something for the restless limbs but was told Valium would help but since that was addictive she didn’t want me to take it and I was doing well. A week ago I cut down to about 85/90mg and I still get restless limbs and mood swings but now I suffer with what I can only describe as a rage every now and then. I feel like a crazy person when this happens and I thought my mood swings were bad (I could be mean with no remorse). I am considering taking sick leave but have only been back at work for 5 weeks and it wont go down well but I am scared of my moods. I will persevere but don’t think I will be dropping anytime soon. So to all of us trying….lets be strong, take it slow.

My pain management clinic tried putting me on Tramadol for severe pain from sciatica, 2 spinal fusions and degenerative arthritis. I said no to that, as I was already on it from my surgery, and I was trying to get off. Now I am down to 25 mg per day of Tram, and taking Lyrica plus Advil. I wonder if I am just trading one awful drug for another. I agree that it’s unfortunate that long-term pain sufferers have to be treated like addicts when they just ask to be able to lead somewhat normal lives

I thought I was losing my mind. My Tramadol for Hydronephrosis was started 10 years ago. Even though I only take 50 mg once a day I find I am having hideous symptoms when I skip doses or cut them in half. I sweat, have muscle cramps, extreme fatigue, aches and pains, sharp pin prick pains in my arms and legs, worsened restless legs syndrome, anxiety, irritability, depression, hopeless thoughts. apathy, lethargy, Sneezing, coughing, and panic attacks. I haven’t been able to hold down a job due to unpredictable and unprecedented fluctuations in mood and energy level. I either can’t sleep at all or I can only have the energy to sleep. My relationships have suffered as I take out my frustrations on my family and friends. I have not felt this level of unbalanced emotions in a very long time. I cannot trust myself to be around people. I stopped socializing and hide at home.

After reading these letters, I am resolved to make the right decision and reclaim my life: to contact my doctor ASAP and get on a regimen to taper me down in a systematic way off this drug. Recently I have also attempted to cut back on my Lexapro and Xanax, and those withdrawals are leaving me with side effects as well, such as panics, profuse sweating, tightness in the chest, anxiety, insomnia, depression and hopeless thoughts, dry mouth, blurred vision, and sensations of worthlessness and helplessness. Thank you all for showing me I am not alone. I thought I was becoming an emotional cripple for other reasons, like grief. And I thought I had lost the ability to cope with daily changes due to past major life stresses. Now I have hope I may regain some of my functional abilities.

I had Knee Replacement Surgery 5 weeks ago and was given Hydromorphone by my surgeon for 3 weeks then Tramaset for past 2 weeks….I am now off all opioids and feeling terrible, not with knee pain but feeling quite lethargic & generally not feeling ‘normal’.

I’ve also been experiencing terrible night sweats for past 4 nights since taking last Tramacet pill. I am now realizing I am most likely going through withdrawal symptoms. I never thought this would happen after only one month. I will work through this but never again!

I was given Tramadol before it became a schedule IV. It’s been 9 years from back and leg pain until I had an MRI done and really needed a spinal fusion. I was on them until after the surgery in 2017 when I went on stronger opioids in the hospital and sent home on Oxycodone and muscle spasms.

Within a year I was down to 6 Oxycodone for s few months and to 6 Vicodin day until my year was up with my Surgeon. Both the oxy and Vicodin I had no problems stepping down. I was taken off Tramadol and of course no withdrawals as I got stronger opioids post fusion. I never knew what Tramadol withdrawals would be so bad. So one day before my last appointment with my Surgeon I asked if we could step down to Hydrocodone 6 times s day.

Going now to PT and my first appointment with Pain Manangement now I’m being weaned from Tramadol 6-8 50 mg. A day. Just got my first script to titrate down to 5 and am I crazy or what. Is it just me that feels all the withdrawals that have been mentioned from 1 50mg dose. I’m 2 weeks into this 5 a day script then it will be 4 a day for 30 days then I see my PM Dr.

If I am having these horrible withdrawals with just one pill, it will only get worse when I go to 4 50mg a day. When I started weaning from 6-8 pills a day for 9 years I’m wonder if that’s the reason just one pill threw me into horrible withdrawals. Any one else had the same with just one 50 mg pill???

I was ok when I weaned from 300 mg to 200 mg. Felt like I was getting a head code but no blind rage, etc. Going from 200 to 100 mg was absolute pure hell. No other way to describe it. Once I ascertained that this was, indeed, withdrawal; I decided to discontinue completely as I was afraid that it would be 10 times worse if I waited until I adjusted and then cut my dose down.

As I mentioned in another comment, I’m almost 10 days without any Tramadol and have had my best day yet. Not where I want to be yet but such a significant improvement. What a hellish nightmare!

I’d like to add a positive note and some hope for those working to eliminate Tramadol from their meds. I am in my 60s, had been on Tramadol (50 mg x 4 a day) for arthritis for 8 years, never abused it, and suddenly came down with unassociated stomach issues. With nausea and vomiting, I threw up any meds I tried to keep down, and I was about 3 days without any at all.

So when I resumed Tramadol, I only took about a third of a 50 mg tablet, three times a day. No one was more surprised than I that I did not experience any serious withdrawal symptoms with this reduction. Maybe I was a little edgier but that was about it. Over the next few weeks, I weaned myself off entirely (taking my last dose at bedtime so as not to interfere with sleep) and I am glad to no longer be taking it.

I feel more awake, perkier, and relaxed, and I’m glad to avoid any potential cognitive impairment and slowed reaction times that might exist from long-term use. I believe I had begun to experience some mental slow-down and that has changed for the better. I may resume Tramadol some day if my physical condition requires it, but weight loss and regular, slow motion exercises, light weights, regular rest and a little Tylenol if needed seem to be doing the trick.

WOW! I am so glad I found this site. I am a retired Battalion Fire Chief of 29 years. Was in the military 8 years. Like most of you, we have been hard on our bodies. In 1999 I had a severe injury while fighting a fire. THAT’S 19 years ago. My best count is a total of over 25,000 tablets, 3 to 4 tablets a day, 50 mg tablets for 19+ years. OMG! I have tried many times to STOP taking tramadol. And many times I failed. I have experienced everything that is being shared here. I have asked for help every time I get my annual physical.

NOW that the opioids are getting all the publicity my Veteran’s Hospital Dr. is taking away my Tramadol this month and that of all the other patients unless they have cancer or a terminal disease. That’s a lot of veterans. That’s fine but I want help. But NO, they said. Just take Aleve Gel caps, and you will be fine. I am not even given any support for any kind of detox program. The VA has failed us again.

I am having so much trouble trying this on my own. I will succeed because of everyone that has shared their stories here. I will repost in a week or so if possible. THANK YOU everyone for sharing. It has given me encouragement and strength. So sorry all of us have to go through this suffering.

I should have said this: The doctor told me that Tramadol was not a narcotic, was not addicting, and was not harmful. WRONG!

Hello everyone,this drug is absolutely pure death.The only way to cure literally all withdrawals symptoms is something called Kratom.Its sold at your local Headshops.Some states have made it illegal.To the tune of a Class A substance. Please do your own research .But there are hundreds of intravenously heroin addicts that have used Kratom. And came off successfully with out anything but Kratom.And this is year’s of being an addict taking Katom for a week.

I’ve personally been threw tramadol or opiate withdrawls.And I’m fortunate to be able to purchase Kratom in my state.There was a mild withdrawal from kratom.I mean really mild (lack of energy for a day or 2. Then I was feeling back to my old self.

Please do your research.You never know, you might find yourself using this plant. Just always remain open minded about everyone and everything. God Bless!

I am not sure what it is like to come off of heroin, but I’m thinking it’s gotta be as close as you can get to Tramadol withdrawal. I’ve never experienced anything like it. There is a botanical called Kratom which mimics the effects of Tramadol, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, without the addictive part. I ordered it to try and I was AMAZED at how well it worked. NO Restless Legs, no stomach cramps, no chills, and although it doesn’t take away all of the symptoms, it surely makes them bearable.

I used the red strain and started with 6 mg. I do NOT advise taking the powder by “toss and wash” It’s disgusting. Once I knew it was going to work, I ordered the powder and a capsule maker and make my own. This is the 4th time I have attempted to get off of Tramadol and so far, so good. 2 weeks without and as long as I don’t get the restless legs at night, I can deal with the other symptoms which Kratom cuts down drastically. Good luck to everyone and please know. when you’re pacing the house in the middle of the night, you are NOT alone!

Tramadol withdrawal is HORRIBLE – I was weaned off in 3 weeks, after taking it for chronic pain for 8 years

Over the last 1-1/2 yrs went from 2 – 50 mg tabs 3-4 XD (6 to 8 tabs day) to 3 – 50 mg tabs per day, big drop, but still in system, so no withdrawal

This past month – was weaned of it with these instructions from Dr.
Week one 3 tabs a day
Week Two – 2 tabs a day,
Week 3, 1 tab per day then stop taking and then I’d be fine, no withdrawal symptoms WRONG!

It’s been a week and contrary to what my doctor said, I am having withdrawal

RLS terrible, head hurting, creepy crawling feeling all over, dry skin (weird), totally restless, unable to sleep more than a few hours, hard to even sit still ( think a 2 year old x 10), sneezing for no apparent reason, head feels like it is “full”, irritable, don’t want to be around anyone, find things annoying that normally don’t bother me, everything seems 10 X louder the past week not being on it also.
Can’t concentrate. I’m a reader at night when I get into bed, some nights I cannot even get through a chapter and normally I’ll read 1/4 to entire book in a night, depending how good it is.

No energy or desire to do anything, haven’t cooked all week – been frozen food

I have taken Lortab and Percocet in past and Never had any withdrawal symptoms (other than pain from not having pain meds) , just stopped taking it………..Tramadol is Awful – the FDA needs to ban this med.

Dr did not tell me when I started it 8 years ago that it would be hell to get off, told me it was better for me than the percocet I was taking (this was my new doctor, he didn’t like percocet, neither does my now new doctor)

This Dr. wants me to try methadone….everything I’ve read on it, the withdrawal symptoms and side effects are just as bad as Tramadol, if not worse !! I don’t think I can go there

Well now, seems all the docs are finding out how horribly addictive Tram is to your body and mind and weaning off it is hell for more than a few days

The thing that pisses me off so much about pain meds for people with chronic long term pain, is we get treated like addicts because of our illness, I just want to be pain free or at least 75% pain free – I’m sure as hell not going to go sell my drugs to someone else and live in pain.

IMO, 3 weeks is NOT long enough to wean off Tramadol – I think it should have been done over 2-3 months by this way 3 tabs day x 7 days, 2-1/2 tabs day x 7 days, 2 tabs day x 7 days, 1-1/2 tabs day x 7 days, 1 tab per day x 7 days, 1/2 tab per day x 7 days, then 1/2 tab every other day x 7 days, then 1/2 tab every 2 days x 7 day, then 1/2 every 3 days, then 1/2 every 4 days, then 1/2 every 5 days, then 1/2 every 6 days, then 1/2 one last time…….slowly getting the dosage down over the 13 weeks

I highly recommend anyone that is going to wean off this med to talk to their doctor and do it somewhat like above, because just taking 3 weeks to stop it after 8 years or even a few months for some people is pure hell

I realize that, sadly, there are people out there who abuse prescription drugs, and that has made it hard for those with chronic pain.

What I don’t get is why doctors think Tram is better for you than lortab or percocet, they are all narcotics, but Tramadol has one of the worst withdrawal phases

Never again will I take Tramadol, it may work for pain, but you have to take a lot of it if you have long term chronic pain……..I have a lot of allergies and drug sensitivities, I have added Tramadol to the list, I don’t want anyone giving it to me should I be in the ER in pain from an accident and not realizing what’s being given……SAY NO TO TRAMADOL It messes with your body and mind

I broke several bones in my foot, including shattering one at the joint. I had surgery to have screws put in to stabilize the bones. I was on Percocet for several weeks, but I was scared of developing a habit and I got tired of feeling fuzzy. So I asked my doctor for something else. He prescribed tramadol and I used 50mg doses once or twice a day for about two weeks. So not much of it and not for long. When I decided to stop it for good, I almost immediately started feeling strange. Upset stomach, no appetite, severe headache. And then the second night, I started to experience restlessness, muscle twitches, and an inability to sleep. I know a lot of stories on here involve a lot more/longer tramadol use, and I cannot imagine how awful withdrawal could be in that situation. I’m grateful for people sharing their stories here. They definitely helped convince me that I will never take this again.

Because Vicodin was no longer available my doctor prescribed tramadol. I have only taken it for 4 months. I thought it was safe and now know that it is not. I have taken 2 tramadol as needed and not on a regular basis. I am now seeing a chiropractor whose practice is razor edge and promises significant changes in my spinal alignment. I am already better but low back pain can bring me to the edge. I am also in the process of detoxing off gabapentin – suicidal thoughts that are challenging and amazing, unbelievable insomnia. I have taken it for years. I have a detox schedule and will follow it carefully. No more tramadol unless I am screaming with pain. Thank your this article. PS – major sweating problems.

I have taken 200mg per day tramadol for back and neck problems for years. It causes the high feel good plus pain relief for me. Lots of energy and quick thinking. The down side is no sleep, so I take Lunesta for sleep. I cannot take tramadol after 5p of I plan on sleeping, even with the aid of Lunesta. The combo overtime has given me Resless leg syndrome, severe. I have been one month trying to wean from the Tramadol cutting back 50mg a week. It is torture. The brain zaps come first, then the flu like feeling and fatigue. Low low energy and my sleep med now exasterbate the RLS. I am trying natural vitamins B12 and magnesium to calm the muscle twitches and RLS. Its going to be a long term weaning process and not sure if the side effects from the long-term use of Tramadol will ever revert my symptoms completely. I am taking it one day at a time and praying the normal sleep and everyday coping returns to a reasonable state. I never abused the drug but the long term use was highly addictive and began a snowball of added needs such as sleep aids and treatment for RLS. Even skipping 50mg a day would cause the brain zaps and nervousness.

I took Tramadol for a couple of years, 50mg slow release (had to cut up a 100mg tablet) twice a day as I was unable to tolerate the standard 50mg capsules.

Withdrawal was over a few weeks until I got down to 1/4 tablet twice a day, then I had to stop suddenly because of an accident requiring hospital admission. Hospital policy made it impossible to get the dose I was on so I had only two options – go on a full dose or stop altogether.

I have been off Tramadol for 9 weeks now and still experience brain zaps (parasthesia) almost every day and intermittend anxiety. I’d hate to think what it has done to my brains…

Just give it time. The nerve endings are experiencing (waking up) I like to think of it. Like any organ that is delivered a blow, there is an rehabilitation time expectation. The brain’s no exception. Insomnia and anxiety does really suck, I agree with you there.

I have been taking large daily doses (400-600mg) of Tramadol daily for several years. On occasion I run out before getting more and I experience some withdrawal, though nothing like what many describe here. Mostly I have a lot of trouble sleeping, which makes me groggy.

I hope I can get help I’ve been taking tramadol for almost 10 years now. It started when I was a doctors visit for pain the doctor prescribed tramadol i took one 50 mg pill and that night when my spouse and i were intimate i noticed that i could perform a lot longer than normal. So because of the long sexual performance i fell in love with and became addicted. Now I take 10/11 50 mg each pills 5 days a week the other 2 days 7 pills 50 mg each since I started taking these I have insomnia I have gone before two days with no sleep and when I would get to the point of sleep I would sleep almost an entire day now I get maybe five days a week a good 2 to 3 hours a night of sleep and every day I have to take A nap around two hours or more I wish I never would’ve taken this drug I have lost so much time from my family for my selfish needs and desires intimately with my spouse . If I come home and take a nap and don’t wake up till the morning and go all night without taking tramadol I wake up wanting to vomit and have no energy whatsoever and when I don’t take them around the same time I normally do or if I take less then the nights before I start to get flu like symptoms I am so disgusted with myself every time ITake these pills but I can’t stop I’ve even tried to see if there is a vitamin or a pill that doesn’t cause any harm to me that looks just like the tramadol I take to psych myself out I haven’t found any yet if anyone knows anything like that that can help psych me out let me know. It’s gotten to the point that I have to take these every night in order for me to wake up in the morning and go to work and function I hope I get to help i need

I have been suffering from insomnia. Could it be the tramadol, along with gabapentin?

I have been taking tramadol time release once per day for a little over a year due to degenerative osteoarthritis in both knees. Since I am only just under 40 years of age, the doctors suggest that I wait 10 more years to permanently fix my knees with double knee replacement. To allow me to do my daily activities, I was prescribed tramadol which helps the pain inside my knee joints along with anti-inflammatory daily (along with gel shots every 6 months into both knees, periodic cortizone shots, and sometimes physical therapy). Every so often, I forget to take my meds first thing in the morning, and I started to notice in the mid afternoon I would suddenly experience the most horrible feelings both mentally and physically.

Today was such a day. This seems to happen when the medicine has left my system. I have severe headaches, tightness in my chest, anxiety which makes me wring my hands, and a feeling of helplessness/loss of control followed by what I can only describe as what must be depression type feelings. Apathy, care about nothing, nothing can make me feel better, crying, body aches, and feel like I am physically heavier in the world, depressed by gravity itself. Unable to concentrate or work, and only gets better when I am able to get home, take my medicine, and en within about an hour, I feel just fine again. I am hoping to work with a pain specialist to wean off this medication very soon, as our state just passed legislation that our doctors can no longer prescribe it to avoid people abusing drugs, so I only have one refill left. I just hope they can help me safely wean off, as I only take it because of actual pain and quality of life, and am fairly terrified at what is upcoming for withdrawl, when just a few hours feels like an eternity.

I am a 10 yr tramadol user. I get the feel-good energy from tramadol but also the severe insomnia. I began Lunesta to aid the sleepless nights. Overtime the combo gave me severe restless leg syndrome. So even though I would be tired enough to sleep the RLS prevented any sleep, which was more miserable. I have been one month cutting back by 50mg per day per week. Even with 50mg less per day I have brain zaps and flu-like symptoms. I came down to one 50mg tablet per day, and even it is difficult to stop.

Tramadol is a highly addictive pain med plus a serotonin-altering brain changer. I think I am winning the fight from the opioid dependence, but the long-term sleep pattern and RLS is my next battle to overcome. I urge anyone who takes Tramadol, especially the ones like me who get the energy highs, to beware of the long-term consequences. Normal sleep and calm muscles and brain waves are more important in the long haul of everyday life.

I have gout, fibromyalgia, and lower back pain plus I feel both rotators are almost gone in my shoulders. I had up until August 16′ been prescribed for pain Vicodin one month then Percocet the following month to alternate between the 2 so as to not develope dependence, since 2003. I think 2006 is when I was prescribed Tramadol. It worked for me great, Dr told me no concerns about becoming addictive ( I read the small print) so I thought all was well and the pain had stopped. Well after running out of Tramadol only once or twice I was in the worst shape I have ever been in and learned rather quickly to never run out again. Fast forward to opioid crisis and after going into the new money racket Pain Management Clinic, with 3 visits and a $70 copay to them, I was able to stop all opioids cold turkey, they had become addictive, there I was given a choice to choose either the Percocet to continue with or the Tramadol. I choose Tramadol knowing the consequences of stopping it and gave them my brand new 120 tablet Percocet prescription for them to destroy. Not the Tramadol however. It will take The Good Lord Himself to truly help get me off this stuff like He did with the opioids. I am 56 years old missing too much work to a drug that masks the pain and am sick of being looked upon by the Dr and his staff as a drug addict or as they used to say a dope fiend when I tell them I am hurting and in pain. Its so sad that decent and honest people unknowingly accept what their Dr gives them until they realize too late. But! We can, and we must all, start us all a tapering off period and fight this crap once and for all. Encourage anyone we know to NEVER USE TRAMADOL.

I have been prescribed tramadol after a hip replacement and I am horrified that when I try to quit taking it I get shortness of breath and heart palpitations. How can one get off safely?

Well, ok. Now I don’t think I am crazy or will suddenly die. Glad to see this forum. I have taken Tramadol for many years because of a medical procedure and then several back injuries. I refer it as a ‘go, do’ pill. The pain is dulled and I can get something – errand, vacuuming, yard work – done although I still only can do for a few hours. I thought great. Then started seeing all the info that it is bad, people have strokes and such and felt this benefit of doing chores is not worth the risk. I am 60+ and have many tasks and travel planned yet. So, I’ve only taken 50mg or less each time and after last re-fill decided to not take them. Yes, I have all the symptoms other detail here. Lots of twitches, most recently have had crazy, active dreams and sweats, at most inappropriate times, and feeling my head swell then not and for past few days – a strangeness under my arms… both of them. My question – if anybody reads this… and yes I’ll check in with my Dr. (not the original prescriber), should I take ” a bit ” of the Tramadol just to quell my body issues or is that more dangerous !?

I am weaning myself 50mg per day for a week at a time. I am one month into the process and only taking 50mg per day now. It still is brutal. Brain zaps, fatigue, flu like symptoms are my worst. I took Tramadol for 10 years. I suggest a slow weaning if you have been taking it for months. The longer you take, the more you will have other complications which will require more meds and more side effects. It only takes 24 hrs stoppage to know if you are addicted enough to need slow weaning. Skipping one dose will show miserable side effects. I hope I was some help to your question.

I have been prescribed tramadol for over 15 years. In the beginning, 50 mg 3x a day. I also supplemented with Tylenol and aspirin. Over the years I stopped cold turkey because of being prescribed an antidepressant or meds for blood clots. No perceived withdrawal was noticed. Over the years I have lost a few lbs. and dropped one of three BP meds and self-reduced to two, sometimes one, 50 mg of tramadol per day. Recently because of state oversight I had to go to Dr. every month in lieu of every three months (and subject to blood and urine checks — i.e. treated like an addict) for a script. I found this unacceptable so Dr. prescribed the normal one month amount with oral instructions to take accordingly to last 90 days rather than 30 days. I am now taking more Tylenol and aspirin and one 50 mg. (split) a day if needed to control back pain. This works so far just hope the aspirin does not eat a hole in my stomach!

I was put on Tramadol 5 days before my shoulder operation August 2017 to replace the Naproxen that I had been on for a few years. I think it was something to do with my blood clotting during the op. I had only been taking the Tramadol for 5/6 weeks all together, last 2 weeks whilst in hospital I’d got dosage down to 50mg twice a day. After being in hospital 41/2 weeks I came home wasn’t in any pain so decided to stop taking it myself I was never warned by anyone about coming off it.

The withdrawal symptoms were horrendous. To name a few. Feeling really cold, sweating, lose of appetite, tingly, feeling sick, sneezing, I could hear my eyes move and hearing sounds in my head, couldn’t sleep even in hospital know one picked up on that one, rash on legs, legs jumping just really feeling terrible. Got in touch with my GP who was really helpful, he set out plan for me to come off them over a period of a month. Finely I was Tramadol free.

The only withdrawal symptom I’m left with since stopping is my head shakes more than it did before my operation as I had a slight shake, and sneezing I’ve sneezed every single day for the past 3 months now, hopefully it will stop sometime soon but that’s the least of my worries.

After 2 years on Tramadol- I find it doesn’t work. Aleve and Tylenol works better. So I’m going to stop cold turkey and see what happens. I have 3 weeks til a new job starts so may as well use this down time to my advantage. It will suck. Today the first day- overwhelming anxiety. But it’s temporary, and I can go through anything as long as it’s not a “new normal” which it definitely will not be

I was prescribed Tramadol back in Feb 2017 after having a disc fusion in my neck from the result of an auto accident. In the beginning I was taking 2 pills (don’t remember the dosage) 3x’s per day. Then I was put on the Tramadol Extended Release 300mg. All in all i took this for 10 months until I decided that I should probably get off the stuff, as I felt that I had had sufficient time to heal. I am now into my 6th day of withdrawals. I admit that I have been severely tempted into going back just to stop the leg cramps and the sleepless nights BUT I haven’t given in! I’m exhausted from sleep deprivation, and it’s so hard to function at times and to work a 40-hr week job with hardly no sleep. I quit cold turkey and am battling hard right now with only my faith that God will help get me through this. I pray for all of you that are in the midst of this battle as I am. We will get through this. Thank you for all of your testimonies,, as it has helped me just to know that I’m not crazy, and I’m not alone in this. People need to be educated on this drug before taking it. God bless all and Merry Christmas! ~ Beth

I have the sneezing and brain zaps and can hear my eyes move. Zap, zap back and forth. That’s enough to drive you insane. The fatigue is getting better. I am slowly winning the withdrawal battle after a month of cutting back from 200mg per day to now 50mg a day. It’s been brutal, I agree. I now have severe restless leg syndrome from the withdrawal and need long-term sleep meds to compensate for the insomnia the Tramadol caused me. I caution anyone who take Tramadol long term. It’s highly addictive and causes long-term side effects.

I had hip replacement Tramadol is a great med, if taken as prescribed. My only problem has been the feet arms and back neuropathy like symptoms., very uncomfortable… but I also take two Motrins a day and helps a lot. I take only one Tramadol at night and have a no fuzz pain free sleep at night and wake up feeling rested. I’m 64 and in relative good health!

I had severe sciatica, still do, and my doctor gave me this “wonder” drug that, he told me, was non-habit forming. That was 8 years ago and although, as stated, I still suffer from sciatic nerve pain I now also suffer from terrible withdrawal systems while trying to get of this drug.

The drug is obviously Tramadol. I started on 2, 50 MG tablets 3 times a day. After a year I went down (on my own) to 4 tablets a day, then 2 (about a year ago) I am now trying to take just 1 tablet a day. However, as stated, my symptoms are debilitating; from nausea to suicidal thoughts.

From leg aches to electrical shocks all over. I cannot sleep, I am irritable and I am going to lose my job. I have had to go back to 2 but, am desperate to get to zero. How can I do this. My life is a disaster and its all because of this “non-addictive” drug.

I have been on Tramadol for 7 1/2 years. I have never abused this drug. I was prescribed 300 mg but don’t remember taking that high a dose. I was on 200 mg for several years then self adjusted my dosage to 150 mg and was on that for at least 2-3 years. I have been self weaning myself off by cutting down the dosage, first at 50 mg now 25 mg per 4-5 week adjustment period. I am now taking 75 mg a day and hoping to be off the medication in 3 to 4 months. Has anyone else done their withdrawal this way and what kind of side effects did you have? Or should I expect withdrawal side effects no matter how much time I give myself to taper off.

I have taken tramadol for about 4 years…only about a pill in the morning and one at night….weekends more.. Any Way, over the summer I started tapering off….feeling worse the more I tapered. I have finally been completely off of it for almost 2 months now but the depression and just lack of interest in life is unbearable….i also constantly worry about money and my job….i want to know how much longer this may last…..months? A year? Please. Any response will help.

My doctor starting prescribing Tramadol to me 10-12 years ago for back pain. At that time it was considered non-habit-forming and it was not a controlled substance… yet. Plus I had never been prone to addiction. Tramadol didn’t completely kill my back pain. I was also prescribed a muscle relaxer which really helped. But I liked the way Tramadol made me feel so I kept requesting the prescription. I’m still on it to this day.

I had been up to 100mg 3X per day at one time. Over the years I reduced myself down to just 50mg 1X per day and I’ve been stuck at that level for the last year. This is just enough to get me through a work day. By late afternoon the withdrawal symptoms come on: Irritability, anxiety and restless legs. I don’t sleep well. I often wake up in the middle of the night one or more times unable to fall back to sleep for an hour or more.

I tried to quit about 6 months ago when I had been at the 50mg/day rate for about 6 months. I stopped taking it for 3 weeks. I thought I was going to beat it. The problem was that I wasn’t functioning normally at all. I could only focus for 3-4 hours in a day. After 3-4 hours I would have to go to a quiet place to block out the world. I would usually nap for 2 hours and then the day was shot. I am fortunate to have a flexible full-time job but this was pushing the limits too far. After 3 weeks I restarted Tramadol.

I am on a search to find a way to quit without going into a rehab facility. If I find a way I’ll update you all.

Oh yes, even dropping 100mg a day can produce withdrawal. My experience. Insomnia despite a long history of no problem sleeping. Flu-like symptoms. Mood issues such as anxiety, sadness. Difficulty focusing sometimes, but that could be the insomnia.

Body temp regulation problems; cold/hot at night and a bit during the day. Severe symptoms subsided in a week or so, noticeably better every day. Insomnia and general mood take longer, I think.

Get yourself in prime health. Good sleep hygiene, exercise, daylight, companionship, nutritious food, B-12 supplements, can help a lot.

I was on tramadol for about 6 years for psoriatic arthritis and chronic lower back pain. At my highest point in that time, I was taking 240 per month! That’s about 8 per day! Realizing how much medicine that really is, I decided to quit and take the very minimum amount of all medicines. I tried cold turkey and my body got really pissed! So I weaned myself! I went from 240-180 in a month, then from 180-90 the next, 90-60, 60-45, then 45-30…

I tried my hardest to only take them when I absolutely felt like I was outta control. It was about a 6 month process. In the last month, I would take 1/4 size pieces instead of the whole thing until i eventually quit. I’ve been off since May 13, 2017! Yay!! I still To this day have restless leg syndrome, which I call restless body spasms! My body does not want to be still.

It jerks and gets really “angry”, like I want to hit and kick for no reason. Symptoms I had while cutting myself off were, easily aggravated, sleepless nights/days, loss of appetite, uncontrollable emotions, chills, hot flashes, loss of any desire, etc…. Things I have found that help ease the symptoms while weaning yourself: push through! No matter how bad you want to lay in bed and cry, get up and suck it up! It won’t last forever! Prayer!

So many times my thoughts went down the drain…. and I thought I can see why people kill themselves! And coming off of it, I can see why people get depressed! But going against those feelings and facing them with faith and prayer are excellent ways to destroy those feelings. Along with weed. If you can, get some. I tell you, it was/is a life saver! It helps with nausea, mood, appetite, sleep, calming, etc…. as well as pain! So my hats off to prayer and pot! Haha!! With all sincerity, I wish all of y’all the best! It’s hard, hang in there!

I’ve been taking Tramadol for the past 5 years for lower back pain, the doctor should have explained the side effects and how addictive they would be. I have had many of the symptoms listed on here when trying to come off them but I’ve not read the one thing I need to know, if I keep taking these tablets are they going to harm my body in a critical way, if not why stop taking them as my back pain will always be there?

I felt the same way bout it. If it helps me and there is no long-term issue, why stop? The problem is that if you suddenly can’t get the drug you’re in trouble. I know from experience that what the article above says is true…

“It turns out the drug is a lot more complicated than many experts first believed. In addition to its analgesic action via opioid receptors in the brain, tramadol exerts a profound effect on other neurochemistry. That means that brain chemicals like serotonin and norepinephrine are profoundly impacted by tramadol.”

This makes Tramadol is a unique opioid. There doesn’t seem to be any substitute. I don’t know how it’s treated in the UK but in the US the doctors are resistant to prescribing it ever since it become a controlled substance.

When I was in my mid 20’s I was a Heroin addict. I injected it many times a day for about 5 years. I shouldn’t need to say how bad the withdrawls were.

I was in trouble with the law at the time so I couldnt go into hospitals. But I needed something to help come off the Heroin. I knew my mother also struggled with back pain and was given controlled opiates for them because she told me many times. I met with her and thought I was saved. She told me she had a bottle full of unused 10mg Oxycodone but she said she no longer took them. I felt so hopeless, had a panic attack, and started becoming suicidal. She told me “these are not narcotic but they might help you.” They were Tramadol. I had never heard of them before. Anyways she gave me 3 of them, and within 30 minutes I felt 100 times better. No vomiting, no craving for Heroin, and unusually high euphoria. An hour later she went into the bathroom and I took 3 from her bottle. I then felt high. A different high than narcotics, but I loved it.

I then asked around and found someone who sold them in bulk for dirt cheap. So my new addiction began. Long story short, after 2 years of abusing upwards of 20 pills of Tramadol a day, the guy was arrested, and I couldn’t get more.

All I am going to say is even though I went through 2 drug addictions, suffer from both depression and anxiety, I considered myself a happy man. That was until the Tramadol withdrawl started.

In my VERY experienced and honest answer, HEROIN WITHDRAWL IS A JOKE COMPARED TO TRAMADOL. I wanted to die they were so bad. I wasnt suicidal, I just WISHED more than anything it would stop. After 5 days I said to hell with this, turned myself into jail and got clean through detoxing in jail then completing an excellent rehab program.

I am 33 now, about 4 years clean from everything. Tramadol is the worst drug ever invented and I’ve done them all. Withdrawl wise anyways.

I only take it at bed time as I have polymyalgia and also tarsal tunnel in both feet …the pain keeps me from sleeping so I take it only at bed time now for a little over a year. What I do notice now is that in the late afternoon as I get closer to bed time I start having withdrawal symptoms I get brain zaps blurred vision sometimes a headache or agitation and it is only relieved after I take my evenings dose….. So I concede that you don’t have to abuse the substance or even take it in high doses to have withdrawal

I was prescribed Tramadol for chronic low -back pain. I only took it for 3 or 4 months starting at 2- 50 mg per day, slowly increasing to 5 – 50 mg per day. I realized that I was getting addicted so, without knowing any better, I stopped cold turkey. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable a few days later but then felt fine for a week. But THAT’s when the bomb was dropped on me. I became extremely anxious and went into a very deep depression.

I was extremely moody and nasty, had horrible night sweats for weeks and was thinking more and more about suicide. I couldn’t eat a thing and I lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks. My back pain was so magnified and my brain so messed up that I simply couldn’t function anymore. I had crying fits for several days for no reason. When my doctor saw me, she couldn’t believe how horrible I looked. I was taking Cymbalta for years and since Tramadol affects both serotonin and norpinephrine , I came down with Serotonin Syndrome and then my Serotonin crashed.

During my severely weakened state, I also contracted Mono which made me even weaker. I was prescribed both Prednisone and Vistaril and started to feel better after a week but I was out of work for a month because I simply could not function. If you try to do cold turkey, the same hell that I went through might happen to you. You either have to taper your dose slowly or not even take it at all. I recommend the latter because when you withdrawl from Tramadol, you going to experience the worst living hell of your life for several week or even longer.

can u interact and talk with friends and parents?
how long it lasts?

Interesting. I had NO withdrawal whatsoever after taking maximum dose. (400 mg a day.) Norco was horrible and my doctor says the withdrawal syndrome will last a year. This article is totally one-sided and a bunch of BS. You need to say “some people,” not “people” when making your generalizations.

Thank you for the reminder that “some people” is always a more appropriate statement about side effects of drugs or of discontinuing them.

After 5 weeks of withdrawing from small amount like less than 50 mg a day, I am experiencing severe brain fog and have begun to sleep during the day. Please comment. It doesn’t say anything about extreme amount sleeping in the day.

I’ve been taking Tramadol again, for nearly 3 years. I was previously addicted to them for over a year.

I live in the UK, I thought I would mention this as most people seem to be from the States on this thread.

Myself and my entire group of friends have used Tramadol recreationally since we were around 16. My Mum was diagnosed with Cancer of the Lympnodes and I first tried them then, when the Doctor prescribed her them for coming home from hospital. I loved the feeling of Euphoria and high energy you get from Tramadol but this only happens in the beginning.

Tramadol have completely destroyed my life this time round. It’s a well known side effect that they not only cause depression but make you completely loose interest in life and all things around you. They’ve destroyed my relationship with my husband because they make you so numb and selfcentred, they give a complete loss of libido which is driving him insane. In the end he really thought it was him and I didn’t love him or wasn’t attracted to him anymore.

Even though that made me feel terrible, I still chose to do nothing about it because I wasn’t physically capable. The feeling just wasn’t there.

Tramadol have completely changed the structure of my face and I’m not the only person to notice this. My nose has became twice the size it was and the same thing has happened to my sister, she’s been using tramadol for 10 years now.

Tramadol is also thought to be linked to body dysmophia, I can well believe that and it would explain why parts of my body completely repulse me now.

At one point, I always put people above myself and met their needs before my own, which is a quality about myself that I loved. But now I’m all for myself and completely selfish.

Tramadol make you paranoid, I have thoughts now that I never would have dreamt of 4 years ago. I spent such a long time trying to convince myself, it wasn’t the Tramadol but I’ve now had to come to accept that Tramdol is the main source of problems in my life.

The withdrawal is not horrendous if you know what you’re looking for. We build it up in our heads and put it on a pedestal and I think this is partly an excuse to keep usuing.

I’m genuinely in a really difficult situation as I know a lot of others will be too. I have very little family support and I don’t know how I could do a withdrawal from Tramadol and look after two children.

The muscle spasm in my right arm is the worst part about it for me. I can remember one night I went down stairs and rested the entire weight of my sofa on my right arm. Nothing made it stop, I felt like I was going insane.

For now I just have to wait until I have the help to get off these horrendous things.

I just wanted to post this incase some one else out there was having these symptoms and maybe they thought it’s them. Well it’s not. Everything I’ve talked about, if you search hard enough on the internet it can all be found.

Good luck in your journeys to freedom.

I was prescribed tramadol about a year and 1/ 2 ago.I actually asked for it because my brother was taking it for pain and it worked well.I was prescribed 2 x (37.5 mg tramadol with 325mg acetmetaphin) as needfor pain.Istarted with 2 pills in the morning and needed 2more by bedtime.There were times that I took 6 pills per day when needed.All was well until I was told that this drug was a bich to get off of.I decide to cutback and was on 4 pills a day for a month then 2 pills a day for a month with no problems.I now wantedoff the pill completely because I feltI no longer needed it for pain.Wow what an eye opener this was!
Day1—-sneezing,runny nose,insomnia,restlessness in legs and arms and the sweats
Day2—-same as day 1 with a total of maybe 3 hours of sleep in the 2 days.
Day3—-the worst symtoms are the not being able to sleep because of restlessness in the arms and legs and sweats.

I find that hot showers will reduce the restlessness enough that you may be able to get a few hours sleep at a time.I am mid day 3 and this is a terrible drug to get off of.I asked for this drug for pain but the withdrawls are much worse than the pain.I have about 300 pills still but do not plan on taking them.
Tramadol might be fine to take for periodic pain for a day or two with no withdrawl effects.If taken any longer than that expect horid withdral effects.

I was very concerned about getting addicted to any drug. I have a torn labrum in my hip, arthritis, spinal stenosis and whatever. Pain management gave me cyclozobenzapine 4 x daily and tramadol x 3. I slept 17 hours and screamed at my family for the other 7. I spoke to satin.

So, after considering eating all the pills because that is what I thought my life would consist of pain and pills. I quit cold turkey with the help of cannabis. Now I will only take one pill in a 24 hour period. Even then I have withdrawals. Right around the 24 hour mark my muscles will lock and twitch. I feel anxiety as I know it’s going to happen and I cannot stop it.

Although cannabis will ease some of the anxiety it will not stop the muscle contractions. After 10 -20 minutes it goes away. I do find my memory and attention is short for a couple days after with hand shaking. Problem is I need something for pain that won’t kill my stomach like alleve as I over did it with the over counter meds.

So, basically, I use cannabis now. I feel better about the side effects of something natural that has seeds and comes from the ground vs a chemical produced by some people in a lab who have no idea how it will affect those who take it. Cannabis has been around longer than anyone walking the planet. I’m going with God’s free gift.

It does help withdrawals. It doesn’t take away all of the pain, but neither did tramadol, which I always thought felt like a 2 beer buzz. And they always mad me mouthy.

I know how you feel, trust me. I’m going through the exact same thing :( I really wish there was someone I could talk to about this, but there’s no one, I’m completely depersonalized, the paranoia is really unbearable, stomach cramps, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms, and I’ve been going through this for over 14 months now. I really hope God makes a way for me sooner cos it’s cut off so many plans. Hope to hear from you

Hi there , uk based also .
I just wanted to say your not alone , I’m going through more or less the exact same , I know I need to come off these , currently I’m on the verge off addiction and it’s starting to change my life , im feeling unsure and don’t know what to do :/ however I really feel for you !

been on tramadol for over 2years but are trying to get of them but when I try not taking any my legs become very restless is this normal for me to feel like this

On it for 8 years. Never increased my dose of 350mg a day, never “abused it. IT WAS HELL GETTING OFF IT! I swear I died every day, all day long tapering off of this horrific medication. Finally, took my last 1/2 of a pill in April 2017!

I don’t care, I am one bad chick for this, so thankful to be on the other side now! If you were like me with this medicine, you now Hate this medicine. I did it with the help of clonidine. Oh, and I decided on my own to detox from it. I wanted my body to start over. God be with you and seek help from a physician, Don’t go at it alone.

I thought I could quit tramadol cold turkey. After on the third day I begin to get sick with flu like symptoms but no fever (sinus and respotory inflammation). It was so bad that on the 4th. Day I had to take another tramadol to slow down the flu like symptoms and have some energy. So went to the doctor he is weaning me off.

But these flu like symptoms is horrible. Also the first two days I kept yawning, and yawning. So flu like symptoms, yawning, and body aches some what like some times it’s hard for me to just move. Walking becomes very strenuous.

I was taking usually no more than half of 50 mg tramadol, this very rotten drug. I began to taper with doctor help 7 weeks ago. I have gone thru pure hell with my blood presssure up and down, severe anxiety, panic attack, insomnia, blurred vision, and now in 7th week still cannot see well. Feels like something wrong with vision. I feel angry with my family. I have no idea of how to feel ok. Or half ok. My thinking is not how it should be. I feel paranoid, anxious and unable to function. I dont clean house, eat good food, go anywhere anymore. Such a burden on us is Tramadol. I am 78 and so very discouraged. This is against DO NO HARM. But I guess the FDA could care less as they do not go by the Hippocratic oath as doctors should. But do they???? Maybe not.

Found a infrared pain light that I bought over ten years ago. Never even opened it, have been using instead of tremadol, have had great results, thank God!!!!

So glad to find this page. Have had some of these bad side effects related to tremadol. I have had the nerve jerking, depression, skin breakouts, out of body experiences,blurred vision,chills,sleep loss, fatigue. I did not connect it to the medicine, until a few days ago, I have been taking it for almost a year. I have never been on opioids, before.

I have been dealing with a nerve, muscle condition??? for four years.thought that it was migraine headaches, at first. Kind of worked through that course, for six months, and it returned, with a vengeance.

My doctor sent me to a newly established pain doctor in my area in July 2015 and he put me on tremadol.I am so glad that I found this Page, now I know the whys of all these strange things that I have encountered . And will seek a different path.

stumbled across this site and haven’t read through it but i thought i would share my experience. maybe it will help someone. sorry if i am repeating something already written.

i had shoulder surgery and dolcet was the pain killer given to me. first i.v. then pills. i was in the hospital for 2 days post-op, and then i took pills for 4 days (can’t remember my dosages but pills 3x daily). i stopped taking the pills because the pain wasn’t bad anymore (actually never was–maybe the tramadol was working well). i had no problems except when trying to sleep. i would then get a fairly intense sensation of “restless leg” where i couldn’t get rid of the sensation of needing to move my legs. so sleep was difficult. not an enjoyable experience– i would much rather have just dealt with the pain.
the important part for me:
went to the doctor and described what was happening and he nonchalantly said no problem and gave me a prescription for Lyrica 75 mg. PROBLEM SOLVED ON THE FIRST NIGHT. after 3 days i stopped the lyrica and all was well. i now keep some lyrica with me when i travel because i don’t want to experience those symptoms again.
i’m sure those who’ve been using tramadol long term may have much rougher withdrawal than what i dealt with but if you haven’t tried the Lyrica it is certainly worth a try.
i still take tramadol for some back and hip pain. it is a big help but of course i try and be careful with it. one half of a 75mg pill in the morning (if taken in the afternoon it affects my sleep), two days on and then a day without. may try and stretch to 2 days off but the pain then slows me down. so far no symptoms on the days i don’t take it.

The withdrawal off this drug is the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’m a long time poly drug addict and abused Tramdol at around 1000mg a day which is 20 50mg pills. I bought 200mg pills on the internet overseas through the darknet. After tapering to 400mg a day I ran out. I have no doubt that if i jumped at 1000mg I would have had to be hospitalized for the withdrawl.

The drug lingers in your system longer than most opiates and builds up, making withdrawal worse. The drug targets multiple neurotransmitter systems and the withdrawal symptoms are very intense, diverse, and long lasting. The first week was absolute hell. Just unrelenting torture.

The second night I was convulsing and jerking around like I was being electrocuted due to an awful restlessness in my arms and legs that made me move them around. I would try try to hug myself as hard as I could to stop it. I pulled muscles in the arms from shaking them and throwing them out so hard. Any clothes I wore would be soaked in 5 minutes. No sleep was possible. Forget trying to read or watch anything for longer than 30 seconds. I’d pace for hours while swinging my arms for a tiny bit of relief. By the 4th night I was literally screaming and pleading with God to make it stop. I contemplated suicide many times.

On the 5th night I fell asleep for the first time. The restlessness stopped for a second while attampting to eat and bowl of cereal sitting in bed. I was out instantly. The cold milk hitting my lap woke me back up. I laid down thinking I could fall asleep. No dice. I started pacing again and would literally have microsleeps standing up between steps. Soon my body’s need to sleep overpowered the withdrawal and I got a few hours.

If you’ve ever experienced withdrawal from some antidepressants you’ve probably had something called “brain zaps”, which is a withdrawal symptom from Serotonin. Since Tramadol also increases Serotonin you will feel this weird symptom. You will have these for at least a week to a month. You will have terrible fatigue. It took every ounce of strength and willpower just to walk my dog. And I may not treat myself too well but I love animals and especially him and would never neglect him. Sometimes I had a friend help me.

On day 6 i got my hands on some Suboxone, which did help but not totally. Suboxone is made for withdrawal off herion and the like, not Tramadol, but it did take the worst of the edge off.

I could go on, but this is already too long.

Do not use this drug. It builds up in your systems and a taper is less effective. If you need to get off this you need a very long taper if possible and time to get through the worst of it.

I’ve said ‘I’m never going to use this drug again’ to a few different drugs, but did again anyway. The promise will be kept with this one, I assure you.

Lost 20 lbs in 5 months taking Tramadol. Have stopped now. Feel shaky and jittery but not taking any more. I’ll put up with the pain and just use Tylenol! I keep thinking I’m dying and I was only taking 50 mg 2x’s a day and sometimes only 1 a day. How could so little get me so messed up??

I am so overwhelmingly happy for you. I commented earlier and stated that I use to take 350mg a day for 8 years. It was prescribed, I never increased this dose. I decided i wanted to stop all my medications and start my body over. This included adderall and lorazepam as well. The withdrawals from the Tramadol were so horrendous that I can’t remember if the other two even caught my attention in the process.

I always knew the withdrawals would be bad though because if I took a tram dose late or missed one, the symptoms set in immediately. Like, they started fast and built momentum until I dosed. Good God women and men, stay away from this medication! Clonidine helped me taper down effectively. It’s been 5 months now. Thank God.

Just wondering why I should go off of Tramadol if it’s helping my symptoms. Is there a health hazard from taking it? I have been taking it for a number of years now.

In my experience, Joan, the best reason for getting off them or not starting them in the first place is the terrible withdrawal symptoms when you can’t get them. I’ve been on them for 22 years, and my doctor let me be out two days before refilling my prescription (they were way past fill time), and by the evening of the 11th day (when he called it in to the pharmacy), I was a pain-wracked, floor-walking, jerky-legged, brain-fogged, half-blind mess. I’m still on mine because they work great for what ails me, and I can’t tolerate withdrawal, but they are extremely addictive. Like most other drugs, though, some people don’t have withdrawal symptoms when they quit tramadol, and if you ever want to quit, I honestly hope you’re one of them.

My Dr did a horrible thing to me with this medication of Tramadol 200 ER one a day for a month. Before that I was on Oxycodone 15 when he switched me to the Tramadol, but not before he caused me to go through withdrawal from the oxcycodone because he left me hanging for 6 weeks on NOTHING. Then after much suffering he gave me the Tramadol for a month. Now, I went back to get my refill but he said he couldn’t give me anything. So now it’s been 3 days on NOTHING again, and I’m going nuts. I had every muscle in my legs, feet, and groin hurt, and that kept me up screaming all night for two nights. This is my 3rd night, and I’m feeling like I can pass out. Getting dizzy and can’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I don’t know if going off cold turkey with nothing to take is going to cause me to end up in the ER tonight. I pray it’s not as bad tonight but I also have dizziness, shakiness, insomnia, stomach hurting, can’t eat very much, and I’m diabetic, and also take 5 blood pressure pills every day as I have a bad heart too. I have many health issues and have had a cage put in my neck and fusions that didn’t work and low back surgery. That was also another fusion that did not work. So I also have pins and rods in my low back.

I have plenty of reason to be on pain meds but they are saying the government is deciding who gets meds and who doesn’t. Guess if you pay for them maybe they will let me have them but $240.00 for 14 pills? I don’t have that king of money. Not up to the Drs anymore so I’m 3 days, and this is my 3rd night, of withdrawal from the 200 ER tramadol. I’m very concerned about passing out tonight, and the pain is uncontrollable I have to be up at 5 am to go to an appt in Danville for another appt for a separate matter but how well can I handle going from Lewiston all the way to Danville on public transport. I will be crazy in pain and withdrawal symptoms. I just don’t know if I will be well enough to go. I’m scared as I can’t walk very well either.

I was on a 300 mg dose of tramadol ( I think ER) for lower back pain. I took it at bedtime for over a year. A couple of times I missed a dose/ night & the next day was so sick & restless, especially restless leg if I tried to lay down. I didn’t figure this out until the third time this happened that it was related to skipping the tramadol. My back was doing so much better my doctor and I decided okay I could stop taking it. By the next morning I called and told them you CANNOT quit this cold turkey! The dr. Gave me a lower dose for aweek, then lower again. …plus a clonid in patch and something for nausea. The restlessness, restless leg, upset stomach was first, then when only on clonid in patch I had the sneezing and fatigue and upset stomach and still the insomnia. I resorted to taking 2 benadryl every night, which didn’t do much, but eventually I would fall asleep. I am so glad my doctor understood and gave me these patches for a month or I think I would have died from anxiety and restlessness.

Tramadol is a very old off-patent drug originating from Germany. It is expensive in some countries and cheap in others. In N America it is expensive, but in Germany, Austria and almost all parts of S America it is very cheap and you do not need a prescription to get it, e.g. in Colombia you can get the oral or pill form for 3 USD for 30 tablets or 3 USD for 10ml (I think 10 – it might be more).

You have to be disciplined and strong to move beyond unnecessary usage. Everyone is different, but for me my L4 and L5 was compressed due to a sporting accident. I found that I gained weight and that of course was not good for my lower spine. So I just started doing a lot of physiotherapy, stretching and of course stopped eating as much. With time there was less pressure on my spine (imagine your spine having to hold an extra 10kg everyday ..) Even 5kg weigh loss can help. Then after you do this you can start tapering and move down to half a 50mg tablet per day and then finally you stop.

I still felt flu like issues for a week afterwards, but nothing compared to the other comments about sweating or not sleeping. But I know these side affects are real and I suppose the answer is not in taking more drugs, but rather trying to find ways to reduce pain (osteopathy, physio, movement, eating better, etc.) Obviously I told myself that I needed the tramadol for the legitimate pain I was feeling, but I believe that I abused it to enjoy the energy it gave me and of course reducing the pain. I would never take it again though. The hard path provides more rewards in the end… and for me the hard path was trying to find other ways to reduce the pain. Best of luck!

I was on tramadol for 3 years 50 mg 2x’s daily….. never increased or decreased…. had surgery and surgeon stopped it. 10 days out and I broke in to hives head to toe and ended up in hospital for 5 days still feel very weak but no intention of ever taking this drug again…… flu like symptoms and no one knew about it…I never hid any of my medical records so surprised no one even considered it at all….. very rough drug to stop cold turkey.

So, I’ve been on and off tramadol for six years. I’ve gone through withdraw from it countless times. It’s evil.. for a medication to not feel like a typical “narcotic” but give you worse withdrawal than one is beyond me. I’ve gone up to a year without it, but have gone back on due to injuries or surgeries.

High doses of gabapentin help. It will allow sleep. Also, Kratom. I’ve used it for my last two attempts at coming off. It works. I’ve slept for the last week since I stopped. Ive been active, my body temp stays regulated and the only symptom I feel is a general blah. It can be done. And it should be done sooner than later. I’ve never tapered, it doesn’t work for me.

I used to think I needed them to do anything. But, I hardly did anything on them. I’ve been much more of an adult in the last week going through withdrawal and using kratom then the last year fully on tramadol at two or three pills a day three or four times a day.

A, I’ve thought about Kratom, but I don’t know which one. What kind did you use? My sis and my son use two different kinds for different reasons.

Didn’t order my Tramadol soon enough from the VA. Knowing there was some withdrawal I cut back a few days ago to stretch it till this week when my script comes. I went from 100 2x day to 50 2x day. Man, complete restlessness in legs and well pretty much whole body.

Can’t sleep but that’s just the physical part. It really sucks when you feel like all you can do is walk from one end of the house to the other and back and forth.. Just restless but I can handle it. However, last Fri, Sat by brain went into doom and gloom mode. My mind brings up every bad moment in my life that I never want to think about again and just major depression, something that isn’t normally an issue for me…. enough so I jumped on the net looking for answers and ended up here.

Everything everyone is saying is right on the money. I’ve made the decision when my script does come in that I am not taking more than I am right now. When I get use to this dose I’m gonna cut it again but in lower increments.

Glad I found this today because at least now I know i’m not going crazy….. still feeling everything but not as bad. On my 5th day and I have had bouts with depression today but it hasn’t taken me over. I will come off of this as soon as I can but I know its going to take time…

What you said about “doom and gloom” and “every bad moment” is an exact mirror to my life right now.

I have been on Tramacet for 5 years due to a huge DVT. The pain is sometimes unbearable! But Tramacet is supposed to be only temporary.

I am tapering off but it is not going well. A doctor of functional medicine has suggested glutathione suppositories to help with the detox and withdrawl symptoms. Hope it works.

My prescription for Tramdol has not been renewed for thtee weeks. I have been taking that medication for over 30 years. Under different names in the past,but always with the same effect…to reduce joint pain.

Now, I am experiencing side effects such as flu symptoms…sneezing for one. Also blurred vision for several days.

I’m so relieved to find that someone else experiences the sneezing and flu with Tramadol. I miss one dose and I have terrible flu like symptoms. When I tell people that I’m sneezing because I missed a dose of painkiller they look at me like I’m crazy ??

I am glad I found this comments section, it’s been really useful to learn about the withdrawal symptoms I am going through. I was given tramadol for fibromyalgia pain and migraines. According to the box I can take 50mg up to 4 x a day. I have never been brave enough to take more than 1 x twice a day. This is a really strong medication that doesn’t do as much for pain personally as it does for changing my outlook. I have been taking it for almost 2 years and reached a point that I know my body well enough, that it isn’t good for me.

I have gone through the chills and night sweats without realizing it was tramadol. I started weaning myself off it about three weeks ago and am aiming to stop taking it over the next week. It’s a horrible drug and one I do not wish to use again. Thank you for all the comments, they have made me realize I am not crazy it’s the withdrawal. Good luck to everyone else coming off it too.

My rx had to be ordered, pharmacy was out. The sneezing , coughing and choking is awful. Just put it all together today. This has happened to me before. Ugh

I just found out that my ex-girlfriend has been abusing Tramadol for about 2 years. She has been using animals to take to several vets, and then pick up a prescription. She is the mother of my 3 year-old daughter so its very scary. She is 29 years old, and in the last 2 months she has had 2 serious seizures. I just found out last week that she has been taking 25-30 50mg tramadol a day. Now she is trying to come off of them and is having severe problems and is wanting to get on suboxone. Basically she is a junky, and it’s disgusting that she is trying to act perfect and take custody of my daughter from me. My daughter has witnessed both of her seizures.

Please don’t think she is a “junky.”

Tramadol is a very weird drug. It doesn’t make you feel “high” in the typical sense. The high anti depressant aspect in it makes you feel competent while on it. The narcotic aspect is basically as strong as codiene. The withdrawal is said to worse then heroin.

I’ve never done heroin so I can’t say, but it’s bad. You literally can’t imagine a worse feeling. That’s why people go to those lengths to obtain them. Having a child and stopping is almost impossible to some. The fear of not being able to take care of your child probably drove her to stop withdrawal at any cost.

Remember, these pills are marketed as non addicting and non narcotic. Every single person that has been on these for over a month will experience some withdrawal, it doesn’t matter if you are not an “addict.” Give her some support, because it’s the hardest thing she will ever do.

I have been taking Tramadol, 50 milligrams 4 times a day for six years. I was originally prescribed it for her pain from hip dysplasia and later on for fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Eventually I also added Percocet 3 times a day along with a multitude of NSAIDs.

I am recovering addict alcoholic and of come to a point in my recovery where I want to know that I’m only taking what I absolutely need. I need to know that my personality isn’t being affected by these medications. I just continue the Percocet with no issues whatsoever. I am now 7 days off of the Tramadol and from day one I have had runny nose, night sweats and insomnia, constant diarrhea irritability and agitation comma muscle aches and pains, and Mild depression with the unwillingness to get up and do anything. I detox myself from heroin over 15 years ago and alcohol 10 years ago and it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as this.

Fortunately I am currently on disability and don’t have to worry about not going into work but my house is a mess my marriage is being affected but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel period Tramadol is no joke and I don’t ever want to be on it again

Discontinued Percocet. I no longer take any narcotics

I was prescribed Tramadol for my rotator cuff 50mg, I was taking 2-3 a day but was instructed to take 2, 3x a day. After a month I stopped for 2 days and got hit with an extreme anxiety attack that lasted hours. I have not slept almost 2 days. I feel like a zombie, and have no appetite. I’m clueless as what to do, I can’t be like this for long periods of time. Stay away

I was put on tramadol after valve replacement open heart surgery and have been on it now 10 weeks. The Dr told me to stop it 2 weeks ago but I can’t. I can’t sleep, legs jerk and severe cold chills. I only need it at bedtime and only 50 mg.Please tell me how to get off of it?

I was prescribed tramadol for back pain following surgery. I only took it for 15 days, as prescribed, 100 mg every 6 hours. I stopped taking it completely yesterday and switched to Tylenol for pain relief. In the 24 hours since stopping I have felt generally ill, nausea and diarrhea, tired, low energy, a bit depressed and anxious. Could this be withdrawal symptoms even though I didn’t take the drug for long? I felt much better while I was taking it but will not take it ever again since reading all the information at this site and the comments from others who have taken it with bad experience. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

I was on Tramadol for about a year for nerve pain, both in my face and chest. Also have lots of arthritis. I stopped it because my legs started jumping and twitching, my neck twitched and arms. I didn’t feel right. Turns out that twitching is CAUSED by the Tramadol, it interferes with something in your brain. The stopping of it was a nightmare. I had weird feelings that my arms weren’t belonging to me (I know this sounds crazy), chills, fevers spiking up and down within minutes. I could barely walk but I was determined to get off of that drug. Its been a week and I am on the other side, just left with some bad weakness. I don’t feel much like standing on my feet for a long time. The twitches are gone, still getting some chills, I can handle that. I’m 63 years old so it has been quite an ordeal. I wrote the FDA and complained about this drug. I’ve taken OxyContin before and never had this happen to me. I think the opiates are far easier to stop than this nightmare drug. So anyone taking this and going thru this, you are not alone.

I was given tramadol 75mg 3x/daily for 3 months by an Army doc after being injured from bad fall. Afterwards I was given refills at the troop medical clinic by the exhausted docs whenever i needed them, no questions asked. I usually didn’t run out early, but they didn’t care if it was a few days.

Then one day a new medical unit rotated in, which immediately cut off all troops on all narcotic & muscle relaxing pain meds for chronic injuries, but who were not in a “pain management programme” or physical therapy program. Never mind this was in the middle of Tikrit, and the closest such “programs” were some 80km south in Balad at LSA Anaconda.

I had absolutely no experience with withdrawals before, and had been assured by multiple Army docs & nurses that it wasn’t a narcotic. So in the middle of the Iraqi summer, I went through the most hellish 3 months of my life. I had no idea why i felt like I was dying. I was accused of malingering constantly, regardless of exhibiting severe weight loss, fatigue, crippling depression, pouring sweat even in frigid AC rooms etc. My wife left me while I was withdrawing because a deep black depression, and I had no idea how to explain why I was acting like that.

Eventually my unit had me sent back to Landstuhl to try and figure out if I was dying, a coward, or a malingerer.

I stayed in Landstuhl for exactly a week, while a very understanding AF doc treated me & helped me understand how horrible detoxing from tramadol is, and was of the opinion that any doc who writes for tramadol should explain exactly the dangers…. and be sued for malpractice when they inform patients that tramadol is non-narcotic.

I was taking tramodol for a couple months. 50mg tab at about 6 a day because I felt like I needed them more often after taking so long. I’ve tried stopping multiple times, it is very hard because the symptoms are so bad. Weakness restlessness and depression, also bad RLS I am currently not taking now I am however using gabapentin for side effects. It does work wonders!! Good luck!

I’m so glad you have found your testimony. I stopped taking Tramadol cold turkey about four days ago after taking 50 MG three times a day for over a year, and I’ve been going through exactly what you’ve described since stooping the medication. However, my Kaiser Permanente doctors deny that I’m experiencing withdrawals. I’m extremely frustrated and I’m not sure whay you do about it.

I thought Gabapentin helped for my nerve damage and back pain….. until I tried Lyrica, which afforded 100x more relief than anything else (including morphine!)

As it so happens, I was given Lyrica to wean off being prescribed morphine for a year…. And it almost completely zapped the morphine withdrawals. I felt a little run down, but no RLS, sweats, runs, nightmares, etc1!

I have been using Tramadol for headaches. 50mg once or twice a day. I stopped the medication and am having trouble sleeping at night and my right arm and leg are so restless I am having trouble sleeping.

I am 11 weeks pregnant with a spinal disease called schuermanns. Basically vertebrae calcification in my thoracic spine. Had it for 3 years. 3 years of tramadol 400mg a day. Helped me work at my demanding job 50/60 hours a week.

Have been changed to codeine by my doctor. But it does nothing for the pain. Was able to drop the dose to 200mg with ease. No withdrawal.
Today was my first cold turkey day. And had all kinds of twitches at bed time. Over 36 hours after my last dose. Couldn’t relax, can’t sleep. Really on edge. So had to take 100mg so I can successfully get up for work tomorrow.

But tramadol will harm my baby. What’s the lesser of the two evils?? Feel like I am banging my head against a wall. Damned either way.

First, I want to say thanks to all who posted before me and to for making this important resource available to all of us. I read every post in this thread – and my heart goes out to all who suffer from Tramadol withdrawal. My story is unremarkable – I was prescribed Tramadol 50mg TID for back pain. I didn’t take it for long before having an epidural that stopped the pain – and then quit the Tramadol. I didn’t associate the discomfort I experienced with Tramadol cessation with stopping the drug – I just thought I was sick – after all, the orthopod who prescribed the drug told me it was a non-addictive non-narctotic pain reliever. Why shouldn’t I have believed this esteemed surgeon?

Fast forward a few years – had major surgery early this year and was given IV pain meds for a couple of days followed by 10mg of Norco QID. After two weeks on Norco, I wanted off the narcotic, so got my Tramadol scrip refilled and started taking 50mg TID (three times a day). The stuff worked great, and I liked the happy outlook on life it gave me. Two months later, I started developing abdominal cramping – which I did not attribute to Tramadol – but to the effect of all the antibiotics I had been required to take after surgery. I found this thread by searching for “Tramadol abdominal pain.” Well, needless to say, and against the advice of many, I stopped taking Tramadol immediately – even though many advocate for a slow taper.

That was last Friday. Withdrawal symptoms started a few hours after quitting – no restless leg stuff, but plenty of physical and mental discomfort – lots of the same things talked about here. The difference is, having read all of the horror stories posted here, I knew what was happening to me and could accept it for what it was – which is a major stepping-stone in dealing with recovery from any addiction (14 year AA member).

I woke up Tuesday morning with some wild feelings of anxiety after sleeping for six hours and wondered if going cold turkey was the smartest thing. Armed with the understanding that quitting Tramadol is really a withdrawal from two addictions – opiates and anti-depression meds – I took 5mg of Norco and within minutes felt normal. I took another 5mg of Norco at 7pm last night, slept like a baby and woke-up with no anxiety or other symptoms of Tramadol withdrawal. As many here have said, getting off of Norco and its sister drugs is a lot easier than Tramadol withdrawal – and I have done it before without issues.

So, long story short, I’m so grateful I found this blog after two months of Tramadol – I can only imagine the hell that long-term users of this horrible drug go through when they try to quit. I am in no way suggesting replacing one addiction with another – but I would rather withdraw from one drug at a time – and Tramadol really is like taking two drugs (maybe more – which is probably why it is such an awful medication). I can deal with the opiate withdrawal if needed, but removing that from the equation while my brain heals from the psychogenic effects of SSRI and SNRI stimulation by Tramadol seems to be helpful.

So, taking small amounts of hydrocodone PRN (as needed but not often) really seems to level-out the Tramadol withdrawals. I doubt that I will need much more Norco – maybe for a couple of days more when the Tramadol symptoms emerge from the depths, and I was fortunate to have leftover Norco from surgery. I am in no way suggesting or recommending to anyone to do what I am doing – if you can legally obtain Norco to help with your Tramadol withdrawals then discuss it with your doctor.

Sadly, the docs really don’t understand what Tramadol does for the most part. The smarter ones do, and they don’t prescribe it, but they are in the tiny minority. So, the takeaway from my story is that easing the pain of withdrawing from Tramadol by withdrawing from one drug at a time can help – as long as you avoid substituting one addiction for another and behave responsibly. Good luck to all the unwitting victims of a horrible drug!

If Tramadol will harm your baby then stop taking it. That is not an option.

I have taken 4 x 50mg per day for 10 years – My doctor has now reduced this to 3 x 50mg per day.

I want to completely come off this drug but how long should this take

I’ve been taking Tramadol for 5 years now for bulging, herniated, and compressed discs; hip displaysia; and fibromyalgia. I’m a nurse in an ICU, and I run my ass off. So, I’ve worked my way up to the maximum dose per 24hrs, which is 400mg (8 pills) per day. Some days are better than others, so I can take less, then. I have tried ALLLLLLLL the NSAIDS and finally landed on Indomethacin, which is decreasing my Tramadol use. I’ve tried all the nerve meds. Lyrica made me suicidal, and Neurontin made me sedated, and it caused my ankles to swell. Doctors are ridiculously stingy with narcs these days, so this is the way it is. The end. Right?

So, I worked last night. I take my meds before leaving the house (6pm). Generally, I’ll take a dose at lunch time (1am), but tonight, my pain was under control, and I forgot to take the lunch-time dose. By 5am, my nose was running uncontrollably. I get the “brain zaps” super bad when onboarding/offloading from antidepressants, and that’s what happens when I don’t take Tramadol within at least 6-8 hours. I was jittery and buzzed up. Sweating. Hot/cold flashes. I finally left work at 9:30, and on my way home, my abdomen started cramping horribly, and I thought I might not make it home to the bathroom. Watery diarrhea and bowel spasms. Nausea. Ugh. What a freaking nightmare. I feel okay now, but only after taking my regular dose of Tramadol. Isn’t that awesome? Lol

Tramadol withdrawal has been a terrifying nightmare. I’d only been taking 50 mg 2x/day for about 6 weeks. I had no idea what sudden withdrawal would mean, nor was I given instructions to taper off of it. I experienced electrical buzzing sensations, a deep ringing in my ears, constant lightheadedness and extreme muscle fatigue and weakness. Walking through the neighborhood before I realized I was experiencing withdrawals I had to call a car to drive me the 3/4 miles home with my daughters because I wouldn’t make it. I am an extremely healthy individual, at the gym or running stairs 5x/week. I was unable to drive and went to the ER twice concerned I was having . On my second trip to the ER my mother had to wheel me in in a wheelchair because I could not walk, nor hold up my head. My vision was affected as well. I went over the tramadol that I recently had been taking and stopped and the ER doc wasn’t the least bit phased and didn’t seem to think that was an issue. They could find nothing wrong with me and referred me to an neurologist who also could find nothing wrong. After 2.5 weeks I came out of it and have been fine since. I am not shy about taking medications and have experience with prescriptions. This is a medication that one needs to be very careful with and one that doctors don’t seem too concerned about. Be careful.

My story is like so many of the others. I was an ER nurse for 30 years and the aches and pains of degenerative arthritis in my back and neck were bothersome while not at work and excruciating while at work. 15 years ago I was placed on Tramadol 50 mg three times daily and I took it faithfully.

My pain was totally manageable and I was able to function normally. Fast forward to 2weeks ago when I underwent RF nerve ablation at a pain management center. Guess what it worked and I was pain free for the first time in years ! No need to take the Tramadol so I started weaning myself off. Knowing what was coming I prepared myself. My experiences mirror most everyone who have posted here. The worst was the depression and tiredness.

My thoughts delved into the deepest corners of my mind and opened doors I thought I had closed years ago. I wake up tired and go to bed tired unable to sleep longer than a few hours. I fully expect these symptoms to subside within a month or so.

Fortunately, I have a very understanding mate who accepts and understands I may have mood swings, etc. I have no idea what opiate withdrawal is like but if it’s anything like this I can certainly empathize with those people. Once I complete my withdrawal period I will never take this medicine again

My deceased fiance was addicted to this. He’d hurt himself intentionally or use old injuries to get it. He’d also take Norco but Tramadol was his preferred pain killer. I honestly didn’t find out until after he committed suicide that he had been addicted for 20 yes. That, plus clinical depression that he hid from me, made me lose the man I would have done anything for. So please, if you have an addiction please seek help. And don’t keep it from your loved ones. They will be there to help. I only wish he’d have confided in me but I only found all this out after he passed away.

Being addicted to Tramadol I totally understand the lengths your fiancé went to obtain Tramadol. It’s a frightening drug !
Once this drug is totally out of my system I will never take another one

I am a nurse and have been prescribed tramadol 100mg 4 times daily. I took meds as prescribed and had been for ten years. However, over the last year I have felt the medication does not help with pain and I was only taking because it was ordered I tried cold turkey to stop and on day three I thought I was having a heart attack. I did recover from this feeling after starting the medication again.

Now, I am on week two of stopping and I am down to 50mg every night. I will take that for 3 more days then 1/2 tablet for few nights then 1/2 every other night and then none. I feel like I have the flu, chills, hot flashes, night sweats and the abdominal and leg cramps are awful.

I feel like if I could just take my legs off and pop all my joints they would feel better. Lol good luck all

Im a 38, soon to be 39 (April 1st) yr young woman dealing with chronic osteoarthritis and sciatica pain. I was prescribed tramadol by my spine doctor as a pain management medication. I dont ake it often…only when the etoldac doesnt help. But I hate the fact that i have insomnia. It’s like my body is exhausted but my mind is running a muck.

I’m having full blown conversations with myself in my head…thinking of every single thing that haplened to me during the day, anything I read, watched on tv. I can’t turn the thoughts off. It’s crazy….and I just want to sleep. I think I’m dumping all those pill tomorrow.

It sickens me that all the “medications” that are supposed to help one thing causes so many other problems. I’m trying to find the best natural remedies for my ailments bec these meds are not the way to go and my body’s letting me know. One of the most effective things I need to do is lose weight…it’s just so difficult with the pain to exercise and stay consistent.

But I refuse to give up. Living in chronic pain is not living…its existing. And i have to much life to live. Blessings to all of you experiencing pain like mine. Pray you find natural relief and healing.

I was so relieved to read about others living through the w/d nightmare from Tramadol. I have quit the drug twice over 20 years. Both times due to pregnancy. Each time was a nightmare, and each time I vowed to never take it again. I always begin to rely on the added confidence and happy energetic person I was while on Tramadol. It also helped my endometriosis and fibromyalgia. I was taking 8 pills a day at my worst.

I’m starting to wean to 4 this week. I also take Xanax at night to sleep. I’m sure that will be another w/d process too.
I have insomnia; my arms and legs ache but also cramp and spasm. I have an odd hollow feeling in my stomach. I suffer hot flashes and am very irritable. I also lie awake and rehash little details of my days. Going over and over unimportant things like all the grocery items I bought, and then my mind will move randomly to a song. I can’t figure out the artist so it becomes a constant frantic loop over and over until I think of it or my mind moves in. It’s exhausting, and I feel like I might really be going insane. This is it! After I live through this nightmare, I’m done with Tramadol. I love it, but the dependency I have on it has controlled my life long enough.

I wish all of you luck and prayers. Stay strong.

Ive been taking Tramadol on and off for about 10 years. I was initially prescribed it for back pain. The back pain eventually went away but I kept taking it anyway because I liked the effect it had.

I then moved to Thailand where it was readily available in the pharmacies without any prescription. I went back to the UK, ran out of Tramadol and went through my first withdrawal. I suffered sleeplessness, muscle weakness, night terrors, sweating, irritability and some depression. It lasted about one week.

I then had my friend send some over, got myself addicted again, ran out and went through my second withdrawal.

I then started buying it from the darkweb using bitcoin and got myself addicted again. What a fool, Im going through my third withdrawal as we speak. I hope Im able to get some sleep tonight. But at least I know what to expect. And the constipation that Tramadol causes in me seems to have subsided so thats something good.

So I will go through this withdrawal and probably get myself addicted again. But I dont drink so I need something to keep myself amused. And to be fair, the hangovers Ive avoided by taking Tramadol instead of alcohol have been numerous and thats not to be sniffed at.

I have been on tramadol for about 5 years 4x per day as need for rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, fibromyalgia, since I was diagnosed I have had sleeping problems, my mind runs wild. I can’t turn my brain off. So I learned to take my tramadol in the mornings. I realized after awhile if I take at anytime prior to bed I could just count sleeping out. Though withdrawal are ridiculous this medication has helped me so much. Before I could do nothing. I would be in so much pain, exhausted, and just sick. Since I have been on it I can wake up and have a normal day. The tramadol withdrawal are nothing compared to cymbalta.

I have been on tramadol for 5 years due to fact I did not want an opiate because afraid of addiction to them. I am in remission from head and neck cancer. Long story short,,,,,,I recently ran out 2 days early, the winter cold was causing alot of pain in my jaw. I didn’t think it was a big deal and would take motrin until script was filled. I was terribly wrong. I am puking, sick to stomach, cold sweats, my legs hurt so bad and can’t sleep no matter what I take. Tramadol is evil even if used properly. I’m very disappointed in my physician not telling me tramadol is addicting and safe. I would of tried an alternative if known.

I have been taking Tramadol for 4 years and take eight 50 mg. per day, as per doctor’s orders. I have osteo arthritis
of the lower back and knee pain. I ran out early this month and in one day could not sleep all night and have flu- like symptoms. I cannot work and am irritable. I would never try to stop all at once, and I guess I am addicted if I have to take them to stop pain and get my daily chores done. I feel guilty but without the pep they give me and ease of pain I am pretty much not able to do much. When I run out I have bad side effects. The doctor seems to think they are good for my condition but 4 months ago he wrote on chart “drug dependency.” They have no safe cure for arthritis, so I am stuck with this. I do exercise which helps a lot. It is a dilemma and I know others have the same thoughts.

Isn’t that great?

I got stuck with the “drug dependent/seeker” label (in the VA’s eyes it’s no different) by a reviewing doc (not my own) who happened to see in ’09 that I had been on morphine ever since ’06…. after getting hit by an IED.
After that, it’s almost impossible to get taken seriously by any VA intake nurse or ER doctor, no matter what the ailment.

It was only until I found a sympathetic civilian doctor who uses Lyrica off-label to treat narcotic withdrawals, that I was able to completely be done with VA sawbones.

I agree done same to me

I have been on Tramidol for over two years, and it has worked great for my back problems.
Problem is I am on accomodation duties at work which is a whole other nightmare as I am required to drive a forklift, but according to them I am not able to operate Anyway, long story short, I was on 200 mg and was bumped up to 300 for the last ten months, as it wasn’t working as well. Now I need to get off this stuff, as my back seems to be improving.

For the last month I went to 200mg. I have slowly felt more tired, and I couldn’t figure out why. With more conflict at work because of the medication a few days ago I went down to 100, and the sneezing is crazy bad. Heartburn. Weird appetite swings. Muscle cramps and pulled muscle feelings. Total weekness. Sleeplessness and also falling asleep while watching TV. Lack of concentration and head aches. My hands have electric pulses but it goes into my arms and chest and stomach.

I read here that most people are on 50mg, and my doctor originally prescribed me 200 and upped it to 300. So has anyone been on this high of a dosage and got off ? How long did it take ? How long after were the side effects? Did you have the same side effects? This is only my second day at 100, and it is good.

I was never warned about the side effects when I started on this drug, only told that it was not a narcotic and better then hydromorphone for me.

Put on tramadol 50mg 3x day as needed following car accident in late 2015 (hand wrist and back injuries). Took it 1-2x a day, helped pain in wrist and hand. Back has been the one pain unresolved. PT, chiro, yoga etc…all while using Tram to try to sleep (pain wakes me all night). It helps to take edge off pain so I can function. But tolerance builds. And I cannot drive when taking as I fear inattentiveness.

I keep stopping it for a few days as I fear dependence but its already there in the w/d symptoms. Without it-no relief from pain. With it-dependence. Try to only take at night but there are bad days every week when I need it during the day 2-3x’s a week. I hate taking it but it helps. Did stem cell for my back disc issues almost two months ago and am praying for it to reduce my pain so Tram is gone from my life. Withdrawals are rough but I can manage to clean my system of this poison that I hate to love. No highs, just relief from it.

Having been on Tramadol for 8 years for knee pain i decided, yesterday, to stop taking them as i am concerned about their effect on my general health. Last night was not a good one!! Jumpy legs, cold sweats, NO sleep and today I am sneezing and coughing. luckily I am not at work today. I am unsure whether to plod on and take the consequences, or to reduce the dose gradually. I feel our doctors are rather rash with their prescriptions, personally i would rather put up with the knee pain.

I have been on Tramadol for about 8 years for knee pain and just tried to cut it off and it was absolutely brutal, I had to go back to it. I went off slowly and cold feel it throughout the day, mostly just experienced low energy, chills, and insomnia. Low energy and shills I can live with, the insomnia was too much. I slept about 20 hours in 6 days and was starting to go mad. I am a big strong man but no match for Tramadol.

Tramadol has been the best yet option for me after more than 35+ years of chronic back pain from progressive degeneration of my spine. Much better than traditional opiods.

All medications have potential side effects and need to be monitored by a doctor with routine blood tests. (Even long time use of Tylenol can cause significant damage to the liver.)

If you are getting high then you do not need a drug this strong. I never feel high; just enough relief to manage my pain and keep me functioning.

Many of the problems we hear about are caused by abuse – continuing to take a pain med when no longer needed. Work closely with your doctor to slowly taper off. Take responsibility for how you USE drugs and communicate with your doctor.

I guarantee it is not improper use of this drug that is causing most of the problems. I’ve quit cigarettes and alcohol in my lifetime, and they pale compared to Tramadol withdrawal.

I have been taking tramadol for years now, prescribed for severe arthritic pain in my hip joint and knee. I get steroid injections to ease the pain for a few months but they can only give them to me once every 4 months and they only last 2 months so my tramadol usage is increased. The things i suffer when i’m not taking them as much or when i skip a dosage even just one is my whole body aches, my hands feel stiff and my body cant find a restful position standing, sitting or lying down. I block alot of it with my mind as i have done with headaches through the years but the block breaks down and it floods in, and the depression tries to take a hold of me, I am also struggling with being in an agitative state on a constant basis and really have to remember to be aware of it. I have a very difficult time staying focused on anything and often wonder if I am dependent on this drug that I wouldn’t make it without it. I worries me that if something happened and I couldn’t get it anymore, how would I deal with it. My job is very demanding.

I was on the Tramadol train for around 2 years for pain . I was taking 3 to 4 50 mg a day mostly at night so I could sleep. To shorten this up , my doctor took me off the Tramadol and put me on tylenol 3. He never told me about the withdrawal from It. The tylenol 3 did not help and the first 2 days I was up for 30 hours, everything hurt and I could not stop sneezing and coughing. It has been a week now and am still having sleep problems , pain , and am flu like . This sucks and I will never do It again . Good luck to others going trough this

Does anyone know why Tramadahl is so much more effective for my
Fibromyalgia pain than hydrocodobe?

I am curious, as my pharmacy told me not to go cold turkey off it. Said that I could actually die from not weaning off it. I was going to go cold turkey, and I guess I am on a very high dose from what I hear.

Too many similar experiences for this to be ignored by FDA, IMHO. I was first prescribed Ultram/Ultracet for Fibromyalgia about 25 years ago. I took 20 mg 2 x a day so I could continue to work. I was in my late 40s. Hating the feeling when I was late with a dose, after a few years I stopped it, weaned off very slowly, and went to work part time. Then as I got older, and arthritis and old injuries began to slow me down with more pain, I went back on it 50 mg 2 x a day. after two years and trouble sleeping doctor increased does to 3 x a day.

Now, retired, downsized, I am weaning, SLOWLY, for about 5 weeks, cutting pills, now down to about 1/3 of the 50mg pill 3 x a day. This is on my own, paying great attention to how I feel. If slow, side affects are still bad but I don’t have to get up or go anywhere most days. Only my husband believes how bad this has been. All symptoms are true, and unbelievably bad.

Will be seeing new doctor in a few weeks. Hope I will be done with this by then, and with eating only organic, getting on good schedule, pain management will not be the monster it has been. I had melanoma 5 years ago, my knees are shot, I have had spinal surgery, 2 shoulder surgeries, broken ankle, etc. I am 71, I hope to get to a good place for the rest of my life.

Bless all of you . None of us deserved this, or should go through it. Doctors know better, their hands are tied by big pharma if they want to work. I was told, “take more to feel good”.

Almost no encouragement to wean off, told by doctor after he left the room he came back and whispered good luck, you are brave. That may have been only because I had been his patient for 25 years, and I was a medical professional too.

OH MY GOD…! I started reading this comment thread and finally couldn’t continue. It was just too heartbreaking and infuriating. Good luck, all you sufferers. I hope things somehow turn out for you. I already had a low opinion of (most) doctors; now it’s lower. EVERYONE needs to read comment threads like these. Hopefully, it’ll make people rethink depending on a pill (easy) when lifestyle changes (more difficult) might well do the trick instead.

My situation is similar to most, my doc (gynecologist) prescribe me on Tramadol 50 mg for the painful menustration cramps I would have. I was prescribed to take 1/50mg Tramadol a day while my cycle down and I’m in pain. It was in 2015 when I started taking them and it worked for the pain well, but not being told that it’s addictive I enjoyed the feeling it gave me (happy, talkative, energy for a moment and a floating feeling)so I increased the dosage myself and started taking 250-300mg a day.

I eventually programmed my mind to believe that it help me concentrate and study better in school, also gave me the energy to be able to keep going and complete all tasks at work. So on March 2, 2017, I decide to go “cold turkey ” because I’m tired of the constipation and loss of appetite while I’m on them.

For two days now I have been feeling so sick like I wanna throw up, diarrhea, headaches, hot, sweating, fever, chills (feeling like I have the flu, hand shakes, weak legs/ entire body, agitated, restless!!!! Can someone plz give information if any, on how to ween off the tramadols so that the withdrawal symptoms won’t be so drastic. I don’t know if I’m doing the best thing by trying to go cold turkey but I want to stop for my health because I know I don’t need this and I’m also starting clinicals for Nursing soon!!!

Anyone please offer me suggestions/ advice to what to do and if going cold turkey( which has only been 2 days is the best method. Good Luck to everyone whose going through this withdrawal process, wish you all the best.

I’ve been let down by my doctor Tramadol is heavy duty to get off. I cannot sleep I have flying leg moving shoulders cannot get comfy and fluey feeling haven’t slept in 2 days I’m irritable and down

Too many similar experiences for this to be ignored by FDA, IMHO. I was first prescribed Ultram/Ultracet for Fibromyalgia about 25 years ago. I took 20 mg 2 x a day so I could continue to work. I was in my late 40s. Hating the feeling when I was late with a dose, after a few years I stopped it, weaned off very slowly, and went to work part time. Then as I got older, and arthritis and old injuries began to slow me down with more pain, I went back on it 50 mg 2 x a day. after two years and trouble sleeping doctor increased does to 3 x a day.

Now, retired, downsized, I am weaning, SLOWLY, for about 5 weeks, cutting pills, now down to about 1/3 of the 50mg pill 3 x a day. This is on my own, paying great attention to how I feel. If slow, side affects are still bad but I don’t have to get up or go anywhere most days. Only my husband believes how bad this has been. All symptoms are true, and unbelievably bad.

Will be seeing new doctor in a few weeks. Hope I will be done with this by then, and with eating only organic, getting on good schedule, pain management will not be the monster it has been. I had melanoma 5 years ago, my knees are shot, I have had spinal surgery, 2 shoulder surgeries, broken ankle, etc. I am 71, I hope to get to a good place for the rest of my life.

Bless all of you . None of us deserved this, or should go through it. Doctors know better, their hands are tied by big pharma if they want to work. I was told, “take more to feel good”.

Almost no encouragement to wean off, told by doctor after he left the room he came back and whispered good luck, you are brave. That may have been only because I had been his patient for 25 years, and I was a medical professional too.

I can relate to what you wrote about increasing your dose. I also took tramadol for pain (neck & back) but it seemed to give me energy. Now I’ve been slowly tapering off and I’m down to one 50 milligram pill per day but it’s been hard. I feel like I don’t have much energy most of the day. As far as tapering I would recommend you do it slowly. I was taking 4 50 mg pills a day and started by taking 3 & 3/4 for three days and then 3 & a 1/2 for three days and so on. I hope this helps you.

I was prescribed tramadol for excruciating sciatica. After taking 3 pills over several hours as prescribed, I began projectile vomiting at least 1 time per hour for 24 hours straight. I was severely dehydrated and still in pain. I would not recommend this drug to anyone. I was told by my pharmacist that my experience was fairly common.

Talk to a doctor and definitely taper slowly off the drug. Drugs like these are addictive in the sense that your body becomes dependent on them. But using them when not needed or to get “high” or “happy” is called abuse.

Stop blaming the drug and take responsibility for your own behavior. And always communicate withyour doctor!

I took ONE tablet at bedtime and woke up dizzy and undescrible feeling which lasted for 3 days. Needless to day, I have told every doctor I go to that I never want to take that drug again!

Some doctors treat us like a conveyor belt they have too many patients and that personal touch has gone for years. They are badly prescribing and we are left to carry on good luck

My dog was put on Tramadol a few years ago for his back by a vet. I tried to moderate the usage even though it was prescribed for him to take 50 to 100 mg 3 x’s a day. I noticed a change in him but when I went to the vet, it seemed they just thought I was one of those ‘helicopter moms’.

As his whole character and personality changed, I thought maybe he was in more pain. So a new vet put him on 600 mg of gabapentin. He was also placed on an antibiotic, Ciprofloxacin, 2 x’s a day for 4 years–again, they did not know why he needed it, it just stopped him from having hot ears.

He was very assertive and I just could not allow him near any stranger. Sometimes he would jump wake from sound sleep and charge to another side of the room, circle like he was disoriented (now I know he was) and then sit down. He wined. He was insecure acting and never wanted to leave my side.

I kept going to vets. One gave him several treatments of acupuncture. He *hated* that and she said he was the first dog that did not enjoy it. She also gave him red laser treatments. Then he was placed on 2 x weekly injections of Adequan – which is used on horses and now people for arthritis. He was on that for about 18 months but I saw no difference. He was on 2 aspirins a day for almost 3 years during this time. Then when his stomach lining was just about shot, they told me to start him on Pepto Bismal. (By the way, it has aspirin in it which caused issues with another drug they had him on!)

I went to two different vets to ask for him to be put to sleep. They would just run all this bloodwork ($350!) and tell me he was fine. They would tell me to stop giving him the RX, except for the Tramadol. Finally I went to a society that handles injured and abandoned animals. I had to go because he got too aggressive with a neighbor who he knew. Nothing serious, but I knew it was passed time.
The day I took him to his final PEACE, he jumped right in the car. He had not wanted to jump in the car for the last 2 years. He knew.

The vet kept us in the office almost 3 hours waiting for the final act. That had to be the longest 3 hours. Finally, he laid in my arms for the last 2 minutes and I can not get out of my mind how much he must have suffered on all these drugs these vets had put him on in the last 4 years of his 10 year life span.
I can’t imagine why doctors can’t read the articles about these drugs and the unknown mixture of many drugs at the same time.

It literally breaks my heart to hear of all these stories and yet, so little changes. Now we need to wake up the animal doctors to these facts.

I did forward this information to one doctor. I pray it makes a difference going forward.

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