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Hytrin (generic name terasozin) is a blood pressure medicine that relaxes the muscles lining the blood vessels. This reduces their resistance to blood flow.

This same action, of smooth muscle relaxation, is often helpful in managing the urinary difficulties that may result from an enlarged prostate gland (benign prostatic hypertrophy).

Side Effects and Interactions of Hyrtin (terasozin)

The most common side effects of Hytrin are lightheadedness or dizziness when standing up from sitting or lying down. Even after you have been taking Hytrin for some time, this effect is more likely within the first few hours after swallowing the pill.

Palpitations and occasionally fainting may also occur.

Other side effects include a feeling of tiredness or weakness, headaches, nausea, fluid build-up in arms and legs, weight gain, drowsiness, nasal stuffiness, and blurred vision. Tell your doctor about any symptoms you experience.

Few interactions have been reported between Hytrin and other drugs.

If other blood pressure drugs must be added, keep in mind that the first-dose effect may crop up and exercise precautions against fainting and falling.

Special Precautions with Hyrtin (terasozin)

Hytrin can cause a potentially dangerous “first-dose effect” soon after you begin taking it. A person may feel faint or dizzy, especially when they stand up from sitting or lying down. This is apparently due to excessive lowering of the blood pressure at first.

Your doctor will probably start you on a low dose of Hytrin and gradually increase it to reduce this problem. Remember that if you miss a few doses, starting again could produce this first-dose effect.

Avoid driving and other dangerous activities for at least 12 hours after your first pill or after resuming medication.

Don’t stand up suddenly without holding on to something.

Taking the Medicine

Hytrin is started as a 1 mg pill given at bedtime.

The dose will be increased gradually until the response is satisfactory.

Your doctor will tell you if you should take it once or twice a day.

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Investors been taking Terazosin (2 mg) for a little over 8 months for BPH. I am 55 and don’t have high blood pressure. A month ago, After a big meal, I stood up from the table and apparently fainted. I think I separated my ribs when I slammed into the table on the way down. Two days ago, the same thing happened, although I did not get injured this time. After the second incident, I realized that I had taken the pill during the day because I had forgotten to take it the night before. I live alone, so this sort of accident is especially scary. I don’t have health insurance anymore (about halfway through my last refill), so I want to discontinue it, even if it means getting up 5 times a night to urinate. I just want to know if it’s safe to quit cold turkey, or go every other day, or wean myself off in some other way.

I took Terazosin for 3 days and have terrible swelling in my ankle, foot, and leg on the left side. What can I do to reduce the swelling? Have tried elevating leg for several day and nights!!!

I’ve dealt with BPH for several years. Terazosin has worked pretty well for me, at a low dosage (2 mg). Something that I’ve learned in the last year, or so, is to avoid salt in the evenings. If I avoid salt in the evenings, I’m not getting up at night to urinate. So, have a salty lunch, and then avoid the salt for the rest of the day. You’ll need fewer drugs.

I have had itching side effects of the face, neck and scalp primarily.

yes, increased skin itchiness, especially right before sleeping (highest blood concentration after taking a dose). Likely related to known mild allergy to sulfur compounds.

Very good website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get suggestions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Cheers!

I’ve been on terazosin for fifteen years for BPH and finally realize that the many problems I’ve been having all these years is not only due to advancing age. It seems that depression, joint pain, sinus congestion, back and shoulder pain, fatigue, are all inevitable with this drug after ten years and above age 65. Why haven’t ANY of my doctors known this.?Unfortunately, it’s been the only drug that relieves my BPH symptoms. Hopefully, something else has come along in the last fifteen years that I can try that I’m not aware of. Regarding generic versus Hytrin, my suggestion is do not take generic Apotex terazosin. I had the same result as BILLK. Take a hard look at Apotex and you’ll see why. Decreasing the daily dosage from the maximum of 20mg to 10mg has helped a lot, but will have to see how it goes from here.

Has anyone had any itching side affects with this medication? Since I’ve been on terazosin my left arm is driving me nuts. I don’t have the dizzy effects but I do have the sinus prob which dosen’t do well with my apnea. I also take tegritol and dilantin for epilepsy. I was wondering if anyone has had any prob in that area with drug interaction with either of those and
Terazosin. Thank you for your time.

I have been taking a 2 mg dose for almost two years. In the last several months, I have experienced dizziness and near fainting episodes, with my pulse down into the 40’s. I stopped it 5 days ago and my pulse is still very low. My blood pressure has been in the normal range. Has anyone had a low pulse? Does it continue after the medication is stopped?

I have taken a 5 mg dose of Terazosin for several years. I have never noticed any major side affects. A couple weeks ago I passed out and was taken to the ER. My blood pressure was 67/66. My blood pressure is usually normal, sometimes a little on the low side like 110/60. Can Terazosin 5 mg capsules taken daily cause such a blood pressure drop? Thank you

I used Terazosin 2mg for the first time for enlarged prostate gland. I had all the symptoms above but I also felt very sick, it dropped my BP to low, I was about 2 minutes from calling E.S. Maybe my doctor should have started me out with just 1mg. or 1/2mg or something.

I am a 69 year old male. I have a issue with BPH. with a side issue of a blood disorder that requires a blood thinner to stabilize it.
In looking into to the side effects of using Terazosin, (4mg daily) I have noticed some of the above side effects, the shoulder discomfort, excessive gas, a slight dizziness when I get up. Very pleased with the medication, it stopped middle of the night pee’s, and lowered my blood pressure. I take two super B vitamins (Cosco) along with fish oil. I get high energy levels from the “B’s” I feel 20 years younger than I am.
I am active and fast walk 3 miles every morning 7 days a week
I have restless leg issues during the night, cannot take “OTC” pain meds with the blood thinner.

I took this drug a little over a year ago for hypertension issues, it made my sinus and throat areas swell up and put me in a really bad state of sleep apnea. At some point the swelling in my nose passages was so bad if Inhaled deeply my nose would close up completely like a seal under water. Also I experienced very bad pain in my stomach if I didn’t eat something every couple of hours. As with every drug they tried on me for hypertension, I also experienced muscle weakness and joint pain due to me being hyper extensive [very flexible], the weakened muscles were not holding my shoulder joints centered properly.

I’ve been taking hytrin/terazosin at 44 yrs. old; enlarged prostate. I’m now 74; it worked fine for urine flow. I wasn’t aware of side effects then; maybe because I was drinking heavily; but the last 3-4 yrs.it multiplied the side effects. I stopped drinking 14 yrs. ago; back pain/shoulder/nasal blockage/vertigo/dizziness/aggravation/anger/depression/weakness/tired/joint pains/couldn’t stand up without effort and more. I stopped taking it 1 week; and all this is gone; I’m taking saw palmetto 4 times a day. I’m having urine flow set back; but I can live with/verse the side effects.

I’ve been using Terazosin for 2 1/2 yrs; and has worked well for me.

I have been taking this for enlarged prostate. It has helped a lot but I have had to adjust my blood pressure medicine. I am also getting terrible shoulder pain. The doctor says No he has never heard of this drug causing shoulder pain. Well I know he is wrong as the pain is in line with me taking the drug.
So I take pain pills which is just what I don’t want but the help from the drug is worth it. I got tired of getting up 7-10 times at night to go to the bathroom.

I am a 66 year old male in great health except enlarged prostate. I have been taking Terazosin for almost two years with good flow results. But I have experienced all the side effects as stated and my Dr. Never put the side effects and the drug together.

Any suffer shoulder pain while taking this drug? I can not believe the pain that has started since I have been taking this. I can’t put the pain any place else except it started when I started taking Terazosin.

I have been taking two Terazosin HCL capsules(10mg.) every evening for over a year now and they have not worked very well. At times the stream is strong and at others very weak. I still have to “get up” during the night three to four time’s. Is there an alternate ?? My Doctor doesn’t have a clue and advises I drive up to Cheyenne VA center and see a specialist. I live in Ft. Collins, Co.

I am a 54yr old woman and take Terazosin 2mg generic made by Sandoz for resistant hypertension. It didn’t work very well so other drugs were added later but I remember a specific set of side effects from the drug’s start with me that have become worse over time.
The first thing it did was dramatically increase urine flow and its texture felt more astringent. Ability to control bladder weakened significantly and a relapse of old acid reflux symptoms started up as well as frequent uncontrollable gas. I noticed some pain around my knees also. Another big problem is it caused my sinus passages to swell quite a bit and this has had a worsening effect on my sleep apnea. This did not go away over time but I did get used to it.
The acid reflux has become so bad over time that I have to reduce the dosage and end it soon. On the whole for my issues I would have to say this drug has been weak in effectiveness and very disruptive on livelihood.

I posted this under the generic drug comments, but I will post i here also.
I take Hytrin/Terazosin for prostate symptoms.
I changed to the generic a while back, made by Apotex. It didn’t work at all. I could barely urinate.
I then changed to a different generic, made by Geneva. It works well, as good or almost as good as branded Hytrin.
You can buy Geneva terazosin at Costco. Very inexpensive.
Good luck!
This is not the first time we have heard from visitors to this Web site that generic Hytrin was not always working as well as the brand name. This post suggests that there is difference between generics as well. We doubt that this could be “all in someone’s head.” Getting up frequently to pee at night is a quantitative measure of a generic drug’s failure.

My wife and I have both taken Hytrin for years (2mg for her and 1MG for me) with very good results. Now the local pharmacies tell us that Hytrin is no longer made, and they switched us to the generic Terazosin. After a month of taking the generic, both of our blood pressures were high when we had our check-ups. Our doctor now has put us on another blood pressure pill. I have to keep taking the generic Terazosin for my prostate. Does Abbott still manufacture Hytrin to be sold in the USA, or did the law suit they were involved with stop their sale in this country?

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